NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick
NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick

NARS Spring 2011: Madere

NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick ($25.00 for 0.07 oz.) is a pale pink-toned white-beige with a matte finish. It has great coverage, going opaque with little product, but as a matte, tends to cling to lips more than your average lipstick.

my thoughts on the formula: Pure Matte lipsticks have a matte finish, and while they’re not moisturizing, they don’t rob my lips of moisture. Lighter matte shades can take prep work, because the matte texture will emphasize any imperfections on your lips. Mattes do, however, last longer on lips, and NARS’ Pure Matte lipsticks last between four and five hours on me, though lighter shades like Madere are only three to four hours.

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  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: I will say that this is by no means a flattering shade on me, and I don’t see it working for a wide variety of skin tones. It’s so pale that it will provide great contrast on darker skin tones, but it is borders on zombie-lips when I wear it. The slight pink in the color does bring it up a notch, but I see this working best for a certain look or on paler skin tones.

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NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick
NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick

NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick
NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick

NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick
NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick

NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick
NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick

NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick
NARS Madere Pure Matte Lipstick

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Yes, this is not going to work on a wide range of skin tones. Everything I’ve seen about this color in magazine has it layered with gloss because it’s colorless essentially. It doesn’t look half bad on you Christine.

Oh wow. That’s quite pale! It looks like it would be lovely on suuuper duper pale ladies, though unfortunately, I am not one of them. I think if I’m going to get a NARS matte lipstick, I’ll stick to Volga =]

OMG! so thankful for this review! you look like you’re on your way to a spice girls concert! all you’d need is a blond wig with pig tails and go go boots!

Christine, do you think this would look good on NW05 to NW10 skin?

I’m often told that I should create a contrast on my lips with my very pale skin, but I’ve been on the look for a pale or nude lipstick that is not warm-based, and since this one is a bit on the rosy side, I wonder if it could work…
Thanks for the review and pictures as always!

Yeah, that looks seriously tough to pull off, because you can pull off just about anything! I might have to give this one a try, since I’m super duper pale and am drawn to it for no good reason, but matte is so unforgiving. I feel like it would look a bit like I used concealer for lipstick…

just an FYI for people wondering if this looks good on really pale people…
i am pretty much the lightest shade of every foundation and i looked like i was dead when i tried this
i don’t know if layering with a colored gloss would make a difference but it did not look good at all…

just an FYI…I am pretty much the lightest shade of any foundation and this made me look like I was dead, so I’m not sure it would look good on anyone (pale or otherwise)

that looks so much darker in the pics of just the lipstick! comes of as a nude brownish rose in the first pic and extremely whitish in the lip pic. weird!

I know I’m in the minority, but I like this! Not sure why. It does look better in just the lip pics rather than the full-face. Maybe it’s because the full-face is smiling? Maybe I can pull it off if I walk around with pouty lips all day and try not to smile. πŸ˜€

I am a very pale redhead with blue eyes. I tried this and I looked like a corpse. I will have to gently and kindly disagree with the other pale lovelies, this looks good on no one. I’m not just saying that because of how it looked on me but because it is just an awful color. As beautiful as Christine is, even she can’t make this look better. If you think it looks good on you….I respect that.

I love this lipstick! I know a lot of people has problems with really pale lipstick but nudes are always my favorites, always! It looks just like Flashpot! And I like it on u Christine πŸ™‚

WOW! That’s scary-pale! I was thinking of getting it, but it looks lighter than I thought it would be, based on the picture of the tube πŸ™

P.S. I LOVE your eyes in this picture! So pretty!

I saw this on Charlotte over at Lipglossiping and I actually really like it on her. Though not sure it’s ever going to be very flattering on anyone who isn’t the palest of pale. But I am super pale so I went out on a limb and bought it online. Hope I don’t regret it!

I thought it would have looked very differently on you based on the color in the tube…so glad you review ed it,Christine,or I would have bought it!!

this would look good on someone as pale as me! i can get away with pretty much lightest of light nude colour πŸ™‚ but on you christine your right…..bit zombifie lol. you should give it away to a lucky pasty reader πŸ˜‰ xxx

How is that being a snob? I’m being responsible and respectful of my readers. If I’m going to giveaway products in a contest, they’re going to be brand new, not used. I just think it’s inappropriate to give your readers used product. That’s my policy, and it doesn’t make me a snob for giving away the BEST to my readers.

Hi Christine.. I can totally understand you would not give away used products as a principle. However, if someone gave away products used only once for tryout and swatch, and *declared* that openly, so that only people who are fine with it and know how to sanitize products, it is 100% fine and not a bit unethical.
I can see how someone may see it as snobbish (not saying I believe you are, I don’t know you after all!) to say giving away products once or twice used is gross or out of the question,etc. After all, many people don’t have the luxury to buy everything brand new and are super grateful to receive used products in good condition (which hopefully they use only after sanitization for health reasons).

Hi Christina,

It’s just how I feel – like to me, it would be wrong. You don’t have to run giveaways if they’re not in your budget, and if you want to, you don’t have to do so with expensive products. Giveaways are nice things to do and certainly a lovely way to thank readers but I have always felt that readers deserve something brand new. Giveaways are generally done either to promote your blog/attract more readers or to thank existing ones; if the former, then you’re making a business move and should behave accordingly, while if the latter, I feel readers are worth the expense of something all theirs, never been touched. Again, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You just never know what could happen, and I think because you can never fully guarantee, it is still unethical. I’ve been told my sense of ethics/morals are too strong, so it’s not the first time I’ve heard it!

