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MAC x Marilyn Monroe Collection Available Online!

MAC x Marilyn Monroe Collection Available Online!

The official in-store launch date is still October 4th according to MAC HQ, but if you’re worried, try calling your local MAC store or counter and verifying with them regarding their launch date. You may be able to hold or do a pre-order, but the policy on both seems to vary a lot from location to location.

Keep in mind, online retailers like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, and Bloomingdale’s will also launch the collection online. All retailers appear to have launched the collection at this time, except Dillard’s.

Now available at Nordstrom!

We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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I agree with Brenda. As soon as the collection launched online I tried to purchase the lipsticks and they were sold out. There are so many other brands with wonderful reds it’s just not worth the stress anymore.

If MAC were smart, they’d anticipate the extra demand for something like this and make more. It’s silly to set themselves up to get customers/followers p-o’ed.

Agreed will all previous posts. I was extremely disappointed that each lipstick had been sold out. And I was ready to spend big bucks for the entire collection. I called Mac customer service to confirm and the young lady I spoke with told me that it had been out for 15 minutes and sold out of the lipsticks within that 15. She then told me to go on and purchase the other products I wanted and gave false hope that if I “checked back” that the lipsticks would become available. Well it didn’t happen for Hey Sailor! and I KNOW better than to think it will for Marilyn. Needless to say they have lost a customer with this poor marketing strategy. I was not aware, but she told me that the Pro cardholders got first dibs before it went online today!! Really?!! What a waste. I too, am done with the hype of MAC. And besides, Marilyn’s color can never be sold as she wore a mix of a FEW colors to obtain her perfect red. For anyone looking for a beautiful blue based red, Makeup Forever’s Rouge Artist Intense in Moulin Rouge is a great start to creating a beautiful “Marilyn-esque” red lip.

I can completely understand your frustration but they do tend to put extra quantities of LE collections up a few days after the initial release. For Hey, Sailor! I originally skipped over Red Racer and was kicking myself after seeing swatches but I know how MAC works…so I checked frequently and sure enough one night around 8-9 p.m. there it was available again, online! So if you are willing to keep checking back you may really be able to snag one!

I was part of a small group of ladies that sort of stalked the site until the collection came up and had a text chain to alert others. We were all able to get what we wanted and watched as items started disapearing. Within an hour, 3 of the lipsticks were sold out and after 2 nearly everything was gone. It was crazy to watch. This is just part of what MAC is now and you can choose to buy into it or not. We had fun and got what we wanted but I completely understand those who didn’t and who are frustrated. It is what it is, I guess.

I agree with the previous commenters’ sentiments. But if you ladies really want those lipsticks that were sold out, just check eBay – that’s where they all went. Re-sellers knew that having Marilyn on the packaging would make it a super-hot item, even to people who don’t wear makeup. So I’m betting a handful of savvy dealers called as soon as the collection went live, and ordered as many as they could. I’ve never heard that MAC has a limit to the quantity each person can order, but I really think they should – especially with a collection like this. It really makes me mad when a company allows its faithful customers/fans to be left out in the cold like this. There will be other ways to get the items you want next week, but in the meantime these sellers are taking advantage and marking up the prices on products they couldn’t possibly even have in their possession yet. :-[

Hey MAC! It’s not too late to cancel some of those orders and put a quantity limit on future orders! You might make a few people mad, but you’ll make a whole lot more of your devoted followers happy!

MAC has a limit of 4, actually 🙂 And if you do multiple orders, I’ve heard of readers getting their orders canceled as a result!

Thanks for the info, Christine!

Clearly 4 is still too many. Who really needs 4 of the exact same shade? I’m sure some would disagree, but I think a limit of 2 would be plenty.

I too agree with the rest of the posts. I am tired of hoping I can get a LE product from MAC before it sells out. As it is I was only able to get Showgirl and Legendary before they sold out and resorted to Ebay to pick up Perfect Cheek… I don’t know what it is about the limited collections that drive us all crazy. Also I want to thank you for putting such great dupes of those lip colors… I love the Guerlain Girly one. It also angers me that so many people buy out the collections to sell on Ebay for a horrendous price. I certainly wouldn’t pay $150 for all those lipsticks. Outrageous!

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who feels frustrated with MAC’s limited edition situation. It’s the single reason why I’ve given up on the company. After all, every company can have a dud in its line from time to time, so that’s not it. But no other company puts me through endless, futile effort for their L/E items. I hate feeling like a poodle jumping through hoops that they’ve intentionally set up to create hype because, at the end, I feel laughed at, especially when they’ve increased prices for silly things like stickers and don’t always care about the quality. (Let’s ignore the time that one MAC MUA actually *did* laugh at me when I asked for a L/E item.)

