MOOM Hair Removal Kit with Tea Tree Oil (Classic) Review

Moom Hair Removal Kit with Tea Tree Oil (Classic)

I Did It! At-Home Waxing!

MOOM Hair Removal Kit with Tea Tree Oil (Classic) ($19.95) is a sugar-based hair removal system. According to MOOM, the creator brought “sugar, chamomile, lemon juice, water, and tea tree oil” together to create the system. It’s supposed to contain certified organic chamomile, lemon juice, tea tree oil, sugar; and then water. The idea behind MOOM was to combine the benefits of waxing and sugaring without any drawbacks.

Since moving, I had to give up my previous wax therapist. I’ve tried waxing at a local spa here, which was rather expensive, and it was the most painful waxing experience I’ve ever had. It’s amazing how important it is to have a good experience; even if painful, a good therapist will help you through it, whether by helping you time your breathing, applying pressure, etc. I had painful bruising that lasted for four days. I’ve used two therapists (both were excellent) prior to the bad experience, so luckily, I didn’t swear off of waxing–but I might have if my more recent experience was my first.

I decided to do something I didn’t think I’d ever attempt again: at-home bikini waxing. The last time I attempted this, it ended with me on the floor–crying–trying to remove all the wax and feeling like there was no hope for removal. It was rather traumatic at the time, LOL! I looked on Amazon for highly reviewed hair removal products, and I ended up purchasing MOOM (4/5 stars, 320 reviews, Prime shipping, and $13.33!).

I wasn’t expecting to write a review, but I was so impressed by the product that I felt compelled to share! The kit contained 6 oz. of the hair remover, 18 washable/reusable fabric strips, and 4 wooden applicators (two small, two large). It actually wasn’t very painful. It’s not something that feels good, but it’s more than tolerable and doesn’t persist. I was surprised at how little pain there was. What impressed me more was that the remover was truly water soluble and while sticky like honey, it completely dissolved in seconds under water. The fabric strips really are reusable, too, as the remover dissolves and dislodges from the fabric, along with any hair.

The removal process is very much like waxing. You heat up the jar in 10-second increments until it’s warm but not hot–and it actually holds temperature well, as I didn’t need to reheat it during the time I was using it (about a half hour). Then, you use the wooden spatula to spread a thin layer across the area, spreading in the direction of the hair growth. Next, press the fabric strip over the area and smooth it over a few times. Finally, pull the fabric strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

I’m pleased to report soft, smooth, hair-free skin that’s neither red, irritated, or bruised. MOOM was exactly as described, and extremely impressive for someone who was rather nervous about doing it themselves! ย I’m over the moon that the fabric strips are reusable, because those are often the most costly part of at-home waxing. ย I used about half the jar for this go-round, which would be 3 oz., but it was my first try, so I might be more efficient next time ๐Ÿ™‚ ย You can purchase 12 oz. jars of MOOM for $19.95 (MSRP). ย Compared to a $75 wax at the salon, ~$5 each time is a total steal.