Christine, I think maybe it was a misunderstanding. Sort of an “I’d throw away but not pass on” idea. If you’re still able to find homes is more the point vs tossing out huge amounts of swatched and barely used products. I can see contests being new products but I would see no harm in also offering a list for items that were barely used and couldn’t find homes just not to waste them. Obviously limited to santizable items like shadows, lipsticks, pencil liners, foundations, & not glosses, mascaras, etc.. I’d respect it for environmental reasons as well as just helping some readers out with small budgets who would be excited to have the additional chances to try high end products they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

(note– I wouldn’t say that for all beauty bloggers but know how careful you are with products, plus of course we see you daily so its hard to think of you as a stranger!)

Thanks for the suggestion, but again, it goes against what I believe, I would not do so, without question, without hesitation, absolutely not. I’m firm in my belief & can only hope others can understand.

It is simply not something I’m comfortable with and would feel right about doing. I’m really sorry!

oh, wasn’t a recommendation, just offering my perspective on the issue

def not trying to run your blog- much too overwhelming just thinking how you do it to consider crit!

I think unusually strong ethics are something good, and never a fault πŸ™‚ I can totally understand what you say, and personally I would not go for used products. But there again, I have the budget (or if I don’t have it at some time I prefer to not go for anything than to get used ones). I just tried to add the perspective someone never able to afford Mac or Nars brand new may feel somewhat stepped on the toes if people speak out against swaps or giveaways of lightly used products.
I can totally see the professional side of your argument (promotion of brands/appreciation of readers), and fully agree with the first argument, while I must say I understand your strong appreciation of readers point entirely, but would not necessarily feel unappreciated if a blogger gave away lightly used products. I would personally not enter the giveaway then, but I guess for some it would be totally fine. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to answer and I do understand your policy, and find it honourable!

I agree with you, Christine. I purposely bought some items for upcoming giveaways on my blog, because I would never give away a used product to my readers either. I just wouldn’t feel right doing that. So I just bought two of each item, and put one to the side for the giveaway. I think you made the right decision.

That’s exactly what I do if I want to give something away πŸ™‚ I think it’s one thing to give your friend or family member something you’ve used (or even just tested), but as a blogger, and for me who hopes to do this full time, I think it’s important to maintain that sense of professionalism. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Totally right! Though at the moment, I come back to this kind of realism, knowing that the person behind a blog might not know me. Therefore I can totally understand Christine – and actually, I support it!

I just read the whole giveaway argument. I am so amazed! I have just started following your blog. I don’t know you. But nice that you care so much about your readers πŸ™‚

Wow, I was totally going to order Madere, this changed my mind! I am very pale (NC10-15) but I think this is just too pale. Sometimes I actually like the concealer-lip effect for dramatic looks, but this doesn’t look like it would be right even for that.

I am a medium fair skin tone and this color looks gorgeous on. It’s more of a nude to a light pink. Definitely not “zombie like.” Id suggest for anyone to go to a local sephora and try it on for yourself. I love it!! It looks great with a gloss on top. I’ve used it with Nars Turkish delight and urban decay junkie.

I’m seeing people say this might work on fairer skin tones. I just wanted to say I have fair skin and this does NOT work on me at all! It’s too way too chalky looking, and in terms of shades, I think Myth and Fleshpot are comparable – and better. I was disappointed – I love a nude lip. πŸ™

stop being so narrow minded, guys. the main reason it seems so garish in these pics is because of her skin tone, number one. and number two what else do you expect a matte pale pink lipstick to look like? yeah it’s not conventionally “pretty” looking but i personally think the finish is really nice and would work wonders in editorial/runway looks. sorry if this comes across rude. i just think some people are missing the big picture.

It’s also important to keep in mind that we’re normal consumers, not necessarily makeup artists or models, and no matter where the inspiration, it has to translate in to everyday, real life for most of us to like something or want to purchase it!

i agree with you there as well, i was just a little upset at people implying you did something wrong or that it’s a bad quality lipstick just because they don’t personally like the colour. everyone’s entitled to their opinions, for sure πŸ™‚

I think it would probably serves a good base. My lips are two colors (light pink with a natural defined lip line) and I’m NC 45. So maybe as base it would neutralize my lips and make the colors appear more true to form.

I have this and it shows up light pink on me, the same color as the product looks in the tube. Not concealery or white at all. It is exactly the color I was hoping for, I really like it. I am nw15.

Hello Christine and all readers,
Thank you so very much for the application and review,the colour looked shocking and I do not believe it works.I have seen you Christine in some beautiful colours this is most definitely a miss,looks chalky as well.It is so nice Christine that you try so hard to make a look work and some people would never be photographed which is why I am so grateful that you do this.You are extremely honest in your reviews.I do hope that no one takes this the wrong way.

This is such an interesting color.. I’d like to try it just to see what it looks like on me! But I think you can pull it off it doesn’t look bad at all in that picture! In fact I think it looks really good

I just applied it like I would any lipstick – this is just one layer. Since it’s matte, it would be better to blot than to just do a light swipe, because it will have a little drag and look patchy – so better to blot to a sheerer level if that’s the kind of look you want! πŸ™‚

Oh well, the lipstick may be okay, but, I’m sorry and it’s not your fault, Christine, it doesn’t work on you. I guess, it looks nicer on darker skin tones… well… dunno actually… I just can’t imagine it. Weird color. I’m seriously puzzled.

I may have issues, but I actually really like it πŸ™‚ I think it would be gorgous on pale skin with a dark smokey eye, but keep in mind that I love nudes πŸ˜‰

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