MAC x Nicki Minaj Collection for Fall 2017

MAC x Nicki Minaj Collection for Fall 2017
MAC x Nicki Minaj Collection for Fall 2017

The Details

Nicki Minaj dominates fan’s hearts and hip-hop charts with her bravado and razor-sharp rhymes. Now, the queen conquers with her custom-designed nude lipsticks for M∙A∙C. Get cheeky and take charge with Nicki’s two suggestive shades in Nicki’s Nude and The Pinkprint. Need even more au naturel? Strip down to bare, brazen basics in a lineup of 24 additional Lipstick and Lipglass colours.

9/21 at select MAC locations, online

Nicki Minaj x Lipstick, $17.50 U.S. / $22.00 CAD (Limited Edition)

  • Nicki’s Nude Soft corally pink (Amplified) (Limited Edition)
  • The Pinkprint Mid-tone creamy p ink (Amplified) (Limited Edition)

Lipstick, $17.50 U.S. / $22.00 CAD

  • Pretty Please Pale pink pearl (Lustre) (Permanent)
  • Gossamer Wing Dirty beige with gold pearl (Lustre) (Repromote) (Limited Edition)
  • 2N Creamy light pink (Lustre) (Repromote) (Limited Edition)
  • Playing Koi Pale clean pink nude (Satin) (Repromote) (Limited Edition)
  • Creme d’Nude Pale muted peach beige (Cremesheen) (Permanent)
  • Japanese Maple Frosted light beige (Cremesheen) (Permanent)
  • Bare Bling Light peachy nude (Amplified) (Limited Edition)
  • Stripped Light, dirty peachy beige (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • The Right Note Warm sandy nude (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • A Girl’s Got Needs Warm-toned yellow brown (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Patisserie Sheer creamy neutral pink (Lustre) (Permanent)
  • Mmmmmm Dirty rose nude (Amplified) (Limited Edition)
  • Bosom Friend Sheer pinky nude with fine pearl (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Baby’s All Right Cool-toned neutral pink (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Age/Sex/Location Dirty mid-tone nude (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Easy Babe Dirty latte brown (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Derriere Dirty mid-tone yellow brown (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Among the Fireflies Soft mocha (Cremesheen) (Repromote) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass, $17.00 U.S. / $21.00 CAD

  • Under the Sheets Light nude with gold pearl
  • N-U-D-E Sheer pinky nude
  • Please Me Muted rosy tinted pink
  • Beaux Warm brown (Permanent)
  • Spice Mid-tone neutral nude (Permanent)
  • Spite Muted plum taupe brown (Permanent)

Lip Pencil, $17.50 U.S. / $22.00 CAD

  • Naked Liner Light neutral (Permanent)
  • Spice Pink cinnamon stick (Permanent)
  • Stripdown Creamyb rown beige (Permanent)
  • Boldly Bare Dirty red brown (Permanent)
  • Soar Mid-tone pinkish brown (Permanent)
  • Hover Rich caramel brown (Permanent)
  • Cork Muted gold brown (Permanent)
  • Whirl Dirty rose (Permanent)

MAC x Nicki Minaj Collection for Fall 2017
MAC x Nicki Minaj Collection for Fall 2017

MAC x Nicki Minaj Collection for Fall 2017


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Mariella Avatar

Am I the only woman who finds that photo offensive? Show me a woman in shoes she can run for safety in and who looks like she isn’t offering herself (and her “assets”) up for purchase and I’ll be able to relate but not this… (and apologies to those who applaud this or like it – it’s just my opinion)

Kim Avatar

Not necessarily a pose that I would/could accomplish.. but it is her body and she can do whatever she wants with it.. even “offering herself and her assets up for purchase”. MAC is all ages, culture and color.. and also personalities… If the Dita Von Teese collection did not offend you, I’m not sure why this should…

Pamela Avatar

Agreed. She is Nicki Minaj, not Taylor Swift. My girl Nicki is raw and sensual and I wouldn’t want her any other way. (But I love Taylor, too.)

markiebamboo Avatar

Dita’s pics are pretty classy. For anyone unfamiliar with Nicki Minaj, this is her at her most conservative! This IS toned down!

Kelly Avatar

Mariella, I personally would not promote myself in that fashion, should I ever have the luck of doing a collab with MAC Cosmetics, but to each their own, I suppose. However, I am curious if her proceedings are going to a charity. In addition to this collab that she is doing with MAC, Nicki is an entrepreneur, owns luxury transportation, has her own wig line, etc….the list goes on. And yes, she earned it herself and I applaud her. But I was curious if she has a charity? If anyone knows…..

