Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation Review

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($40.00 for 1.01 oz.) is easily one of the more famous products produced by the brand. It is designed to create a “soft focus” effect when used while providing medium-to-full coverage for a flawless look. It is touted as an oil-free liquid foundation that works to make you look your best in even the harshest lighting.

Funny enough, I’ve had this foundation for a few months now, and I didn’t like enough to actually use it more than a handful of times after I initially purchased it as a local Sephora. To me, it didn’t do anything that my MAC Studio Fix Fluid wasn’t already doing. (Studio Fix Fluid is a good deal cheaper — $26.00 for 1.0 oz.!) In the spirit of 30 Days of Make Up For Ever, though, I figured I should give it another shot! For reference, the shade I was matched with and own is #140, which is described as “soft beige, for medium skin with dark yellow undertones.” In MAC, I am typically NC30. There are twenty-five shades available, so there is a good range of skin tones covered.

Read on for the review!

I do want to note that my skin has much improved in the past two weeks compared to the past few months. So some of the skin-looks-better is because it really does look better as far as skin itself goes; it’s not all foundation.  Just want to be upfront about that! 🙂  (Thanks Kate Somerville!)

Despite the hype, I’m still not overly impressed by the foundation. I guess that is more to say that it didn’t live up to the hype, but it is a good, solid foundation and I’d recommend to anyone looking for a semi-matte, medium-coverage, liquid foundation. (Particularly if you dislike or can’t tolerate MAC foundations.) The finish on this is nearly matte, but it seems just a touch dewy (that’s probably the “soft focus” coming into play). It gives medium coverage without much product, and you can layer it as necessary to get fulle coverage if you need it. You can always sheer it out by spritzing your brush or sponge with water, too.

I think the most impressive part of Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation is that is photographs extremely well. It does make skin look better than it actually is. The photo above is me wearing this foundation, and I was pretty surprised at how good my skin appears in it. HD does a good job of lasting all day, and I feel like I don’t get that oily-at-the-end-of-the-day feeling so much when I use this compared to some other foundations I’ve used. While it is a medium to full coverage foundation, it feels lightweight. It actually feels fairly weightless to me, but I’m a lot more used to foundation, too, so I’m going to stick with lightweight as the descriptor.

The packaging is great, since they provide you with a foundation pump. I find that I dispense one and half to two pumps on the back of my hand, and then I use MAC’s 109 brush (spritzed first with water) to apply it to my face. This seems to give me the best results, and it is the technique I used in the photo above as well. The reason I like pump dispensers is you can figure out exactly how much you need through trial and error, and then you just use that much consistently. Without a pump, it just involves a bit more eyeballing!

Overall, HD is a good foundation, and I do prefer it over their Mat+ Velvet foundation. I think Mat+ Velvet may be a bit too matte in finish for me at times, so HD offers a happy medium where I can get a nearly-matte look with just a touch of soft dewiness — without the dewiness making me look oily or shiny. A bottle should last you a good six months, depending on how much you use and how often you use it, but there’s plenty in there, so while the price is a steep investment, it’s definitely worth it in the long-run if you like the results.