NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS’ exclusive Laced with Edge Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection exposes a world of color, where technology is seduced by fashion and femininity smolders in a disruptive new dimension.

Swathed in digital lace, the keepsake collection brings fashion to the forefront with abstract white webs and hints of sleek red foil popping through. Translucent outer packaging creates futuristic illusions, seducing the eye in to a paradigm of color and pattern.

Algorithm ($59.00) (Limited Edition)

The iconic NARS bronzer, Laguna, recoded into a geometric fantasy—logically aligned with a mobile take on the classic Ita brush.

Laser Cut ($59.00) (Limited Edition)

A futuristic vision for eyes, cheeks, and lips in a tech-chic double layer compact.

  • Eyeshadow I Perfect neutral vanilla
  • Eyeshadow II Shimmering cafe au lait
  • Eyeshadow III Matte army green
  • Day Dream Blush Flirty sheer peach
  • Laguna Bronzer Diffused brown powder with golden shimmer
  • Dolce Vita Lipgloss Sheer dusty rose

Modern Future ($49.00) (Limited Edition)

The apex of femininity: NARS’ iconic pink tone, Roman Holiday, cloned into a prism of pigments for cheeks, lips, and nails.

  • Roman Holiday Blush Pretty pastel with the most delicate hint of pink
  • Roman Holiday Lipstick Pretty pastel with the most delicate hint of pink
  • Roman Holiday Nail Polish Shimmery begonia pink

Tech Fashion ($49.00) (Limited Edition)

A seductive shift into a realm of cutting-edge color. Four megawatt miniatures of Larger Than Life® Lipgloss multiply future chic into polished possibilities.

  • Lipgloss I Shimmering peach sorbet
  • Lipgloss II Shimmering sheer fig
  • Lipgloss III Shimmering sheer raspberry
  • Lipgloss IV Sheer ruby

Kabuki Brush Set ($149.00) (Limited Edition)

Transcend. Transform. Transfix. Face your future femme with three iconic NARS Kabuki brushes to sculpt, contour, define—and defy color conventions.

  • Mie Kabuki Brush
  • Mizubake Kabuki Brush
  • Kabuki Eye Brush

Virtual Domination ($65.00) (Limited Edition) (Sephora Exclusive)

Submit to an altered state of seduction with this high-density powdered blush and bronzer palette, decoded into a laser-chic rush for cheeks.

  • Laguna Bronzer Diffused brown powder with golden shimmer
  • Miss Liberty Blush Soft shimmering peach
  • Deep Throat Blush Flirty sheer peach
  • Sex Fantasy Blush Pale lavender pink
  • Final Cut Blush Peach coral

Digital World ($49.00) (Limited Edition) (Sephora Exclusive)

Abandon protocol. Pencil-in a new code of sensuality by dressing lips with a circuit of rich, multidimensional color.

  • Cruella Passionate scarlet red
  • Iberico Intense coral
  • Yu Shocking pink
  • Descanso Tea rose
  • Torres del Paine Peach coral

Availability: This collection is available beginning October 15th, 2014 at NARS boutiques and and at department and specialty stores. (Note, Sephora exclusives will only be available at Sephora.)

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NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection

NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection
NARS Holiday 2014 Gifting Collection


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Gillian Avatar

I’m loving the look of that first palette! Three of the blushes are ones that I’ve wanted to try so to see them all together in the one palette must be a sign, right? A sign that I’ll be parting with some of my hard-earned cash before long! 😛

StrangeOne Avatar

No orgasm? Shocked I tell you shocked. I think I’ll get the Blush Set because I only have the orgasm laguna duo and haven’t tried the rest of the blushes.

Grace Avatar

I wish instead of a double sized Laguna, they included another blush colour like Sin or something that isn’t pink or peach.. if the Blush set was a bit more diverse between colours it would totally be mine, but alas it’s not.. I wonder who decides because they have been doing a very poor job!

Denise S. Avatar

I thought the same thing . Nars makes beautiful colored blushes don’t understand why they didn’t include a red or wine color?? This is unnecessarily boring as they have such a good variety to choose from.

BeyondtheBath(Stephie) Avatar

I’m gagging. I die. My bank account weeps. I must have it ALL! I haven’t felt this way about color cosmetics in a few years…it feels good to have a little hardcore lust back in my life. (LOL)

Andrew Avatar

Ugh, another blush palette I won’t be able to use. Would it be so hard for NARS to make a matte blush palette? Even the fine shimmer in Deep Throat and Laguna are enough for me to steer clear. I’d hate to spend $65 on a palette from which I’d use two shades.
I must say I love the aesthetic of the packaging. I could definitely see myself getting the dual layered travel palette, the pencil case, and maybe even the Roman Holiday set. I just hope the pictures aren’t to scale; otherwise the Roman Holiday blush looks like a travel-size.
Speaking of sizes, for nearly $90 that Laguna bronzer better be dang massive! Otherwise I don’t know many who would shell out an extra fifty bucks for a miniature brush and fancy packaging. And this is coming from someone who’s been known to buy cosmetics SOLELY on packaging.