Ola Avatar

She’s been financing a village’s access to water and other basic needs for a long time now. She’s also recently set up a charity to help young people pay for the college fees.

Sarah Avatar

Kelly, have you also wondered if every single celebrity collaborating with MAC has donated their proceeds to charities? Or just Nicki? And if so… why?

Kelly Avatar

Sarah, good question. I would love to take a peek at the collab contracts that are being drawn up behind the scenes. I mean, celebrities have every right to keep their cut of the proceeds, but Nicki is pretty well-off. So, as Ola mentioned above, she’s helping to supply clean water to a village; I don’t personally know where that village is, but I can only assume it’s located in a third world country somewhere. But celebrities typically make sure that their fan base and community know if they are making contributions with their wealth, especially if it is geared towards helping others that are in need of the basics, such as water, food, clothing, shelter, education, etc.

LindaP Avatar

I don’t know that I’m so much offended as my first thought was, ” Again?” Really, MAC? The over-the-top-sex-sells-makeup image is about as original as a box of plain Cheerios. Once you get to my age, I think many of us wish beautiful, powerful, influential women like Nicki showed strength and the “I rule” vibe (and she does) in a way that is more uplifting than what’s in her bra. My two cents.

chell Avatar

She actually has done a bit of philanthropy, providing scholarships and working to develop a village in India (providing access to potable water, etc). I have a relatively high degree of respect for Nicki, from what I know of her.

Seraphine Avatar

Yes, I agree. Offended is not the perfect word for how this image made me feel. I think it’s great that she does all sorts of philanthropic work and that she has strength and a positive self-image. But I also think that sexiness can be conveyed without posing in a spread-legged squat, which, in my opinion, is a very unflattering, cheap pose. Again, just my opinion.

Blue Avatar

Nicki consistently conveys sexual agency and a certain degree of nuance in her work and persona, so given that context I don’t personally find this picture offensive. It’s not unreasonable to take issue with an image of a woman that has the trappings of design for male consumption (see bell hook’s critiques of Beyonce), but I also wonder how familiar you are with Nicki Minaj’s work. IMHO her lyrics make a good case for her having the sharpest wit of any woman working in mainstream American pop music right now, and she pulls that off while leaning into the sexualized image that would most likely have been projected onto her anyway.

I’m not trying to say your opinion isn’t valid, though. Like I said, bell hooks would agree with you and she’s a better and smarter feminist than I’ll ever be. IDK, the comment you made about “shoes she could run to safety in” really struck me. I hadn’t heard it in a while, and it makes a great point about female hypersexualization having an awful lot to do with the perception of vulnerability or helplessness. I think the picture is intended to depict a fantasy where there would be no implicit reason to need to run to safety at all–basically a context outside of rape culture. I personally love media that does that because I appreciate the break from our disheartening reality, and I appreciate body positive and sex positive reinforcement. But it makes perfect sense to me that plenty of people who have specific concerns about women’s safety would take major issue because the world is very much NOT a nonviolent utopia, and ubiquitous sexualized images of women certainly don’t make any discernible contributions to the cause of making women safer. Controversial arguments can be made in favor of actual pornography, but pervasive images of hot chicks are neutral at best and arguably worse than neutral in terms of women’s safety.

For what it’s worth, I actually was offended by Arianna Grande’s Viva Glam ad, which I still think deliberately brought to mind really foul jail bait tropes. I absolutely hated it.

Mariella Avatar

Had I been in Barcelona last week (as I was last year), I would not have wanted to be in those shoes. If that’s too visceral a response, sorry, but Barcelona has been on my mind a lot these days. Nothing at all to do with sexuality or perception as a whore. But I want to be able to walk or RUN when I need to, even if it’s just to run over to help someone else in trouble. It’s a simple survival skill.

raloves Avatar

Hmm… About Nicki Minaj being a better feminist; I am not sure if bawdy behaviour and constant usage of f ford equals to girl power. I feel there’s a confusion there.
But the pose in the photo looks more like a fashion pose. Imo everyone is free to wear what they want to wear and use their sexuality in the way they see fit.
Here’s hoping women won’t need to be thinking whether they can run fast in their shoes when they are dressing.

