Most Overrated & Underrated Eyeshadow Finish

Over & Under: Most Overrated & Underrated Eyeshadow Finish

There are always products that receive endless raves, but they don’t always live up to our expectations or work out as well as they do for others.  Share your picks for most overrated and underrated EYESHADOW FINISHES.  Don’t forget to share your whats and whys as to your choices!

  • Most Overrated: [answer]
  • Most Underrated: [answer]

My Picks

  • Most Overrated: Frosts — they’re the easiest to work with, and they have their place and I love them, but sometimes you can get frost overkill.
  • Most Underrated: Mattes — a lot of them have a bad reputation, but they can be amazing to incorporate into a look.
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I just started getting into matte eyeshadows and picked up theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) palette and I can already tell that I’m going to end up completely obsessed. Definitely my new favorite finish 🙂

Most over-rated – I don’t know that it’s over-rated so much as disappointing but it would be Mac’s lustre shadows; they look so beautiful in the pan (think of Tempting or Greensmoke) but that look doesn’t transfer well onto the lid

Most under-rated – again, it’s Mac and it’s their Matte2 finish – pigmentation galore and they blend like a dream. I wish they’d release more rather than phasing them out; I also liked their Mega Metal and Star Flash finishes – they look fabulous and wear really well

When I first got into make up I thought Urban Decay were the best eyeshadows and now I HATE MICRO GLITTER (except YDK is so great on me) and my favorite shadows are definitely mattes. I love a little contour in the crease with lots of mascara and a strong lip like Trollop by OCC or Vegas Volt by MAC.

I have to agree with you about some of UD’s glitter-shower shadows. Colours like Maui Wowie and MCRA are truly beautiful but virtually unwearable because of the fallout. Even if you manage to apply them without getting glitter dust all over your face, it will still sprinkle down as the day wears on.

I have a question for those who don’t like the glitter shadows because of fallout, would using a wet cream shadow help the glitter stay better or does it not make much of a difference?
Overrated: ummm maybe matte? Idk I have uses for all finishes but it seems everyone is loving mattes lately.
Underrated: I love the way satin finish shadows melt into the skin, I think they’re beautiful

I love UD’s glitter shades. In terms of fallout I find that using a sticky base eliminates any problems. I use Too Faced Glitter Glue when when wearing a shade with glitter and there is no fallout throughout the day. I also think its how you apply the shadow, sweeping these types of shadows across the lid will lead to fallout city. The best thing to do is pat it very gently onto the lid.

I agree a good base is important, but so is using the right brush. I find using a flat eyeshadow brush or a cconcealer brush works best. I personally sweep the brush along the eye, but I also sweep the brush gently in the pan, along the grain of the bristle; doing this also prevents the powder & glitter from “kicking up”, leading to excess product on the brush. Also, these shadows aren’t meant to be blended out.

over-rated- Cream Shadows. Although some of them look nice and wear well, they can be a real pain to work with. I even bought a cream eyeshadow brush. Although it helps, I just find cream shadows somewhat of a pain.

Under-rated: Not really sure. I guess I’ll agree with Christine about matte. There are some good matte shadows out there and a lot of palettes seem to always emphasize shimmer or glittery shades. Urban Decay comes to mind with their frequent use of non-matte shadows.

I can totally relate to your thoughts on cream shadows. They are often hyped as to how great they are. I seem to be super clumsy with them. Thick coat? Thin coat? Whichever way I’m never completely happy with the results. Thanks for sharing. I thought I was the only one!

Most overrated – Hmmm….Glitters. They may be pretty but there is a fine line between a nice glitter look and looking like a victim of a glitter factory explosion! (yes, I am STILL a little upset about the MAC Pressed Pigments debacle!)

Underrated – Mattes. So many people write them off as being too blah or assume that ALL matte shadows are powdery and dry looking. But you can use mattes in a way that really make your look amazing!

MAC Lustre finish or Urban Decay glitters (think Midnight Cowboy)are overrated… And Urban Decay used to use it in every palette. Customer favorite? When? I just don’t get it! They never stay on the eye. No matter what primer you use.

I love MAC Veluxe Pearl finish. Not necessarily underrated but I haven’t seen any good ones lately… Wish I had grabbed up several of the Matte2 before they were discontinued. Definitely want to get my hands on some Inglot mattes.

I don’t think any one finish is over- or underrated, but I’m honestly sick of all the moaning & whining about how palettes don’t have “enough” mattes, and too many shimmery shades. If mattes are so *crucial* to one’s makeup routine, it would seem they would already have mattes in their collection, so turning to a brand *known* for their non-matte shadows (ie, UD), which does include a few mattes, makes no sense if mattes are so important. My feeling is, if you don’t like the palette, leave it on the shelf for someone who *will* appreciate it, or suck it up and pick up a matte duo or quad to use with it. There are those who like the shimmery palettes.

Looking at the comments about cream eye-shadows it’s interesting that Benefit (UK) changed their range a some years back and only had cream eye-shadows. A couple of years later they started bringing back powders. I wonder if people just didn’t like the medium.

Overrated: I agree microglitters are a mess. The fallout can ruin a great look.

Underrated: Mattes. I’m really into mattes this fall but it’s hard to find good true mattes. I love Urban Decay’s eyeshadow formula so much and I love their shimmery shadows but I do wish they would create an all-matte palette. I also like duochromes. They’re very cool.

