MAC x Marilyn Monroe Collection for Holiday 2012

MAC x Marilyn Monroe Collection for Holiday 2012

M∙A∙C Marilyn Monroe, a colour collection that channels the legend’s lustre and sex appeal in shades and formulas meticulously Marilyn.
Lipsticks in rapturous reds, gleaming Dazzleglass, a dramatic 35 Lash, False Lashes Extreme Black and Eye Shadows in shimmering metallic and diamond tones provide silver-screen allure. The finishing touch: Nail Lacquers destined to be a girl’s best friend and Beauty
Powder to evoke that flawless Forever Marilyn.

Large Eyeshadow ($21.00 U.S. / $25.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • How to Marry Soft white (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Preferred Blonde Pale champagne beige (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Silver Screen True silver (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Showgirl Dark blue grey (Veluxe Pearl)

Lipstick ($16.50 U.S. / $20.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Pure Zen Frosted warm nude (Cremesheen) (Repromote)
  • Scarlet Ibis Bright orange red (Matte) (Repromote)
  • Love Goddess Mid-tone pink red (Satin)
  • Charmed I’m Sure Dark true red (Matte)
  • Deeply Adored Deep scarlet (Matte)

Dazzleglass ($21.50 U.S. / $26.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Phiff! Sheer yellow peach (Frost) (Repromote)
  • Little Rock Soft sheer white with pearl (Frost)

False Lashes Mascara ($20.00 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Extreme Black Black

Brow Finisher ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Clear Clear

Eye Kohl ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Fascinating Intense matte white
  • Smolder Intense black

Penultimate Eyeliner ($18.50 U.S. / $21.50 CDN)

  • Rapidblack True black

Penultimate Brow Marker ($18.50 U.S. / $22.00 CDN)

Lashes ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • 35 Lash

Powder Blush ($22.00 U.S. / $26.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Legendary Pale soft coral (Satin)
  • The Perfect Cheek Neutral pink beige (Matte) (Repromote)

Lip Pencil ($16.50 U.S. / $20.00 CDN)

  • Beet Vivid reddish-pink
  • Redd Clearly red
  • Cherry Vivid bright bluish-red

Beauty Powder ($28.00 U.S. / $34.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Forever Marilyn Sheer pale peach highlighter

Nail Lacquer ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Rich, Rich, Rich Glittery gold (Pearl) (Online Exclusive)
  • Vintage Vamp Rich deep retro wine (Cream) (Permanent)
  • Stage Red Dark berry red (Cream)
  • Flaming Rose True red (Cream) (Permanent)
  • Kid Orange Coral (Cream)

Availability: Online at on September 27th, 2012; North American at all MAC locations on October 4th, Internatinoal in October 2012

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Kat Avatar

I don’t mind the packaging. I like that they used photos of Marilyn that haven’t been seen a million times already.

I love red lipsticks, can’t wait for your review, Christine!

Rafaela Avatar

OMG, I have never loved a collection so much as I’m loving this. I can’t wait for it, I want it ALL!
Veluxe pearl is my favorite MAC finish, I’m so happy!
Marilyn was absolutely fantastic, apart of watching her movies, I’m reading her book Fragments (a collection of parts of her diaries, notes, poems) and oh, I’m completely in love with her <3 haha

Seriously, I was even thinking of buying a white eyeliner, MAC has read my mind haha I'm sold.
Please MAC don't ruin this collection for me!

Roxana Avatar

I love the concept, but the packaging looks cheap to me. Hopefully the new lipstick shades, especially Charmed I’m Sure and Deeply Adored, turn out well!

rhys Avatar

Sooo exited for those matte lipsticks!!!!! I can only handle matte lipsticks so this is a proper treat and the packaging is heaven! This is gonna kick NARS’ Andy collention’s ass 😀

J.C. Avatar

I’m so excited for the lipsticks, but I must say that the packaging seems a little dated….and by that I mean 80’s or 90’s.

