MAC Wonder Woman Look: Valiant

MAC Wonder Woman Look: Valiant

This is the look I wore when I was doing lip and blush swatches for Wonder Woman last week πŸ™‚ Β I will post a look using the Lady Justice palette later this week!

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Valiant eyeshadow on the inner half of the lower lid. Lightly blend Diana Undercover eyeshadow onto the outer third of the lid and crease with the 222. Apply Spinning Transformation eyeshadow on the outer crease with the 222. Β Use Manila Paper eyeshadow on the inner tear duct with the 239 to highlight.Β Blend Trench eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Perversion on the lower lash line and blending Valiant eyeshadow underneath. Finish by sweeping lashes with Army of Amazons Opulash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Pink Power mineralize skinfinish on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Emancipation lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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This is so pretty! I like how you’ve placed the colours underneath your eye! and i love how crisp the photos are! You really are the queen of swatch photography!

This look is what keeps making me want the Valiant quad even though I know the quality isn’t great. I just don’t really like any of MAC’s permanent greens, unfortunately.

I think it’s just a matter of the shades that I do like not being in finishes that work well for me. The permanent greens with good color pay-off all lean really yellow or really blue on me, and I’m looking more for true forest greens and khaki/brown greens. That’s why Diana Undercover and Spinning Transformation look so nice to me in theory! I’ll probably give Sumptuous Olive a try but I wish it was slightly greener.

I tested the Valiant quad and its actually very great quality, if you watch her video review on the quads she tells how much better this quad is than the others from the collection. This quad definitely has the best greens MAC has ever released.

Love the look Christine! In your opinion, would it be better for me to just pick up Juxt rather than get the Valiant quad? (I have Nylon, Sumptuous Olive and Bottle Green already.) Is it Juxt that give the middle of your eyelid that beautiful yellow-gold/green color?

Yes! I certainly wouldn’t buy the quad just for Valiant!

If you want a richer green, Lucky Green is one of my all-time favorites and is now part of the permanent range! But yes, Juxt will give you a yellow-green kind of color. Valiant pulls a little warmer.

Now that you’ve played with this quad a bit, do you find any similarities of Valiant to MAC lucky jade shadestick? How does Gorgeous Gold compare?

I do not own Lucky Jade – which I think I mentioned in my response to your original comment πŸ™‚ Gorgeous Gold is nothing like it – the closest comparable shade is Juxt!

This looks is what makes me want to buy this palette πŸ˜› Being in the UK, I still have a month to make up my mind…

Christina, you look gorgeous here!

Very pretty! Did you just swirl all 3 colors in the Pink Power MSF together? I was also wondering how you’re liking the WW lipglasses. I’m a little torn about those. They seem pretty, but they’re also pricey and if the applicator is a pain to use…

I used all three individually!

The colors are fine, as is the formula, but the packaging is cumbersome and a little annoying to use.

Thanks. I think I’ll take a look at them and try them out in the store before deciding. The tube and the applicator look huge. πŸ™‚

I prefer your new photo style, it’s more realistic and (personally) allow me to judge colors better. I now can see better how a color would turn on me (what’s your tone at MAC at the moment?).

You always make lovely green looks. Green mascara works surprisingly well… I didn’t expect it to. I’m so partial to black. How do you honestly feel about colored mascara? Is that something you’d personally wear (I mean, beside blog purpose)? I’m just curious… I know I wouldn’t. πŸ™‚

Ironically, I don’t like the way they look now, but I just do what makes readers happy so if that’s what people want, that’s what I’ll do! πŸ™‚

I am NC25.

I don’t like colored mascara but that’s just me. I prefer as black as I can get my mascara, but I like really dramatic lashes.

It causes my lid/lash line to swell up, sometimes going as severe as causing a rash/bumps on my lid which result in dry patches on my lids. You can always add liner to your own look if you like, but I have to do it very infrequently because it is painful after wearing for longer than 5-10 minutes. πŸ™‚ (After 5-10 minutes, my eyes are just red and my lash line itches, but I usually don’t get the accompanying dry skin/bumps.)