UD has a buildable palette system, and they have great matte singles. Plus, they always include at least a couple of mattes in every larger palette. If they do an *all* matte palette, there will be those who complain there are no shimmers. I think they do a great job in mixing the finishes to please the majority, and again, there is still the option of a buildable palette, or buying the matte shades as singles.

I agree – UD needs to come back with their matte individuals – they axed that line back to only a few and they are chronically out of stock at Sephora. I would love to see a pallet from UD of all mattes. I barely use my shimmers and micro-glitters – it takes so little of those to get the effect I need/want when I want that…but I go through the mattes like crazy.

I agree, I don’t like their shimmers. I have Alice in Wonderland palette and have to put my e/s on before I do any other make up because of the fall out.

Overrated: These days, mattes. It seems like there’s been so much demand for more of them, and they’re great and everything, but it’s not like shimmer is the work of Satan or something.

Underrated: Cream shadow. I think it looks so much nicer the way it just melts onto the skin. I’d love to just abandon powder and switch to cream forever.

overrated – glitter shadows – way too many of em- hard to wear in a lot of situations – many really bad formulas out there.
underrated – Mattes – not nearly enough great ones out there…i was shocked and so sad when Urban Decay pulled most of their individual ones off the market. They were my go to shadows. I think it was one huge mistake.

I agree with you after reading yours! The first that I thought of are these;
I probably would have said Creams were overrated- until recent years. Old versions of cream shadows were super-crease monsters, difficult to build or layer color without it either clumping or just blending away and they had little staying power. There are still some out there like that BUT with Paint pots, Benefit Crease-less creams, MUFE etc. Creams have earned their place in my favorite kinds of shadow.
I was afraid of paying that much money for a cream but good reviews won me over.

Underrated- loose pigments, and mineral shadows esp. indie brands like Fyrinnae, Shiro, etc. They may take a little extra TLC to apply but are so worth the work! Most colors are unlike anything the big brands offer. Just don’t spill 😉

Most overrated? I don’t know that I’ve seen one that’s always overrated. Frosts would probably be up there, since I find they can be overdone really easily, but there are lots of frosts that I really love. I’d say Mac lustres, but I really haven’t seen many positive comments about them to begin with.

Most underrated? SATINS! I just love shades that are almost matte, but have a subtle luminosity, something that catches the light a little. Done well, they’re more flattering on the eye than just about anything else.

Glitter and the shimmery shades with fall out (UD huge offender) in my opinion are overrated. However, I love Bobbi Brown metallic long wear cream shadows when I want shimmer or sparkle. I don’t hear much about them, so in my opinion they are underrated.

I just realized that it said “finishes!” Oops, my bad!

Most overrated: Matte. I know mattes are great but sometimes they are extremely hard to blend out (Make Up For Ever e/s), especially without a good base.

Most underrated: Satins. This is one of my all time favorite textures. It’s easy to blend and great for a quick 5 minute look. I love how it reflects light without being to harsh yet still looks beautiful on the skin.

I have to agree wholeheartedly with Christine on this!! I’m loving matte eyeshadow right now, looking to pick up TheBalm’s Meet Matte palette once I’m back in Australia.

Overrated: frosty shades with glitter… It’s shimmery enough people!
Underrated: matte and satin shades with glitter, the glitter is actually noticeable and the base colour often looks richer. My current fave eyeshadow is an Inglot one which is a satiny berry pink with clear glitter. It looks so cool.

I am going to reverse: I buy UD because of the glitter. Now I have Tom Ford glitter too.
For whatever reason, there is not much fallout with me. Maybe it is the way I apply it or maybe I put foundation and powder instead of the eyeshadow primer. I do not have a crease on my eyelids. So all matte shadows look really flat on me….no dimension…Rather, the duochromes, shimmers and glitter make my eyes pop and stand-out. I use UD Naked 1 quite often and sidecar almost has hit the pan, whereas Naked and Buck is never used.

Overrated: I’m not sure what the word is for that really soft pressed frost stuff, like the Loreal one, but that. Too frosty, even frostier than a frost.
Underrated: Eyeglosses, I love the look of a sheer slightly glossy eye that may have shimmer or may not. So current feeling!

(I’m also really into mattes and duochromes and not anti shimmer but for this I went with the ones I feel are “most”

Most Overrated: For me, it’s that high-shine, borderline metallic finish that UD and Benefit do so well (think UD Half Baked, Benefit Leggy). Don’t get me wrong, I have and love both, but find them difficult to incorporate into looks, because while the colors are relatively neutral, the finishes are quite striking. I’ve planned to wear Half Baked with red lipstick so many times and then thought it was too much on me and grabbed a neutral lippie instead.

Most Underrated: The signature Chanel satin finish that can be found in many of the Ombre Essentielles. For example, the texture and finish of their Lotus shade is absolutely perfect for me.

But bottom line is, I don’t mind any finish as long as it’s true to the product’s name and description. I just dislike being misled.

Most Overrated: Glitter..Ack! I’ve never liked glitter or miro whatever..It is cheap looking to me…streetwalker-ish.

Most Underrated: Mattes! I always go for mattes and they will never go out of style. I’m starting to like satins ..soft eyeshadows.

overrated: Glitter shadows….HATE THEM! They always lack pigment and leave glitter fallout all over my face.

underrated: Matte shadows! As I’ve matured in my love of makeup, I learned that I enjoy the look of matte shadows more than anything else now. Simple and gets the job done without overstatement.

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