New! Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow for Fall 2014

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Artist Shadow Custom Palette Case ($1.00)

  • Empty Mono Palette
  • Empty Duo Palette
  • Empty Trio Palette

Pro Palettes (Boutiques Only)

  • 18 XL Metal Palette ($14.00)
  • 10 L Metal Palette ($13.00)

Artist Shadow – Diamond Finish ($21.00) (New, Permanent)

Effortlessly create endless eye looks that range from beautifully natural to highly artistic with this unique eye shadow. With its breakthrough, gel-powder formula blended with ultrafine pigments, Artist Shadow leaves a smooth, even result that gives lids super-saturated, lasting color. Easily-blendable, it is an accessible shadow for the professional makeup artist and the everyday woman.

Pricing for Purchasing with Compact: $22.00 (single, with palette), $34.00 (two shades, with duo palette), $44.00 (three shades, with trio palette).

  • D104 Black Diamond (Diamond)
  • D118 Platinum (Diamond)
  • D124 Crystalline White (Diamond)
  • D200 Crystalline Mauve Turquoise (Diamond)
  • D206 Celestial Blue (Diamond)
  • D222 Night Blue (Diamond)
  • D236 Lagoon Blue (Diamond)
  • D306 Bottle Green (Diamond)
  • D308 Aquatic Khaki (Diamond)
  • D316 Crystalline Pinky Green (Diamond)
  • D320 Golden Khaki (Diamond)
  • D326 Black Bronze (Diamond)
  • D334 Apple Green (Diamond)
  • D410 Gold Nugget (Diamond)
  • D416 Crystalline Yellow (Diamond)
  • D504 Celestial Beige (Diamond)
  • D552 Crystalline Gray Beige (Diamond)
  • D562 Taupe Platinum (Diamond)
  • D640 Golden Snake (Diamond)
  • D652 Celestial Earth (Diamond)
  • D-708 Pinky Copper (Diamond)
  • D712 Creme Brulee (Diamond)
  • D716 Crystalline Papaya (Diamond)
  • D750 Frosted Peach (Diamond)
  • D826 Fig (Diamond)
  • D830 Black Rose (Diamond)
  • D850 Nitro Pink (Diamond)
  • D862 Fairly Pink (Diamond)
  • D868 Crystalline Pink (Diamond)
  • D914 Crystalline Mauve (Diamond)
  • D926 Blueberry (Diamond)

Availability: Now at Sephora

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Artist Shadow – Iridescent Finish ($21.00) (New, Permanent)

  • I112 Chrome (Iridescent)
  • I120 Snow Gray (Iridescent)
  • I204 Sky Blue (Iridescent)
  • I210 Light Turquoise (Iridescent)
  • I212 Periwinkle (Iridescent)
  • I218 Indigo Blue (Iridescent)
  • I220 Sapphire (Iridescent)
  • I238 Blue Cedar (Iridescent)
  • I300 Pine Green (Iridescent)
  • I318 Linen Khaki (Iridescent)
  • I324 Bronze Khaki (Iridescent)
  • I328 Bronze (Iridescent)
  • I330 Linden Green (Iridescent)
  • I332 Meadow Green (Iridescent)
  • I340 Lime Green (Iridescent)
  • I412 Wheat (Iridescent)
  • I414 Yellow Ivory (Iridescent)
  • I-508 Olive Beige (Iridescent)
  • I514 Pink Ivory (Iridescent)
  • I520 Pinky Sand (Iridescent)
  • I524 Pinky Beige (Iridescent)
  • I526 Pearl Beige (Iridescent)
  • I528 Pearl (Iridescent)
  • I538 Pearly Gray Beige (Iridescent)
  • I542 Pinky Clay (Iridescent)
  • I544 Pink Granite (Iridescent)
  • I550 Olive Gray (Iridescent)
  • I606 Pinky Earth (Iridescent)
  • I628 Reptile (Iridescent)
  • I634 Praline (Iridescent)
  • I648 Golden Fawn (Iridescent)
  • I662 Amber Brown (Iridescent)
  • I702 Mahogany (Iridescent)
  • I722 Mandarin (Iridescent)
  • I724 Rust (Iridescent)
  • I730 Pumpkin (Iridescent)
  • I736 Copper Red (Iridescent)
  • I746 Watermelon (Iridescent)
  • I752 Electric Coral (Iridescent)
  • I802 Coral Pink (Iridescent)
  • I804 Golden Pink (Iridescent)
  • I808 English Pink (Iridescent)
  • I824 Ocher Pink (Iridescent)
  • I834 Grape (Iridescent)
  • I838 Slate Pink (Iridescent)
  • I858 Flamingo (Iridescent)
  • I864 Baby Pink (Iridescent)
  • I872 Pearly Pink (Iridescent)
  • I902 Quartz (Iridescent)
  • I904 Cotton Candy (Iridescent)
  • I906 Neon Mauve (Iridescent)
  • I916 Frosted Mauve (Iridescent)
  • I918 Lavender (Iridescent)
  • I922 Electric Purple (Iridescent)

