Makeup Revolution x The Emily Edit Needs and Wants Palettes Now Available

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The wait is over! Emily Noel introduces her two BRAND NEW eyeshadow and face palettes, designed and created in collaboration with Revolution. Revolution x The Emily Edit – ‘The Needs’ & ‘The Wants’.

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Products Available

The Wants | The Emily Edit, $20.00

Emily said: “I wanted this palette to inspire but could also allow you to stay in your comfort zone. I wanted the perfect balance of light, medium and really rich dark shades. I want the colors to be buildable, so you can reach that level of intensity that you want. You can create countless looks and endless creativity.”

  • The Cream White cream, matte finish
  • Midwest Light tan, matte finish
  • Oh Heavens! Beige cream, satin finish
  • Cupcake Peach, satin finish
  • Hobby Light brown, matte finish
  • Dues Paid Red brick, matte finish
  • LoveTons Plum, matte finish
  • Laughcry Blood orange, matte finish
  • Prayer Sepia brown, matte finish
  • Eve Rose Light lilac with a gold shift, satin finish
  • Pizzazz Maroon purple, shimmer finish
  • Cheer Maroon, matte finish
  • Grateful Lime green, shimmer finish
  • Belle Violet lavender, shimmer finish
  • Family Deep purple, matte finish
  • Heartbeat Chestnut, shimmer finish
  • Good Vibes Rich copper, shimmer finish
  • Capricorn Mocha brown, satin finish
  • Top Story Gold, shimmer finish
  • Corduroy Emerald green, matte finish
  • Side Hustle Khaki green with a gold shift, shimmer finish
  • Pi Phi Plum purple, matte finish
  • Apartment Wood brown, matte finish
  • Dark & Early Black, matte finish

The Needs | The Emily Edit, $15.00

Emily said: “The Needs is like the greatest hits of the brand…I’ve not seen Revolution do anything like this before and I thought it was something that was really called for… they’ve created so many great palettes, so let’s make the greatest hits from them all. This is what this is, in full face style.”

  • Courage Medium brown, bronzer and contour shade, matte finish
  • Joy Peachy pink blush, matte finish
  • Gratitude Creamy highlight, satin finish
  • Kindness Cream translucent powder, matte finish. (Emily likes to use it as an under-eye powder)
  • Honesty Blush peach, satin finish
  • Passion Dark brown, with a red shimmer
  • Peace Peachy nude, matte finish
  • Faith Warm brown, matte finish
  • HopeFudge brown, matte finish
  • Love Cream matte finish

Makeup Revolution x The Emily Edit Wants Palette
Makeup Revolution x The Emily Edit Wants Palette

Makeup Revolution x The Emily Edit Needs Palette
Makeup Revolution x The Emily Edit Needs Palette


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Lena Avatar

I LOVE her. This is the first collab that I’m seriously considering purchasing. I think the Wants palette is super pretty and has a lot of really interesting colors.

Seraphine Avatar

I don’t really know anything about this brand and I can probably dupe every shade I like in these palettes, but I just wanted to commend them for their choice of upbeat, non-sleazy, shade names.

On the other hand, I need to rant about something…

I’m very put off by the design of the Emily Needs palette, how the words are placed so randomly. Sometimes the word is near the color (“Kindness”), sometimes it’s half an inch away (“Gratitude”). Word angles are different from shade to shade and don’t curve correctly to fit the circle or oval, which I think is what they were attempting to go for. The word “Passion” almost runs into the shade “Peace.” Ugh. They need a real graphic designer. This looks so amateurish.

Ana Maria Avatar

I’m so happy for her!
She creates such beautiful and informative content (her recent Disney princess lipstick was adorable)… she definitely deserves this opportunity. I like the color scheme a lot and I find the palettes very representative of her.

KimMWC03 Avatar

I’ve been a fan of Emily for years so I’m planning to get both of these palettes. I hope they are good; I’ve bought a few things from the brand before but never palettes.

Z. Avatar

I LOVE Emily, but these palettes just aren’t doing it for me. They fit her personality for sure, but I doubt I’d get much use out of them because the colours aren’t just something I reach for. That said, I hope they do well because Emily definitely deserves it!

Nancy T Avatar

If I know nothing else, I do know that in order for Emily Noel to put her name on it, these will have to be STELLAR. She is not only very lovable, but she is also a perfectionist (in a very GOOD way!), so I do not believe she would allow for sub-standard product quality with these 2 palettes. I am very impressed with the shade selection in the eyeshadow palette!

Susan Avatar

I used to watch her but quit a few years ago, and I agree that her heavy eyebrows and other looks are overdone and very aging; was shocked when I read her age somewhere, thought she was about 10 years older. I don’t wish her any ill and am happy for her about this collab. I’d actually probably get the eyeshadow palette if it didn’t remind me of one of Lorac’s Mega Pro ones that I own.

Lyssa Avatar

I absolutely adore the Wants palette! She’s been one of my favorite youtubers for a long time and I can tell she put a lot of thought into this collaboration. I need to watch some reviews and try it in store first but I can see myself using it all the time heading into autumn and winter. I’ve never tried MUR but this looks promising.

Vicki Avatar

I will buy these if nothing else, but to support my favorite Youtuber Emily. I am very happy for her and can trust that she would produce a great product.