I guess we’ll find out once it launches! It really bugs me when press releases will give you all the information for new products BUT the size. I can understand designer brands not including sizes since they’re supposed to be “above” the dollar-to-product ratio, but NARS? Over the past 2 years I’ve noticed them trying to creep steadily closer to a more stable high end status instead of teetering the line, but I think it may be backfiring. I’ve heard a lot of grumbling from people stating they’d rather take their money and get a designer item, or 2-3 midrange items, than spend it on NARS.
I’m still a die-hard NARS-aholic though. One day Francois shall be my husband and we will grow old together in Paris. Forget I said that . . .

kjh Avatar

Hey, girl, we all can dream, forget Paris, he has a gorgeous spread in the S. Pacific I saw SOMEWHERE in print. And speaking of fantasies, Wayne Goss is my fantasy son, he even looks like the same general gene pool as me, but far better skin, natch!

gabis Avatar

They’re still pushing Laguna but I can’t believe there is not even ONE palette with Orgasm! \o/ Have they finally started reading Nars related posts on Temptalia? 😉
I like the gift sets. They’re cute, with gorgeous packagings and obviously make it for great gifts but honestly except for Laser Cut nothing feels particularly outstading for me. Maybe I was expecting more.

Ana Avatar

Wow! I want everything!
Thank you for this post! I have been waiting on info about this collection for ages!

Do you know anything about launch dates and stores in Europe?

Aditi Avatar

I’m impressed they managed to leave out Orgasm out of the palette, but I see they couldn’t quite give up Laguna! Oh well. I’ll be skipping the blush palette, but the lip pencil set shall be mine!

Gisele Avatar

Geeeezzz.. I HATE Laguna – it’s way more orange-y than my super pale cool toned skin.. Why, NARS, why???? Why don’t you change this bronzer for one of those lovely shades of contour blushes? WHY??

Elisa Avatar

That would have been such a good idea! Release the blush palette in three versions. Same blushes but different contour shades. If the blush palette had Olympia in it or even 2 other blushes I would be all over it but Laguna is too warm and dark for my fair skin.

Tammy Avatar

Has anyone used the brushes? They look so nice. This is one collection I really want – minus the Laguna, as most of you have said. 🙂

Aline Avatar

The lip glosses are gorgeous. I haven’t tried the new formulation yet, so I might pick these up. I must have at least three things with Laguna in it. It really is time for Nars to come up with something new.

kjh Avatar

Not feeling Nars XMAS, either. Now it’s not Orgasm in everything, it’s Laguna! Neither color choices (too pale or have it) nor packaging (too busy) is my style. But I can’t say I don’t have my eyes on some Audacious l/s + some not-yet-stashed blushes. They’ll be around. At least the debit card isn’t jumping out of the wallet in anticipation. Maybe XMAS simply doesn’t mean makeup this year. That’d be odd….and mildly disappointing.

fuji Avatar

With no other reference, the palette in the last photo seems HUGE! And it’s pricey ($89?! for real?!) I’m not getting that huge piece of Laguna since I already have NARSSIST and basically Laguna is everywhere.

Other than that, the eye palette looks fabulous.

Rachel R. Avatar

That is so cool that you’re a laser chemist. My husband is an engineering tech (in practice, though, a process engineer), and he helps design and make different scopes for Tektronix (he wears a lot of hats). He works with lasers, chemistry and spectroscopy quite a bit. You two would probably have a lot to talk about.

And, on topic, the lip glosses do look really pretty.

Kait Avatar

It’ll be interesting to see the size on the lip pencils. Because last year you got 5 + the little make-up mag with blue lips on it for 5 dollars less..

Sarah Avatar

I’m so impressed with the packaging and options! Christine, will you be swatching and/or reviewing any of this? I’m really interested in the gloss and lip pencil set.

xamyx Avatar

The sets are intended for “gifting”, so *obviously* noone is going to purchase the same shades (ie, Laguna, Orgasm) over & over for themselves. The team behind putting these together look at factors such as popularity, wearability (again, obviously not everything will be 100% “universal”, but if an item has high sales, apparently it suits a wide range of people), trends, thems, etc… Pretty much everything in these sets is permanent, or at least has a shade similar in the range, so why all the complaints? I have Laguna, and Orgasm, but I can honestly say I’d be *floored* if someone took notice of my love for the brand and bought them for me! Then again, I’m grateful for *all* gifts…

Grace Avatar

I can understand that, but let’s be real, the majority of people won’t be gifting the Blush palette. Unless I have really cheap friends, I can’t really see them spending that amount on makeup as a gift, it’ll be in the 70 range plus taxes over here in Canada. I might as well be cheap too because I wouldn’t gift that palette either, if I spend that much I’d most likely keep it lol

xamyx Avatar

I also think the majority of the population doesn’t own crazy amounts of beauty products, either, LOL! I think the “average” consumer actually finishes products before buying new ones, at least from my observations. Most people I’ve known can fit *everything* into one large makeup bag, and will toss products after a while if they want to try something new.

Rachel R. Avatar

The blush palette and the raspberry lipgloss are particularly drool-worthy. The blush palette price seems not bad at all. I don’t know if I could use the Laguna, though. It looks dark and orangey. Why such a big pan of it? Although, I guess one still would still come out ahead on the blushes. Too bad they make the Laguna single-wide, and given a lighter option in the other spot.

Pami Avatar

I really like the lazer cut “digital lace” overlay on the packaging making them especially lovely gifts. The blush palette has too many peach shades. I would have liked to see more diversity, and how about Zen instead of Laguna for a change! Also like the pretty mini lippies sets and the cool blue-based pink Roman Holiday set is calling me too.

Trish Williams Avatar

It’s a very pretty collection (got my eye on Roman Holiday collex) but I REALLY wish NARS would put out a blush palette as vivid as the Danmari was.

And frankly, I’m sick of NARS pimping that Laguna bronzer.

Meli Si Avatar

I love the packaging! Nars blushes are the best, but I really wish they would come up with an all matte blush palette for us oily skin girls who try to stay away from anything shimmery or glitter. Am I alone on this? :/

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