Artist Shadow – Matte Finish ($21.00) (New, Permanent)

  • M100 Black (Matte)
  • M106 Slate (Matte)
  • M110 Cement (Matte)
  • M126 Chalk (Matte)
  • M228 Eggplant (Matte)
  • M-240 Prussian Blue (Matte)
  • M322 Khaki (Matte)
  • M408 Mustard (Matte)
  • M500 Ivory (Matte)
  • M510 Vanilla (Matte)
  • M518 Nude (Matte)
  • M530 Eggshell (Matte)
  • M532 Sugar Coated Candy (Matte)
  • M534 Oat (Matte)
  • M536 Milk Tea (Matte)
  • M540 Gray Beige (Matte)
  • M546 Dark Purple Taupe (Matte)
  • M-548 Pink Gray (Matte)
  • M558 Dark Taupe (Matte)
  • M600 Pink Brown (Matte)
  • M608 Red Brown (Matte)
  • M618 Espresso (Matte)
  • M620 Gray Brown (Matte)
  • M626 Neutral Brown (Matte)
  • M-630 Sweet Chestnut (Matte)
  • M636 Cappuccino (Matte)
  • M646 Latte (Matte)
  • M650 Cookie (Matte)
  • M656 Chestnut (Matte)
  • M660 Speculous (Matte)
  • M664 Fawn (Matte)
  • M704 Canyon (Matte)
  • M720 Apricot (Matte)
  • M726 Sienna (Matte)
  • M738 Auburn (Matte)
  • M806 Antique Pink (Matte)
  • M810 Flesh-Colored Pink (Matte)
  • M816 Rosewood (Matte)
  • M820 Dark Purple Pink (Matte)
  • M822 Plum (Matte)
  • M842 Wine (Matte)
  • M844 Burgundy (Matte)
  • M846 Morello Cherry (Matte)
  • M856 Fresh Pink (Matte)
  • M860 Powdery Pink (Matte)
  • M870 Yogurt (Matte)

Artist Shadow – Metallic Finish ($21.00) (New, Permanent)

  • ME108 Steel (Metallic)
  • ME116 Silver (Metallic)
  • ME122 Snow (Metallic)
  • ME202 Iceberg Blue (Metallic)
  • ME216 Electric Blue (Metallic)
  • ME224 Navy Blue (Metallic)
  • ME230 Peacock Blue (Metallic)
  • ME232 Turquoise Blue (Metallic)
  • ME302 Peacock (Metallic)
  • ME304 Emerald (Metallic)
  • ME310 Fir Tree Green (Metallic)
  • ME338 Acidic Green (Metallic)
  • ME400 Buttercup (Metallic)
  • ME406 Golden (Metallic)
  • ME512 Golden Beige (Metallic)
  • ME554 Gunmetal (Metallic)
  • ME612 Silver Brown (Metallic)
  • ME614 Graphite Brown (Metallic)
  • ME624 Black Gold (Metallic)
  • ME644 Iced Brown (Metallic)
  • ME654 Cauldron (Metallic)
  • ME658 Golden Brown (Metallic)
  • ME700 Amber (Metallic)
  • ME728 Copper Red (Metallic)
  • ME734 Tangerine (Metallic)
  • ME740 Magma (Metallic)
  • ME744 Poppy (Metallic)
  • ME828 Garnet Black (Metallic)
  • ME840 Pink Chrome (Metallic)
  • ME866 Frosted Pink (Metallic)
  • ME910 Electric Magenta (Metallic)
  • ME912 Orchid (Metallic)
  • ME930 Black Purple (Metallic)

Artist Shadow – Satin Finish ($21.00) (New, Permanent)