I would have LOVED to have seen a twist on the 50’s era products that Marilyn actually wore for the packaging…something that felt glamourous and old-hollywood. Instead we get a cheese factor of about a hundred and ten.

It’s not that I hate the packaging…it just seems so deflated by lost potential.

Janna Avatar

Exactly my feeling. The whole thing isn’t terrible, and I do like some of the color choices, but it could have been so much better. I keep thinking of the film Lisa Eldridge made on Marilyn’s makeup and what an amazing story MAC could have told.

Marisa Avatar

I’m sure all of people will not like my comment but…..I just do not get her appeal. Aside from not being a fan I also find the products a bit boring and repetitive. Oh well, I’ll be passing so there will be more for the true fans I guess.

lila Avatar

I totally agree with you. The products are boring and repetitive and the package is quite tacky. I don’t see the appeal either. I think the NARS Andy Warhol collection is a much better option to invest money on.

evilyn1983 Avatar

I’ve never been a MM fan, not to say she wasn’t gorgeous, but this packaging looks tacky. It reminds me of those licensed black and white Mm bags/shirts/ that you find for like $10 at the mall. IF I buy anything from this collection, it will be the lipsticks because I love ALL the shades, but DEF not for the packaging.

Paige Avatar

This packaging is horrifying! Very disappointed, plus it isn’t worth the full price, I’m sure pro discount will not apply. MAC should be ashamed, the quality is steadily going down hill.

ChicTari Avatar

OMG!!!!! I am gonna be broke. I want EVERYTHING!!!! With the pictures above it seems like all the lip colors are universal (skin tone wise) Wow! I’ve gotta say all the reds are perfect even the nude. Wow! Wow! Wow! that all I keep thinking. The packaging is not blowing my mind but I cannot imagine anything better so that’s great.

I keep thinking the collection connects universally like she does with everyone decades after. I think MAC did a great job with this and I haven’t been this impressed with a collection. They’ve outdone themselves 🙂

Ruthless Avatar

Do you work for them or something? ;p Seriously though, promotional pictures aside it’s the quality of the products that speak to most people and based on the history of MAC over the last 2 years I’m going to say it’s only so so. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong, which will be delightful but I’ll wait until Christine reviews them before I purchase.

lila Avatar

I think my overconsumption of MAC products and the fact that even after having some products given away I still have a lot more than I can use really made this brand lose its sparkle for me. I see this Marilyn Monroe collection and all I see is the same old MAC products in fancy packages and then I think “Am I going to buy another lipstick or a new powder blush just because of a package?”. I really wish MAC collections could come up with new and very different products so that I would feel that buying the products is worthwhile and not just about a different package.

Miss J Avatar

Meh. Happy for anyone who loves/is dying for the collection, tho! I’m one person you won’t have to fight with over the last “insert product here!” 😛

Theresa Avatar

Of ALL the pics of MM in the world they could put on their packaging, I can’t believe what they chose. Packaging is awful. There’s a couple LE shades I might get, but I won’t be getting anything because of the packaging. Ick MAC, ick.

Savannah Avatar

The packaging I’m ehh on… It’s not amaazing, but it’s not terrible either. Does anyone know for sure, if it’s just stickers put on the products? I bought one of the surf baby items, and it was a sticker and now it’s just peeling off…. I was just going to buy the classic red lip and maybe one e/s but not if they’re stickers. I’ll just buy a classic red from the permanent range.

Brenn Avatar

I curious why MAC hasn’t let this collection out for people like yourself who do reviews and swatches of the products. I personally count on it .
Make me wonder tabout the quality of the products and how it swatches . I would think they would want every blogger raving about the quality of the whole collection . For those who are buying it online w these expensive prices. Am I missing something here ? Or is it normal for a pricy collection ?

Christine Avatar

Hi Brenn!

