Natasha Denona Glam Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2020

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Natasha Denona Glam Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2020
Natasha Denona Glam Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2020
Natasha Denona Glam Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2020
Natasha Denona Glam Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2020
Natasha Denona Glam Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2020
Natasha Denona Glam Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2020

Release Date + About the Launch

The extension of the best-selling Mini Glam Palette featuring 15 NEW cool and neutral-warm toned shades with matte, metallic & sparkling finishes -The ultimate fall palette to create everday-to-glam looks and dramatic smoke.

The ultimate user-friendly, must-have palette for makeup artists & makeup lovers featuring 15 cool & neutral warm shades with matte, metallic & sparkling finishes. For the first time presenting special insider makeup tips from Natasha Denona herself by naming the shade names after their ideal place to apply them, in order to recreate the ND’s day-to-glam makeup looks.

9/2 on, Sephora app, 9/3 Sephora online, 9/16 for Beautylish, UK retailers

Products in the Launch

Glam Eyeshadow Palette, $65.00

  • center eye lid (320M) dusty light rose
  • outer eye lid (321M) medium warm grey brown
  • inner corner (322K) peachy champagne
  • crease – 323CM) medium cool taupe
  • transition – 324CM) mushroom grey
  • smoke (325CM) medium cool brown
  • blend (326CM) cool sienna
  • lash line (327CM) deep cool brown
  • inner corner (328M) abalone
  • center eye lid (329M) medium warm silver
  • center eye lid (330M) golden nude
  • outer eye lid (331M) pecan brown
  • center eye lid (332M) light nude
  • outer eye lid (333M) medium cool grey brown
  • brow bone (334M) neutral champagne


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ShariP Avatar

I wonder if they’re changing to avoid conflicts like occur when naming shades “nude”? It looks like they have assigned a numerical code per shade….just a thought.

DG Avatar

A cool-toned palette! This is exciting, and I hope it reviews well for those who have suffered through a series of overly warm palettes. However, I will admit that the order of things throws me off a bit? I feel like I was playing where’s waldo, but more like… “where are all the center eye lids?”

ERICA Avatar

It has 3 cool tones on the right side. The rest is pretty neutral or warm. Js. Not as warm as the bronze palette obviously but it’s not the most cool tbh

MN Diamond Girl Avatar

This is the first palette that has caught my attention this year. The cool and neutral tones are a happy contrast to the predominately warm toned palettes that have been marketed the past few years. If it swatches well, it will be mine!

Valerie Avatar

Finally, a cool-toned palette! I wonder if she reads this blog ? this is going to be A+ quality, can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty.

Kelly Foy Avatar

Wow…I haven’t been this excited for a palette in years! It’s the neutral-cool palette I’ve always wished would be released, but figured it wouldn’t since it’d be considered “boring.” I only hope it’s not like ABH Sultry, where it seemed like a cool toned palette, but was primarily warm toned with a silver, grey, and black thrown in.

Erica Avatar

Honestly I think it’s EXACTLY like the sultry. From the photo above, it has three cool tones. The rest are neutral and warm. It’s more warm than it is cooler tbh

Joyce Avatar

THISSSS is my dream palette. My hesitation with purchasing palettes lately is lack of lid shades. This palette has all my favorite colors for lids AND mostly neutral toned AND I’d use almost all of these shades AND it’s a great price! Squeeeeee!

Jess Avatar

Me: drowning in neutral/cool neutral palettes, WFH til at least 2021
Also me: I NEED IT

(as an aside, does anyone know where i can join the discord?)

AJ Avatar

This really stands out in a sea of warm palettes! I hope it turns out to really be cool-toned, for all the cool color lovers in the comments section here 🙂

That said, as someone who writes and edits copy all day, I’m really irritated at how they used “ultimate” two sentences in a row. So lazy!