Plus, with other companies, if things do sell out, they actually re-stock which is probably the biggest fatal flaw with MAC’s L/E collections. They don’t seem to ever restock!! Still, for a collection as sought-after as the Marilyn one, I truly thought that they would increase their usual bare bones quantity. I really did. So I tried to stay up as best as I could for the lipsticks but…. nope. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I’m an idiot.

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. Central Time in order to buy these early online — only to discover that they were already sold out!!! 🙁 This really stinks! Mac should make more merchandise. I’m quite put out about this. I mean, sold out at 5:30 a.m.?!!!!!

Thank you Christine, you’re a star. You do very very good work for us and I love how quick off the mark you are with these collections. Hardly anyone is as thorough and does as good a job as you do. You should be praised for your work much more often! Thank you again 😀

I was able to pre-order the lipglass and lipstick last week in store. I went the next day to get the highlighter and they where sold out! I was upset because it was pre-order and I knew they had a coupe left the night before. 🙁

It says everything has sold out on the MAC website. I’m glad I got myself a ticket to the MAC Marilyn Monroe event over here on Tuesday, I will be able to get some products before it goes on general sale.

I remember the Venomous Villains collection, that sold out really fast too. I remember the day it got released, going in the the store early in the morning to get a lot of the stuff, even skipped my early morning lecture to do it. It’s really bad that people are buying the stuff just to sell it on e bay, that’s probably why most of it has sold out already.

Hello Hannah!
I live here in Finland and we have here only 2 mac counters in whole country. And we dont get all collections here. And You cannont order online anywhere who delivers here. So my only option is buy from ebay. Actually because of weak euro it is now cheaper to me to buy from ebay =)

They also have it online at Macy’s! I would suggest to get it now online because some Mac stores may not have a lot of products the day it launches.

Ugh, its annoying how all the lipsticks are once again SOLD OUT!!! nothing at macys.com and nothing at bloomingdales.com 🙁 this sucks!

After stalking the nordstrom website, i was able to purchase all the items i wanted from this collection! 🙂 yay!! I live in the West Coast, so anyone still wanting something from this collection should hurry up! There are still lipsticks available 🙂

I was originally supposed to get a call from my Pro store to presell, but didn’t and when I called the day of the online launch, they said they had done presell over the past week and were out. Then I thought I was OK because I have a friend who worked at a Nordstrom Mac counter, but she unexpectedly quit.
I had 4 web browsers up (Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Dillards) and just happened to refresh this morning when I woke up at 7:30 pst, when I noticed Macy’s and Bloomingdales had already launched online and were sold out of mostly everything. I got Scarlet Ibis in my Bloomingdales cart and went to checkout when they told me the item was unavailable. So, I waited until 9 AM to call Macy’s/Bloomingdales customer service, and she was able to locate them in a San Francisco Bloomingdales and have them shipped to me ($10 standard shipping fee, ouch). However, my estimated ship date isn’t until the 8th so I’m understandably worried about getting my items.
This is crazy and ridiculous. MAC would make more money having more items available, so why don’t they???

most of the lipsticks are sold out everywhere already. i’m so upset. I just want LOVE GODDESS. that’s all. I’m so frustrated with MAC. How do you let a collection sell out before it even hits stores? It’s bullshit. I’m gonna call it. Total bullshit.

I would keep checking MAC online since they would probably restock at somepoint. Or wait for Bloomingdales since they haven’t launched yet.

The low quantity LE’s are deliberate. Keeps you coming back for more regardless of quality. Pretty simple and brilliant actually. Classic Econ 101 supply and demand. I would have liked to get my hands on Ibis, but I’ll live without it and I’m not that enthused to pay the current eBay prices. One thing for sure, there will always be more red lipsticks and given the grand slam sellout on this collection, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they came out with an encore performance at some point.

The next step will be LE’s with less product, but cost even more money.

I’m really frustrated about this too. While I understand the laws of supply and demand and that limited edition means limited quantity, it feels like most people didn’t get a shot at these. I have been watching Macy’s for days and of course the collection went online when I was asleep. I hope that MAC decides to make and releases more of the collection (especially the lipsticks, which are what I was looking for). I will also keep checking Macy’s site as they sometimes get more stock (this has happened to me once before with another MAC collection, though it wasn’t as anticipated as this one).

Unrelated to Mac, but if anyone is interested on a site called makeup minutes they say that one of the legendary shades that was part of Marilyn´s 5 lipsticks makeup routine to create the perfect red, is still made. The shade in point is from Guerlain and it´s called Insolence de Rouge number 522 from the Kiss Kiss line. Hope I may have helped 🙂

I feel really lucky that I got everything I want from this collection but let me tell you it was not without looooots of stalking especially being that I live here on the West Coast and most of the sites launched the collection when most West Coasters would be asleep and East Coasters awake. If anyone still wants anything there are a few options left…of course you could stand in line early on the 4th if you are near a store. Lots of stores are taking preorders(none near me unfortunately). Dillards still hasn’t had their online launch. And Mac has tweeted several times that they are restocking at some point, though who knows what kind of volume. Good luck to all!

