What makeup application technique do you want to learn most?

What makeup application technique do you want to learn most? Share!

I would still love to be able to put false eyelashes on in like, a minute, and not half an hour. I have seriously done SO many of the tips and tricks, and it’s still a total nightmare. I wish I could set aside more time to practice (because that’s certainly part of it!), but gah! everyone makes it look so easy.

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A half an hour! haha! That’s totally me too! I set aside an extra hour of getting ready time if I plan on wearing false lashes. A half hour for each eye!

Same, I can’t do false lashes right! I impulse bought some of the really cool Paperself lashes from when Sephora had them on sale, and don’t want to ruin them.

I know this doesn’t help your current struggle with false lashes, but once you do figure them out, I have a tip to help prolong the life of your paper lashes. Just use lash adhesive and glue the paper lashes on top of natural looking false lashes so that you’re not directly pulling on the paper lashes when you remove them.

Oh goodness were do I start. False eyelashes..would really like to learn how to put them on.they always get blinked off the few times ive tried wearin em..then it would be winged liner or mabey my eyeballs just aint suited to a cute lil flick (well only my right).

Let the glue dry a little bit on the fake eyelashes (a minute at least after you apply)… Buy some that has a reaaally thin base. And always hold down the inside part of the lashes longer, cause that one needs to be perfectly in place.

Me too on contouring! I’ve been to YouTube, and the videos look so easy…but when I try it I go too hard and look like a robot with lines going down my face- even after I’ve “blended” everything…or I go too soft and you can’t tell I’ve done anything. Guess I’ll have to keep practicing and maybe getting the exact brushes.

How to fully coat my lashes with mascara without fudging up my eyelid. No matter what I try, I end up with black flecks of mascara everywhere haha. Doesn’t help that I have sensitive eyes. One swipe, ACCIDENTAL BLINK. Day ruined.

I can relate to her all throughout different stages of my life. Childhood, obsession with horses and unicorns. Middle school, weirdng my parents out on a twice daily basis. High school, growing lust for boy butts. Adulthood, being a smart, strong, sensual woman.

She is the hero we deserve.

I’m actually quite content/confident in my application skills, but I’m always on the hunt for the best products to use. For example, I’d like to work more on sculpting my brows, and although I have the technique down, I need to find a concealer that isn’t too emollient, yet pigmented-all while being pale enough.

I also want to try some more contour/highlight products, particularly creams, as I haven’t found “the one” product for either… Again, I have the skill, but every single product I’ve tried just hasn’t made the angels sing.

I wouldn’t be able to apply lashes even if my life depended on it. Thankfully I was blessed with pretty darn good lashes so I can just coat on the mascara to give me that falsies effect πŸ™‚

Probably how to do a flicked eyeliner that doesn’t look ridiculous on me. I think a bit of “lift” at the outer corners would be good for me at my age (!) but I always end up looking silly.

The perfect cat-eye eyeliner. I cannot for the life of me get that perfect flick past the edge of my eye. It always looks like I must have sneezed while applying!!

Me too! I really want to do cat eye liner, but…… sigh. I also need to learn to do a smoky eye. I know I’m late on this one, but what can I say. Brows are an issue as well, I can’t avoid the fakey overdone look. HELP!

Lol practice is definitely all you need. Applying falsies is so easy! I really want to learn how to do a cut crease though. People make it look so easy on YouTube but it’s super tricky when you have hooded lids. I’m going to get the hang of it one day!

I’d love to study with an arabic artist – their application technique is completely different to what we’re used to on this side of the globe, and I’d love to learn tricks from them to incorporate what I feel works best with my own technique into my work.

I’m with you on this one. I HATE putting lashes on! It takes me forever and they’re a pain in the butt! I see other people do them and it looks like the easiest thing ever. At this point tho I don’t even think I want to learn… they’ve given me such trouble over the years I thin I’d rather just simmer in my hatred for them.

Yea they’re horrible. When I put them on myself I have the best luck actually putting the glue on my lash line INSTEAD of the false lashes. Wait for it to dry a bit and place them. I still hate it but it works better. It’s a variation on an old showgirl trick: Put glue on yourself AND the lashes – if you can do it right those things will stay on through just about anything!