Ivy Avatar

I’m so excited for this! I’ve been interested in seeing her take on cool tones every since I saw Biba, but didn’t pick it it up because 1) the large pan sizes are not for me and 2) the shimmer-to-matte ratio wasn’t balanced enough for me.

There’s definitely some similarities with the metallics in particular – I almost feel she’s doing it as part of her brand now. Personally, despite the similarities the Bronze palette ended up being an all time favorite in my collection and layering the formulas/color has given a lovely effect, so if this one is a similar quality I can live with it.

The shade names are a bit disappointing (and unnecessarily confusing/limiting in my opinion, do you makeup how you want, shimmer in the crease and all) but more than that, the shade names also make it feel very uninspired in my opinion. It’s not the end of the world though, and I’m likely to pick this up if it reviews well.

Maggie Avatar

I like the swatches but those are never accurate. The palette looks quite frosty at first glance – I’m getting feelings reminiscent of UD Naked 2, taupey shades that were desirable at first glance until I realized all the taupe differentiations got lost in all the frosty reflects and made everything looked similar under enough lighting.

Gina Avatar

I have been going back and forth on Biba for a long time….but I’m glad I resisted! I definitely like the looks of this one more….and I like the lower price tag too!

Lucie Avatar

I’m a little torn – I like it and ND shadows have been really consistently good lately and I like that it’s the smaller $65 palette. It just feels like stuff I know I have already.

That said, I know I’ll buy it. And it will probably be my go-to palette because even though I am certainly not a make-up novice, I’m usually so tired and bleary-eyed in the morning that I just like someone telling me where to put everything and make those decisions for me.

Mary B. Avatar

What a strange way to label the shades in the palette. Her idea of a transition shade and mine are apparently not the same thing at all. Repetitive colors, easy pass.

Tina Tritsch Avatar

I am flabbergasted at the negative posts on IG due to the naming of the color “transition”. It is being viewed by some black women as racist.

Tina Tritsch Avatar

Well, I guess with many lighter skinned women requesting a cooler palette, ND went in that direction. You can’t please everyone all the time. I believe ND has a wide variety of offerings for everyone & not all palettes are going to work for all skin tones. I would think it would be next to impossible to create a palette that is completely inclusive to all skin tones. I know I don’t use every color in my palettes.

Christine Avatar

I wish I had the mental energy to unpack this comment more thoughtfully for you, but I’d definitely encourage you to read through many of the comments left by POC with deeper complexions on ND’s Instagram. The market has historically had an issue of exclusionary releases toward deeper skin tones and a continuous, endless stream of “for light skin” releases. Nowhere does ND’s marketing suggest or claim (in fact, she mentioned it is for all skin tones) it is for “lighter skinned women” (also, people is the correct term here… not just women wear makeup). I know many have requested a cooler-toned palette… and not just lighter skinned people. Natasha Denona has also had issues with inclusivity when it comes to cheek products and promotional swatches that do not appear anywhere near reality for how the product actually appears on deeper skin tones (see the Mini Bronze & Glow).

Christine Avatar

I think unless you have friends who talk about it or you really educate yourself, it is very easy to see through your personal lens (true of most things, too). It’s like when brands release a copper highlighter and you see comments like, “Who could use this as a highlighter?” And the answer is really obvious but a lot of people just don’t think through a wider lens, but I hope that every time something occurs, more people widen their lens.

Ivy Avatar

You read my mind! I really like the color story and cohesiveness of this palette, even if there’s some repetition but the shade names are really disappointing and uninspired. I usually love how her shade names tell a story or at least relate to the overall theme of the palette in some way. The naming here feels unnecessarily restrictive – plus I don’t get the excuse that it makes it more beginner friendly, I don’t feel like most beginners are making their first purchase a ND palette.

Genevieve Avatar

Absolutely Ivy – I agree, no-one who is starting out in makeup would be able to even afford an ND palette – it would be more like a Maybelline, an Elf or a Rimmel….
I think by labelling the shades this way makes it more confusing.