Oh wow, really? Is it all eyeliners that cause that to happen? Or just ones with a certain ingredient? I never noticed that you never define the upper lash line until now.

It’s not really eyeliner – it’s anything touching the area – a brush, applicator, etc. I’ve tried upwards of 40 products, from all brands, price points, types, and so on and still have the same results.

So pretty I’m a sucker for greens but don’t want to shell out the money for this palette since I have similar colors other than one for Diana Undercover. I need to get bottle green lol. Love that you are doing more looks I missed seeing them your fab a what you do.

Hey Christine! I know you’re not crazy about the quality of the WW Shadows, but I have to tell you, IMHO, this is the MOST Beautiful look you’ve ever done! I ADORE this look on you and I can’t wait to get my Qaud to try it out!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re gorgeous!!!!!

I think Christine has beautiful eyebrows =] I think a fuller brow looks fantastic on her, and if she plucked them any skinner they wouldn’t look as natural.

I think they look more defined with them filled in, but to each their own. What is most important is how we feel wearing what we do – I find I feel and look better with my brows filled in. I think they look wonky and sparse (especially on the inner area) without filling them in. Thank you for your suggestions!

Nice, I like this look alot. I was also curious as to how that teal green mascara would look on someone with darker eyelashes (muted or not) and I like that it actually shows up rather well.

Its amazing! So pigmented! There is only one store in the US and its in colorado. A little more pricey than mac, but you get more πŸ™‚ And for those of you in Colorado, its at the Park Meadows Mall, on the first floor under Borders, Check it out!

Hi Christine! What shade of Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer do you use? I got a sample a few months ago, it was medium and it was too dark for me!

I use Medium, which suits me well. I have Light, too, which sometimes I’ll mix if I feel like I’m lighter than Medium.

I love your brows, Christine, they have a beautiful Camilla Belle quality about them that makes me jealous and your brown eyes look absolutely gorgeous with the green!
Makeup is supposed to be about what makes us each feel beautiful in whatever way we choose to express it, there are no rules which is part of what makes it so great! So if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!

Thanks, Laura! πŸ™‚ I totally agree with you – makeup is our creative expression and what we feel good in or about!

You came up with a lovely look, Christine! And you are very polite and definitely has breeding with the way you handle not so positive comments! You truly are beautiful both inside and outside!
Your eye brows complement your look and you can do whatever you like with them! If others don’t like them, so be it. What is important is what makes you happy! You go, girl!

HI Christine

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. As a baby blogger I have a whole new reapect for the entire process of just making one post let alone making and entire successful blog. So I have mad respect for you.

I love the wonder woman Valiant look on you. I was so pumped about going to the pop up store the other day and I’m finally about to write a little something about it before I go to bed….you inspired me πŸ™‚ Thanks again for the inspiration and keep up the great work.

Even when you the quality of the product is lacking you always do such a superb job on eyes. I’ve slacked off on doing my more complex/colorful looks lately (usually just doing a wash to the brow, a crease color, mascara and liner) but your recent looks are reminding me to trying to step it up again πŸ™‚ One minor question – is there a reason you stopped including the picture of the fully closed eye alone? That was always my favorite, heh.

I gotta say, you’re brave letting comments about your brows through even though you moderate all. I don’t think I would, but your responses are so great and reinforce such an awesome attitude about beauty/our appearances that I want to see more of! <3 I don't understand the idea of unsolicited advice on a blog where someone posts so many pictures…clearly you're happy with what you're doing.

I love your full brows. Mine are so dark, yet sparse, that filling them in sometimes looks clownish, because you can tell it's powder filling in gaps. Still struggling to perfect them!

Thanks a lot, Daphne! πŸ™‚ I stopped doing the closed one because for whatever reason, they weren’t turning out, so I just stopped trying (it was probably 10 different looks where I took them, they looked off). I have no idea what made them go awry all of a sudden!

Brows are always difficult! One thing you can do is run a mascara wand (clean one, of course) through the brow after filling in to soften the edges!

Thanks for the tip! I need to pick up some spoolies. Been grooming with the brush side of the Sephora mascara comb which is just not super effective.

Shame about the closed-eye photos…I can’t imagine how much effort all your photos are!

