NARS Launches NARSskin Collection

NARS Launches NARSskin Collection

A visionary in the world of makeup artistry and photography, NARS Founder and Creative Director Francois Nars uses light as a tool to transform the complexion. Now, NARS captures the power of light in a unique anti-aging collection that helps illuminate skin as never before. When applied on newly smooth, bright skin, makeup lasts longer than ever and simply glows. Uniquely prismatic, youthful, and radiant. Skin is illuminated.

Optimal Brightening Concentrate ($72.00)

Advanced radiance-boosting serum brightens skin and revitalizes the complexion.

Gentle Cream Cleanser ($29.00)

Gently removes makeup and impurities while maintaining moisture balance.

Purifying Foam Cleanser ($29.00)

Lifts away makeup and impurities, and refreshes the skin while gently soothing skin’s surface.

Double Refining Exfoliator ($34.00)

Refines skin’s surface with mild citrus fruit acids and botanical exfoliating spheres.

Multi-Action Hydrating Toner ($32.00)

Gently exfoliates skin with an alcohol-free formula for a smooth and even appearance.

Total Replenishing Eye Cream ($55.00)

Absorb quickly to visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and the appearance of dark circles.

Luminous Moisture Cream ($62.00)

Replenishes skin with 24-hour intense hydration and restores luminosity that naturally diminishes over time.

Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer ($58.00)

Hydrates, revitalizes, and fortifies skin with a lightweight gel texture.

Aqua Gel Luminous Mask ($39.00)

Provides a surge of hydration to the skin.

Availability: August 1st @ Saks; August 15th everywhere else NARS is sold

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So this means that the Narsskin product they were already selling will be taken off the counters?  They are pricey but some are quite good.

That promo picture is just horrible. She looks like a skeleton and her head doesn’t fit on her neck. I _hope_ this is photoshopped…

I’m always interested in new skin care products.  The prices for these products don’t seem outrageous, for the most part, and I’m always up for a new eye cream to try so I’ll be interested in seeing what the reviews are like for these products.  The exfoliator sounds good but it’s disappointing that there isn’t a moisturizer with SPF in it.

It’s just a personal observation but I’m turned off by their choice of model for some reason. She too linear and quite frankly too thin. I do understand that there are many women that are naturally thin, I was one many years ago, and i do acknowledge that there are women that are naturally thin. However, I find the aesthetic qualities that NARS chose in this particular media release unappealing. Which has taken me by surprise that I had that reaction to be honest. I usually don’t pay much attention to the models in adverts. But, because of this I am not remotely interested in whatever product they are selling because of this reaction. I am dumbfounded that I had this reaction but it is what it is and I am sharing it anyway.

I’m surprisingly excited for this. I got a set of samples when I order Nars Fall Collection and I was very impressed. So far I’ve tried both cleansers (the purifying one is heavenly) and both moisturizers, they did not disappoint.

i was just at nordstrom yesterday because i wanted to pick up a face wash and that’s when i learned it was discontinued.  i was bummed, but excited when the nars representative told me it was being going to re-launch.  i didn’t know when, but thanks to this post i already know.  i use a few items from the nars skin care line, so for now i’ll just stick with my philosophy stuff that i have until the new launch.

uniqlos   i was told that it was being re-formulated to make it better.  my skin responds very well to nars skin care products.  i hope the new ones work just as well or better.

While I’m sure these products will be interesting, I’m completely saddened (and a little freaked out) by this promo image. It’s supposed to be a beauty shoot but she’s scary skinny to the point where she’s really unattractive. Her arms look like twigs, heck, my wrists are bigger than her upper arm (I’m a big girl, but still). I think this really sends the wrong message about what beauty should be about. Also, you can tell it’s been photoshopped to death by the lighting inconsistencies on the right, where her arms intertwine. This whole picture is just depressing. This isn’t beauty! NARS really should’ve put more thought into this.

Ooh, I wonder what the formula changes are. Is there a reason for the change? I have their Balancing Foam Cleanser (which I assume is replaced by the Purifying Foam Cleanser), and I like it, even if the ingredients lists makes me paranoid (parabens, silicones, etc), but it hasn’t broken me out yet. I’ve always wanted to try the Aqua Gel Hydrator.

I’m pretty happy with my current skincare regimen but this does look interesting. But like others have said, the promo picture of the emaciated model just turns me off.