The way MAC sends out their samples is they usually send them out only a couple of days before the release date, and this release date is usually the in-store release date. I confirmed with MAC that samples will be sent, but not until next week – so I will be buying the full collection online as soon as it goes up for sale. This is what I normally do anyway (I’ve bought every collection since Dame Edna in ’07 except for between 5-10 over the past 5 years), because MAC sends a sampling of the collection, which might be 2-3 items or could be over half – just depends on the launch, but I don’t have any insight beforehand.

cecikierk Avatar

Meh. Most of the recent MAC collections are getting really gimmicky. IMO they need to step up and get a little more creative. I can put stickers on ordinary lipstick tubes too, I don’t need them to do it for me.

Beckie Avatar

i wanted a blush (not sure which one) and little rock lipgloss, now I don’t know. I still might get little rock and I saw these promo pictures awhile ago but the nars Andy Warhol and new Guerlain collections are far more impressive.

Cathy Avatar

I’m torn between not minding the packaging and thinking it tacky… I might get two of the lipsticks – Scarlet Ibis and Love Goddess – if your reviews of those products suggest they’re good! Hoping the quality is better than NARS’ Warhol collection.

Nikki Avatar

I must say that I was excited for this collection because I am definitely a Marilyn fan, but this packaging is so disappointing! =/ I really don’t know how I feel about it now…

Mariella Avatar

Hubby and I and my best friend just watched Some Like It Hot on the weekend. What a funny, fun-filled movie. But I don’t think there’s anything in this collection that I either want or need. Somehow, I think the legend that is Marilyn deserved better. And, as with the Warhol/Sedgewick thing, I find it a bit creepy, MAC many money off the bones of dead people.

blueraccoon Avatar

I’m meh about the packaging, but given the latest MAC collections I’m kind of wondering how the quality’s going to be on these products. I’ll be interested to read the reviews.

Wwendalynne Avatar

Given the ever downhill sliding nature of MAC limited collections, I doubt I will be interested in this collection either. OMG, Marilyn is such an iconic figure and they really have done her ZERO justice in this packaging. Blech!!!!

Lindsay Avatar

Does anyone know how Scarlet Ibis and Lady Danger compare? I love orange-reds, but I don’t need a thousand of them! Meh on the packaging, why pay extra for a sticker of all things? Don’t get that…

Terri Avatar

I like the packaging and plan to buy 2 lipsticks, one lip glass, one lip pencil, a blush and an eyeshadow. My daughter and I are really having fun with this and she is SO excited about the red color!!

Dinitchka Avatar

All I can say about the pics … I am about in tears over this collection. I think MAC could have done so much better and really made a much better effort. Though seriously disappointed and disappointing, I am going to buy this collection to add to my extensive MM collection. I have LOVED MM since I was a kid. The one thing that always stuck with me about her was that even though she was a bit zaftig, she was a very beautiful and head strong woman.

*** MAC shame on yall. Yall could have done so much better!!!

Carrie Ann Avatar

I was told at my local MAC counter that the pictures they used on the packaging have never been released before. I think it looks pretty cool, especially the lipsticks.

Dinitchka Avatar

Seems to be. I couldn’t find anything like that in my collection. But I didn’t look through everything … It’s 11:30pm and I am *zzz*. I just wish MAC would have strived a bit more for an interesting packaging of various pictures. It’s just so sterile looking. I’m still in shock …

Dinitchka Avatar

After speaking with my MAC SA (he’s a manager) yesterday … The counter will have a party with pics (and swag) that have supposedly never been seen before and are property of MAC. They will be having a MM look-a-like as well. Mind you, this will be 2 weeks after the collection is released in stores. Will their be anything left? He’s thinking no. I have to call him back today to see if the stuff the store is unboxing today has any MM products. If it does, I’ll run by tonight and take a look and maybe some pics.

Oh, and he mentioned the packaging after I told him about my disappointment. The packaging is of the more iconic MM. They didn’t want any colour because they did not want her all “frou frou-uped”. Plus they didn’t want to use pics that had already been seen many times over. I don’t know, I still think they could have done a lot better.

Dinitchka Avatar

Exactly Christine!!! RIGHT??!! It should have been either the day of the launch OR a party the night before the launch with a chance to shop the collection. I’m not sure who’s brainwave the 2 weeks LATER party was.