I know what you mean. There were a few things I wanted from the collection, but I knew it would sell out quickly, so I checked the website morning, afternoon & night days before it was supposed to launch online. (MAC tends to put collections online early.) It just so happened that I woke up @ 2:30 the morning it launched, so I took the opportunity to check my computer. If I hadn’t checked that early, all of the things I wanted would’ve been sold out. Almost everything is sold out on the other websites, too.

What’s funny was for a long time I wasn’t expecting it to sell out as quickly…everywhere it seemed people were saying the packaging was so tacky. Then a couple days before the MAC online launch I started hearing about people talking about setting their alarm every hour etc…so I checked the site early the day of and still managed to miss LG. I missed the Macy’s online launch for LG too! Then I called Macy’s customer service line right when they opened at 9am and was able to order it there…then finally could turn my computer off LOL.

The sad thing about this is that I found that there was actually quality within this launch especially in comparison to all of MACs launches recently. It’s bullshit that their fans have to put up with a new collection every two weeks with a lame concept and crappy products, and then when they finally get it right they have it just as limited as the other lame releases. They should have more releases like this and have the time frame of selling it larger, and therefore more product to sell

If they stuck a Gucci label onto MAC, it would bring this same excitement…..that is all MAC does is to bring on this frenzy that you got the product due to demand and supply…I do admit it is very hard to resist not buying something.

If they put Mellon’s picture onto a MAC product, then I can see the frenzy….but other than that, it is like buying another lipstick at the very end of the day.

Mellon is very photogenic and actually deserves his own product.

Just found out by Dillard”s customer service rep, that they will no longer be carrying MAC online anymore. According to her, she doesn’t know if it’s something to do with the contract or what. They just found out this morning.. Just a heads up!

Hate to break some disappointing news but Dillard’s just launched sometime last night/this morning (after 2am EST). I was dying to get LG but it looks like all the lippys are already gone…..MAC fail…

Okay so i’ve been kicking myself for not buying before, but I finally ran over to nordstroms and practically begged if they were doing presale AND THEY ARE. Only limited quantities though. I put my order in and I can pick it up thursday!

I’m so surprised how quickly this all sold out. The two items I want are not available on any of the websites Christine linked. I hope, like someone mentions, MAC decides to produce and sell more of this collection.

WOW! Most of the lipsticks are sold out or the only ones available are on backordered. I guess it really isn’t meant to be Scarlet Ibis. I had called my Nordstrom’s the other day and they weren’t taking any orders or hold. I am not willing to leave work to go to the mall at 10am just to have them tell me what I want is sold out. That will just be a big waste of time. Guess I will try calling around to see if any stores are willing to hold them for me otherwise, it’s just not meant to be.

Man, I remember being worried I couldn’t get the Chanel products I wanted from their fall launch, and that was totally easy – nothing was out of stock, and the only product I haven’t gotten is Fleur de Lotus (But I think Burberry Blossom may be a good dupe, maybe) so I’m okay with that. I’m not the biggest MAC fan for various reasons and this is definitely one of them; why piss off your customer base to this extent? Wouldn’t it make more sense to, I don’t know, make sure you had enough for online launches and in-store pre-orders and launches? It doesn’t make it more special, it just pisses off your customers and brings down your reputation.

but what do I know, right?

I have no luck with this collection at all. Everytime I go to order it’s sold out. Sometimes I have the product in my cart and by the time I checked out it’s no longer there. Deeply Adore goes out so quickly.

Wow. I was able to nab three lipsticks only. Called Macy’s and they were prettying out of everything they were preselling. So I’ll probably be out there at 10 to purchase the last red l/s and the two blushes. I have never seen anything selling out as fast as this collection did. Good luck for anyone else that is still looking to buy.

What I am finally figuring out, after the favorite colors were brought back, is that people are able to order way more than they should be able to, only to sell it for five or six times what they paid for it on eBay. I think Mac should raise their prices or manufacture more product so it won’t be so hard to get. It’s really not fair that their loyal customers who want the products for themselves lose out to people who are greedy and wanting to profit from people like myself who miss out on getting a particular product or color or whatever. I would love to have Party Parrot, but guess what? I could have it, if I wanted to pay the scammer on eBay $60! Not gonna do it!