  • S102 Onyx (Satin)
  • S114 Pearl Gray (Satin)
  • S208 Baby Blue (Satin)
  • S214 Ultramarine Blue (Satin)
  • S-226 Abyssal Blue (Satin)
  • S228 Petrol Blue (Satin)
  • S234 Azure Blue (Satin)
  • S312 Mint Green (Satin)
  • S314 Nile Green (Satin)
  • S336 Lime (Satin)
  • S402 Mimosa (Satin)
  • S404 Straw Yellow (Satin)
  • S-502 White Sand (Satin)
  • S506 Linen (Satin)
  • S516 Sand (Satin)
  • S522 Pinky Nude (Satin)
  • S556 Taupe Gray (Satin)
  • S560 Taupe (Satin)
  • S602 Cinnamon (Satin)
  • S604 Teak (Satin)
  • S610 Almond (Satin)
  • S616 Chocolate (Satin)
  • S622 Black Brown (Satin)
  • S632 Hazelnut (Satin)
  • S638 Mocha (Satin)
  • S-642 Sahara (Satin)
  • S706 Milk Toffee (Satin)
  • S710 Peach (Satin)
  • S714 Bisque (Satin)
  • S718 Salmon (Satin)
  • S732 Orange (Satin)
  • S742 Tomato (Satin)
  • S748 Coral (Satin)
  • S800 Grenadine (Satin)
  • S812 Tea Pink (Satin)
  • S814 Light Rosewood (Satin)
  • S818 Pinky Tile (Satin)
  • S832 Ash Plum (Satin)
  • S836 Pink Ash (Satin)
  • S848 Raspberry (Satin)
  • S852 Neon Pink (Satin)
  • S854 Candy Pink (Satin)
  • S900 Marshmallow (Satin)
  • S908 Mauve (Satin)
  • S920 Violet (Satin)
  • S924 Purple (Satin)

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

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The mufe rep was at my sephora today and had a few of these with her for people to play with and they are seriously the most creamy shadows i’ve ever touched and she said they would be the same size as the old ones so you could put old ones on the palettes

I am BIG MUFE eye shadow fan! 😀 brilliant news.. I am really looking forward to getting one of the palettes! 🙂

Each empty palette costs only a dollar? That’s pretty cool. Not sure if they’re making up for that with a 21 dollar single.

WOW – what an amazing range of eyeshadows – I am going to be TOAST (well, my wallet will be) with those! And only $1 for an empty palette? How amazing is this? I’m actually hoping these DON’T become available at Sephora so I can’t allow myself to be tempted!

I kind of liked the idea of the $1 palettes… except that it seems like the pans (“refills”) are at $21 a pop… versus $15 before (only available via Boutiques, though). They were $21 before all-in (with a compact + eyeshadow) from Sephora, so they’re $22 now for the same thing (and oddly enough, Make Up For Ever is listing the refills as $22 each on their own website, though Sephora is showing $21) – but there’s only a $1/per shade discount for just buying the pan. From a Sephora customer’s perspective, they’re about the same, but if you bought just pans before, you’ll see a significant increase!

Edited to add: Make Up For Ever just sent me the full press release, and according to the release, pricing is: $22.00 (single); $34.00 (Duo); $44.00 (Trio), though it doesn’t seem to be the case on Sephora.

Yes, definitely totally doable at trio value… I was emailing with MUFE this AM, because Sephora has no info whatsoever regarding the pricing of single vs. duo vs. trio on their site. I wasn’t able to get the pricing to trigger in the cart, either, but I did let MUFE know I wasn’t seeing it so hopefully it’s an error that will be corrected soon…

Confirmation is always good! I’m just glad that I do have a MUFE boutique. My local Sephora never seems to have the whole range! I’ll definitely make a note to confirm the pricing before getting too excited, though!

Oh the trio price sounds way more affordable! Sorry if this is really obvious(I am not familiar with MUFE’s eyeshadow collection), but are the trios and duos pre-picked or do you create your own?

For me, it’s the teals, some of the greens and then (big surprise) the neutrals! When I see names with “linen” and “sand”, “Sahara”, “taupe” and “taupe grey”, I start to hyperventilate. It’s not like I don’t already have these shades up the Wazoo but I just can’t help it.

It’s OK. I know how you feel! At least your shade addictions are wearable on a daily basis 😀 I have to keep reminding myself that I will never, ever get through even 1% of the bright blue/purple makeup I already have, LOL!

They’re both 0.08 oz. in weight. The previous range is no longer listed on MUFE’s website, and Sephora only has ~50 or so shades left.

To say that I’m drooling is an understatement. And the BEST thing is that all these gorgeous shades are permanent. Yay \o/

Whoa! So many shades! I hope that they perform well as Make Up For Ever is one of my fave brands. I wonder how these are going to be kept stocked in Sephora..? Is there room for this many on display?!

