Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019

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Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019
Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette for Holiday 2019

A palette with 28 brand-new shades and two new formulas of Natasha Denona’s iconic, professional-quality pressed-pigment eyeshadows in a never-before-seen midi size. These extraordinarily rich pressed-pigment shadows deliver maximum color payoff. They’re hydrating and smooth for optimum texture and comfortable, all-day wear.

9/10 online, 9/26 in stores

Products Available

Metropolis Mini Eyeshadow Palette, $129.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Rust Vibrant rustic-sienna metallic
  • Troop Dark army-green matte
  • Orium Coral with light greenish reflects duo-chrome
  • Shield Olive-green metallic
  • Ripe Coral-terracotta matte
  • Stain Dirty apricot matte
  • Mace Copper nude metallic
  • Rope Warm beige matte
  • Fuse Rustic gold high shine
  • Lethal Avocado green matte
  • Penny Bronze high shine
  • Chrism Peach matte
  • Aqueous Vibrant aqua blue metallic
  • Queen Pearly pink-champagne metallic
  • Blaze Champagne gold high shine
  • Noble Taupe metallic
  • Imperia Brassy-gold metallic
  • Royal Dark forest green matte
  • Crest Rosy coral metallic
  • Engima Midnight blue matte
  • Pure Brown old rose matte
  • Azoic Mustard taupe brown matte
  • Jubilee Vibrant teal metallic
  • Symbol Deep teal matte
  • Rhizome Warm mustard matte
  • Claret Rosy fuchsia metallic
  • Helena Light apricot with pink reflects shimmer
  • Antique Dark pink-brown matte


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Valerie Avatar

I don’t think it’s as orange as it looks in these photos – that wouldn’t make sense from a consumer perspective. I suspect they’re more brick-colored and would fit a wide range of skin tones. I’ve been surprised by some shadows (that I would have never tried were they not in a palette) that actually suited me in spectacular fashion. Definitely waiting for Christine’s swatches with great anticipation, though I’m buying either way and grabbing backup in case this is a true LE. My rule of thumb is if I think I will use 50-75% of the shades, and I love the brand (eg ND, PMG, and Suqqu which I “discovered” recently), I’ll buy.

Mariella Avatar

At close to $200 here (her current palettes this size sell for $170) and “online only”, this isn’t a gamble I’m willing to take. As much as I love makeup, I just won’t drop this much on something I can’t see for myself and there’s certainly no way I’d be buying a backup.

Alison Avatar

Natasha Denona is hitting it out of the park lately. After years of not buying her (too warm for me) palettes, I am going to use my Sephora bonus card for this one. It only contains a few oranges I can’t wear– and she is venturing further into the green-teal-gold-yellow territory which I love further than any other brand. So thrilled to have this for the holiday. Wondering if there will be any dupes between this and the new mini-gold.

Jenny Avatar

When I saw the gold mini palette I was instantly attracted to it bc I don’t have many green shades in my collection. Now I see this and am wondering how similar the shades are and which to get.

Kimberly Avatar

The first four columns present an approachable but unique color story: shimmering neutrals with more unusual pops of teal, green, and a strong yellow.

The last three columns look more like a Halloween palette, in a bad way. And I say that as someone who likes Halloween.

Taylor Avatar

I am so glad that she is doing the smaller pan size. I love the 28 pan palettes but would never pay over $300CAD for an eyeshadow palette plus the amount of product in her regular 15 pan and 28 pan palettes is sooo much that I would never be able to finish them up anyways. I will definitely be getting this palette, I hope that the olive greens are going to be a trend for this fall!

Nancy T Avatar

Another mega palette….even if smaller in volume. I don’t know what’s up with me lately, but if a palette is at 15 or less pans, I’ll give it my interest perhaps, 20 pans is somewhat overwhelming, but occasionally doable. Over 20 loses me. This does look well curated. I see bits of the Gold and Sunset palettes here. Not bad, I’m sure. But the amount of pans, though! ?

Mary Avatar

Nancy I hear ya!
For me usually 6-8 or less in a pan is more than enough .
Normally more for me is overwhelming , but for some reason it can visually break this one down into smaller usable groupings.

Valerie Avatar

I think that’s one of the cooler aspects about this palette. She broke it down visually so it’s not quite as overwhelming and if you group into either quads or columns, you get a beautiful look. This is a rare palette where you’ll get more than 3 or 4 looks. You can easily come up with 8 totally unique looks, which is amazing for any palette. I have a feeling I would trade off most of my current palettes for this one because it has a small pile of different neutral looks and another pile of cool pops of color and gorgeous accents.
I haven’t been this excited upon seeing the release in a while. Even the PMG Midnight palette, which I was so excited pre-release, didn’t grab me as much as this one.
But given the number of shadows, if this gets a B+ from Christine it would be an absolute miracle.

Z Avatar

I’m over large palettes. They’re beginning to make my skin crawl when I see them and opening my Colourpop email to see Kathleen Light’s new monstrosity with them actually made me say “oh gross no!” outloud.

Despite the name “mini” I’m seeing too many eyeshadows piled together and about half orange shades I’d rather throw straight in the trash. At least these expensive brands are helping me save money this holiday season.

