MAC to Donate its Global Profits from Rodarte Collection to Benefit Women and Girls of Juarez Initiative

MAC to Donate its Global Profits from the MAC Rodarte Makeup Collection to Benefit Newly Created Women and Girls of Juarez Initiative

MAC and Rodarte apologize to the victims and their families in Juarez, the people of Mexico, the Mexican Government and concerned global citizens

Please see our original thread from June 23rd here and follow-up post from July 19th here.

MEXICO CITY, México, July 29, 2010 – In response to public concern over the limited edition MAC Rodarte makeup collection, set to launch in fall 2010, MAC will donate all of its global profits from this collection to a newly created initiative to raise awareness and provide on-the-ground support to the women and girls in Juarez. MAC and Rodarte are deeply sorry that this makeup collection was so offensive to the people of Mexico and concerned global citizens.

This announcement follows a meeting last evening in Mexico City with MAC executives and Mexican government officials, including CONAVIM (Comisión Nacional Para Prevenir y Erradicar la Violencia Contra las Mujeres/National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence Against Women.)

During the meeting, held at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this collective group committed to working together on the overall direction of the new initiative to help the women and girls of Juarez and to raise global awareness of their plight. MAC executives reiterated their deep regret and reinforced that it was never MAC’s or Rodarte’s intent to minimize the suffering of the women and girls of Ciudad Juarez.

In the coming weeks, MAC and Rodarte will be consulting with members of CONAVIM´s advisory board, as well as other local and global experts, to develop a comprehensive framework that provides grants to local and international organizations with a track record of improving the lives of the women and girls in Juarez.

“We are deeply sorry and apologize to everyone we offended, especially the victims, the women and girls of Juarez and their families. We have heard the response of concerned global citizens loud and clear and are doing our very best to right our wrong. The essence of MAC is to give back and care for the community and our initial handling of this makeup collection was not reflective of MAC’s values. MAC and Rodarte are committed to using these learnings to raise awareness on this important issue and to leverage our unique platform to help the women and girls of Juarez,” said MAC President John Demsey.

“Rodarte is committed to using creativity for positive social change. As designers, we strongly feel it is our responsibility to use ideas and actions for the good of our global community and are truly sorry for the offense we have caused. We are raising our voices in support of the strong women and girls of Juarez and joining others who are working internationally to improve their lives,” said Kate and Laura Mulleavy, designers of Rodarte.

Last week, MAC and Rodarte announced they would also be renaming the products and redesigning the marketing materials associated with the collection.

MAC has a longstanding tradition of service in Mexico, supporting important social causes in the country such as HIV prevention and treatment. Since 2002, the MAC AIDS Fund has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to local entities, including Fundación Eudes, La Casa de la Sal, A.C., Ser Humano, A.C., Mesón de la Misericordia Divina A.C., Pirana Studio, and Fundación Unidos por un México Vivo.

MAC has had operations in Mexico since 1999. The brand currently employs more than 150 local professionals.


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Katie Avatar

I think MAC is doing the right thing and they’re not just donating money to some good cause, but they’ve raised global awareness on this issue. At the end of the day, we’re ALL human — nothing more, nothing less. MAC has never caused a controversy like this before. They’ve never done anything to cause such anger and resentment, that is, until now. Yet, they’re doing everything they can to right their wrong. No offense, but I know there’s STILL going to be people who aren’t happy. Frankly, I’m not sure what more they can do to please everybody. You can’t change the past. It doesn’t matter, but what happens next is most important. If we, as people, can’t learn to forgive others for their mistakes (no matter how big or small), then we cannot grow. We inhibit ourselves and I’m not sure what good that does anybody. Furthermore, if we can’t forgive, then how do we expect to be forgiven when it’s our mistakes that have offended / hurt others? It’s hypocritical; that’s just my opinion, though.

Katie Avatar

By the way, I also wanted to add that MAC didn’t have to donate all proceeds to charity. I’m 100% certain that there’d still be plenty of people buying from the Rodarte collection and all future collections — keeping MAC in business. You spoke, they listened. That’s a good thing.

Anita Avatar

Does that mean that they’re donating all the extra money made sans the money that pays for the initial producing of the product? Lol I read too quickly, I was all, “they’re donating ALL OF IT??”