Erin Gayle Avatar

I only like the packaging of the lipsticks and beauty powder. The rest seems uber cheap :/ Does anyone know if Pro discount can apply to this collection?

Brenda Avatar

First, disappointment in the image used and packaging, as I see a lot of people are. Second, disappointed that there is a black liner but not a brown, which is what Marilyn’s makeup artist used on her.

Lauren Avatar

Okay, I’m not one for packaging, but MAC, you better not screw this one up. Those eyeshadows are Veluxe Pearl, which is probably one of the best finishes they put out, and there aren’t any gimmicky products, so I’m REALLY hoping this collection turns out well, if so, I’ll buy the whole thing, no kidding.

Andrea Avatar

To be honest, I thought I wanted a lot more from the collection. Now I just want a couple lipsticks and a few pair of lashes and maybe a blush. Thank god I’m not a fan of Veluxe Pearl eyehadows (Especially for 20 bucks).

Oh and Christine, THE LASHES WILL BE PERMANENT IN FREESTANDING STORES. I’m not 100% sure but a few MAC Artists on Instagram say they will be here to stay 🙂

Alli Avatar

I am not too find of the packaging. I just realized what they remind me of…the mini shampoo/bath items that you get a the Disney hotels. If I buy anything it will be because of the product itself.

Alexandra Avatar

The packaging looks kind of cheap. I could have stuck a picture of Marilyn on one of my blushes or shadows and it would look the same. Marilyn is an icon, so far I’m not impressed.

Carrie Avatar

I don’t mind the packaging, but I wish the eyeshadows weren’t over-sized. I pretty much don’t hit pan on anything any more so don’t need the huge pans.

Catherine Avatar

Hm… the packaging is definitely not what I expected. It’s like they tried to modernize Marilyn Monroe’s image, but kind of lost the essence of what made her so iconic. But I’m interested to see how the collection turns out, mostly because I’m pretty sure that eyeshadow finish was really good in the past

Carolyn Avatar

The collection depresses me. It’s not just the packaging (which looks morose instead of elegant). Although MM was an extraordinarily beautiful woman (and quite talented, in my opinion)–she had such a sad, complicated life peppered with addiction and mental illness. And from all accounts, she struggled to maintain her privacy. I think the Nars’ Andy Warhol collection makes a lot more sense.

Veronica Avatar

Agreed. I never know what to think about Monroe collection. Often, I feel they glamorize her life and beauty at the expense of the complexity of her remarkable yet troubled character, essentially objectifying her as much as she was in her own life.

Miss J Avatar

Can anyone recommend a pair of lashes like the MAC 35, but not as expensive? I loved the 35 lashes before they got rid of them, but don’t feel like spending $16. TIA!

pussycat Avatar

This packaging reminds me of those little Marilyn coin purses I would buy at the dollar store as a young girl…so tacky… I hope MAC reads these comments and realizes they’ve made a mistake. The sad part is I’ve been obsessed with her for as long as I can remember so I will be picking up a few things :/

Tyler Avatar

MAC could have brought the mega metals or some other stellar out-of-production formula back to really make this collection sing, but in usual mac fashion, they fail while still trying.

The packaging does suck. It just seems very half-baked… Like there were some too-quick decisions.

overall – meh.

Lisa J Avatar

Personally, I couldn’t care less about the packaging, though apparently I’m in the minority. I love Marilyn as much as the next person and there are better photos of her out there, but all of that is irrelevant to me. I’m more concerned with the quality of these products. Some of the lipsticks and eyeshadows are totally up my alley, not to mention that the eyeshadows are in one of my favorite finishes, Veluxe Pearl. The last several collections have sort of turned me off from MAC, especially considering that they’ve raised the prices yet again. I’m hoping this collection has the quality products we all know MAC can produce, when they actually try. I guess if I was a makeup collector I would feel differently. :/

Sandrine Avatar

I agree with this. You won’t see me complaining about the packaging of products unless they interfere with the way I use them i.e. defective pumps, etc. If I like the quality of the product, I will buy it regardless of the packaging. With that said, I’m perfectly fine with the packaging of this collection. I’m not going to complain about the image they used and so on. What matters is the product itself. Then again there are those who buy products for collection purposes.