Jessica Avatar

It’s 28 pans. ABH just released a 25-pan palette and Morphe consistently releases 35-pan palettes. Just bc the pan size is smaller, it doesn’t mean it’s not still a large palette ??‍♀️

Alecto Avatar

Taken as a whole, there appear to be a lot of nice color combinations in there, but … how many variations on gold does one palette need? (If it’s not specifically being marketed as a “gold palette,” that is.)

mandamarie Avatar

Oh, man! When the Mini Gold Palette was announced and rumor had it that another ND holiday release was coming and it would be in a larger format, I was honesty hoping to hate it lol because I’m really trying to get a better handle on my makeup spending habits and if I’m being honest my collection is a little excessive in the palette department at this point anyway. But this is BEAUTIFUL in my opinion and going to be very hard to pass up! Love the fact that it offers more shades, but in smaller pans which makes it obviously more affordable, but also more practical in my opinion. I have some ND palettes with larger pans—Sunset, Gold, Camel, and Cranberry—and I will never be able to hit pan on those in this lifetime! Also, the SHADES in this—beyond gorgeous and I could see myself using every single one. Love that it offers so many neutral everyday colors, but also a decent amount of fun pops—yes, our typical pops of blue are there, but also green, yellow, red, and orange! Honesty, based on the pics released thus far, I love everything about this palette!!!

Valerie Avatar

Love this color story and the concept of a 28-pan in a 15-pan footprint which makes this brand more accessible, even at a $129 price point. As much as I love Pat McGrath, if you only have one $125ish to spend, go with this one. You get such a variety of color and it’s so inspirational.
Each column will give you a distinctive look, as will each row if you’re high-maintenance with your shadows like me ?I just love 7-10 on my lid real estate: 3 on mobile lid, sometimes 4 with a topper or PMG special shade, 1 on lower, inner corner and browbone highlights, transition and crease shade. Like I said, high maintenance. But if you’re not, you get 7 looks if you use a column per look. Or 18 looks if you use the quad system which looks like would work beautifully in this palette.
Amazing value, such beauty. Congrats to ND. Contrast this with the ND-/Viseart-wannabe Pro travesty from a certain other Sephora brand which looked like a clownish afterthought. This is how you put together a proper palette. And I bet the quality is better than the OG 28-pans.
Guess who’s going to her local Sephora on 9/10 before work with bells on ?

Jessica Avatar

This is extremely unappealing to me. I get why people are interested but it just looks like she took the Gold palette and Sunset palette and squished them together with a few blues. I hope it’s great for those who want it and the fact that she scaled it down to still fit the size of her 15-pan palettes is great. It’s still too many shade options and the left and right don’t make sense together IMO.

Tracy Avatar

I agree! I’m underwhelmed by this palette. it really does look like a combination of gold, sunset,Sunrise, and a hint of tropic. As much as I like ND, I’m going to pass on these.

Jane Avatar

Though I can understand not liking the mix or pattern of colors and also some shades that definitely seem like excerpts of several of her other palettes (especially if you already have a number of the palettes you mentioned), I still see the uniqueness and benefit. I agree this is like multiple minis of a number of her other palettes, so if you don’t have them and you are tired of the large pan sizes, I think this a great color scheme to purchase from her, especially as a first palette. When I looked closer I realized that she again did her “quads in quads” (with one quad overlapping a quad) and the diagonal color scheme (which I really like with her from the start, in particular with the Star palette). I see soooo many combinations, and unique ones at that! The only thing that would dissuade me is if I can dupe too many of these. Somehow I doubt it though because I have only one Pat McGrath palette (Subliminal), Coloured Raine (two palettes and a few singles), Sydney Grace (I have a few there so I have to check LOL), MUFE and older Urban Decay’s, they tend to be only brands that seem to come close to her duo chrome effect AND pigmentation (color selection as well).

Jessica Avatar

I just watched the video that Trendmood posted and it actually is a really pretty palette. And I really do love her cream matte shades. She should add more of those to her palettes bc they’re really unique and fantastic to work with. I just wish this was more greens and blues and less golds and orange and reds bc she gave us that with Sunset and Gold.

Lacy Avatar

Nailed it Genevieve. That’s exactly why I won’t be purchasing!
I’m over those shades being in every palette or the whole color scheme lately. Plus they just don’t translate well in my looks and I end up appearing sickly.

Alison Avatar

I can’t wear them either and hope the brands will move on. At least there are other options in this palette, but in seeing swatches, I am worrying that some of the top rows verge into orange gold as well.

ShariP Avatar

I love the left half of the palette, but I’m just not interested in the orange eyeshadows. What are we supposed to do with them? Are they crease colors? And there’s so many. How many orange eyeshadows does a person need in one palette? I’ll wait for Christine’s review and swatches and looks she’s able to create to see if they inspire me. But right now there’s at least 5-6 shadows I can’t see myself using. I can see myself buying it if it went on sale, but probably not at full price.