Jo21 Avatar

Try 1993…When NAFTA was set in place and we decided Mexico, among other poor countries, was a good place to set maquilladoras so we have cheap products.

Melissa (divinem) Avatar

So glad to hear they will be donating ALL of their global profits. They should; this was a major blunder on their part. I respect their ability to see it as such and take significant action to right their wrong.

Mara Avatar

Second that. Short of not committing a major blunder to begin with, this is the best thing they could’ve done. Hopefully, MAC/Rodarte will learn their lesson: that they should be more sensitive and aware of what’s happening in the real world beyond the confines of fashion and beauty.

Kim L Avatar

I agree, I felt it was blown out of proportion too. I was not going to buy anything before – didn’t really like anything, but now I think I will buy just as a donation.

Nadia Avatar

I agree….blown waaaay out of proportion. I wasn’t going to buy anything from this collection anyway, nothing of interest there for me (good for my wallet lol).

ak Avatar

Yeah I’m glad that MAC is trying to reach out and rectify the matter because they don’t want to look like a hypocrite in light of their own motto ‘all ages, all races, all sexes’. But when people here started saying that certain items looked like ‘splattered blood’ that was blowing things way out of proportion.

Miko Avatar

Agreed. I became aware of the situation in Mexico because of this line. But I am glad they are doing something to help those victims and their families. If anything, I wasn’t offended by the line, I was disappointed they weren’t giving a portion of the proceeds to the cause before it was became a controversial line.

Cindy Avatar

Good. This is what I’ve been waiting to hear. It’s still a shame to me that they didn’t research it before hand, leaves a bad taste but won’t stop me from buying MAC.

Rengirl Avatar

I’m glad they are doing this but I wouldn’t say they were not aware of what was going on in Juarez. The original names of the products are too related and specific. In any case, I think Mac is making a good effort to correct this.

Nikki Avatar

FABULOUS WAY TO GO M.A.C I am now totally satisfied, this shows how committed they are to the community and their consumers by responding. Great job to all the beauty bloggers and everyone else involved that they addressed this issue.

NuNu Avatar

What is in a name? Should I be offended that MAC chose to name their lipstick “Viva Glam” when there’s nothing glamourous about AIDS? How about the advertising for Viva Glam? Should I be offended that they chose 2 celebrities to advertise the product in their knickers?
Why don’t they use images of women who are living with AIDS? because that image is not appealing enough?
I would rather have a blush called Juarez, then every time that I use it, I’ll be reminded of the plight of the women who live there and know that I helped albeit in a small way.
I’m more concerned about the product names of a certain unnamed cosmetics company – weapons and drugs anyone?
I honestly feel that the only thing that MAC did wrong in the first place was to try and profit from the sale of this collection.
If they came right off the bat and said “all proceeds of this collection will go towards improving the situation in Juarez” then I think no one would have had qualms with the names of the products and MAC would’ve come out of the situation a hero.
That being said, I will be supporting this collection.

Milessa Avatar

I completely agree with you!!! People should start protesting to other companies to change the names of some of their products as well, so as not to offend anyone else…

Ashley Avatar

I cannot think of any other company that would do such an amazing thing, sure it might be only because they screwed up, but no matter what this is a huge deal. Usually companies donate a ridiculously small percentage. I will definitely be buying something from this collection to give my whole-hearted support to this decision. After all, the only thing they are gaining from this decision is good publicity.

Ally_D Avatar

I’m pleased that MAC have finally stood up and accepted that they were wrong although they took their time doing it. I’m still appalled that no-one around the table during product development called a halt to this collection. IMO this has damaged MAC’s reputation so I hope they learn from this.

I wasn’t going to buy anything from this collection but I will now reconsider. Having learnt more about the situation in Juarez I’d like to help but I’m not sure if I’d be better off making a direct donation to charity instead of buying something from MAC.

It’s interesting to me though what the global online community can achieve if they work together. What shall we all work on next???

Storm Avatar

I just want to say this: Had the names not set off a firestorm, this wouldn’t be happening now. Had MAC not named the polish Juarez (and the blush, etc etc etc) and the images been what they were, people wouldn’t have gotten behind it so much and it would have been just another collection. But now, we have a new charity and all the global proceeds going to it. The Universe works in very, very mysterious ways.

daphne Avatar

But let’s give credit where credit is due! It’s not MAC giving these names that set off the firestorm. It’s the people who were upset, who cared about the plight in Juarez, and who RAISED THEIR VOICES. This was grassroots taking effect. Bravo to every single beauty lover and blogger out there who made sure their voice was heard – this is their accomplishment.