Blue Avatar

To clarify, I don’t have an opinion on whether Nicki Minaj is a feminist or not. I think it’s a really loaded question, and I’m not sure whether celebrities identify with feminism is necessarily an indication that they personally do any net good to feminist causes. There are celebs that I consider net good who haven’t said either way, and ones I think are neutral or even net bad who consider themselves feminists. The feminist I was referring to in my earlier post was bell hooks. 🙂

Pamela Avatar

I agree with everything you said. I can’t quite understand the over-analyzing of the shoes. They are just shoes that are extreme and Nicki is EXTREMELY extreme. Maybe she just wants to look super tall? Can she run in them? No, but does that mean women should only wear Nikes?

markiebamboo Avatar

“You a stupid hoe, You a, you a stupid hoe…”

I wouldn’t call her work nuanced or sharply witty.

It’s no offensive by the amount of skin shown. It is just extremely cheap, even for MAC lately.

This imagery isn’t even shocking. We are so desensitized. Luckily it looks so bland i wouldn’t be compelled to buy it in the first place.

Holly Avatar

There are some high points in your analysis, although coming from a slightly divergent worldview, I fail to support the brand of modern feminism that Nicki espouses (at least in terms of her brand, even if not privately). I do not view it to be healthy for women, men, or society as a whole.

Nicki’s brand, as well as those of many other female pop stars, portrays the idea that a woman can at one minute choose be an overt object of desire for a man, then rein it in at any time as she sees fit. Most modern feminists see this as a proverbial “middle finger” to the patriarchy and to rape culture. Most would concur that the media’s narrative of “female empowerment” is scripted in this fashion, and quite ubiquitously, I should add. As a political Libertarian, I do believe in the liberty to personally express oneself in the way they see fit, so long as it brings no harm to others. Nicki Minaj’s choice of attire for her MAC ad (if she even chose it – most likely a stylist did) is an expression of her freedom.

However, I recently watched her music video “Rake It Up,” and found it to be un-empowering by my personal definition. The overarching theme is that Nicki and Blac Chyna, as well as other females in the video, are raking in the dough for rapper Yo Gotti, who is supposed “pimp” in the video. I think many people will view this video as jovial, fun, and empowering, because again, the mainstream narrative has programmed women to believe that their golden ticket to everything good in life (money, fame, success) is through their raw and uninhibited sexuality.

I will offer up a different perspective. I believe that making light of the sex trade, whether we are discussing women who choose to be in said trade, or women who were coerced or trafficked into it, is antithetical to feminism and female liberty. Nothing about portraying oneself as a money-maker for a powerful man gives women who are shooting at respect, high-paying careers and attempting to break the glass ceiling a voice. And it also gives no voice to the REAL prostitutes or sex trade workers, particularly those who were forced into the trade and have no physical, mental, or financial way out of it. Making light of their plight is, in my opinion, an outright travesty.

Furthermore, I wholeheartedly disagree that women are empowered when they dangle their goods in front of a man, then retreat just as soon as the man gets an eyeful. No, I do NOT believe in “rape culture,” and DO believe that men are personally accountable for their actions in the presence of a beautiful woman. But as a married woman of nearly 7 years, I will say that I don’t think it’s a fair expectation to wear tight, latex clothing and 8-inch heels, and expect a man to not have some sort of reaction, even if only one of pity or disgust. Again, we do not live in a Utopia where women walk around half-naked and men have zero response.

I could say more, but I think I’ll stop here for tonight.

Pamela Avatar

You have a lot of great points. It’s funny though, how men can be brought to their knees and act like little children when they see a hot woman. On the other hand, we women can function logically when we see a handsome man. It just goes to show who is really the stronger sex. Men are just so damn simple sometimes.

Blue Avatar

Hey, Holly.

Sorry for the delayed response; I didn’t see your post until now. Fingers crossed that my reply gets approved and you check back and see it. I wish I had a way to PM you.

I hadn’t seen the video for Rake it Up. I agree with your general assessment of it, especially that it’s offensive and sexist for non-sex workers to make light of prostitution. Glamorization of pimps is something I take serious issue with and find personally repulsive in addition to textbook misogynist. The lingerie was pretty, but yeah, I wouldn’t declare it win for women’s lib.

