NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil Review, Photos, Swatches

NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil
NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil

NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil ($4.49 for 0.18 oz.) is a stark, cool-toned white with a matte finish. Maybelline Too Cool is shimmery. Buxom Sheep Dog is shimmery, less cool-toned. Make Up For Ever #32E is shimmery, warm-toned. Make Up For Ever #4 is shimmery. See comparison swatches.

Milk is fairly creamy, slightly thick, and applies with mostly opaque color in a single pass. It layers and builds up well, so you can get a crisp, opaque white all-over the lid, which is why it boosts the color of any product with weak pigmentation. The pencils come in a whole slew of shades, too, but the white hue works well to amplify color without muting or really altering the color of any product you layer over it. Β It doesn’t set immediately, so it’s a good idea to lightly blend the color across the lid, which helps to even out the application and ensure it’s not too thick and settles into creases while setting.

If NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencils wear well on you,Β MilkΒ can be a life-saver, as it instantly boosts the performance of even terrible products. If you’ve tried them and they have a tendency to crease on you, then it won’t be as useful as a product for you. I know that readers have long reported both excellent and dismal wear. I’m in the camp where these wear quite well on me without fading or creasing for eight hours (but show faint signs of creasing after nine hours), and if layered with powder, perform even better. Β NYX also gives you quite a bit of product–0.18 oz. as compared to the more typical 0.10 oz. (Urban Decay, Clinique) or. 0.14 oz. (MUFE, NARS) found in these jumbo-sized pencils. Now, the only downside is that it requires sharpening, and because of how creamy it is, there is waste–which is common across this type of product, not just with NYX.


PPermanent. $4.50.
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NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil
NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil

NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil
NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil

NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil
NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil

NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil
NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil

NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil
NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil (why white backgrounds don’t always work!)

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Carrie Avatar

Might have to pick that one up. My experience with the pencils is similar to yours: solid with a tendency to oh so slightly crease in the latter parts of the day. Bummer is the stores around here that used ti carry Nyx no longer do so. πŸ™

Megan Avatar

If applied over UDPP and with powder over they last about 5-6 on me so I guess I’m in the in between. The secret is to use the thinnest layer (I only use it to help pop colors though).

Nell Avatar

I’ve been using this for years and I am luckily one of those on whom it wears well. I use this when I want really opaque unaltered color out of a product. I’m glad you like it too πŸ™‚

Quinctia Avatar

The pencils work decently for me, but I didn’t like the eyeshadow primer at all. (While I’ve tried the pencils in a few shades including Milk, I’ve only used the shimmery primer, so I suppose that may not make the comparison equal to the regular primer.)

I think, for wearing alone, they’re only “okay” on me. They’ll work layered over UDPP, but I’ve got Maybelline Color Tattoo pots and Urban Decay shadow pencils if I want to wear a cream product alone. Since the Nyx pencils are quite cheap and really easy to get at a promotional price, they can be a good option if you want lots of colors for a cream base.

mari na Avatar

this is like the holy grail for some beauty gurus on youtube when it comes to applying the neon and super bright shadows. I owned but never really used it lol now I regret giving it away haha

xamyx Avatar

This had been on my list for *ages*, along with a few others, but I can never find the shades I want on shelves, so I just gave up. I recently discovered a small shop that carries NYX, so I think I’ll try there next week. I’ve been using a Maybelline stick concealer in White for the purpose of intensifying weakly pigmented shadows, and that. May be a better option for those who find these crease too easily. Max Factor & WnW stick concealers work even better than the Maybelline, but I’m not sure of the availability of either (they were what I used a while back).

Maggie Avatar

Oh wow! I’m going to have to look out for those alternatives–thanks for the suggestions Amy!

And I have found NYX on the shelves of at Target and random salons/beauty supply stores. I hear Ulta has them too.

Sunny Avatar

I’ve seen this used countless times in makeup tutorials, but unfortunately the formula doesn’t work for me at all. With or without a primer, NYX Jumbo Pencils crease on me within 5 minutes. Not just lightly creasing either. It basically slides off my lids just like that!

Mariella Avatar

I’ve had this for several years and rarely remember to use it. I only use it as a base or sometimes blended almost to nothing as an inner corner brightener. I also have this in French Fries which is a gorgeous colour but creases so badly, even with UDPP underneath it. But oddly enough, Milk doesn’t crease at all (with a base, of course).

