Does your makeup change depending on who you’ll be around?

Does your makeup change depending on who you’ll be around? Share!

Not significantly, unless it’s a particular occasion that may dictate something in particular (weddings and funerals come to mind), though when I’m hanging out with family all day, I usually go lighter weight and more natural.

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Not really depending on any particular person, just occasion and venue normally. Like if I’m going to the bar or club I’d probably do a super smokey eye and a bright pink lip so it’s more noticeable. If I was just running errands I’d just do a really simple eye color (Love Stila’s “Eden” for no-makeup makeup days) with some mascara and a gloss. For normal life (hanging out with friends, going out to eat, etc) I just do a smokey neutral eye with a pastel or coral lip.

Although I do tend to incorporate more pink into my makeup when I’m going to be hanging out with my niece. She’s 7, absolutely in love with pink, and loves learning about makeup and seeing all my swatches of new products.

The only exception for me is job interviews, I suppose (which I know is expected but I still can’t help but feel a bit ticked about it).

Very much so. When I’m at work or grad school I have to keep my makeup very neutral. When I’m with family or friends my makeup gets much more colorful!

sometime,cause if I hangout with my relatives or close friend usually my makeup style it depends on my feeling at that time ,no makeup,full makeup etc but with other it depends on where I go

Kinda… if I go by myself, I don’t wear make-up, if I go with my bf, I wear some ;)) Sometimes I’m just too lazy; plus, I try to keep my face clean as much as possible, since I got acne again 🙁

NO! but I do try to dress (and wear make up) that fits the occasion/time of day/season/what-ever-the-.heck-I-am-doing-that day. like I don’t wear full evening make up to work or the beach, but my choice of make up is never dependent on who I’m with.

and then it’s about me feeling confident in my environment(not under- or overdressed) than others opinion of my outfit/make up:-)

Situations: Yes. I will change my makeup to suit the occasion.

People, Yes. Because who doesn’t enjoy being a bit of a sh*t at times around people who judge. I’m actually referring to a really good friend of mine and I am chuckling just typing this. She’s fabulous, but ridiculously anti-makeup (which confounds me: she’s not wearing it, right?). Anyhow, she is very opinionated, not afraid of speaking her mind, and always goes out of her way to make sure she is heard…on everything. I call her The Bulldog.. to her face. Anyhow, when I am around her, I amp things up just to get the reaction. Oh, and btw, she is so much more than her anti-makeup thingee..she’s annoying on multiple levels, but I love her to bits.

Yes! When I’m working as a teacher I use softer colours (browns, mauves, pinks), the same if I’m going out on a date (boys like soft makeup). If I’m going out to a concert, I go for dark tones (smokey eyes in black and taupe glitter, oh yeah). If I’m going out with girl friends I go for bright colours (barely there makeup in the eyes and some Maybelline Vivids on the lips, oh yes).

Yes definitely, I usually take the time to make sure my make up is more polished for work, but when I am doing the casual thing with friends and family, it’s very minimal.

I do really crazy looks at church, actually, because the kids love it. Rainbow glitter eyelids apparently marks me as a cool adult kids can talk to. I need another lime green duochrome eye shadow because it helps me do my job effectively!

For the most part however, it depends more on what I feel like painting on my face then who I’m seeing. Also allergies. Allergies definitely get the definitive say in what’s going on my skin any given day.

Not really. My makeup look depends more on the situation. Like more dramatic for nights out and more subtle for day time events

Situations, yes; people, no. You should have confidence in yourself and the wisdom to recognize what works in various situations. If anything, I think being able to change things up to suit different occasions is a large part of the fun of makeup. I can be dewey and fresh faced for breakfast in the garden, Cali cool out by the pool, romantic for date night, elegant for the ballet, chic and authoritative for a business meeting, hip and casual for the concert on the green, etc. Once I’ve settled on a particular look that I know is right for the occasion,a I could care less what other people might think because we all have our own unique taste in such matters.

When I was younger, I would have said yes – I wouldn’t wear any and dress more conservatively around my family, but I would definitely wear some around whomever I was dating at the time. But now that I’m older and married, I’m more comfortable just doing what I want. If I want to wear makeup, I will, and if I don’t feel like it (a 35 year habit 🙂 ), I won’t. But I’ve always worn makeup for special occasions.

I only where makeup if there is an occasion, like a party, or if I’m going somewhere nobody knows me. It’s kind of sad, I used to wear makeup all the time because I was afraid of what people would think of me without it. Now I never where makeup because I’m afraid of what people will think of me with it! I’m afraid of comments like “who/what are you wearing it for?” or “you look so much better!”. Just dumb insecurity on my part, really.

