MyTemptalia | Vanity + Wishlist Updates

MyTemptalia | Vanity
MyTemptalia | Vanity

I’m so excited to announce some major updates to the Vanity and Wishlist features on MyTemptalia! We hope that they make it easier to use these areas of the site but also help make it easier for you to keep track of what you own and what you’re most tempted by as well.


  • Search within your Vanity. You can quickly look to see shades within a formula you have (like all Urban Decay Eyeshadows), or you can look up a specific shade.

MyTemptalia | Vanity
MyTemptalia | Vanity | Filter + Sort

  • Sort your Vanity. You can now sort your Vanity by various options to make finding items or seeing what you have at a glance easier, like by color, finish, type, etc.

MyTemptalia | Vanity
MyTemptalia | Vanity | Add Details

  • Keep track of when you purchase, open, and use products. You can now add these dates to keep track of how long you’ve had something or how long it may take to finish, or even to make sure you’re using things frequently.
  • Keep track of what you want to buy again. You can now mark yes, maybe, or no for whether you’d repurchase an item in your Vanity.

MyTemptalia | Vanity
MyTemptalia | Vanity | Keep track of dates and thoughts

  • Add notes. Each item on your Vanity has a notes section to write any additional information that may help you, like color combination ideas, brief reviews, and what have you. These are your private notes and are not shared with the community.

MyTemptalia | Vanity
MyTemptalia | Vanity | Adding Products

  • EasierΒ to add a palette. When you add a palette, it will automatically add all the shades within the palette.
  • Add products to your Vanity. You can now add products to your Vanity through your Vanity, rather than having to find them on the site.

MyTemptalia | Vanity
MyTemptalia | Vanity | Quickly Add Multiple Shades

  • Quickly add multiple shades to your Vanity. Do you own 100 MAC eyeshadows? You can add by formula, and then select the shades you own, and voila, they’re added without having to look up each shade individually.

MyTemptalia | Wishlist
MyTemptalia | Vanity


  • Search within your Wishlist. You can quickly look to see shades within a formula you have, or you can look up a specific shade.
  • Prioritize. Assign one of five priority labels to each item on your Wishlist.
  • Add notes. Each item on your Wishlist has a notes section where you can keep additional information that helps you use your Wishlist to the fullest. These are your private notes and are not shared with the community.
  • Add products to your Wishlist. You can now add products to your Wishlist through your Wishlist, rather than having to find them on the site.
  • Quickly add multiple shades to your Wishlist. Do you covet 25 MAC eyeshadows? You can add by formula, and then select the shades you want to buy in the future, and voila, they’re added without having to look up each shade individually.
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Wow, wow, oh wowie wow wow. What wonderful updates/improvements (or perhaps they’ve been there a while and I just didn’t know/see/know how to use them; the latter still applies). I was trying to find all the Inglot shadows on my wish list to check them out in NYC and was thinking “Gee, I wish I could filter this to show just Inglot…” Now I can do this (I’m going back at the end of July!). Thank you so so much Christine (and techies in the background).

All of this just launched about an hour or two, so you didn’t miss anything! I am glad that search feature will be useful for you in the future πŸ™‚

Oh ho… Now this is interesting Christine. WOW. Thank You for such a great option to track my latest purchases. For me, I think I’d have to give myself a start date of perhaps two years ago for makeup I wear and a separate one for makeup I collect (which would go back 30 years). Great idea! Again Thanks.

I can’t even imagine trying to list an inventory going back 30 years! That would be quite the undertaking πŸ™‚

This right here is why no other beauty blogger or beauty website compares to you. I mean that in a genuine non-butt-kissing way, but in a “your site is actually useful and continues to be so” way.

She is absolutely correct, Christine. Yours is the site so many of us rely on for realistic information about products. I mentioned your site to the Sephora SA at Columbus Circle and go her to write it down (it always amazes me that cosmetics sales folk don’t know about your site and about Makeup Alley, which I also find very useful, though in a somewhat different way). You deserve a resounding round of applause and thanks for the service you provide.

No, not at this time! We will be working on a gallery view and a few additional features for vanity/wishlist in the next update, but that’s probably a couple of months off as we are working on expanding user profiles/community features next.

Thank you! This is not something you “had” to do, but done nonetheless. Bravo, and it’s why you have the following you do.

Christine, is there any way to add products that don’t auto-populate? For example, I have 2 Makeup Atelier palettes but they are not 2 you purchased so only other tones populate. Same goes for brands you typically don’t review…. I would like to get my stash entered (except my lippies which I already have updated in Snupps.) Thanks!