Susan Avatar

I wish, but from what I am seeing this is cool, lots of ashy tones. I feel like I’m being soooo picky but what I want is a truly neutral palette, not warm, not cool.

Lacy Avatar

This looks beautiful and hopefully delivers with similar cool toned swatches, unlike the original mini glam as another reader commented.
I’m also torn.
I don’t like the lack of shade names simply because I can’t tell which could be new versus current. That way we could compare from other palettes if there’s any over lap and how much if we have some of her other palettes. If I have the mini glam, camel, biba and a couple other 5 pans etc How many colors aren’t similar to warrant purchase. I’d love for someone to do a comparison.
I do like that instead of names they recommend placement. I’m also a fan of the smaller 15 pan size and price.
What’s your take?
Can’t wait for your review!

Nicola Avatar

Me too, I know you can move them and there suggestions for different skin tones on Instagram but I’d have liked the Matt’s to all be together with their names underneath

Genevieve Avatar

Now this looks pretty good for all of us who love a cooler toned leaning kind of palette of neutrals. I wonder if this is ND’s take on Jeffree Star’s Cremation palette (so poorly named at this point in time).
I bet Mariella is interested…. this may well be my first ND purchase, if all goes well.
Like mostly everyone else, I do wish she had just given the shades names, instead of locations of where to put the shades…seriously, if you are buying ND, you would know how to apply eyeshadows.

Nicole Lineberry Avatar

Most cosmetic releases take months to a year to come to fruition and I’m sure The Glam Palette was in the works to be a companion to the Bronze Palette and fulfill a need for cool shades. I don’t know ND but I don’t think she’s the type of lady to make any J* comparative work. I hope ND is blissfully unaware of his existence.

Aoife Avatar

Looking forward to seeing your review of this palette. I’m hoping it’s great as it’s nice to see cool and neutral tones in a palette – finally! I think this is going to be my birthday present to myself.

Selena Juarez Avatar

I am truly so excited about this palette. I am a lover of eyeshadow but at the same time I am also new to the eyeshadow game. Placement and color combination is a bit tricky for me. So even tho this palette is beautiful I feel like it will help me out so much. I really do want this one. I owe 2 of her mini palettes. I just recently got her mini nude I believe and it’s a beauty.

Jane Avatar

Someone either here or in another forum I follow called this one out, a silver palette. But oh, how she did it! Lovely! But it so cool and has sooo many dupable colors! Argh! But I so like it, argh!!!! (Me biting my finger!)

Jane Avatar

After reading over the comments (and in particular those pointing out the comments made elsewhere than here) and rereading the names of the colors, I think people (and I don’t mean anyone here because this group just seems civil, which is why I like being a part of it) need to just give ND some slack. She gave the color references (for those of use who care about that) and then gives generic titles to help beginners or perhaps anyone just wanting to whip out your face fast (as this is a very basic palette). Why should black women take issue with this? Why assume that only pale-faced, white women will use this? I’m black and lighter skinned in complexion and a yellow-neutral person foundation wise, and even I would and very well will likely buy this and be happy to use it (even as the names in indicate or perhaps at times not). It’s like Biba in a way (cool and hip, which I so want, but just have so many dupes that I can’t justify it. Think SALE, SALE, SALE, hee hee!) I think there are MANY black women who can use the colors even as she named them, even darker-skinned ones. Jiminy Christmas!

Ivy Avatar

Will all due respect, this is comes across as unnecessarily policing other people’s tones. I don’t think your argument is wrong – and I’m sure that was likely ND’s intention with guiding users how to use the palette – but naming the palest shade in the palette transition is exclusive, whether it was intentional or not. Just because it may work for you or me doesn’t change the fact that for many people that isn’t anything even close to a transition shade. Would it have completely changed the direction of the palette to have replaced one of the other metallics and added a deeper matte called transition or renamed the others? Doubtful, but she didn’t do that so here we are.