Yes very much.
If im going to work I like to play around and experiment with dramatic eyes, bold lips, etc.
At school I will wear full face makeup complete with contour to the first day of class and if there are no cute guys its bb cream, hourglass ambient lighting powder, and mascara for the rest of the semester hahaha. Generally I wear mostly drugstore complexion products on a daily basis to save money but when I’m going out, hanging out with a new guy, or a special occasion I wear all high end. The combo of makeup forever hd foundation and nars translucent crystal setting powder leaves my skin looking like a doll abd I always get complements. Also when I am meeting someone new I do a nuetral eye and lip because not everybody is as enthusiastic about color as we are:)

Eh, a little. I wouldn’t go to my teaching job at a company wearing shadows from the Sleek Matte Brights palette, for example, because it might be seen as inappropriate by their boss. But outside of working at companies, I don’t really let where I’m going/who I’m seeing dictate my look. I go with what I feel expresses me best at the time.

Whoops. I should add that if I knew I wouldn’t be seen by the boss at the company I work at, I probably would wear bright eyeshadows and not care. So it’s really to make sure he doesn’t think me/my office are unprofessional more than because of the situation, I guess? IDK I’m drinking.

Absolutely. With my boyfriend, for example, I take his preferences into considerations, unless I have a really strong mood. Like: no sticky lipgloss, no really dark or bright lips, no crazy eye-make up (unless it’s a night event). Or occasions with a dress / make-up code or just rules of manners… I would wear no makeup makeup or light brown shadows for a university exam or a funeral, light make-up for a wedding, also if I go to a job interview to a workplace at a more conservative professional setting,and of course when I work there. Oh and there are those occasions when I think make-up is unnecessary – beach, hiking, training, redecorating a whole room…

Yes, my makeup definitely changes according to the type of occasion. For evening events and weddings, my makeup looks are often daring with the bold fuschia, teals, bronzes, oranges, reds. I try to go for a contrast effect with my outfits.

For events such as funerals, I tend to lean more toward the neutral eye and lip looks.

Well i wears lessmakeup, next to nothing, when i’m with my boyfriend/family because iwant to feel cmfortable and rub my eyes if i want to! haha
and then i wear more (foundation, lipstick, eyeliner) when i go out with my girlfriends or something, but not because i feel like i have to, just because i want to and i usually have more time to get ready and i want to look nice for pictures

Yes. I wear a full face of makeup with subtle, neutral eye looks and neutral or soft lip colors to things like job interviews or going to work (unless it’s a job that doesn’t mind bright looks, which I take time to feel out). If I had to go somewhere like jury duty or something, I’d probably tone it down there, too.

On days I have no work related obligations, I wear bright or very dark looks and dark or bright lip colors. The only bright or dark lip colors I’d wear to a job would be red because most people consider that a typical lip color, I think.

Yes, absolutely.

With my boyfriend and his friends, I don’t do anything crazy. It’s black eyeliner, basic eyes with my lorac unzipped or naked palettes, and a bit of blush with sparkle, with tinted lip balm, and soft eyebrows.

With girlfriends, I do crazy colors like rainbow eyes or blue or green lipstick, and I strongly contour my face.

At work, or with my dad or riding my motorcycle with my HOG chapter, I do brighter or darker lipsticks with warming up my pale skin with bronzer, and lots of mascara but very little shadow and no cheek products.

Absolutely. If I know I’ll be around my grandparents I’ll wear minimal makeup, keep it classic. If I’m at work, in the beauty industry around clients, I have a full face at all times. I would say it mostly depends on where I will be going.

I bartend 5x a week, so at my one job, anything goes. i take inspiration from everything – bjork to bowie to courtney love. be it a hot mess or a masterpiece i just use it to suit my mood, not who ill see. at my other job i need to be a bit more conservative, so i dont do …. example shirley manson’s rolling stone cover with the pink stars…. ill keep it to normal placement but i can do some crazy colors (loving the urban decay electric palette, love love love). if im seeing my parents, they HATE when i have “so much happening, jessssus that’s really a lot for daytime..” – so ill do neutrals or just black eyeliner, neutral lip, semi clean face and eyebrows/mascara. same for funerals and weddings. unless it’s a fun funeral or wedding. (hey ive got some really amazing people in my life that insisted no one looked sad at their funeral. i went all out.) i was called priscilla presley at my grandfather’s funeral by a lot of my older relatives. compliment!!
if im seeing people i havent seen in a while i take some extra time to make sure i look pic-worthy. 🙂

also if im not working i dont wear anything. i dont give a singular f about going to the drugstore or a tampon run without makeup. i dont feel i need it, i just love to change my look daily.

actually yea. if im with my friends ill put on my favorite makeups, lipstick eyeshadow all that. but if im going out with people i dont know ill wear enough makeup to look pretty but not alot of colors. if its like a date or something, i wear very minimal makeup. mainly focusing on the lashes and a nice glow

Oh goodness, no! I always go hours out of my way to be certain that everyone will know they see a proud lady working the corners, walking the streets.. (jk)

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