I hate skincare ads period.  Anti-aging schmaging..sure and put a model who doesn’t require anti-aging skincare at this point in her life.. ridiculous!  I all depressed about Andie MacDowell ’cause she used to be such a terrific spokesperson for woman in their 40’a and 50’s and now she’s gone and have a lot a LOT of work done and she looks so freaking perfect. *Sigh*  Nuthin’ you put on top of your skin is going to give you those types of results and it just screams FALSE advertising to me and it makes me angry.  ANGRY!!  I also get super pissed off about mascara commercials and woman wearing false lashes.  You can’t even SEE their real lashes..such a load of crap.  

I boycotted Lancome for several years when they gave the boot to Isabella Rosellini, because she was “too old”, and I was in my early 20s then. Gorgeous is gorgeous, no matter what the age.

xamyx I concur wholeheartedly!  I was thinking the other day that Meryl Streep has never looked better than in her most recent films.  Ditto for the wonderful British actress Helen Mirren.  Didja just LOVE her in the film RED?  I can actually think of tons of woman who are extraordinarily gorgeous and aging only makes them more interesting.  

The promo picture is so, and I mean SO awful! Why would they choose such a scarily skinny model? They’re trying to sell skincare, meaning products that make your skin look flawless and healthy, and yet they promote it with a model who looks like she’s suffering from malnutrition… I don’t understand! I’m fairly thin and was even skinny in my early college years, but I’m definitely not attracted by such a picture. Thin is fine but when you can see bones and tendons through the skin, no way! Frankly, I find this model really ugly…

I got a 6 piece set of NARS Skincare in deluxe sizes when I ordered Outlaw and Storm Bird in the early preview sale 2 weeks ago, but I don’t know which version of the products it was. I haven’t tried all of them but I found the Purifying Foam Cleanser a bit so so. Drying.  I thought the Gentle Cream Cleanser a bit too gentle when it came to trying to remove  the sunscreen I had on under the foundation. But I absolutely loved, loved, LOVED the Aqua Gel moisturizer. Light, non-greasy, very thin, quickly absorbed and the next day, my skin was as soft as a baby’s bottom. I’m really thinking of getting it. 

Kafka I’m glad to finally hear something about the skincare samples that were sent out.  I almost bought some products just for those! 

Ann Clothier  I suspect it’s from the new line because they would want to preview and highlight that, instead of a differently formulated line that was about to be pulled off the shelves. So far, out of the 3 or 4 things I’ve tried, I prefer my Ole Henriksen stuff (I’m a die-hard O/H fanatic) with the exception of that Aqua Gel moisturizer which truly surprised me. The samples aren’t really big enough to try out each product more than maybe twice, or three times at best if you’re careful, but I definitely plan on getting a big sample from Sephora once it hits the store. It was a surprisingly good product, esp. for summer.

Kafka Thanks for the comment about the moisturizer – right now I’m trying Kate Somerville’s oil free moisturizer, and I like it, but I don’t think it’s a HG product. The cleanser is fantastic, but the moisturizer…I’m on the fence. I may look for a sample of the NARS one once it hits stores now.

blueraccoon   I hope you’ll also get a sample of Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation moisturizer that I told you about because, to me, that’s ties with this one in terms of feel, texture, absorption, etc. I really think you may like that one. I’m thinking of getting that for myself, depending on what the ingredients in the NARS’ one end up being. My current O/H cream is a bit too thick for the ghastly heat and humidity here right now and I loved how the Sheer Transformation made my skin feel.

Kafka Yes! I forgot that one, honestly, but I will see if I can get a sample – not sure my local Sephora has O/H in store but hopefully they do!

Kafka  You may want to try Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Gel Cream(NOT the lotion)first.It sounds similar in both description/effect. I love it and if it worked,would save you a chunk of money for something fun!!

I gotta agree that the promo image does nothing for me.  Is it an ad for lipstick?  Skin care?  Mascara?  Contact lenses?  Bony shoulders?!  I mean, really.  Another unoriginal advert.  Plus, although NARS has some awesome packaging here, I bet they’re all your standard concoction of ingredients I avoid. 

I kind of suspect that these products will be similar to Shiseido’s skin care just from reading the titles of the products. Doesn’t Shiseido own NARS anyway?

I wonder if these products will be made by Shiseido like the current NARS skincare line. I know Shiseido owns the company in general, but I always had an impression that Shiseido had a hand in creating the NARS skincare line in particular.

I totally agree with the comments about the model on the ad. Plus I don´t really trust on the skincare lines from makeup brands (like NARS, or MAC). The skincare products I have tried from these brands are usually a normal quality (not bad, but not really good either) and the prices are really overpriced in my opinion. I´m sure if you compare the ingredientes in some of these products from high end brands with the ingredients in some drugstore products they´re the same, but twice the price. So as much as I do love NARS, sadly I won´t buy any of the skincare products for all those reasons (and because the girls in my NARS stand are simply disgusting at giving you samples of products, once I bought some products at the stand and asked for some samples and they told me that they don´t give any samples if they client is requesting them!)

