NARS Undress Me The Multiple Review, Photos, Swatches

NARS Undress Me The Multiple
NARS Undress Me The Multiple

Please Stay Dressed, NARS

NARS Undress Me The Multiple ($39.00 for 0.5 oz.) is described as a “ballerina pink with silver shimmer.” That should be upgraded to silver glitter–it’s much, much chunkier than sparkle. I don’t think I’d describe it as micro-glitter but regular glitter or a mix of small and large-sized glitter particles. The color itself is a pale, just slightly cool-toned, pink. MAC Lazy Sunday has a similar effect and look on, though it has no sparkle. MAC Full of Joy is much cooler-toned, to the point that it looks almost lilac. MAC New Order has gold sparkle and is slightly darker. Make Up For Ever #303 would have a similar effect on cheeks, though it has a frosted finish and is slightly cooler-toned.

Multiples are supposed to work for eyes, cheeks, lips, and body with a cream-to-powder formula that is creamy, has sheer color, and blends effortlessly. Lots and lots of readers love Multiples, and as much as I’d like to fall in love, I haven’t. Maybe I haven’t tried the right shades–Undress Me certainly isn’t one of those right shades. It’s very, very sparkly in a way that emphasizes pores and has noticeable flecks of glitter that just seem randomly dispersed. The glitter also traveled to places unknown (and known places included my hair line, nose, and chin) while I wore it. One of the problems I have with Multiples is their short wear time; Undress Me looked noticeably faded after four hours (and much of the glitter had tried to escape by that point as well) and was completely gone after six hours.

The texture is a little dry; it’s definitely a cream-based product, but it’s stiff. This was agony on the lips; I took photos, but I had visions of the photos making their way into the bowels of the internet. They were… not pretty and were wrong on so many levels. On the lips, it was unbearably dry, and the glitter was gritty. I don’t like Multiples on the lips, but this had to have been the worst I’ve attempted using on lips.

It’s not disco-ball highlighter–it’s something else entirely. I don’t think it’s flattering, and the problem with glitter is that if it’s not catching the light, it just looks like a chunk of silver.  Without the glitter, I think this might be more manageable, but with it, it’s riddled with problems.  The short wear time, traveling glitter, and dry, difficult-to-blend texture make this a no-go for me.  I kept trying to find ways to make it work over the past few weeks, but it was always the same story.  It’s best on bare skin, because it’s most blendable there, and it tended to just smear my liquid foundation around if I used this over it.

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NARS Undress Me The Multiple
NARS Undress Me The Multiple

NARS Undress Me The Multiple
NARS Undress Me The Multiple

NARS Undress Me The Multiple
NARS Undress Me The Multiple

NARS Undress Me The Multiple
NARS Undress Me The Multiple

NARS Undress Me The Multiple
NARS Undress Me The Multiple

NARS Undress Me The Multiple
NARS Undress Me The Multiple

NARS Undress Me The Multiple
NARS Undress Me The Multiple

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I can only imagine how awful the pics must have een to give you those fears!

I honestly don’t get the appeal of full on glitter in any face products. They seem to cause nothing but heart break and this emphasizes that.

It is odd… it’s hard to do it right, and it has to be used in the right lighting, for the right occasion. Guerlain does a shimmer/glitter spray and it photographs terribly – it looks like silver dirt almost, because not all of the shimmer particles are catching the light, but in person, it’s okay (but it’s a lot – it’s not something I LOVE or would reach for).

It actually looks decent in the face pictures, but the visible glitter in the swatches and swatches I’ve seen elsewhere keeps turning me off. I want to try the Multiples some day, but this one will *not* be on my list.

I tried this last week in counter… it’s definitely a glitter bomb. I don’t find it suitable for everyday wear (like other multiples). I will definitely not get this. However, Outlaw is just gorgeous.

Did you photoshop this? Because you look stunning with this on. It photographs beautifully. It makes me want to buy it. But I think I am biased though, I happened to love multiples, although they certainly have a learning curve for a great end result. I find they work best on oilier skin types because of the drier texture of some of the shades. But there are some great creamier shades too like Copacabana that is a beautiful universal highlighter that spreads well and lasts all day. Have you tried that one?

By the way your wedding shoes are a designer’s dream. I have been designing my own shoes and clothes since I was young so I understand how exciting the process was for you!! You inspired me to gape the Vera Wang site all night, now to find a man….

Hi Kristina,

The only things I do to images is minor color correction/lighting adjustments but I don’t mess with a product’s texture or anything like that. I don’t think I have tried Copacabana, though!

How fun! Do you design and make or just design?

I agree so much on the Multiples, especially Copacabana. It’s one of my few HG products and creates a stunning, spectacular, ethereal glow. It also really lasts on me. Over 16 hours on one occasion! My other favorite one: Portofino! An exact dupe, from what I’ve seen, for the famous L/E Chanel Fleur de Lotus. It’s a gorgeous colour, super creamy in texture, and much more of an actual blush than some of the Multiples which are more highlighters in effect.

Copacabana is a beauuuuuutiful highlighter! You must try it Christine, I think you will fall in love. I’m a big NARS fan but yeah, a lot of the multiples are not great, this most recent one included. They really don’t work great on lips or eyes either, except maybe South Beath looks sexy on the eye over primer. But lips, ehhhh not so much. I have a mini Copacabana and a full size, the big one for my kit and the small one I carry in my purse to touch up and stay highlighted and glowing all day and night! Give Copacabana a go, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed 🙂

I don’t think this looks as bad on you as I was anticipating seeing after reading the paragraphs before the jump–but I agree with you 100% about Multiples. The only one that has ever remotely worked for me is Maldives, which I only use as a highlighter. None of them have ever worked for me as eyeshadow or lip gloss/stick. On the lips it is a terrible feeling!! I also think that when Nars puts glitter in their products it always ends up a mess. I had the Baby Girl eyeshadow that had glitter in it and it was totally unwearable. I’d ordered it online so didn’t get to try it out first, but it was bad.