I know what you mean!! I missed out on the Iris Apfel collection and went on ebay hoping to score a lipstick or two…OMG!!! $60-$70 for a LIPSTICK??? Are they out of their freakin minds??? And some people were actually bidding on them!! I wouldn’t mind paying a tiny bit more for a really coveted color, but not that much. Pure insanity, IMO. Plus, ebay is such a hot bed for fake Mac that you’re never really sure if you’re getting an authentic product. Count me out, wackos!! 😛

Yesterday I found out at noon that the Mac store in my mall launced the collection 2 days early, I ran down there and they were already soldout of almost everything. They told me that 75% of their stores alloted Marilyn pieces were sold last week at the presale party. I go every Thursday at 10am for the big launches and have never had a problem getting every item, this was so frustrating for us loyal customers. I decied to check the Mac counter in the same mall, and they arnt launching until tomorrow. The Mac lady said to call at 10am and they will hold everything for you till close same day. So this may be an option for the ladies out there that want to pieces but are unable to get there for store opening. Seems like Mac was all over the place with the launch!

Online and sold out. Damn Mac! I thought it release on 12 th october, that was a rumor in german beauty blogs. I only want the perfect cheek blush. I was on Mac page at monday, there was nothing, perhaps i don´t see it, yesterday noon i saw it and only could get the legendary blush. Better than nothing, but i was so disappointed that i buy the perfect cheek blush high priced (36 $) on ebay in USA. :/ I don´t like to buy make up on ebay but there was no other place where i can get it. It´s not fair from mac, i hate this marketing practice.

So I went to Macy’s after work today at 5pm and they were sold out of all the lipsticks! boo. I called every MAC in the Twin Cities and they all sold out this morning and had people waiting in lines. BOO! I live in MN, I guess I didn’t think that that many people even knew about this! There aren’t that many makeup artists/geeks here! Guess I was wrong! Luckily the last store I called offered to do a charge send for me from the distribution center. Thank goodness she offered! I would have never thought! I ordered Love Goddess and Legendary blush. I ordered it through Macy’s and if you spent $50 you got free shipping, otherwise $10 to ship which is gross. I have never seen any MAC collection sell out in stores so fast!!! Crazy! I hope MAC online restocks at least. This whole process of selling out the second it launches is super infuriating.

Let me first start out saying…I got the lipsticks I had wanted so bad this morning at Dillard’s; Charmed, I’m sure, Love Goddess and SCARLET IBIS!!! I also scored two eyeshadows and the beauty powder, which were all sold out online. My daughter got what she wanted, too. So I am a happy camper. The reason I am writing this is because I went in Dillard’s the night before launch to pick up my fave MAC foundation and I was talking to my salesgirl about the MM launch the next morning. She told me they got …get ready for this…TWO…2…TWO…T-W-O…yes, I said TWO…of each color of the Marilyn line! Can you believe it? And our store here in Longview, Texas, is a top-selling MAC store and has won awards for their sales! Unbelievable! That said, after I got my lipsticks, another lady bought all the colors and they were GONE. By the time my daughter bought her Little Rock and Phiff and all four eyeshadows, they, too, were gone. And there were just three of us at the counter! No one else showed up at all. I was expecting a line, as my salesgirl told me people had been calling all day. I sent MAC an e-mail early this morning complaining about this. I haven’t heard back…and probably won’t. I did get what I wanted, and nothing more, so I am happy. But I tell you what, MAC has it figured out! The harder something is to get, the more people want it. But MAC isn’t the one making the money! It’s the greedy folks on eBay! Thanks for letting me vent!

If MAC made enough, then the eBAY folks wont get that good of an opportunity due to supply and demand. MAC does this so you buy other items that are not so popular. That is just my opinion…..because, yes, MAC wants you to buy more.

I had heard this collection was coming out in October, but forgot about it, so IGUESS decided to check it out. Needless to say I am a big Marilyn fan. My Aunt was an extra in the 50’s and 60’s and worked with her several times. Although they were not friends or anything they did have interaction, anyway I digress. What I wanted to say is I can’t believe how upsey everyone is about not being able or having trouble getting this or an item from this collection. Unless you are a collector or just a conversation piece. First off marilyn did not wear one shade of lipstick but a blend. She did not wear contrary to public opinion black eyeliner she wore dark brown. She never wore anything like a powder to mattify her skin which is why she always had that soft glowing look in pictures and movies as for eyeshadow she hardly wore it. She wore Erno Laszlo creme no foundation, she would also dot the inner corner of her eye with a red pencil to make her eyes brighter. She would contour her nose. If your trying to achieve her look I don’t think you need to go through so much trouble except for the el creme you can find all this at a drugstore. I just thought i’d share this it’s just my opinion I don’t mean to offend anyone.

I can absolutely, unequivocally, 100 percent say that my wanting the MAC Marilyn Monroe products was NOT IN ANY WAY related to the fact that it was Marilyn Monroe. It was simply wanting some awesome limited shades of lipstick that MAC was offering and it happened to be the Marilyn Monroe collection. There are other shades from other collections that I would love to have but was unable to get because MAC did not produce enough for their customers! I know very little about her, and definitely didn’t have looking like her as my objective. LOL

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