Katherine Avatar

Unfortunately, this creases almost instantaneously on me. It doesn’t matter what application techniques I use—major creasing. πŸ™

rashmi Avatar

loveeeeee your review and the background πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
anddddd i guess i can onlyyy expect this creativity from you πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
Black and white
how much I love Temptalia …
i repeat again … this space is tooooo short to write down
Christine πŸ˜€ you are “THEEEEE BEST”

they dont crease on me .. but am toooo lazy to use these you know
and they are little costly here in India πŸ™ πŸ™

Christine Avatar

Just in my experience — If you have super oily lids, don’t waste your money on this as a base product. My lids are very oily & this creased on me (with a powder eyeshadow on top) within an hour & a half. But it did make the colors vibrant and beautiful! I understand why people with normal or dry lids love this, but for oily lids it is not a good product.

Shanna Avatar

I have super oily lids and they work surprisingly well on me. I do typically use it over UDPP but even without that it wears well (as a base – alone they melt right off).

Rae // theNotice Avatar

Ah! I used to use this all the time for eye looks — it does crease terribly on me, but quick blog EOTDs don’t need to last :p

Just a quick note to add to Christine’s review; these are super easy to melt out of their tubes into other pans, jars, etc! A couple seconds (I’d say less than 10) under a blow dryer & they’ll come sliding right out the end — perfect if you don’t want to waste product, or if you just don’t want to have to sharpen! πŸ™‚

GloriaKate Avatar

I have extremely oily lids and I’ve that NYX Milk used over UDPP and then a setting spray over the top is the trick to getting my eyeshadow not to crease and to appear fresh for 10+ hours. Those products used alone have never worked for me (even UDPP ever since they changed the packaging), but for some reason the combo did the trick! It only took a year to figure it out lol. So NYX Milk is a MUST for me.

Sarah Avatar

I use this on top of an eyeshadow base and under pretty much every eyeshadow I put on. That is, within reason — I have other jumbo eyeshadow pencils in other colors that I use under similar-colored eyeshadows. I also use them (mostly Milk) on the inner corners of my eyes before I apply an inner corner color as it really makes the color stand out and open up my eyes. Sometimes I even line my lower lash line in one first before applying whatever shadow color I’m putting there (but not always, since regular eyeliners work better at times). My only issue is the sharpening — I have a sharpener with a wide opening that fits the pencil, but I can’t seem to get it to shave off the plastic-y stuff to show the product. Other than that, I just love them and would definitely recommend!

TwirlyGirly Avatar

If you don’t want to try and hunt down the NYX sharpener (or don’t want to pay shipping for ordering it online), Milani makes a sharpener both the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils and skinnier pencils fit perfectly (dual hole sharpener). It’s easy to find most places Milani is sold.

ValiGirl Avatar

Even with a light layer – they crease really bad, even with primer on. Especially on slightly hooded eyelids. Wish they has a crease less formula.

Becky Avatar

I don’t use this very often, but when I do I blend it in with my finger and then a brush to really work it into my skin before putting powder eyeshadow overtop. It doesn’t seem to crease when I do that, because you’re taking away some of the excess product.

Veronica Avatar

I love using this as a base for my eyeshadow. It really does a nice job of brightening up the whole eye and helping the color last longer. It does crease on me within a few minutes, but it does so in the areas I expect creasing with my hooded eyes, so it’s not enough to turn me off from the product. πŸ™‚

tzwiggy Avatar

I was excited when I saw this review thinking this must be an F for sure. This creases in less then 5 minutes on me (even WITH a primer). It’s without a doubt the worst makeup product I have ever tried. I have to say I envy your crease-resistant lids and that I understand better now how you can get 8 hours wear with some eyeshadows without primer (I can’t even get a full hour). I have extremely oily lids, though (like oil getting into my eyes by the end of the day making them sting).

This review really shows that you can’t base you purchases completely on other peoples reviews, because different formulas and different products can behave totally different of different people (yes, way too many different in that sentence, lol).

A fair warning to everyone, if you have problems with eye products creasing on you, pretend you never saw the A here, and don’t even consider buying it. Even if it’s really cheap, it’s still money wasted.

Christine Avatar

This is definitely a product I’ve seen people LOVE and LOATHE. I have normal-to-dry lids that aren’t impervious to creasing, but most formulas can make it past the 6-hour mark for me – there are only a few that go bananas before then, and then I’d say half of what gets beyond six gets to eight and only some get past eight.

What products do best for your extremely oily lids?

melancholyaeon Avatar

The only oily parts of my face are my nostrils & eyelids. Sigh. But they are super oily. Even TFSI won’t keep shadows on my eyelids for more than 5 hours.