That said, I don’t think mainstream music (and I’m not sure how much of this is the industry and how much is the consumers) will tolerate more than a single or two from women rappers who aren’t willing to be complicit in sexist tropes. It’s probably true in all pop music, to some degree, and it definitely seems to be the case in Hollywood. Nicki is beautiful and can write some killer verses. Even so, I’m skeptical that she would have more than a small fraction of the career longevity she’s managed if she was too highly principled about feminist ideals. Obviously I can’t know whether she views herself as making compromises in that regard, but even if she does, I can’t hold it against her. There’s not a more feminist, comparably popular woman rapper, Nicki is completely alone in her category.* If she didn’t have to fit into such absurdly specific constraints to achieve her level of success, I don’t think women would be so glaringly underrepresented. Complicit as she sometimes is, I think there’s a lot about her to like, and I definitely prefer having her around over not having any women at the top tier.

I’ve read and reread your point about rape culture** and I’m not sure how well I’m following. What sort of reaction should we reasonably expect men to have to women in music videos wearing fetish gear? Or half shirts and miniskirts in real life?

We seem to be on the same page that men and everyone else are accountable for their actions. When you wrote, “I don’t think it’s a fair expectation to wear tight, latex clothing and 8-inch heels, and expect a man to not have some sort of reaction” are they less accountable? We definitely agree that it’s inescapable that in public, other people can see you, and when people see you they may respond with thoughts and feelings. I agree with standard post-third wave feminist rhetoric that no matter what thoughts and feelings someone is inspiring in you, it’s completely unacceptable to verbally harass, physically intimidate, follow, or touch another person against their will. To me the only real gray area is how much looking should be socially acceptable, and that’s a genuinely complicated one.

Or what if their response is “pity and disgust”? I mean, it’s their feelings, nobody else’s business. However, if they extrapolate that the woman they’re directing those feelings towards is somehow less than more modest women or them as a man because of what she’s wearing, I do think that’s a sexist thought process.

*The most comparable person I can think if is Missy Elliot but she would be her own discussion. She also started her career in a different and in many ways better time.

**I do find it useful as a lens or shorthand. I also think people are referring to subtly different things that mean a world of difference when talking about this mess.

Zoe Avatar

It seems pretty standard for a marketing campaign in the beauty and fashion world. It plays up the “nude” shades of her skintone, and clothes. Could also work as a shoe ad.

Feminism means it’s okay for women to enjoy wearing sneakers, or heels, whichever they choose. One is not inherently better than the other. If a woman wants to pose provocatively, it does not necessarily mean she is being exploited. Women can have agency over their bodies but still wish to pose suggestively. The important thing is for there to be a range of imagery that presents women as people, instead of ONLY sex objects. There are a lot of women out there who think there is only one way to be a woman. And this goes to both sides: People who want women to be subservient maiden/mother/crone and hyper-femme. And people who are anti-feminine “cool girls” that are “not like other women” and look down on people who perform their gender. It’s important to recognize the choice in this portrayal. Nicki was not forced to pose this way to get a job (like many other new models and young girls are). She chose to spread in this spread. And based on that context, this ad is okay.

To sum up: It adds to the visual clutter of sexualized imagery of women and their bodies but is also increased representation of a successful Black woman who wants to be sexy for her own right (to sell her lipstick collab of course).

Anyway, I am interested in the shade range and finishes of this collection. I like how there are lots of repromotes and interesting descriptions.

Caim Avatar

It’s up to you to be offended by what a woman does with her body, or consents to do with her body.

It’s just your opinion, sure, but it does smack of shaming Nicki for how she chooses to present herself.

Nancy T Avatar

I really love the concept, but it looks a bit like MAC ripped off the packaging (and possibly the concept) from DoC Desi X Katy collab. Strange how this one comes on the heels of those DoC nudes…hmm.
However, I do hope that there will be some lovely nudes for those of us who are on the dark end of medium, tan, caramel, mocha! I would love to get just one for myself, even though I have my favorite nudes already. Can’t beat UD Abstract or Liar, MAC Marque or ABH Kiss, I don’t think!

Katherine T. Avatar

Wow, Nicki looks stunning here! Not sure about the collection though. Nude lippies are really tricky for me, 90% of them seem to make me look dead or sick, and the lightest colors are hard to formulate, will probably need to swatch in store. But curious to see your swatches!

Katherine T. Avatar

OMG, I’m NC15-20, and Among the Fireflies is probably my all time fave brown nude, one of the few that don’t make me look sick/dead, also goes well with lots of bold eye looks. I’m tempted to grab a backup myself, wish they would make it permanent!

Pamela Avatar

Derriere?!?!?!??! Imagine this scenario
Woman 1 “I love that lip color on you. Where did you get it?”
Woman 2 “It’s by MAC from the Nicki Minaj collection. Just ask for ASS!”