It’s a beautiful palette and we’re all able to enjoy it as we want, but I just caution against being dismissive other’s opinions to give ND some slack so to speak. If indie brands like Sydney Grace can acknowledge this and consider making changes accordingly, I think we can hold ND accountable for how she decided to lay out this palette.

TropicalCowgirl Avatar

I kind of agree. I also was very surprised watching a youtube video on applying eyeshadows that listed a light shade as a transition shade and it was so light for that person. But when I saw how they used it, I was like “aha”. I have so many colors I could’t use but learned a new way to use them. I typically stuck with 3-4 shades for my looks but that was a game changer. I also remember when she put out her “I need a Nude” lip color and it was for everyone…I was so pleasantly surprised.

I will say I don’t pay attention to names as much unless they are raunchy. I learned my lesson after giving my mother a lippie from UD called Backdoor for Christmas in front of my brothers. I still haven’t lived that one down. My mom recently told me she would like another tube of that “butthole” lipstick for her birthday.

Jane, if you haven’t checked out the Bronze Palette by her, I personally think that would look sensational on your coloring.

Nicola Avatar

She has posted ideas on how to reconfigure the removable pans for various skin tones on Instagram. I think if this had been done when it was first announced there would have been less negativity.

Jane Avatar

One last comment or rather question? Please Christine or anyone else who purchases this and tests it, could you say whether the colors, especially Transition and Crease REALLY are as swatched the same on the lid (with and without a base)? Why, do I ask? Because OFTEN and LATELY I notice that some of the most unique mattes that ND does change color on my lid even with a base. They don’t look like the color in the pan. They tend to be much darker and sometimes slighter not quite the same colorwise.

LIZ Avatar

This is the first time in a long time I’ve been really excited for a palette release, love all those cooler tones. I’ve not used ND eyeshadows before but have just purchased the mini retro palette so am looking forward to trying that out. Can’t wait to read the review!

Sue Avatar

No doubt I have dupes or near dupes between UD Naked 2, MJ Steeletto, and my old tried and trues, MUFE Artist Volume 1 and Laura Mercier Eye Artist (the OG cool toned palette). AND don’t get me started on my single pans…
Lol basically I need an eyeshadow no buy!

Leo Avatar

Those pics are gorgeous, but I’ll wait for more info to see how true to life they are: I just looked at the palette pic on Sephora and it’s so different from this I didn’t recognize it! The Sephora pic does NOT look good.

angela Avatar

In the last couple of days, I was thinking how amazing it would be if she created a cooler-toned palette and I was wondering what shades it would include. And then here we go, the Glam palette. I love the colour theme, I love the official swatches, but I want to wait for the review here and see what those shades exactly are. Also, I wish this palette came with more mattes and fewer metallics.

Vicky Avatar

With respect to the names of the shades, and who they’re for…I think it’s a little dismissive to suggest that someone new to makeup wouldn’t or couldn’t buy this palette or other luxury products. I‘ve gotten back into makeup in my 40’s, and I do my research to find good products and I have the means to purchase ND, PMG, and have done so. I’m at a point where I don’t feel that I need the guidance these “shade names” provide, but I could see some people appreciating them, and it’s certainly not a requirement that you use them that way. ND herself isn’t going to reach out of the palette and slap you if you use the colors in a different placement. LOL

Also, I’ve heard people complain over the years that they wish there were a shade for X placement or Y purpose and questioning the creator’s intent. I think these names at least give us insight into how ND was thinking about using the colors when she designed the palette. If you want to create a ND look, she’s telling you how to achieve it. If you don’t, then…don’t.