Anyway, I’m loving the red lipsticks.

gabis Avatar

You may not care about the packing enough to buy a good quality product even if the packing is bad. However, one of the reasons why these products’ prices are higher is the packing. Paying more for your same old product simply because it has a different – and in this case crappy – packing is something to consider. If the products from this collection happen to be good it is at least disappointing that the packing is not in the same level of the formulas. Specially considering all the potential the theme Marilyn Monroe has and MAC’s know how for the beauty market.

A.J. Avatar

I haven’t purchased a MAC item in about a year now. The Marilyn collection has been the only thing in 12 months that’s made me curious to see a new MAC line. I should have expected to be disappointed, but I’m still surprised: This is it? So tacky!

Like a lot of girls, I’ve always liked Marilyn and had a soft spot for her. She had such a horrific upbringing, and her demise was just as sad. But she was so charming and vivacious and beautiful, it would be hard not to like her at least a little! I always frown at people who get angry with Marilyn fans. You can say whatever you want about her acting, or even her looks. But there is no denying that she is one of the most, if not THE MOST recognizable beauty icons on the planet, and her appeal has not let up at all in 50 years. (See also: My Week With Marilyn, Smash!, etc.)

MAC totally screwed this project up. This is a holiday collection on top of everything else, so they should have gone all out with the packaging. Bombshell-esque: diamonds and rhinestones, art deco, mirror finishes, the whole nine yards. I assume they kept it simple to keep costs down, but considering that this is a Marilyn/Christmas collection, they could have charged a bit more if it meant really impressive packaging. God only knows how many hardcore collectors would have bought doubles and triples of items if the packaging had been truly extraordinary. I also take issue with the pictures they chose. Couldn’t they have used something that’s a bit more well-known to the public, or at the very least, something that displayed her makeup more?

As others have mentioned, it’s clear that MAC didn’t pay a ton of attention to Marilyn’s actual makeup routine, and that’s the real shame here. They didn’t even include a brown pencil! And those lashes look nasty. Lisa Eldridge managed to recreate Marilyn’s lashes in two seconds by cutting a regular set down to size; MAC totally could have done the same! And there’s not much here in the way of achieving glowy, dewy, super fresh skin, which was arguably even more vital to the Marilyn look than red lips and false lashes.

Overall, this collection just confirms my decision to look MAC over as a brand entirely.

Wilcoa Avatar

I completely agree! I stopped buying MAC a couple of years ago and have only bought my loose powder as it’s the best match for me. Outside of that, couldn’t care less about the brand. I’ve been so disappointed about all of their recent collections an the amount they keep pumping out that I don’t even bother to look at the counter any longer. The MAs at my counter are also a little peeved because they have very limited counter space and barely enough room to put everything out, in total there is the main counter plus an additional 4-5 tables around the side. It’s a mess! and I can’t blame the MAs.

Megan Avatar

I love Marilyn and the photos are gorgeous, but the names are pretty lame. Love Goddess was Rita Hayworth’s nickname, not Marilyn Monroe. Personally china Glaze did a much better job with names when they did their Marilyn nail polish collection. MAC should at least do research. Just that detail bugs me.

Abbi P. Avatar

I’m soooo excited to get my hands on the re-promote of the LE Scarlet Ibis, I couldn’t care less about the Marilyn Monroe collection I just NEED this lipstick!!! I’ll prolly get the liner to go with as well and I LOVE white eyeliners so if Fascinating gets a GREAT review I might pick it up too, and I’m interested to see if the Brow Finisher is something great or not. I’m def really excited to see your reviews on this collection as some of the MAC stuff has kinda bombed as of late, can’t wait!!