Jenny86 I’ve just begun incorporating some items from the new launch (or will be – so far I’ve only trialed the cleanser twice), but I did really like the previous range quite a bit (though it was a little pricey). You have to remember who the parent brand is – for NARS, it’s Shiseido. Shiseido has a lot of strong skincare products.  I remember being told by industry insiders that any brand that wants to make it in Asia has to have a strong skincare range.I don’t have ingredient lists for any of the new products (I didn’t receive boxes, just the products themselves), so I am curious to see what’s actually in them, even if only at a glance.

I agree on the ingredients issue, but I feel the same way about alot of HE vs DS products (foundation, nail polish, etc). That’s awful about the SAs at your NARS counter; the ones at mine are so amazing, and really the *only* reason I step foot into Nordstrom. If you have a Sephora nearby, try getting samples there.

xamyx It’s funny how tone makes all the difference.  I’m reading that last sentence and I read it as ‘If you have a Sephora nearby, try getting samples THERE.’  When I reread the sentence, I realized you were being sincere.  Don’t get me wrong, the gals at my Sephora are great – about everything BUT giving samples.  I don’t know what changed.  When I first starting going to S years ago, they just popped several samples in your bag w/out you even asking. Now, you have to ask and a lot of times I’m turned down. They just don’t have them or won’t give them up.  Like I said – they are great every other way though.  I like to think this was a decision that was out of their hands.  

I never get samples in my bag, but the SAs at the Sephoras I go to walk around with sample jars and ask customers if they need any samples. I guess it’s a matter of location.

xamyx Thanks xamyx! But the problem is the same on my NARS counter and Sephora; well, I must say it´s worst at Sephora. I still remember once I asked for a Sheer Glow sample to know what my shade was, and they didn´t want to give me one; so I asked if they can try my shade on my face (to see if it was a good match to my skin), and yes, they tried the foundation… on my hand. And it´s all the same in other counters from other brands… Idk, maybe it´s only where I live (Madrid, Spain), but in other spanish forums all the girls talk about the same problem with the samples here in my city.

I’m so surprised to hear that about Sephora. I live in Los Angeles, and there are 4 Sephora’s I go to regularly and I’m actually *offered* samples. The SAs walk around with sample jars and always ask customers if they need any. There was only one time I can recall when I had to ask for a sample, as everyone was very busy. It took a few minutes, but the SA was more than willing to do it when she got a moment.

these products sound more or less like the originals. in description and names. i was a fan of the old nars skincare, the aqua gel hydrator and eye cream were my favs. hope these will be comparable or better!

I will be the lone wolf here and say while this model is very thin, she doesn’t look unhealthy (to me, anyway). Some women are just naturally very thin. If you look around her eyes, they don’t look sunken in, and under her eye is “fleshy”. I used to be quite thin, myself (when I was younger & pre-pregnancy), and I don’t think it made me unattractive. While I’m happy with the way I look now, I was just as happy when I was alot thinner.

xamyx I have nothing against thin either and it wasn’t until I was in my 40’s where I put any weight on anywhere.  When I was on steroids for my illness..OMG..shudder.. So glad it came off, but I’m still bigger than I used to be, but not unhappy about it.I think this picture is a bit misleading as it is her lack of muscle tone ..aka NONE..which makes her look so incredibly thin.. so when she is posed the way she is, the fleshy parts that are supposed to be muscle fall away from her bones and make her look even more gaunt.  

My own personal opinions on the model herself aside, I have to say that this promo image doesn’t really capture the description of the products.  Glowing?  Radiant?  Not seeing it.  I’m curious about the new line, but not enough to actively try out it as soon as it hits the stands.

I wasn’t really “into” NARS when they had their last skincare line, so I was surprised to see them coming out with skincare…until I did some research. I’m excited to see reviews of this. 

I am always on the search for a good brightener to combat sun damage and ward off dullness. It’s difficult to find one that actually works and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. So far, so good using The Lady Soma Renew Serum! It’s provides light but adequate hydration for my skin and definitely perks up my complexion. My skin tone looks brighter and more even toned immediately after applying it. Too early to tell if it’s really treating my skin on a deeper level but I am happy with the instant results. No redness, dryness or clogged pores so far either, so it’s a keeper.

What really sold me on this Lady Soma Serum (other than promising sound of the ingredients) was the heavenly scent.

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