I would love learn to do a cut crease on my slightly hooded eyes and to wing my eyeliner. I don’t even bother trying to wing my liner anymore because getting both eyes to look the same can be such a challenge.

I had the same problem… then I tried the DUO glue “Brush On Adhesive”… and it takes away the mess. Try this glue!! It took me from 30 mins to 5 mins! It allows you to brush on just a tiny amount that you need.

Well I’m currently working on a way of covering blemishes that’ll last all day. *glares heavily at skin* On the more fun side, I wanna work out how “batman wings” work. It’s like a flick with a swoop and so cool!

Just have that flawless foundation look, where it doesn’t look like I’m wearing foundation but it is coverage enough that my skin tone is all even. I’m starting to think it’s not possible when you have giant pores, blemishes and an oily t-zone.

Probably a lot, I don’t think my contouring skills are good at all, like I don’ have any πŸ™‚ I hardly ever do any contouring,as I don’t think I need it. Could have something to do with it, I don’ get any practice. My eyes have changed a bit, become more hooded and they look uneven. I’d really, really like to get better at making them look less uneven. Thinking surgery, perhaps, but that I can’t do myself, and that IS expensive, and probably hurt. πŸ˜€

Christine! I feel like I am about to change your life. If you can apply eyeliner, you can apply false lashes in two seconds flat. I just started using Revlon’s Precision Dark lash adhesive (because I am allergic to latex and this stuff is latex free and it is literally as simple as painting over your eyeliner line after youve done your makeup, waiting about a minute or two, and just dropping the non sticky lash on the sticky base. It doesnt adhere where it isn’t supposed to and you just have to make sure the length is correct and you center it left/right on your eye. I was seriously blown away with how easy this stuff made it (I promise I don’t even work for revlon or anything http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemId=131039/Precision-Lash-Adhesive/Revlon/Misc-Beauty-Tools)

Applying false eyelashes (my friends from the 70’s and early 80’s could put them on in 2 minutes flat, it was amazing) and shadow and liner application for my aging, hooded eyelids.

I suspect that I am older than most of the people in this group so one of the ‘simplest’ things on my ‘bucket list’ is finally learning how to do eye makeup the right way…. A smokey eye ( of course) and even more basic than just getting some eyeshadow on my lid by knowing how to blend shadows so they look good together. I’m working on it with the help of all these wonderful online sites. Thanks!

Me too Angela!! ITA with you on all points, including age! Products have changed.. Improved, it almost makes me feel like I’m starting over. I love this site too!!

I would really like to learn how to do a little contouring. I am very fair and have an oily nose so cream products (Maskcara IIID) don’t work for me but I like that her contour color has grey in it. And black cat-eye liquid liner application.

Oh, geez! False eyelashes!! UGH! I have some for special occasions but I won’t even dare try to apply them for fear of messing up my finished eye look. I dedicated a month to learning how to apply them properly (and in a timely manner!) but I still couldn’t do it!

The two things I’d like a little guidance on are brows and winged liner. My brows have become rather sparse with age and my brows seem to have dropped a bit lower. I don’t know if I should add more fullness above the brow to create the illusion of higher, fuller brows… or just fill in and extend the brows. I also don’t know if someone my age, with the beginnings of hooded lids, should even attempt a winged liner… but I want to SO BADLY! LOL

I don’t know how old you are, but I am in my late forties and have been wearing winged liner since I was nineteen. It looks better than ever because it’s lifting! Gently pull the skin smooth when applying and aim high. Practice, practice. I like the paintbrush application like L’oreal and ELF. Also brown isn’t as harsh as black. Good luck!

Hi! Thanks for responding to me!

I’m 47 and I never even attempted winged liner until recently. I have tried pulling the skin smooth before applying the liner. It ends up looking like a broken wing due to the folds created when I release the tension. When I tried to fill it in… well, it ended up looking like a bat wing! LOL Horrid!