Honestly, I have enough eyeshadow palettes that I can’t remember the names of all the shades anyway, and I don’t use them based on their names. Themes can be fun, but don’t affect how I use the product. If you’re doing blog tutorials or YouTube videos, I can see wanting names, but I suspect that’s not most of us!

tousledelegance Avatar

UPS says mine will arrive Thursday, woohoo! I usually enjoy her formula and felt like cool tones- especially silvery, had been lacking. Also, I’m someone who has mostly worn bold color and avoided neutrals, so I don’t have a ton in my collection already. I think this will help me to enjoy them more.

Jane Avatar

Though I understand what you mean, I disagree she “policed” anything. As someone stated later she put how she would use them. And she used them on a dark model as well (whether as stated I don’t know and that would be worth seeing too). Also, I know darker-toned women who use lighter colors and frosts like she did. Some of my friends like that lighter look. I don’t always, but it’s their choice. So, because of such examples, I don’t at all think the way she labeled them discriminates or only configures for certain tones. We have quads put out by companies that still give such instructions and it’s clear that the quad work depending on tastes and not just complexion, and thus may not suit someone. I don’t expect every quad to have names to the colors. I shouldn’t have said “give ND some slack”, because she doesn’t need any in my opinion. I don’t dismiss their complaints, I simply disagree with them.

Ash Avatar

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on Natasha’s latest Instagram stories.
She’s saying one of the features of the palette is you can pop out the shades (nothing new) and move them around so the shade descriptions suit your own skin tone. So for example you can make a deeper shade the “transition” shade instead. She then provided three examples of how this could look (“dark”, “medium” and “light” skin tones).
The sceptic in me is curious whether this was always her plan or if it’s in response to the growing (and justifiable) criticism on her Instagram account.
I think even if this was her plan all along, the naming system still demonstrates a bias if the standard, off-the-shelf version is geared to a particular skin tone.
I’m still looking forward to the palette but I am disappointed with how it’s been marketed and how she/her team have handled the criticism online so far with copy/paste responses.
As someone with years of experience in this industry, what are your thoughts?

Christine Avatar

You might really lose track of the shades – like they are technically numbered like the past eyeshadows, and one issue with rearranging is that they don’t have any labels on the pan. It depends on if you care about knowing which shade is what, which you might.

It’s weirder to me that there’s only one transition shade – it would have made more sense to just label it a ‘blend’ shade, since that’s kind of what a transition shade is, which is also in the palette. But I still find the naming scheme to be odd overall. It would make more sense to do it by row and have highlight/lid/crease/transition/blend or whatever.

Ash Avatar

Yeah that’s exactly right – the whole naming scheme is odd. I think she would have been better off sticking to normal shade names and let the user decide what’s the best transition shade or crease shade for them, etc. Or if you are going to go down that route, make different versions for different skin tones, like Sydney Grace did with the Enduring Love palettes to be more inclusive.
Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Christine Avatar

For this type of “beginner” format that’s being pushed, it makes more sense to release a smaller format–like the five-pans–and then release a few by skin tone (and/or undertone), which are basically your all-in-one look.

I wasn’t able to really dive into ND’s stories last night, but after seeing it, unless the actual palettes include a how-to pamphlet on rearranging, then it seems like a CYA move and not much else. Those are significantly rearranged, and I think that defeats the whole purpose of being user-friendly… so wait, darker skin tones need to pop out the pans and rearrange 5-10 shades so it is properly labeled? How on earth is that beginner-friendly?!

Ash Avatar

Yeah, doesn’t make much sense to me. Sounds like a lot of mucking around for people with particular skin tones, which isn’t fair. Definitely comes across as a CYA move, especially seeming as it wasn’t mentioned until after the criticism.

Nicola Avatar

I like how her Instagram stories showed how to customise it and move the pans around for different skin tones. I hope these instructions are included with the pallette.

Jane Avatar

I have been looking everyday for reviews on this palette! Argh, hate that I so want it. Looking forward to your review. I have decided, with much angst that if I can dupe 6-7 shadows over 90% I won’t purchase it. But it is sooo lovely!

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