Naty Avatar

Oh geessh the prices are ridiculous. I’ll probably get two lipsticks and the beauty powder which later on will use as a compact otherwise I’ll pass on the rest of the items.

Smidgeroo Avatar

Dude, I’m just stokes I can replace my Phiff! that came with a crappy splayed brush, and I can snag Scarlet Ibis… even if the packaging is a major MEH.

tracey m Avatar

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that more likely the design of the packaging was probably not rushed since well you just don’t do a collection with that type of icon and not try hard to get it right but 2012 (last month) was the 50th anniversaryof her death so that’s probably why they did a collection but I’m assuming they ran into a lot of copyright issues when it came to the image and kinda had to take what they could and make it work. Yes it’s a bit disappointing but oh well I am still going to at least get a lipstick since Mac is doing very well with those currently and they’re red so yay one that.

Lizzi Avatar

I don’t see how they’re justified in the price increase. Must be trying to make up the lost profits in the recent sucky collections. Arn’t the beauty powders normally $25, the blushes $20, etc… I know it’s special packaging but yeesh…

Christine Avatar

I’m told it’s “because it’s a collaboration,” which typically is because whoever they’re collaborating with is taking a cut or MAC has to pay a fee to license/use the person’s image/likeness/name. MAC’s been doing it for years, though.

Lizzi Avatar

Oh, I understand that, but when they collaborated with Disney to use the villains for Venomous Villains the products still only had the $1 or so special packaging price increase. And wouldn’t Disney have wanted a cut from the sales? A $3 price high isn’t much honestly, but it’s just frustrating that a company that’s been having more misses than hits, is still raising the price tag. If you wanna raise the price than make the quality proportionate to it. That Beth Ditto collection was a joke in terms of quality. MAC hear out your loyal customers, we want better products not more half-hearted releases. Put effort into turning out 4 or 5 AMAZING collections a year, not 20+ so-so ones.

t_zwiggy Avatar

PASS! I’ve never been a fan of Marilyn Monroe, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get the obsession some people seem to have with her. I’m not going to comment on her looks, because I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I don’t feel comfortable calling someone ugly. When it comes to her style, though, makeup in particular, I think it looks awful!

As for this collection, I think it looks extremely boring, most of the products look dupeable and the packaging is tacky.

LJ Avatar

It disappoints me to see comments on here referring to Marilyn’s personal life. She was so much more than the tragic ‘mess’ she’s been unjustly labelled as. And she’s an inspiration for so much more than her makeup.

Aside from that, there are certainly problems with this packaging. However, the lipstick shades looks great, I really hope they don’t disappoint. Just wish they’d picked a more ‘make-up’ or ‘beauty’ focused photoshoot.

Diana Baremore Avatar

Could the packaging be more hideous? Yes, we know she’s dead and your packaging just proves it. There are so many beautiful, alive pictures of Marilyn. I’ve never associated her much with black. That really wasn’t her color. I was so looking forward to buying this for my daughter who collects Marilyn but I can’t buy this. So ugly.

gabis Avatar

LOL, MM’s image totally looks like a sticker. Very amateur packing for a brand like MAC. Another disappointment which unfortunately cant be taken as a surprise given all the shitty collections MAC’s been releasing lately. Another ruined oportunity that’s for sure. MM surely deserves something better.

les Avatar

Who on the heck is designing at mac? I’ve seen much more glam shots of MM, these look cheap. Although that isn’t stopping me from buying a few items LOL I guess mac figured why try they will still buy ha:)

Chester Avatar

I’m honestly a bit shocked how many people care about the packaging. What you see here is cosmetic and 98% of the time cosmetic is to be used! It’s what’s inside the fancy packaging that’s important. Quality in terms of formula and application are what matter to me and what makes me spend my hard-earned cash! I could care less about packaging as long as it provides sufficient protection for the product itself.

(Side note, the 2% go to the serious collectors out there. I understand why they care about packaging.)