Not yet – it is a pretty complicated procedure to add something that we don’t have (via a user), but we are having someone work on building out the product database further presently.

Also, if you let me know what you need added, we can also add it to our list and hopefully let you know when it is added! It is a feature we hope to have soon, but we aren’t there yet unfortunately.

The first may be user error, but I wasn’t able to add the new Chanel Summer eye palette. It brought up the other quads but not the Summer one. I tried going directly to your review and adding it there but when I clicked on the Vanity icon, it didn’t add it. I also couldn’t add the Sephora x Mara Hoffman trio, any of the Smashbox LA Lights products (blushes and highlighters), and misc. items from other brands like Jouer (the cool palette), Honest Beauty, the Fiona Styles contour and highlight palette, Pacifica products, etc. I don’t have a list bc I was just trying to randomly add things as I remembered what was in my stash πŸ™‚

Still – loving your app! It’s going to be really handy this weekend when I hit the Mall! Thanks so much!

Hey Michele,

As far as I know, nothing from Sephora x Mara Hoffman is not in the database. Are these products that existed but did not add when you clicked to add or did not exist? I am a little confused. In order to add something, I do need to know the exact name/formula, though, to make sure I am adding what you wanted in the first place.

I didn’t have any issues adding the Chanel’s Empreinte du Desert quad to my vanity, though, and I know it is in a few other vanities/wishlists from other users.

Ok, with the Chanel, it looks like it was because I was trying to enter it by the name as it appears on the Chanel website: LES 4 OMBRES
Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow and then looking for Empreinte du Desert in the list. When I changed it to the way you list it above, I got it.

I guess maybe the Sephora x Mara Hoffman may be the same issue. I am searching as Sephora x Mara Hoffman and nothing populates. I also tried using Kaleidescape Cheek Trio. Any clue how it’s listed?

As for the 24/7, when I go to the add multiples search and type in Urban Decay 24/7, it brings up the following pencils: the waterlines (6), the concealers (8), shadow blending (no shades found), waterproof liquid (11), glide on shadow (15), and a bunch of lip pencils. It doesn’t bring up the 41 regular glide-on pencils. Is this also an issue of searching using a different way?

When I added Empreinte du Desert, I added it based on the box, and Chanel didn’t refer to it as part of the Multi-Effect series (I don’t know why!).

In my previous reply, I mentioned that there are no Sephora x Mara Hoffman products in the database at this time! πŸ™‚

The drop down box will only show you so many formulas (I’m not sure if we can increase it past what it shows now based on screen sizes/available “real estate”), so my guess is that since “24/7” shows up in a lot of Urban Decay’s formulas! If I type in “urban decay 24/7 eye liner” or “urban decay 24/7 eye pencil” it shows up for me.

Hi Michele,

Just wanted to let you know that Smashbox and Jouer were updated today, so hopefully the things you needed from those brands are in the database. I also added the remaining Makeup Atelier eyeshadow palettes. Some niche brands like rms beauty, Ilia, Milk Makeup, and Rouge Bunny Rouge were also added/updated (except palettes, which will likely be later tonight). BH Cosmetics and e.l.f. will be added later this evening during lower traffic.

Christine – Yay – thanks so much. I got the Jouer, Makeup Atelier, and Smashbox stuff added. You don’t have the new Milk Makeup Holographic Stick (I don’t think)…but it is brand new. I can’t find Lancome’s Spring palette – or Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof Bleu Ciel Parisian. Using “urban decay 24/7 eye liner” brought up the list…weird. I stopped at urban decay 24/7 so maybe that’s why it didn’t populate.

Yeah I don’t now why Chanel did that. I knew I had the quad so when I was trying to enter it I went to their website to pull off the correct name since I didn’t save the box (nor did I want to walk downstairs to actually get the quad).

I know you got the Sephora x Mara Hoffman (or I think you did). My opinion for what it’s worth is they are so-so products for folks that like sheer coverages for highlighter, blush, and bronzer which is why they say “all skin tones”. The packaging is cheap cardboard and the caps are tough to pull off with nails. I’m sorry I bought them. I may try to re-purpose them as lip products before I give them away.

I’ve started to try/test out some brands I hadn’t tried before: Fiona Stiles, Honest Beauty, Vapour Organic Beauty, and Pacifica. I swatched my new Honest and Pacifica shadows this evening and they were nicely pigmented and creamy.

I can’t imagine doing this entire database. As they say – hats off to you! It’s a challenge just trying to remember and enter my own stash! This is wildly appreciated. I KNOW I’m going to use this shopping this weekend. I’ve got your site saved to my cell Home Page!

