Most Overrated & Underrated Tweezers

Over & Under: Most Overrated & Underrated Tweezers

There are always products that receive endless raves, but they don’t always live up to our expectations or work out as well as they do for others.  Share your picks for most overrated and underrated TWEEZERS.  Don’t forget to share your whats and whys as to your choices!

  • Most Overrated: [answer]
  • Most Underrated: [answer]

My Picks

  • Most Overrated: I couldn’t say… Tweezerman is the only really widespread brand that I can think of, but I really like their tweezers!
  • Most Underrated: Slice – I love the grip of them!
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Overrated: It’s hard to say because I don’t really know if a lot of people mention these, but I bought Sally Hansen Tweezers which really suck. They are terrible. I barely get them to grip the hairs.

Underrated: I had a great pair of Revlon tweezers. All I remember is that they were gold. But they worked great until I somehow lost them.

I agree with these. The Sephora tweezer is similar to Rubis, actually are made by Rubis and are easy for me to pick up during a % off sale. Expensive, yes, but I love the lightweight precision.

First I wish I never had my eyebrows over-tweezed 30 years ago. They dont grow back like before…wish it was the same with my legs. That said, I dont think Tweezerman is over-rated. I still own the same one 30 years later. It is sturdy and does a good grip….but maybe because Tweezerman for years even till 2000 was made in Switzerland…not in China like everything now…..

Overrated: I don’t really think there are any! The only “popular” brand of tweezers that everyone raves about are the Tweezerman, but those are actually really good. Although they are expensive, so maybe…

Underrated: Revlon! Particularly the black, slant-tip model. They can grab everything and anything. I’ve had my pair for about 4 years and they’re still amazing.

Most Overrated: Tweezerman. I guess the hype made for impossibly high expectations. I bought a double pair at sephora and they will break the hair but not pull it out. I feel like they’re almost too sharp, so they will cut the hair instead of gripping it. 🙁
Most Underrated: My all-time favorite is by MAC but after borrowing my mom’s Revlon I have to say I am really impressed. They are very comparable but only half the price.

That’s exactly how I feel about Tweezermans; I’ve never had one work for me.

Underrated: I actually have the best luck with cheap drugstore tweezers, especially ones that are packaged so you test them to find a good pair before you buy. And they’re so cheap, you can just toss them when they stop gripping.

Most Overrated: Tweezerman. I think thats its cool that you can have them sent in and sharpen for free but other then that I’m really not impressed.
Most underrated: E.L.F tweezers are the best beauty deal I have ever found! And they are by far the best tweezers I have ever used, and you can not beat the price $1.00!! I have one in my car, one at work, one in my makeup bag, and one in my first aid kit!

overrated: Tweezerman.

Sure, they’re good, but the $1.99 tweezers from my local dollar store are the exact same thing. And they’re two bucks, and decorated.

Over: Tweezerman (overpriced mess) and Revlon (couldn’t find a hair if it were a wolf)
Under: La Cross
I’ll never forget the day I borrowed and misplaced my moms favorite tweezers that she picked up in Scotland. Had I not found them, who knows where I would be today…Never underestimate the power of great tweezers.

I can’t speak to overrated – I have never shelled out the cash for Tweezermans and those are the only ones that ever seem to be mentioned. Underrated would definitely be La Cross. I’ve got a travel-size point pair (which were not very expensive) and they are awesome.

Most overrated are Rubis. They are touted as not missing even the tiniest hairs, but they do and very pricey – $35. last time I bought them.
Underated is Revlon black or gold. They are good. My favorite is Tweezerman, but as in all brands I’ve tried, sometimes I get bad pairs. Somedon’t catch the hairs we want and some break or cut the hairs.

Overrated: Revlon
I tried several tweezers in their line, but none of them work. I wish I’d never forgot bringing my tweezers with me when travelling. I just can’t find the hair. Those tweezers finally go to my repair kit for music instruments 🙁

no underrated. I haven’t tried many, no other pops in mind.

I read a lot about Tweezerman in the comments. I’d say they are pricy and not impressed for the first use. But I have 2 slant tweezers from them and it’s been around for over 10 years. I use it about everyday and they still works really good, finding every single undesired hair, removing them with ease. No any other tweezers last that long and they still look like new. Those tweezers worth every penny honestly.

I agree with you on the Tweezerman tweezers. Also, you can send certain pairs of the Tweezerman tweezers can actually be sent in to be sharpened for free! I have not needed to do this yet, but just the fact that I have that option is pretty darn awesome!! P.S. When I say “certain pairs” I only say this because I am speaking on behalf of the pairs I have personally purchased. All of them could come with this offer I am just not 100% sure therefore I only feel comfortable mentioning the ones I know for sure do;o)

Overrated: I don’t use slant tweezers or ones with curved or straight ends; not matter what brand.

Underrated: My favorite is the very sharp, pointed Tweezerman tweezers that have the protective cover for the tip. My problem with them is I often drop things and if those are dropped on a hard floor, then end is bent and I can’t straighten it or use it any more.

Over: I guess I can understand why people like Tweezerman, but I find tweezers of that style (the kind that you pinch) to be hard to use. I also don’t like how smooth they are on the inside where you’re supposed to grasp the hair. It always seems like the hairs just slip out when I use them.

Under: Tweezers that have a “scissor” style to them. They’re shaped very small like scissors, but instead of blades there are two surfaces for pulling hair. I also like ones that have ridges where they’re supposed to grasp the hair, those seem to be so much quicker in grasping hair and getting it out on the first try.

Hope you don’t mind, but what brand/brands had the good grip on the inside, which brands do you recommend? Mine keep breaking, slipping, or just pulling hair apart. Thank you

I have to admit I’ve been using the same tweezers for 11 or 12 years now because nothing I’ve tried works better. I’m afraid my pair don’t even have a brand on them so I can’t give you much info. 🙁

Maybe others can make suggestions, sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Overrated: Revlon. I find nothing special about any of the different types I’ve tried

Underrated: Anastasia. I’ve had mine for at least 2 years and they haven’t gotten dull. They’re very precise. The price kinda sucks but I feel like you get what you pay for.

I don’t know about “Overrated”, as I never hear or read discussions on the topic, but I absolutely swear by La Cross, and have for 20+ years. I couldn’t tell you how long they actually last, though, since I’m always losing them. Another great pair I came across was a pair in the “Dollar Spot” at Target (everything is $1), and they were actually marked down to a quarter. Had I known how amazing they were, I would have bought *every* pair…

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