If you’re going to have glitter in a product, it *has* to stick. If a brand wants to do glitter and put out an adhesive to make it work, that’s fine, assuming they let us know that you need both pieces to make it work… but so many brands slap glitter into a powder eyeshadow and the glitter doesn’t STAY! it just gets everywhere else 🙁

I adore the Multiples and have about 6, always wanting more, EXCEPT for this one. This one I stayed very, very far away from because every swatch showed it as a glitter bomb. That said, I’ve had phenomenal luck with all my Multiples which I consider merely as a blushes. Expensive blushes, yes, but much LESS expensive than Chanel or Tom Ford. The fact that they’re marketed as a multi-use product is unfortunate because they get hugely dinged for not working on eyes and lips. And I completely understand and agree with those dings. They should have been marketed solely as a blush, (then they could be dinged just for their price lol) because, in my experience, they’re absolutely lovely blushes or highlighters.

I’m with you Christine, no matter what I try, the Multiples just don’t work well for me. Especially staying power.

I have the full size in Antibes which is a beautiful icy pink lilac, and a mini set with Orgasm, Luxor, and Malibu.
The Malibu is a bit deep for my light skin tone as a bronzer/contour, but I can blend it out. Orgasm is a pretty color, but doesn’t last on me either…

I still try them occasionally, but I doubt if I will ever buy another.

Thank God–someone else who feels the same way I do! 😛 Orgasm was my first Nars Multiple and I have never bought another Multiple since. I hate how it applied and seemed to make my foundation look patchy underneath because it was so dry and powdery (not creamy enough), the color barely showed on my cheeks, and it lasted about 2 hours tops on my oily skin :/ Never again…

Hi Chris! Last year Mac released some bronzer sticks that I absolutelly loved. And I thought OK so this are LE, but Nars makes similar ones. After I read all your bad reviews about the multiples, I just rushed out to get a back up of my beloved bronzer stick.
About the multiples so far I only have Portofino, and its just Ok, don´t think I’ll purchase another one, they are too expensive and I like the Bobbi Brown lip and cheek creams a lot better

I think Orgasm can be an iffy colour in general as it’s pretty sheer and not very pigmented, in blush *or* Multiple form. On me, the Multiple actually has more colour than the blush, though I’m not sure that’s saying much. There are some Multiples that are ALL colour, like the stunning Portofino (which lasts ages and ages), but I would never include Orgasm (or South Beach) in that category. What I normally do with the Multiples is to put it on bare skin (well, bare skin with primer on it) and then pat the foundation on top. That prevents any patchiness issues and also preempts any excess sheen/glow. Perhaps that method would work for you?

I think this is actually quite fetching on you, but from the swatches, I can see where all the glitter would probably be problematic. Kind a shame, since I had high hopes when I read the description. 🙁

(I echo the others that Copacabana is gorgeous, though I do think it flatters cool tones a touch more than warm.)

Yikes! The price for a multiple is expensive. I’ve been wanting to try Cadaques (I heard its LE but it’s still available out there) It might be worth it in the end but $39 vs. $28 makes me want to stick to their blushes even more.

I am not a fan of this either! We have yet to sell one of these at my work! With that said, the only multiple I like is gspot, it is such a lovely color and it stays on me. But then again I have dry skin!

I’m not surprised – I think the only way one could be persuaded would be seeing it on… but just swatching it makes it look kind of scary!

I had an MUA try this on me and, while I really did like the colour on my cheeks (I can’t see using them any other way, honestly), I found it distracting that there were bits of silver glitter stuck to me randomly. It looks lovely on you in the photos, though.

It’s really a shame they put the glitter in it. I think it would have done better and been more appealing without!

Huh, that’s so weird. The heavy swatch almost looks okay (but would look clownish on the face), but then when you blend it out, all I can see are little silver sparkles of the “Oh, you’ve got something on your face, let me get it for you” variety. Sometimes I really wonder how some products make it past the testing stage.

Yep, it’s like specks of silver on your face that don’t really look like a glow or a highlighter but some kind of space age dirt!

I got this one too, but I love it even if I don’t like glitter. I was afraid before I applied it, but after I wore, I really liked it.

I swatched this today when I bought Storm Bird, and it is such a pretty colour but I cannot imagine ever using it on my face with the size of the glitter. Maybe on my collarbone for a night out, but there are better and cheaper products for that!

The photos must be deceiving. I clicked for more, because I needed to see how horrible it looked, but it looks very pretty and natural on you.

The photos are actually rather flattering.. LoL.. but I’m guessing they are just not showing the shiny disco ball effect at it’s worst. I am so glad Salomé warned me about this particular multiple because I was actually going to buy it. Instead, I went for Luxor which is a similar colour but without the chunky glitter. I have never personally worn The Multiple on my lips and I’m not sure why, perhaps the format seems all wrong for me and my OCD says it’s a cheek/highlighter product only. In any event, I do really like Luxor if anyone is interested in a similar product without barbie glitter.

I had this problem with the Multiple in Angelika. I got it in a set, and it wasn’t flattering at all. Sadly the pink was beautiful and bright the glitter pieces were just SO large and not wearable for daytime. Such a shame

In the pictures I actually think the effect of this product is stunning!! But, I would imagine the camera is not picking up some of the flaws you noticed.

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