L. Avatar

I would really love to get my hands on the silver eyeshadow or powder! But somehow I feel they’ll be sold out before I get the chance ^^;. I am excited for this collection but I cannot wait until the Betty & Veronica one 😀 super excited. I think the lipsticks, especially the red will go very fast. The only thing that makes me hesitant to buy anything from this collection is 1) I shop too much and 2)The quality. I’m worried it will be a big dud, like the Office hours collection. I loved the promotional photos for that collection and the colours were beautiful.But After seeing/reading reviews on it, I didn’t buy one thing!

Christine Avatar

Best advice is to check online Monday and Tuesday before the launch – for this particular launch, if I’m home when it happens, I’ll be tweeting/posting its availability as well. Then there’s always Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, and Bloomingdale’s online – they launch a bit after MAC when some of the frenzied buying dies down.

L Avatar

I got my hands a a few pieces! :D. Though I did change my mind on what I wanted, haha. I got the preferred blond shadow, hopefully it is good! I like soft colours on the eyes and bold lips. I snaged deeply adored, which, by the way looked beautiful on you Christine! you can pull of any lip. But this morning on the Canadian Mac site, only 2/5 lipsticks were left. I’ve never really been into Mac until this year, I’ve never seen makeup sell so fast!

katherine Avatar

This collection doesn’t do much for me. The only thing that I’m intrested in are the lipsticks and lip liners. I love a good red lip!Veluxe Pearl shadows are my least favorite finish from MAC.Don’t even get me started on the nail polishes and them Penultimate Eyeliners! I can’t stand those. I think beacuse Marilyn wore light silvery or nude shades it was a good thing to include but not so much for darker skin tones. Overall I can’t wait for you to do a video on these.

EmJay Avatar

I’m super excited for this collection, I’d love to have all of it but I’d never use half of it. I really want the blushes and beauty powder. And thanks Christine for the tip on how and where to shop so maybe I can actually get some of this collection.

Sherry Avatar

I agree. I think she’s a terrible role model for women. Drug addict who slept with married men. I see nothing special about her. I’m glad there is nothing that really interests me in this collection.

Isobel Avatar

She was a great actress and she had a very sad life, I don’t think you can just write people off simply because you don’t agree with their choices in life.

Amanda Avatar

This is a collection I am stoked about. Absolutely smashing collection. Only thing I don’t love is that there are 4 red lipsticks. I was hoping for maybe something else aside from all the reds. I’ll def be buying one red and a the nude one. I want to own all 4 shadows, hope they don’t disappoint.

Grace Avatar

I would buy something from this collection purely for the packaging as I know I would keep it even after I finish the product because I love Marilyn! I am most intrigued by the beauty powder, blush and lipsticks. They look beautiful! Can’t wait for your reviews!

Rach Avatar

I’m so excited for this collection!! But before I decide on which ones I would purchase, I would have to see what Christine have to say!! I really hope this collection doesn’t disappoint…!

Anissa Avatar

Meh. The only thing remotely interesting about this is the packaging. And I’m more of a Bettie Page girl… The packaging pack rat in me might win out and I’ll get a couple things but other than that… pass.

zainab Avatar

I actually like that they went with less well known images of Marilyn. I’ve always felt that one of the most amazing things about her looks were how iconic, yet changeable they were. Apparently without makeup she was often unrecognisable. The beige lipstick is the most ‘Marilyn’ to me.

Brittany Avatar

Bleh..Another collection I’m not excited for..even the packaging didn’t do it for cause of the constant reuse of the same picture(s). I will wait for the video review to see iif my mind can be changed, otherwise, I’m just not that into it.

Samary Avatar

Atleast on the beauty powder, blushes, eyeshadow and lipstick packaging it’s not a sticker 🙂 I scrutinized them today trying to figure it out and was pleasently surprised, it kinda grew on me! Check them out 🙂

Samary Avatar

I actually got my hands on this today! Before seeing it in person I had the same dissapointing feeling over the packaging, but being able to hold and see them today made me change my mind. It’s actually not that bad, I like the glossy finish and I can’t even really tell if its a sticker or not, well done, I quite like it. The beauty powder and legendary blush were my fave, also picked up scarlet ibis and deeply adored lipsticks and preffered blonde eyeshadow. Love!