Mora Avatar

totally agree.
living in europe i never heard about juarez and what is happening there. but when i read the comments in the first post, i researched and was shocked. now i’am aware of that and can help.

Sherry Avatar

I was origainally not going to buy anything from this collection because of this whole mess. Now I probably will because my money will be going to a good cause.

o0oCarinao0o Avatar

I’m so glad this is happening. When I heard this on the spanish news yesterday I was so glad. Thank you so much Christine for letting our voices be heard and thank you MAC for actually listening. I really hope this does help the women that are suffering.

Christine Avatar

It is/was/always will be my pleasure to provide an outlet and platform for readers to voice their thoughts and opinions, whether on a lipstick color or on a more serious topic, such as this one. And it would only be natural for me to do what I can to make sure the brands are listening/made aware 🙂

puffnstuff Avatar

Good for them; HOWEVER, did i read it correctly or do i have to read it again…they are giving the money to a government agency? Because FYI MAC the government hasn’t done SH!!T about the situation in Juarez! ugh…and also i believe domestic violence is still legal in Mexico…so to me the government agency is BS…anyone please correct me if i’m wrong and it’s changed…

Christine Avatar

See this paragraph: In the coming weeks, MAC and Rodarte will be consulting with members of CONAVIM´s advisory board, as well as other local and global experts, to develop a comprehensive framework that provides grants to local and international organizations with a track record of improving the lives of the women and girls in Juarez.

o0oCarinao0o Avatar

Actually this Mexican government has been doing many things to try to prevent corruption and are trying to help there people as much as possible. I know that sometimes it doesn’t seem that way because of the on going battles with the cartels ( and apparently the new forming of..). But there are many people in Mexico trying to create and better and safer Mexico.

shekinaah Avatar

you need to be better informed before emitting a comment like that, Mexico´s goverment has tried hard to eradicate the problem in Juarez, unfortunately crime has more resources, and no, domestic violence is not legal in México, MAC is not going to give it’s money to the goverment, reread the post so you can understand better

Whirl Avatar

Thanks for posting this Christine. i hope MAC will know better in future.Donating all the profit will help fix this PR disaster.What on earth were they thinking,that women of the world will support make up collection inspired by horrible lifes of other women?

Shannon Avatar

I think it’s really great that the voices of the people were heard. Most of us (myself included) had no idea about the horrors of this town & even though what MAC & Rodarte did was despicable, awareness has been brought to this subject & maybe some help for them as well. It makes me feel better that something as superficial as makeup can bring people together & do the right thing. It just shows us that we should still have faith in humanity. Bravo to everyone who has spoken up on behalf of this cause. G

Jessie Avatar

Maybe I’ll get flack for this, and I’m in no way trying to be insensitive, but really.. all this was blown way out of proportion. People got their knickers in a twist over something they had no idea what it was or the meaning behind it. They’re names of products, that’s it.

If people want to be disgusted and repulsed by product names, why not go after NARS? Or Urban Decay? They all use very inappropriate names for products.

I won’t be buying from this collection, not because I don’t want to, but because I’m moving and I don’t need to be spending money. But, that’s not the point. I got tired of seeing everyone be hypocritical about the names of THESE products, even though they weren’t named after a specific person, and I got tired of all the flack I got, on a personal level, when I stated my opinions.

People just need to simmer down, and realize that MAC knew exactly what it was doing, and while they may say they’re doing something, sometimes you have to wonder if it actually happens. Y’know?

I think maybe I’m just over makeup for now lol I got everything I need, and its all just a bunch of un-needed drama. Drama started by people that don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time.

daphne Avatar

There’s a huge, huge difference between using racy/sexual/drug-related names like those two companies do – being risque, basically – and naming your products in such a way that capitalizes on murder and violence. Okay, let’s compare: Orgasm (oh my!) – Mary Jane (you stoners!) – Juarez (holy *&@#$ people are dying). I mean, really, how can you compare?

Roslyn Avatar

I definitely think this is the right move. Even though it was a mistake on behalf of MAC and Rodarte, I think it sends the right message to the fashion world that pain and suffering is not glamorous, and if you try to portray it that way, you had better take full responsibility for the reception of the collection.