Have a wonderful weekend!

I only posted info on the Mara Hoffman collab, but I don’t have anything myself. It looked pretty ho-hum for the makeup, so I didn’t put it in June’s budget!

The products for Milk were compiled maybe 2 weeks ago? So if it released really recently, that is definitely likely.

I strongly recommend against getting the cheek trio! The pattern on the packaging is pretty but the packaging itself is cheaper than any drugstore $0.99 priced stuff I’ve ever seen. Plus the components are so very tiny. I really feel cheated.

The Milk highlighter recently launched – not sure the date. I got it directly from the brand so I haven’t checked to see if it’s at Sephora yet. I really like this one. The shade is very on trend and I love the packaging (plus you get quite a it). You do have to change-up the way you apply it if you wear foundation though – otherwise it can have a tendency to strip off your base. But I do recommend this one for someone looking for a stick highlighter – also works great on eyes and lips…

Girl you are always stepping up your game with this site! I wasn’t going to use these features but you totally sold me on it.

Thanks for all the innovative ideas and making Temptalia different among so many homogeneous beauty blogs!

thanks I’m actually building mine. I was under the impression ‘vanity’ meant possible future items. Oops. I’m starting to build my vanity with Colourpop and work my way up from there.

Vanity is a play on what you’d keep on (in) your vanity! Sorry for the confusion!

Thank you for using the feature!

This is fantastic, Christine! I use the Vanity and Wishlist to keep track of my stash and I update it weekly. I have my own template that I’ve been using for when I bought things, opened, should-use-by dates and all that but these updates will streamline everything. Just perfect – thank you!

No – mine was very basic and just a ledger of sorts. Your new version is much more entailed and let’s me put in more detail, I love it! Well done!

OMG great additions!! I can’t wait to try it all out! Kudos to you and your team for always going above and beyond with your website and crucial resource. You’re the BEST! β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! This is going to be the BEST vanity organizing system yet! Especially helpful for those of us with moderate to really large stashes to really know what we have, so as to not wind up with gazillions of dupes of a certain shade. Very innovative system!

Thank you so much, Nancy! πŸ˜‰

One of the future features is actually trying to figure out dupes with your stash and dupes between your stash and your wish list πŸ˜‰

Christine, I was just going through my vanity trying to add comments on some of my favourite newer purchases. I’ve already reviewed Anastasia Smoke but, try as I might, I cannot add it to my Vanity (it wasn’t there already, which surprised me because, like I say, I did a written review on it back in March or April, I think). I keep trying to add it by clicking on the icon but it doesn’t go into my Vanity.

I was just able to add it now, Christine, by using the “add to vanity drop down menu” feature but earlier, when I tried adding it as I always have in past – using the little icon that appears beside your reviews or even the one on my own review – it simply wouldn’t go into the vanity. I’ll have to try it with some another product to see if I’m still having a glitch.

I was able to do it both ways – the only thing I can for sure say is that the site does have to finish loading before those things become clickable, but if the site loaded and you couldn’t click the vanity/wishlist icons, then that is weird. It’s on our list of things to dive into today, though.

This is phenomenal, though to be honest, I haven’t used the feature. This is a great organizing tool, esp for those starting out to build a collection. I’m so old, I’d break the space on your database!

Awesome, Christine! Thank you so much for these upgrades — they’re going to make both the Vanity and the Wish List much more useful!

For some reason the blog started showing up on my browser (Chrome running on a Windows desktop) in a teeny-tiny font that’s really hard to read, at some point in time yesterday. Some (but not all) of these comment link pages are coming up in the usual size font, but loads in the teeny-tiny font. Weird!

Another reader had issues with this and sent me some screen shots – I couldn’t replicate on my end until earlier today, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to a rogue ad that is managing to add code that is overriding our font sizes. Hoping to have it taken care of soon!

This is truly impressive!!! πŸ™‚ And this is why, you are one of a kind….Great work!! Congratulations to you both!!!

Wow! I do not have that a big stash that I need to digitally organise it but I love all the new functions in the wishlist. And I also like it a lot that the items are really ‘listed’ now, instead of being in rows. πŸ™‚ Thanks Christine!

Hi Christine! I’m so excited to use the vanity feature… I track all my makeup in a spreadsheet and this is going to be so much prettier!… but I can’t get anything to work. When I search for a product, either by exact shade or by using the multiple shade feature, it says that the product is either already added or not available. Neither of these are true. Not sure if it is down or if it is me? Thanks in advance for your help!