Yeah, I wonder that too..especially because I want to be able to swatch the 20 different variations of brown before picking the right ones LOL And there isn’t even a MUFE boutique near me, so Sephora NEEEEEDS to stock these 😀

Say it ain’t I so. Hello new matte eyeshadows.. Do you need a new home??! Yes they do with me. Can’t wait freaking amazing!!!

So many pretty colours!
I hope they’ll all be sold at Sephora here, but they will have to rebuild the store to house them all 🙂

Wow! Amazing shades and range but I wish there was a 6 pan and 12 pan palette too for those who like to build larger collections…. I wonder if these will be around in France when I go in September 😀

This is in-bloody-credible. Makes the UD motherlode look like a three-pan. If they really had ’em all at Sephora, you could spend the rest of your life there….that is, if you could get anywhere near the display. Just might have to bookmark this page, just to scroll + drool again + again. Absolute wow!

That is literally one of the most gorgeous displays of eyeshadows I have ever seen! I want to keep this page up on my browser so I can keep coming back to drool all night. Where to even start….

I have been looking for three colors that you have in this list. However, they are not carried at sephora. I’ve even contacted their customer service people and they have no idea about the following colors: i414, m-536, d-826. Do you know where I can purchase these colors.

Hi Linda,

My list is the same set of shades from Sephora (that is where I got my information from) – through their website. I was able to add I414, M536, and D826 to my bag online no problem.

I’m going to try to reach out and see if MUFE has a sheet with which shades go with the new shades, BUT I have sent them about 20 emails over the past two days so I need to wait a little bit, LOL!

I, too, am having problems trying to buy these on Sephora’s website – it’s wanting to charge me $64 for 3 shadows and a trio palette (3 x $21 shadows + $1 palette) instead of the $44 discounted price. I emailed Sephora customer service and they don’t seem to have any idea about any discount, and just told me that the price is $64. I posted a question about the pricing on the product page on Sephora’s site, which they promptly took down before it was ever answered. I’m unable to find a way to contact MUFE about it – their Facebook page doesn’t seem to accept messages and their website just advises to contact your local MUFE store (the nearest MUFE store to me is more than 2 states away). Do you have any more information about whether we should be getting the discount on Sephora’s online store? If it’s really $44 for a trio in-store and $64 online, it seems like they’re just trying to gouge people who buy online.

One reader mentioned that Sephora replied via Facebook that it was only for Sephora in JCPenney’s. MUFE had told me the pricing was effective August 1st for online (I had inquired why it wasn’t working late July with MUFE’s corporate office). MUFE Boutiques for sure have the pricing in place.

How strange and annoying. A Sephora associate told me (online) the other day that the discount applies in-store, but I didn’t think to ask if she works at a freestanding Sephora or a Sephora in JCP. I’d think they’d have the online pricing figured out by August 18th if it was supposed to begin August 1st. Honestly the $44 vs. $64 difference is going to be the difference between me buying these and not, and it’s not like I’m going to travel all the way to NYC (closest MUFE boutique) from Ohio to buy eyeshadow.

IMO, it’s a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE price difference. Someone tweeted me a pic of the pricing in a Sephora store, so it does exist, but if it’s limited to just JCPenney’s when MUFE is doing it in their own freestanding stores? 🙁 I’ve been wanting to buy some, and online is usually the way I do it, but it’s like… no. $21 when I could pay $15? Pfft.

If you know what you want to buy, you CAN purchase via a phone order through the MUFE Boutiques in LA and NYC – I chatted with one at the nearest boutique, and said the LA and NYC stores will do phone orders. She told me they were doing $14.XX (I can’t remember offhand) for anyone buying more than 3. I don’t know what the shipping fee is, though.

If this helps, I was in a freestanding Sephora store and the discounted pricing was shown on the display. I purchased 5 eye shadows with the cases and the discounts showed as a minus amount under each eye shadow on the receipt. I am going back as soon as possible to get a few more, the only thing is I couldn’t get the pro palette cases in Sephora. I guess they can only be bought at MUFE stores or online.

I just purchased three, at a free-standing Sephora and was given the discounted pricing. I got M-600- pink brown, M-738- auburn, and M-928- eggplant. Love the quality, especially for mattes. The shadows I really wanted weren’t available though, and the Sephora website still isn’t offering the discounted price for a trio, so these were all impulse buys. I also wish they carried the larger metal palette!

I tweeted Sephora earlier today asking when it was going to be effective online, and this afternoon, Make Up For Ever responded (via Twitter) that it was being worked on and would be fixed. Fingers crossed!

Im losing my mind because sephora has been out of stock of the shade m928 for like a week and I was wondering if there were any shades of any brand you could think of that might Match that shade? Please help

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