Brittany Avatar

Yea, the $100,000 offer was crazy…. like it was going to make the raping, beating, and unfair treatment that the women endure go away.. I highly doubt this collection will sell because unlike the past collections, the colors I saw are not friendly for women with olive skin tones to dark skin tones. It’s clearly for pale to fair skin tones… Maybe they will change the colors along with the names and pictures. I agree with a few comments that stated it still doesn’t change anything because it doesn’t. If my skin tone was pale to fair I still wouldn’t purchase anything from this collection. I’d just send my money directly to the people who need it. At the end of the day it’s all about the almighty dollar and that’s what MAC wants. SMH <3

Dia Avatar

This… is phenomenal. Totally unexpected. I’d change my “won’t buy a thing” poll answer to “I’ll buy whatever strikes my fancy.” I’m still incredibly annoyed and upset that no one researched Juarez before people objected, but I do like the idea of donating money to a good cause and getting some nice makeup to boot.

Laura Avatar

I think they only did this because its the only hope they have of selling this collection. I might buy some now that I know they’ll donate the money.

Tika Avatar

YES!! otherwise I was NOT going to be purchasing anything else from them let alone that collection. Good come-back but its still unbelievable it went that far, MAC should have knew better before they even put it out with those offensive names.

Azaza Avatar

This is a lot better than $100,000 that they were originally planning to donate. It really was such a small amount for a company like MAC. Although the damage is already done, I like the fact that they are doing things to make ammends.

Just a little thought about this entire thing. I like the fact that this issue created all this hype because it made a lot of people aware about the situation in Juarez. Because admittedly, I didnt know about this until this issue happened and I think that a lot of people are the same as me in this position. Think of that as the silver lining in the situation.

HovercatMittens Avatar

I still don’t get how people don’t understand how the collection was offensive and continue on about how they should have kept the old names etc. If the creators THEMSELVES realized their mistake, obviously there was something wrong. I don’t think it was blown out of proportion and MAC doesn’t either or else they wouldn’t be donating all of their profits on this collection.
They may just be trying to save face, whatever, what they are doing now is wonderful and if I do buy something from this collection I will still know who it is benefiting, I don’t need it to have some horrid name to remind me.
Thanks MAC!

PS. Don’t do that again!!

daphne Avatar

HO-LEE CRAP. My friends, this is what we call the power of teaspoons. This is Margaret Mead stuff here: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” This is an amazing thing MAC is doing – never mind why or how or whatever, I am not praising them, I am just saying, this is AWESOME and it will do a lot and I am so, so excited that it’s happening.

mkdallas Avatar

I think this is the best possible resolution to a truly unfortunate mistake on their part. If you think of the enormous commitment MAC has made to those people suffering with AIDS through the donations from Viva Glam, I think it’s obvious they have, as a corporation, a sense of social responsibility that few other global companies come close to. Obviously, their marketing department was asleep at the wheel when it came time to produce this collection, but many other companies would just make a token donation and move on. That being said, I think Christine deserves major props for getting this issue brought to the attention of those with the power to correct it.

Suzanne Avatar

It is wonderful and respectful that Mac and Rodarte have taken such complete steps, above even the initial donation and name change agreement to continue to right their error in judgment. I, for one, do not feel this is an overreaction. After I first became aware of the situation the people of Juarez face (from this controversy a few weeks ago) I was in shock. I appreciate the information the Temptalia readers share and for Christine for providing a valuable forum. I think it was so amazing that MAC and Rodarte attended a meeting truly showing their commitment not only to save face so to speak, but to truly work toward a solution to this truly horrible problem not only plaguing Juarez, but humanity as a whole.

Pearl Avatar

This controversy shouldn’t happen in the first place but I’m glad that MAC is putting a lot of effort into correcting their wrong.

kali Avatar

I am truly happy that they will be donating all the proceeds. I’ve been praying for the people in Juarez and I’m so glad to see that this has happened. It’s a true blessing.

MAC DID do a wrong but I feel that they’re really trying to make up for it -of course they were “pushed” to do so by all our outrage. This is so much better than the $100,000.00. I really hope the money helps these people out and changes their lives.