So here’s what works for me now: Laura Mercier’s Eye Basics in Wheat. Let this dry completely. Then MUFE Aqua Shadows over that. 9 hours, no creasing, no sliding, but some fading.

tzwiggy Avatar

What works the best for me is NARS Smudgeproof, I’ve tried a bunch of other primers and although they help somewhat they all pale in comparison to Smudgeproof. With good quality eyeshadows I can get 6 hours with no creasing and 8 hours with very minimal creasing, that is as long as I only use a matte shadow in the crease, all frosts crease after about 3-4 hours. Without a primer all powder shadows crease within an hour, poor quality ones within 10 minutes, most creams within 5 minutes. I also find that applying a very, very thin layer of MAC Painterly on top of Smudgeproof makes the makeup last about an hour longer. A very light dusting of NARS Light Reflecting Powder is something that I’ve tried a few times lately and it also seems to help a bit. I’m not sure if it’s really eye safe though, but I assume it would be. I still have to make sure I use the optimal combination of primer, base and eyeshadow.

A few examples:
Smudgeproof + NYX eyeshadow = max 2 hours (extreme creasing)
Smudgeproof + MAC or UD shadows = 4-6 hours
Smudgeproof + bareMinerals, Burberry or Guerlain shadows = 8 hours

Trust me, it’s taken me a long time to figure all this out, lol. I’m so jealous of all those people who can just quickly take their finger and rub some cream shadow all over their lids, use cheap drugstore makeup and just not worry about creasing. There are so many techniques that I’ve seen in tutorials or on youtube that I just can’t try out because they are based on drawing with pencils and then blending out or using dark cream shadows as a base. I know I can recreate the looks with only powder shadows, but it would be really nice to have more options.

Maggie Avatar

This is extremely helpful. I’m going to have to chart/take-note of all my shadow/primer combinations to see which one’s would work best. Thank you for taking the time to explain all the details.

What’s surprising to me is that bareminerals lasts well on you I’ve only ever used the Bareminerals Ready shadows and they don’t last 8 hours on me especially compared to UD. How interesting.

GloriaKate Avatar

My lids are very extremely oily and everything creases on me. I find that in order for ANYTHING to work, I have to use UDPP, let that set, apply milk, blend it out with my finger, let that set. Apply the eyeshadow and then spray with a fix spray. Any of those things alone, anything will crease on me. But for some reason the combination of these three things makes my shadow last for hours and hours.

Robin J Avatar

I love the NYX pencils, have them in a wide variety of colors (cucumber is gorgeous) and they do crease if you have oily lids. I prime, and then use these and that gets me through my 8 hour day. Milk is my go to for a lot of NYX shadows (especially the smokey and natural palettes) because they tend to light a pigmentation for my skin tone (medium Dark with olive undertones) so this helps those colors pop and keeps me from getting rid of colors that might not have worked without it. It takes practice, but these work will and don’t require a lot to be on, which can help reduce the creasing.

I also suggest depoting, you’ll get more product and won’t have to deal with the sharpening, which can waste product.

Vivian Avatar

Would NYX eyeshadow base in white be a better option than the jumbo pencil? I think with these pencils you need to blend it in and not make such a thick layer in order for it to not crease. I have tried other jumbo pencils but not milk. If it may be better than the eyeshadow base then I may do a product switch πŸ™‚

Sharon Avatar

I have very oily lids but with a good primer (I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance) this product is great. I apply it by rubbing my finger over it then pressing my finger into my eyelid. Sometimes I wear it alone but most often I wear it under shadow. It makes the shadow pop. I’ve never had a problem with it creasing which says a lot. Because of the oil on my lids I have to really be careful with creasing.

I’ve used other NYX jumbo sticks and none measure up to Milk. For some reason this one works really well.

Christine Avatar

It never used to be a problem until I actually figured out how to use my lighting setup to its fullest potential, so now my background is pretty much pure white, which is a problem when important parts are white! As much as possible, I like consistency so that’s why I opt for white over all else (black makes everything look so dramatic!), but I’m going to be using the black for white-haired brushes going forward and things like this πŸ™‚ Although it’s a glossy, pain-in-the-behind black background, LOL! I might try a matte black, but I do love the reflections you can get with gloss!

KaseyCannuck Avatar

May I suggest a red satin or velvet-like background? It would be perfect for black and white products, such as duo fibre brushes, and festive for the holiday collections.