My experimenting with wings has been with a pencil, a cake eyeliner and brush, and a cream liner and brush. I’m wondering if I need to extend the line out, completely clearing the fold, then flick it up and not try to create a thicker wing? That’s what I’m planning on trying next. Maybe I just need to have an MA at Sephora give me some guidance. Any advice is welcomed! =)

the art of putting weight ON my face. i can only highlight so much but i wish there were some sort of sculpting that could make me not look so sick and gaunt.

Well I have just had an eyeshadow tutorial from my local Elizabeth Arden MUA and she showed me how putting the darker colour on my lower lid and the lighter colour above makes my eyes look so much better. I was doing it the other way round and always wondered why my eyes did not look “right”. It really suits my eyes. The colours used were the Misty Teal and OMG it is a wondrous colour (You would love this colour Christine as you are such a teal fan!). The eyeshadow duo comprises of a beautiful pale grey/silver and the teal. Perfect for blue grey eyes, fair skin and red hair. However there is NO way I am attempting false eyeslashes – if all of you beauty people find it difficult!

I’d love to achieve a truly flawless skin that’s dewy and healthy looking! I struggle a lot with concealer – I have many bad days with it!

False lashes are on my bucket list (in fact I own several pairs, including one by Illamasqua, but I’ve never had the courage to try…), but just being able to successfully curl my super straight eyelashes would be great. I’ve tried a lot of things but the curl never holds. It drives me crazy. There HAS to be some trick I don’t know yet.

I struggle doing cat eyes or thinly lining my upper lash line. It takes me a long time to get it neat and seamless. I often watch youtubers who effortlessly line their eyes in like one stroke.

My vision is really poor. I have to lean very close to my desk mirror to see because I have to line my eyes w/o my glasses in the way.

Christine! πŸ™ Your eyes, lashes included, are beautiful! Why mess with the delicate area for fakes? If you really want to, forget all directions and just apply them by instinct dictating, seriously. I don’t believe in technique. We are all unique. I depend and rely on INSTINCT, and I’ve had humbling success! I’m a firm believer in feeling what you want, finding the intent, locating the results, visualizing, and just GOing.. Sometimes trying TOO hard is the problem. Who knows, you might be a scandalous pro when you toss all you “think” you “know.” πŸ˜‰ ^_~

I never want any techniques around me for fear of altering the ME in this area. I ignore any technique talked about and do my own thing. If I find a problem, I’m always open to learn! Recently I adopted Korean techniques & would love to perfect all of that! So fascinating! Anybody watching The Voice?

Applying powder blush at the same place everyday would be great! I’ve only used cheek tints and cream brushes through my teens. I’m 21 now (there’s hope!!) and practice makes perfect! ^_^

Eyeliner! I’ve been wearing eyeliner for roughly 15 years and it still takes me 10-15 mins to get it just right. And a cat eye? Forget about it. I’d need an extra half an hour. I’ve watched all the “perfect cat eye in seconds!” videos and read all the tips and nope. Just not gonna happen.

color theory, once i get that i am so good.. i just want my dark circles to go away and if i can figure that out then i can figure out anyone’s.. lol.. also wouldnt mind finding out what im missing on contouring… i still feel im missing something

I want to be able to apply liquid eyeliner without it looking like my five year old did it for me! Until then, I’ll stick with my pencils! Lol

I’m with you on the false lashes, Christine. But also eyeshadow brushes. I remember when they all came with sponge applicators. I loved those things. They were so easy to use. Now I end up using my fingers more than anything. Brushes never give me enough color and coverage where I want it and I end up with a dusting of the shadow all over under my eyes. There must be a trick to it– everyone seems to use them, but they just don’t work for me.

Christine, you should try cutting them, I cut about 1/3 of the inner lashes off. You look like you have somewhat full lashes like me, and I find they just get in the way of the falsies. I can’t put on a full strip lash for my life, but I can pop cut down ones right on. If you do want the full strip, you could still cut them in half for ease.

As for your question, contouring!! I am ghostly pale and just can’t find the right shade, but then again, it could be my application too, I have a chubby face. πŸ˜›

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