Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Sci-Fi Lullabies Collection for Spring 2013

Introducing SCI-FI LULLABIES, OCC’s newest colour collection for Spring 2013! Spring has always been a time for transformation, and this season we explore the dichotomy between two realities: What is truth and what is fantasy. Showcased alongside Ready- To-Wear shades are fantasias of Couture Colors designed to transport you to your idyllic designation, whether it’s firmly planted on the Earth or exists only on an unexplored off-world colony. Inspired by the Science Fiction Genre, this collection of metallic shades will make on-lookers question if you are human…or more human than human.

Lip Tar ($18.00)

  • Pris Palest champagne metallic
  • Lovecraft Iridescent pink/lilac metallic
  • Zhora Pale peach, pink/red metallic
  • Batty Midnight black/gunmetal metallic
  • Clockwork Rich terracotta with an orange undertone
  • Annika Pale neutral peach

Nail Lacquer ($10.00)

  • batty Midnight black with silver glitter (Glitter)
  • Ripley Blackened antique gold (Metallic)
  • Pond True royal blue (Satin)
  • Leeloo Vibrant orange with gold shimmer (Metallic)
  • Videodrome Greyed, vaguely teal blue (Satin)
  • Electric Sheep Pale lavender with silver shimmer (Metallic)

Availability: March 15th @ OCC