Ryou Avatar

If you want a really black background that is also matte, try covering your white desk in velveteen. I personally think you should stick to black and white backgrounds, but perhaps consider a medium gray background for something that has both white and black parts. Colored backgrounds might end up affecting the colors of the products you’re photographing. Pretty, but not the most practical for reviews.

Christine Avatar

Yeah, I want to stay away from velvet (or material in general), because it’s a pain to keep lint-free and I have a yellow lab that sheds 24/7. A hard surface is easier to keep clean – especially if there is actual makeup involved, too. I can’t tell you how much stuff has spilled, pooled, nicked, and whatnot over time but it’s a white table, so it’s a breeze to wipe down after each session. I have a glossy gray background that I bought when I got the black, so that’s something I’m considering, but I have to do some shooting with it first to see how well it works! For consistency, I don’t want to get too fancy or have too many different backgrounds, but after having so many white brushes, they did need something else other than white. I feel like black makes everything look so ~dramatic~, though. I’m definitely a sucker for a boring white background, LOL!

Thank you for sharing your insight & feedback! πŸ™‚

Ryou Avatar

Ah, that’s totally understandable, I can’t believe I didn’t think about that. ^^; The gray background might prove to be better if you feel black is too strong. 2 background colors should be enough, and I certainly don’t think you should go beyond 3 if you’re only taking pictures for review purposes and not for art.

I think the glossy background look pretty nice, but I know it’s a pain if you end up with a reflection of something that distracts you from the focus of the picture. Mattes are less impressive but they tend to be more user-friendly, I guess. White certainly gives the “cleanest” feel, so I understand why you love it the most.

*hugs* Good luck and have fun experimenting! πŸ˜€

cel Avatar

Ooh, will you be doing more reviews on nyx products?
They’ve recently brought it to my country and the first two products I’ve tried out were unfortunately disappointments and would loveeee to hear more on their other products from you.

Andie Avatar

I love this and use it every day. I always use a primer and set it with eyeshadow though. I love when you do reviews of drugstore makeup! I like getting to try new things that don’t cost an arm and a leg (like the Tom Ford liquid liner you just reviewed, $55, beautiful but EEK!).

Cat G Avatar

I usually don’t have much trouble with creasing, but this product creases on me under 5 minutes. I actually still love this product though. I still use it, but I keep it away from my crease and line my lid with it. By keeping it away from my crease, I can still use it and it does boost the pigmentation in the eyeshadow I put over it then. I know some people also use it under their brow bone, blended out and in the inner eye corner as a highlight too.

Gina Avatar

I have a weird experience with the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. Some of them work fabulously–Milk and Rocky Mountain Green are incredible, and even seem to extend the wear and vibrancy of my shadows longer than if I have just used my primer.

However, others–like Pure Gold and French Fries–crease miserably even if I set them AND use primer. I remember that they didn’t even feel like they set. They stayed tacky, and I was mortified when I looked in the mirror in the middle of the day to see my eyeshadow a smudged, creased mess!

Tina Avatar

I’ve been using Milk for years as well and have not had any creasing problems. The only thing I would say negative about it, (and that’s with all NYX’s pencils) is that the cap breaks, thus getting the product all over the inside of the cap. I carry mine in my everyday makeup bag, which causes it to smash against other things in there.

TwirlyGirly Avatar

When you buy a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, protect the cap from cracking by cutting a piece of Scotch tape about 1/8″ longer than the cap’s circumference. Place the end of one long side of the tape even with the edge of the cap, and carefully (keeping it straight and even with the edge) apply it around the cap – overlapping the end by that extra 1/8″. You’ll find that extra support really helps prevent the cap from cracking. If you do this to an already-cracked cap, it can help prevent the cap from jamming the tip of the pencil when you put the cap back on…..(or from being pushed on to far when knocks against other stuff in your makeup bag πŸ˜‰ )

Geneva Dell Avatar

I bought this at Ulta along with Black Bean and Dark Brown. I love them under eyeshadow. Eyeshadow creases on me I have comb/oily skin. If I use UDPP underneath I have no creasing issues. I also dust a small amount of Ben Nye Luxury powder if needed.

Danii Avatar

I only ever wear these over primer, specifically UDPP. This did amplify my Wet n Wild pastel palette, Going in the Wild, since the lavender and mint are pretty sheer on their own. They can layer but its easier to just use Milk! It’s an epic pencil and I love it so much now.

Judy Avatar

This thing blends like a dream. I was a sugarskull for Halloween 5 years ago and used Milk all over my face and used my finger to spread it out. The coverage was even, opaque and easy to use.

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