Marcela Avatar

Honestly I think this was blown way out of proportion, if you didn’t like the collection you could have just decided not to buy it, but they made such a big deal out of it. And I do agree with another comment if MAC had stated in the beginning that all the profits were going to be donated no one would have cared about the names, and what really bothers me is people saying that their initial idea of donating $100,00 was ridiculous, since that amount was nothing. Well if it’s nothing how come those that say that don’t donate that amount out of their pockets to charity??? $100,00 is a lot of money whether you’re rich or not. And I still believe that if you do want to make a difference you can donate or create awareness yourself, you don’t need to wait for a big company to do so. All of us can do our part, besides criticizing a cosmetic company.

Meagan Avatar

I’m sorry, but this isn’t the first offensive thing to come out of MAC. I’m not enjoying the name “Indian wood” of one of their paint pots.

Andrea Avatar

Wow, this is soo much better than the original action which MAC took. I’m so glad that it has turned out this way. Hopefully in the future MAC will consider making more efforts to support various other charities and organizations, without there having to be a huge controversy first. (I know MAC has their AIDS fund which is great, but there is still so much more that can be done!)

Ana M. Avatar

Well done MAC!!! (Rodarte not so much since they didn’t change anything about their original fashion collection, I feel they were more pushed to do this)

But MAC really changed their position and I think both the money and the visibility of them working on this issue will have an impact.

Now I’ll likely buy something from the collection.

Twaniesha Glenn Avatar

I am so proud of MAC… They donate 100% of Viva glam proceeds to people living with aids/hiv so why not do that with this! For the people who still aren’t buying anything, what ARE you doing seeing as you were so passionate before? If you don’t buy for yourself buy for someone else or do a giveaway on youtube. Seriously people! We have got to start caring more about the people in the world. It’s not about being mad at MAC or not liking the brand, what other companies allow you to participate in HELPING OTHERS? Sleep on that.

Proximity Avatar

I think MAC has now done everything they could reasonably be expected to do to make up for whatever it was that made them think those names would be appropriate.

Evelyn Avatar

Much better idea than the $100,000 although I’d be hesitant working with a government organization as there tends to be a lot of corruption. I hope they keep a close eye on the money they are donating!

Mollie Avatar

WOW! This is so great of them. I am completely blown away by how they are handling the situation. Yes, it was tasteless of them to name the items that way, but you know what? If this debacle would have never happened, I know myself and many many others would have NO clue of the situation in Juarez. Now we all know, now we all can raise awareness ourselves! And on top of that, donating all global profits? I truly believe this situation was a bit of a blessing in disguise.

Natasha Avatar

I am horrified that it took bloggers to bring this oversight to Mac’s attention- the fact that something was named “Sleepwalker” makes me violent sick. I will not be purchasing from this line nor any other Mac line for a l-o-n-g time- unlike other customers, they can’t buy me off!! The donation is nice but it shouldn’t have taken all this for them to do it. They’ve got some serious problems running that comany and it’s just lucky for them that the products sell themselves.

Anne Avatar

Good for MAC. They are doing the right thing, although I am skeptical about their motivation. Altruism or scandal management? Probably both, but I believe it’s more of the latter . . .

But once again, MAC’s actions have managed to overshadow the fact that Rodarte is doing NOTHING. Read the press release again and you will see that they are not contributing one cent of their own profits from the collection.

Nana Avatar

Rodarte is way over-rated! They just rip off Commes Des Garcons and try to hard to be edgey. Hey how about making clothes that they and actual women can fit into? That anorexic skeletal look is so overdone. Not original.

Elise Avatar

I want to say well done to every beauty blogger, writer, YouTuber, Tweet Peep, makeup enthusiast, & concerned person, who spoke up on this matter. The Web truly has become a powerful tool for mobilizing people into action.

I also want to applaud every person who participated in the discussion. That is the joy of “freedom of speech.” Which also allows all of us to have different points of view. No matter where you stand on this: Blown out of proportion or justified social outrage, this incident provided a learning opportunity for whoever wanted to engage with it.

I especially applaud every person who talked about doing their own research and investigation to learn more about Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

For me, I am very pleased that MAC is making a long term commitment to
the women & children of Juarez! Perhaps other beauty companies will pick up on this and get involved as well! Who would have thought in this moment, the beauty industry has an opportunity to do some serious good in Juarez?! Peace!

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