Hmm, do you have some examples you can share of what you were searching for? We will try to recreate on our end!

YES!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Vanity was just so overwhelming before, this is going to be so incredibly useful! I can’t even express how much I appreciate this feature! <3

These updates are awesome! And I have no idea how much work it must have taken to set up all of this cross-referencing capability, so thank you for what I can only assume was quite an undertaking. Now….when can I get this in app form?? πŸ˜‰ jk

Now I’m off to organize my entire virtual makeup life.

We have some major things we need to finish up before we consider an app (and I’m still not sure – it is a huge investment, since we can’t do any of that in-house and would require hiring someone to create it). It’s definitely something we think about, but we have a long way to go to building a more functional website first before it can work as an app as well!

I’m sure designing an app yourself would be pretty difficult, and you already work so hard on the site alone! I’m just so impressed with the changes you have made already. It’s everything I would want in a “makeup tracker,” so to speak. I can’t wait to really dive into it more this weekend and catalog some of my recent purchases and sort my wishlist items!

Yeah, an actual mobile app isn’t something we have experience in, and the programming languages they use aren’t ones we use here. I’m sure Nick (my brother-in-law) is fully capable of learning additional languages, but that’s a big time sink to pay to learn a new language! We want to make more updates to the user sections on desktop (and they do still work on mobile!) and see how they resonate with readers, and if more people use them more often as a result of the improvements, then an app might make sense in the future. It’s easier to work with a third-party to create an app if we’ve already built everything we want on desktop, and they just have to finagle everything to work in an app environment! But technically! Most of Temptalia is a “webapp,” lol!

I completely understand that! I visit the site most often from my mobile, and it works just fine! I’ve never had issues navigating or getting features to work. πŸ™‚

I’ve wanted something like this for so long! Thank you thank you thank you. This is a huge gift.

I have a spreadsheet that I fill in when I have empties with notes, but this is much better!

Thank you, Flaky! Are there any areas/things you track on your speadsheet that we’re missing or you’d like to have?

Thank you so much guys!!! You all work so hard to make this site the best it can be and I know that I’m not the only appreciative one here. I’m so pleased about the changes to the vanity- the ability to sort products is something I’ve wanted for a while!

Anyway, thanks again for all your time and effort! What you’ve created is amazing. ?

Thank you so much, Gillian!

Yes, I can imagine how welcome these features are if you’ve used the vanity in the past! Frankly, you deserve a sheet of gold stars for using it before!

This is amazing! You (and the techies) continually surprise us with all kinds of features to make our beauty life easier. Congratulations. No wonder this is the best blog around!

Wow!! So many things I’ve wished for you just handed us. Thank you!!! I’m gearing up for a makeup inventory/ declutter and was trying to figure out a system to keep track of exp dates plus exactly what I own. Like magic you so casually announce answers to every single thing I was trying to figure out. You ROCK!!! Thank you so much!!!

Looking forward to when the Tarte Lip Sculptors are in the database! I was going to add mine, but couldn’t find the option. Also, the Estee Lauder Double-Wear Lip Pencil doesn’t have the shade Nude listed when I go to add it. And the Lancome Lip Lover line isn’t in the database, either. Love how easy it is to add the things that are there, though!

I have added the Lip Sculptor/Lipglosses, Estee Lauder Double Wear Lip Pencils, and Lancome Lip Lover to the database for you, Nicole!

No, not at this time. We don’t have that capability in-house, which means we would have to invest in an app and hire a third-party to build it.

Great idea, but I am wondering, if the data will or could be used for anything or by anyone else, too @Christine? Data are such a commodity these days, in particular complex individual data.

We use the data within Temptalia, the business, but it’s not being sold to third-parties. Our privacy policy indicates what is or isn’t available to third-parties – presently, this has to do with ads being shown on the website (banner ads), but your user data isn’t being put into a profile by us and then getting sold to a third-party data buyer.

An ad network might read the context of your page and show you an ad based on that (just like Gmail does if you use their email), which is contextual advertising, but we aren’t collating your user data and selling it to someone. Networks aren’t allowed to collect any personally identifiable information.

This is fantastic! Thank you, Christine! Now, I have a place to track what I have (AND what I want), so hopefully I won’t re-purchase until I hit pan. And it is so much more than just logging the information, but also how much I enjoy or don’t enjoy the product. Thank you so much! Love your site!

You are brilliant!! Love these updates so much. I love using the wishlist on your site and this is going to make it so much easier to work with.

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