Christine you look gorgeous, thanks for the inspitation to break out my green palette in the morning! Thank you for the recent “look” postings- I had been missing them! You do a beautiful job!

Thank you! I would probably pass – I just don’t think the quality is great – I’d rather build a green quad from MAC’s permanent range.

pretty eyes! hmm i know this palette didn’t get great reviews but this look makes it more tempting. hmpf. i think i will wait for the quite cute collection that i’m more excited for.

Oh Christine, I have so missed your golden green looks. I love you in gold and green and it makes me want to wake up tomorrow and rock some gold/green with some coral lips and peachy blush. Oh! I love winter in California where it would actually sparkle in the sun. Thanks for the look. I love your looks :).

question: I noticed in a lot of looks you don’t use liner on your upper lash line. Is there a reason for this? just something i’ve seen since reading your site πŸ™‚

It causes my upper lash line irritation, which can result in as severe results as an itchy rash and swollen eyes (the worst being closing them up) to simply drying out the area and itching.

It causes irritation on my eye – sometimes resulting in swelling, closed eye, or milder (if I don’t wear it for long) where it just itches and dries out (like the skin on the lid).

Christine, I just wanted to say I love when you do looks with new products. Swatches are fantastic but seeing the makeup on the face is really helpful for judging whether or not to purchase.

so pretty..β™₯β™₯ (and not too-heavy ‘green shadow’ eye makeup which I love)
I’ll save your picture and I’ll hand it to the salon, to make them do the same makeup as you do..(I’ll be using it for my brother’s wedding day)

The arrangement of the shadows is gorgeous on the upper and lower lids; and the combination of green and gold suits you very much.
I will try with different color in place of green (not my alley and I have little green option).

I love how you put this look together. The colours are beautiful. Too bad the quad is so hard to work with! Thank you for the dupes, I’d love to try to recreate the look with other e/s.

Well for something you didn’t really like it turned out nice chica. I like your new lip swatches with the light box your using but I like your eye looks better the other way. Still nice though since the color shows truer, I just liked the other lighting πŸ˜‰

So you recommended not buying the blue wonder women palette and the purple one…but would you recomment this green one? I love all the looks you did those…I was really lookin forward to buyin the purple palette..but its that bad that i shouldnt buy it?

I wonder why the quality is so bad on these palettes…I own A LOT of their eye shadows..and never really have problems with them…only vibrant grape…doesnt go on well at all!

I am so surprised that their this bad…their quality is usually really good. and idea why?

No idea! But I agree — generally speaking, MAC’s eyeshadows are good, with some being fantastic, some being average, and a few frustrating to use (like some lustres!). But overall, they have a solid line of eyeshadow.

The second I saw this look, I thought I must have this set!! But I decided to go through all my eye shadows that I have… and I was able to do the look with what I have!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

I love love love this look! I’m a big fan for greens and golds together. πŸ™‚
I think gold and coppers are what goes best with your eyes.

This is my favorite look out of the three quads. I think I might get this quad with the mascara when it launches. I didn’t know if I wanted anything but this look won me over. Great look Christine!

Damn! After convincing myself to only buy the MSF’s *which came today and they are to die for* & everything else sucked.. I see this look and now I have to have this palette! Must stay off this site for a while! lol You know, something about this particular look on you is really speaking to me, you are lovely in greens!

Those greens are gorgeous on you! Was the bronzer that dark IRL? It seems so a bit to me, but it may be my screen. Anyway, I can’t get over how perfect those greens are with your eyes. Nice!

This is actually really pretty! Pink Power MSF looks so gorgeous on you!
I’m not digging the lips though… it makes your lips look like they are peeling and flaking.

I really like this neutral eye. If you don’t particularly like the quality of the Wonder Woman eye palettes, a great alternative for a similar look is Smashbox’s In Bloom eye shadow palette (available at Sephora). Absolutely gorgeous!

I love this look and i am going to re create it with the palette! The only thing i have a question on is how come when you explain the look you dont talk about the type of brushes you used. Just the numbers. I dont have mac brushes. Do you think you could just explain what they are?

Love your blog!

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