I mean really?! Golly jeez!

Deborah Avatar

I’m not a fan of hers but if the products are good then I am in! I’m excited to see the lipsticks! As for her pose, I have seen so much more provocative poses in InStyle Magazine. It doesn’t faze me. Sex sells.

Charlana Avatar

I’m a red lipstick fanatic, but I’ll be on the moment this collection launches.
I’ve gotten tired of all the products lately with shades based on rainbows, mermaids, unicorns, candy, My Little Pony, and Disney princesses. I’m excited to see a collection that’s provocative and wearable. I like Nikki M and I’m not the least bit offended by her sexually suggestive ad. I expect nothing less from her.

Shalonda Avatar

I can’t wait for this launch!!! Nikki is a great women and very successful. Will she need to run in these shoes noooo….they are meant to be stylish as edgy as her pic. I really can’t stand when other women usually older more conservative (my mother included) says OMG look at what she’s wearing so so skin revealing. I say do it while you can!!! You’re only young once in life and once things/places begin to sag you’ll wish you could fit it in. I’m not offended by her picture but i can and do understand culture/up bringing has lots to do with our perception of how we view people/things. The back of me naturally looks like Nikki. No matter what I put on dress,skirt, pants whatever my backside hikes it up. Do I intentialy try to look this way nooo…just working with what i was given. I say this because she is working with what she has great. Please let us not hate on one another!! Doesn’t hurt or cost anything to give another beautiful women a compliment.

Wednesday Avatar

Hi Shalonda: I’m part of that older generation. We are a generation of 1 in 4 sexually abused and oft times unreported rape victims. We didn’t have 1-800 numbers to call for support. People did not talk about sexual abuse or rape. Our generation fought hard towards equal rights, felt we had to essentially dress up like men in our workplace in order to be taken seriously (with giant hideous shoulder pads too). We would frequently deal with the uber creepy pigs at work who would assume it was okay to grab your ass, comment on your body parts, etc.. We sexually repressed ourselves and educated ourselves in order to gain ground. I personally would not be comfortable in this pose or outfit, but we lived through the years where sex with more than a handful of men was considered slutty and promiscuous and both men and women judged other women on that limiting ground. I wanted to answer your post so that perhaps you would understand that in many cases our comments are not motivated by jealousy. We just see it as a message to men that women are purely sexual beings for their gratification. We know it represents so much more to the younger. I applaud those feelings; the strength and knowledge that female sexuality and pleasure is no longer a source of guilt or shame. At the end of it all, I am still a product of my old lady thinking! xoxo

Mary Ann Avatar

Who cares about her pose?? Do you really think it was her idea? MAC is peddling lipstick here, ladies, she’s not up for the Nobel Peace Prize. As a nude lipstick junkie, I will be purchasing many of these:-)

Dustin Avatar

I’ll be 41 next week. This doesn’t mean much but it’s important to the story I’m going to share 😉

Last year I was at dinner with a relative who was just out of high school and starting college and we were talking about their plans for the future. They talked about possibilities all over the planet, working in different countries and about changing their mind a lot and not settling down to a career right away. I understand some of this is just part of “being 18” but…

It occurred to me as I was listening that they are really just living the life the generation before them fought so hard to make possible. “So why am I so irritated with it?” I asked myself. Because I was. Oh yea. “Entitled” popped up in my head more than once!

They had been told all their life that anyone could be whatever they wanted to be AND in many ways they had proof of it – not knowing a life where a black president was unheard, or that a woman wouldn’t even be able to run for that position, or even just that people aren’t “gay” or “straight,” they’re just people and who cares?

50 years ago people didn’t understand why the younger generation was so selfish. Their parents fought hard to give them this life that was better than theirs, why wouldn’t they just shut up and accept it?!

I grew up with “don’t ask, don’t tell.” I heard, “I don’t care if you’re gay, just don’t be gay in public” and people didn’t understand why we were so selfish for thinking that wasn’t good enough. Why wouldn’t we just accept it?!

The older generation fights for the rights that the younger generation takes for granted, which they only take for granted because they don’t know a world without it.

When people get angry at pictures like this and I wonder if it’s partly because some of them fought hard to be treated as more than just an object and here comes the ignorant younger generation, demolishing all their hard work with their legs spread and in obviously uncomfortable shoes.

