Napoleon Perdis – Chandelier Shine, Gloss Patrol, Blush Patrol, Madame Curl, Eyeshadow Product Reviews

I just tried several Napoleon Perdis products, and my first impression is definitely a favorable one. I loved the packaging; all of the boxes had little tabs to make it super easy to open them (hey, those of us who wear nail polish compulsively love things that are gentle on the tips!). All of the product packaging is ultra sleek and classy looking, and I always appreciate a line that puts creativity in their styling.

Madame Curl Curl mascara: I have crazy lashes, because they go multiple directions and have various lengths. I find this mascara to be great as far as giving me decent length, good curl, and minimal clumping. It’s not my holy grail, because I want incredibly dramatic lashes, which means length, thickness, volume, curl, everything! I’m still looking for my dream mascara. I like that this line offers multiple mascaras with different purposes, because this allows consumers to pick and choose what they need in mascara. Do-it-all mascaras do not always work the way they should, anyway!

Eyeshadow in Crystal Cafe: Talk about one pigmented shadow! It’s predominantly in the pink family, but I have to say that there is a touch of red in it, so it’s a bold, dark pink. This is one of those colors that scares beauty blogger Karen, and I imagine quite a few of my readers! Pink is a color that often turns eyes into looking tired or as if you’ve been crying for a few hours (trust me, my first pink look had my mom asking, “What’s wrong?!). When paired with say golds and oranges, you’ll find you can achieve the sunset eye, while still using pink, and it’s not nearly so terrifying anymore!

Blush Patrol: I remember when Napoleon Perdis debuted their line on Sephora there was an immediate buzz about this product, because it resembles Petticoat mineralize skinfinish by MAC Cosmetics, which is [nowadays] an extremely coveted hard-to-find item. I find that the Blush Patrol (one color, only) looks just gorgeous in its compact, all dome-shaped, with pink, raspberry, and shimmer swirls. The effect in application? Subtle raspberry-pink shimmer that works well to highlight cheekbones. It is well-suited for summer and lazy makeup days because a few taps of this on your cheeks and you have a slight pinkish glow on your cheeks. It’s not highly colored, so I would personally use it on top of a deeper blush for a more dramatic look.

Gloss Patrol in Dallas: The gloss tube actually felt kind of heavy, not overly so by any means, but heftier than I’m used to. This particular shade is a very sheer iridescent pink gloss, and it would look lovely over deep lipsticks to give them a healthy coat of shine and shimmer.

Chandelier Shine in Empress (pink) & Voodoo (purple): Napoleon Perdis recently launched Chandelier Shine, which is a concept that involves matching lipgloss and nail polish. What do I think of this idea? Fantastic! I love matching makeup to clothes, and while I don’t have the time to change my polish color everyday, it’s nice to know that there’s a company who recognizes our inner desires to be matchy-matchy. I look at this as a great way to match on a particular occasion. The first one I tried was a deep purple-red, nearly black, color. The second one is a deep magenta pink, which is so up my alley. I found both polishes to have an amazing consistency, and they applied like a dream. I didn’t even have to apply two coats (though I did because I always do, and that’s just that), even with the ultra dark polish. I love the matching magenta pink gloss, because it makes a great on-the-go gloss for a quick ten-minute face as it tints the lips a subtle pink with glossy sheen. The purple gloss is actually reminiscent of Atmospheric by MAC; it’s very wearable, not so bold, just a slight shimmery purple.

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