Genevieve Avatar

Just stunning – but I do think that the Wants palette could have been cut in half so that customers get the shades they will actually use. There does seem to be a warm side and a cool side so that could have made for some really lovely custom palettes. Anyway, I do think the shades are lovely.

Taylor Avatar

I just finished purchasing The Wants palette on the Revolution Beauty website. I think the colors are stunning, even though I can probably dupe most of the shades. I love Emily and I ultimately bought this to support her. I have never tried MUR palettes and I need another eyeshadow palette like I need a hole in the head! I just love her personality and reviews so much, she’s so genuine to me and kind.

L Avatar

Same!!! I don’t need more makeup or eyeshadow but I bought both palettes because (1) I like emily and I want her to succeed and (2) I want to vote with my dollars for a YouTuber with solid values and who is true to herself and not a shill. The YouTubers who get the most opportunities are typically not the best role models. I like how Emily has not changed. She’s a Midwest girl who loves makeup. She doesn’t pretend to be a style icon. She isn’t fancy. She isn’t in it for the millions she could make. She just IS and I admire her.

BonnieBBon Avatar

I’ve been watching Emily for 8 years. She’s just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. I’m so happy for her and already ordered BOTH palettes. I love that I was able to support her project. She’s given me a lot of joy and entertainment over the years. ?

Anime Avatar

Christine, I am very sorry to rant, and I’m gonna try my very hardest to not drag anyone down or speak too harshly — but when will Makeup Revolution stop using parabens in their powder products???? I know there’s a lot of back and forth on the safety of parabens but why even chance it? I was so excited for this launch and I was hoping maybe it would be a paraben free collection but now I am concerned. This collection looks like it’s going to be appealing to a younger audience –maybe even a MUCH younger audience, so all I can think about is little boys and girls smearing nasty chemicals on their eyes. I wish companies and influencers would be more responsible.

There. I’m done. And I’m sorry again, but I also would really love to hear anyone else’s feedback (including yours, Christine) on this topic in particular. Parabens are a no go in cosmetics for me, and I refuse to purchase products containing them. How do you all feel?

Also, sorry I haven’t written in so long! I miss you guys!

TravelingBlush Avatar

Parabens rock! In the tropics, products would not last a few months without them. If I’m spending $ on stuff (and by the time it gets to where I am, the Wants palette will be 40$ at least), I want them to last years and years. Hurrah for parabens!

Agona Avatar

When I lived in Hawaii (super humid), I had this face product from bareMinerals that was basically 3 baked balls in a sponged-lined tin marketed as “rocks”. I think it was a QVC exclusive. Super clean ingredients; only owned for a short while. I opened up the tin one day to find mold all over it. So gross. I’m for cleaner ingredients, but not at the expense of product instability.

Cara Avatar

Parabens are not unsafe in the minute quantity that is used in cosmetics. It is actually safer to use parabens as preservatives than to risk getting very sick if a product develops harmful bacteria. The real reason some companies don’t use them is due to this “controversy”, not because they are harmful and it’s become a marketing tactic now.

Deborah S. Avatar

Emily was one of the first YT channels I watched when I first became aware that there was a beauty community on YT. I have always found her to be really genuine, knowledgeable and sincere. She has a lovely family and I laugh every time I see her and her husband standing next to each other as she is about 5′ 1 or something and he is about 6′ 3. They just look so cute together and she has two of the cutest little girls. I love that their names are shade names. I will pick up both palettes to support Emily. I really don’t care that I probably can dupe all the shades or that the face products are likely too dark for me. I have paid a lot more money supporting a lot less genuine YT’ers. Money well spent.

Aj Avatar

I’m really excited for this collab! I’ve been a fan of her since I was in high school. This is the one collab that’s gotten me this excited in probably in a year.
I’m so happy for her and I can’t wait to try the eyeshadow palette out!!

Terri Wells Avatar

Love Emily! Hands down my favorite you tuber. She never sponsors or collabs so I am confident these will be stellar products. Plan to purchase the Wants palette

Lea Avatar

The Wants palette is such a great price for being so big and including a mirror. I love the purples and the inclusion of a shimmering lime green. IMHO this gives UD Born to Run a run for its money as far as big versatile palettes go.

Silvia Avatar

Can’t wait to see the Wants swatches! I love Emily she is one of the nicest, decent, honest YouTuber out there amongst so many fakes and overly done gurus with exaggerated fish lips and so on! I love her for being simple just the way she is and having a wonderful family. She is a star! I will probably get the Wants I love all the shades.
Go Emily! So happy for you! ????

Millie Dobbs Avatar

I love emily so i bought the wants palette without waiting for reviews and am now pretty sad, because there was mold on my shadows, and there are more people online saying the same happened to them, will never again buy from makeup revolution. Emily deserved better and so my hard earned money. 🙁

Sandra Avatar

My palette looks gorgeous could not be happier. Saw someone said theirs had mold could that be tested? I wonder if it has to do with the place the store stored them, since
Most palettes have no mold. Would love to find out how that happened. Anyway nice palette.

SaffyTaffy Avatar

I picked the Wants up on a whim last week and I’m really enjoying it. Corduroy swatches patchily but applies very well in the crease and keeps its vibrancy. Family and Dark & Early are both a little more complex and chocolatey in real life than the picture suggests. And the shimmers are great, as one would expect.

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