If that’s the case, I just wonder if she’s not demolishing all the work that women before her did, maybe she’s just living the life they gave her and continuing to push those boundaries for the generations after her.

It might be just me, and that’s okay, but I think it’s kind of cool when people can see a woman with her legs spread and talk about her charity work or business ventures. Because really… who cares?

I’m not saying that if you’re bothered that you shouldn’t say anything. I think you SHOULD! I adhear to the “if you don’t like it, don’t look at it” school of thought BUT also think that if you don’t like it you should talk to people who do so that you can both learn from one another and hopefully treat each other with more understanding.

MoMerrell Avatar

I agree. While I don’t agree with these entitled brats today (my son included) I could care less how they portray themselves because this is them being them. I am not okay with so many young women selling sex in various non-prostituting ways but it’s their life – go for it, live it up, turn up, get crazy….live. We only get one life. I know I had my fair share of moments. The thing people need to realize is if you don’t like it, make sure your children will be better than the ones you see and don’t like and life will be grand.

Brittany Avatar

I find it a bit odd/interesting how many people on here claim to be offended at collections that have even the slightest amount of sexual imagery (or products with suggestive shade names, for that matter). Nicki is all about being sexy and this isn’t even that risqué.

Anyway! I’m sad that this is a MAC collection because I’ve stopped buying from any brands that test on animals. 🙁

Ess Avatar

Nope, I totally agree.

Scrutinising Nicki Minaj (or any other black women for that matter) for being “too sexual” is a common pattern in society, so the fact that this was amongst the first things people mentioned is unsurprising, although deeply problematic.

Bianca Avatar

You put into words exactly what I was thinking, Ess. Thanks for that. I wonder if this photo/pose/outfit would be scandalous on a willowy white woman.

Also, it’s a MAC ad and done in an editorial fashion style, like MAC usually does in their campaigns. Models in fashion magazines use weird, sexual poses all the time and nobody thinks anything of it. But for SOME reason this one is making people uncomfortable? Hm.

nai Avatar

*applauds* actually, nicki made a similar point about this not too long ago on her IG account, i think it was. she put pics of white women next to pics of black women, in similar poses, and showed the commentary each got. pretty telling. i think nicki’s owning and celebrating her sexuality–as a black woman–are part of her political and personal statement, and, as a WOC, i completely appreciate her perspective.

i’m thinking of picking up another tube of fireflies. i’ve already purchased nicki’s nude and will grab a few more of the limited editions from this collex, like age sex location, easy babe, and mmmm.

Dominique Avatar

I love Nikki.I can understand how if you don’t know much about her or her career you would not understand why she chose this outfit or pose.This is actually a much more toned down more natural look she has been wearing for the past couple of years.I saw her here in Pittsburgh,PA when nobody knew who she was and Lil Wayne brought her out on the stage at his concert and I saw her last year headlining her own world tour.She is extremely talented and I’ve seen her on Twitter paying the college tuition balances of any of her fans that could provide proof that they were enrolled and of the actual bill.I think the imagery portrays the strong beautiful female that she is and I think she looks gorgeous that is my opinion and I respect others opinions on here everyone is entitled to their own.I love nude lipsticks I hope these turn out great because it seems like there is a large range of colors that could work on a lot of skin tones.

Alison Avatar

I’m so excited for these shades!

And as for the pose: to me it’s very tame. I’m honestly surprised that’s there’s any controversy surrounding it. But I’ve also worked part-time as a nude model for years. I’m super comfortable in my skin and I love seeing when other women are, too! Just because you wouldn’t present yourself like this doesn’t mean others shouldn’t. To each their own!

MoMerrell Avatar

I’m not a fan of hers so I won’t be getting this collab although I usually don’t buy any star collabs on purpose but I really don’t like Nicki – her music urks the heck out of my soul lol.

The names are super cute; Nicki’s Pinkprint that’s kinda dope considering ya know, her album. I see the distaste for the photo but it’s totally Nicki to me. She likes her boobs and likes to flaunt her body so I’m not bothered by it, in reality what celeb doesn’t flaunt their body that’s pretty much all they do now is sell sex.

I am a fan of the braided hairstyle she has, I just love my sistas being shown rocking the hair we used to get teased for (that certain kartrashians get praised for .

Keta Avatar

Well I guess it’s safe to say that most everyone here forgot to even comment on the LIPSTICK! Well I’ll be picking one up if not 2 or 3 and a gloss! The Ad is beautiful (to me) by the way.

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