Michelle Avatar

Regardless of what you may think of her life, there is no denyng that Marily Monroe was one georgous & sexy woman!! Not too crazy about the packaging, I definitely think they could’ve come up with much classier photos, but I love the black & white. Looking foward to Christine’s reviews. I just hope that the MAC counter doesn’t sell out as usualy, so I can go and see for myself in person the different colors, etc. It’s a great idea, I just hope it delivers. MAC has way too many collections! It’s hard to keep up with what’s new.

janice Avatar

I agree with Michelle. Something about Marilyn is so sofisticated and elegant. Nothing like these reality stars now a days.

The only down fall is that Mac counters often sell out due to their own employees. My sister works for Mac and she has everything they have ever made.

Kathy S. Avatar

Every once in awhile, MAC will change their minds about giving the Pro discount on a specially-packaged collection. Unless they do, I might get the beauty powder…maybe. I like Marilyn but, for $28, I can get a coffee cup, a poster and have enough left over for a mouse pad…all with better pictures of her.

The other thing that I don’t get is not sending the promo items out to bloggers sooner than 5 minutes before they show up in the store. At least let some of the bloggers buy the collections earlier. I frequently buy based on reviews and reading about a collection’s awesomeness on makes me think twice about passing on something.

stacey Avatar

The one with the lip gloss makes her look like she is sitting on a toilet. I really think it is wrong to put a picture of the deceased…so dis-respectful….not like she is endorsing…she is not a cartoon like Cinderella or Hello Kitty or fake person like Wonder Woman or a living person…

Michelle Avatar

just got back from the preview party here in sacramento cali. by the time i finally got in (close to 7:30pm), they were already sold out of scarlet ibis!!! was so disappointed!!! that was the main reason me and my friend went. they had lady danger out as a replacement. also, for love goddess they had impassioned as the replacement. luckily i was able to get love goddess. i wasn’t too impressed with the eyeshadows. the ones that i was interested in (silver screen and showgirl) swatched a little too sheer for my liking. don’t know how they would do on the lid though so i might reconsider them after christine’s review, if you are able to get your hands on them. i hope i will be able to grab them online, but if not, i will have to rely on a fellow temptalia reader to help me and my friend out!!! btw, one of the ladies in line had a mac pro card and she checked on the pro website and she said it was noted as being sold out too.

Krissy Avatar

I went to the launch party last night and I am so incredibly disappointed with this collection. The eyeshadows are gritty, the lipsticks can be easily duped, the blushes are boring and not very pigmented, and the packaging is hokey. I really really really wanted to love this collection.

Erica Avatar

I went to the unveiling party last night and although at first I didn’t like the packaging,now I like it, very simple, classy and grown up. I don’t find it tacky, amongst other things Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol and these are sexy pictures for a sexy collection. Just my opinion. Moving on, I picked up Love Goddess Lipstick with Beet Lip liner and its gorg, perfect match. I also got the brow definer. By the way, you can use your pro discount as I used mine.

Espe Avatar

I was going to initially pass this collection, but as soon as I saw it up on Pro I couldn’t help it! My order comes in on Monday. Ugh, standard shipping.

Julie Avatar

When I found out about it, I tried purchasing some items online. They immediately sold out. I gave my hubby the heads up that I will be making a special trip to the MAC counter Oct 4th as soon as Macy’s opens… and to brace himself for some damage!!! Can’t wait to place it on my bathroom counter. Will go pleasantly well with mirrored jewelry boxes & acrylic make-up boxes 😀

Dinitchka Avatar

For those that totally missed out or just missed a few items … Oct 18th – Oct 21st Dillard’s will have a restock of items, IN STORE. I’m not sure about online. I suggest calling and pre-ordering.

*I am assuming some if not all stores have stock already in. I ended up skipping everything first go around since my SA basically said only a few items came in. When I called today he already had my items packed up and in his office. Good luck!

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