Valerie Avatar

And what’s more, this looks like if the Gold and Tropic palettes had a baby so if I didn’t have those, I would pick this up. I do have them and I’m still going to get this because this is probably going to be among the most beautiful palettes I have, based on these images.
The inspiration value alone is worth it. I just love this color story so so much!

Jeanne Avatar

I am just a bit underwhelmed with this palette. I know the quality is there, but (at the cost) I look to PM for something really special, that I haven’t seen. So for me, its a pass, However if its a first time purchase I think you will be pleased, it seems very friendly user. I am just spoiled,lol…..I will be awaiting her next big thing!

Anne Avatar

This one is talking to me…loudly. This one or Pat McGrath at 10% off? The Pat McGrath is permanent so I’m thinking a Sephora 20% is the way to get that one. The ND has a much greater range and I can wear red and orange so it’s a WIN for me. Lordy, Claret is a gorgeous red!

Lacy Avatar

There’s no doubt this a beautiful palette but I’m with some of the others…. it looks like the gold and sunset palette slapped together…… and the orange and rust shades just loose me. Otherwise I might still have picked up. Although for those that don’t have those palettes then this is the best of both worlds and definitely a great color story range. I may debate picking it up based upon your review and with a Sephora 20% if it proves to be impressive. Can’t wait to see the looks you come up with.

Jessica Avatar

I was 100% against this but then I saw the video that Trendmood posted and the colors are much more vibrant making it more appealing. Idk what kind of filter is on this promo photo but it isn’t attractive. If this rates well and I get 20% off, I could see myself picking this up. I really like that she added the cream mattes bc I really love that formula from her. She should add those more often in her offerings.

Helene Avatar

I only have one small ND palette, I like it, but I don’t use it often.
Is it me, my screen or are there a lot of very similar colours in this palette? Looking at the swatches I think a lot look to much like each other. There are too many orange-y and golds in this to excite me, I have tonnes of golds.
I think it looks nice, but it’s not for me. I do hope all who falls for it will love it and have lots of fun using it.

Jane Avatar

I think you’ll enjoy this one as a first large palette from her if it rates well here. ;). As I mentioned in reply, it does seem like a bit of similar colors she’s done in almost all of her palettes (hence I understand it is an “anniversary” palette) and the quad and diagonal combinations are so nice to be able to find a look easily. It’s on the the things I think she does best, in addition to solid pigmentation and beautiful duo chromes. The only sad thing I see as a large palette is there’s only one duo chrome (but if you like that too much then it’s to an issue), a few matte transition colors (or rather light ones). I think someone else mentioned this. Also, I don’t really see a highlight brow bone color (non metallic). Of course, if you have these things and don’t mind pulling them out, I think you’re going to enjoy this one from her!

peekabookty1 Avatar

This palette couldn’t have come at the perfect time. I have been trying to decide what I want a PM or ND palette. I love all the PM colors but just don’t see myself wearing a lot of the colors. This palette has a mixture that I can see myself wearing. I read all the comments and loved all the different reasons why and why you wouldn’t buy it. You guys are great.

Jane Avatar

Late at the ball game, sorry! Have been busy busy and avoiding looking too much, but when ND sent the e-mail and I checked out for preorder, I am like “What!!!!???!!” . It’s really diverse, but I am hoping that even if I wait all long while, say for Christmas or later that it will stay around. I’d like this one, but MUST check out dupes first.

Netterz13 Avatar

What a gorgeous palette. Definitely tempted, but I just won’t pay $129 for an eyeshadow palette especially when I have 12 other very gorgeous palettes to use up in my collection. Also there aren’t enough medium-toned matte shades for my middle-aged eyes 😉 4 out of 28 isn’t cost-effective, personally I like having everything I need in a palette to create my look (without having to take out other palettes to complete it) I get the financial incentive for companies to come out with these giant palettes though – you use up a couple of shades and you have to buy the whole palette again.

Denise Avatar

I’m pretty sure I’ll get this,but I’ve been saving for the P.M. & i;m already 3/4 of the way…so I’ll get this one after. I always say OMG I have to have it it;s the FOMO…I don’t use shadows daily,honestly it takes me so long do do a eye look that I just do a monochromanic look with bronzer blush & highlighter..throw a bit of bronzer on crease,maybe blush color on lid & highlight on browbone & inner eye corner & I’m done. Believe me,I dont enjoy this bland simple look….but anything else takes so much time for me.

Tessa Avatar

Really wanted to get this palette, because I have an olive undertone and would look great in almost all those shadows (esp. those greens, teals and olive-golds). Unfortunately, I’m allergic to carmine (imagine waking up with crust-sealed, swollen eyelids), and it’s in half of the shadows. Just can’t see myself paying $129 for 14 shadows, when several of them are dupes for ones I already have.

Christina D. Avatar

I came across a video today on YouTube where the palette was rearranged and OMG — what a completely different perspective! Lots of warm, shimmery golds with very little variation, and a few pops of color (albeit beautiful blues, greens and teals which is what drew me to the palette). I do love Natasha Denona palettes so I may still get it, but I’ll probably wait for a sale or discount of some kind. It’s amazing (dare I say eye-opening!) how seeing the shadow pans in a different sequence changes the overall effect.

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