MAC Style Warriors Collection - New Product Photos!

MAC Cosmetics | Style Warrior

Launch Date: May 28th, 2009 (North America), June 2009 (International).

You can find information about Part 1 and Part 2 of this launch already posted on the blog. πŸ™‚ We didn’t have all of the product imagery from this launch, but now we have the images for all of Part 1 and Part 2!

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Style Warrior, Liberated, Gold Rebel, Fierce & Fabulous

A little patience, and here are most of the product photos for Style Warrior πŸ™‚

Brave New Bronze, Purple Rite, Sunsation, Tribalist

Vibrant Grape, Bright Future

Night Maneuvers, Soft Force

Golden Bronze, Tempting

Solar Riche, Refined Golden

Refined Golden, On A Mission

Bronzer Hero Lustre Drops

Pink Rebel Lustre Drops

Sun Hero Lustre Drops


Violet Fire



On A Mission




Medium Dark, Dark, Deep Dark Skinsheens

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Mary Avatar

omg me neither…like…the packaging seems really tacky and the colors are not very thrilling either. maybe the eyeshadows…and brave new bronze. but definitely not somethin THAT big

Shweta Avatar

I agree , I don’t find it that exciting. I’m getting over my MAC Packaging craze so I am resisting stiff based plainly on that. I’m gonna skip this one too.

Brie Avatar

This collection looks like it is geared towards warmer skin tones, none of these colors will work on me and I’m actually totally pleased about that!

I am drawn to the lustre drops though, I’m going to have to wait and see that stuff swatched but it looks like something I’d actually use!

letthembleed Avatar

That purple looks exactly like varicose violet. In fact all three of those polish colors look exactly like the ones I already have. Mercenary looks like Silverstruck from the awesomest of awesome collection, Cult Of Cherry, and Peaceable very much looks like Seasonal Peach. I’m hoping to be wrong when I see it in person, but MAC is known for re-releasing colors. I want to know what that tube of yellow GOLD is in the first photo. Is that a lipglass, a liquid eyeliner, a liquid eyeshadow, a paint stick…..What is it?

Jacquelyn Avatar

Lustre drops are used to mix with your foundation to create a luminous glow on your face or you can use it as a highlight on your cheekbones, chin, the bridges of your nose and above your brows.

diana Avatar

i hate the apckaging but that’s just because i am not into the whole anumal prints anyway i do want to get a bronzer and maybe a blush but definitely getting that yellow eyeshadow πŸ™‚

P Avatar

Wow… I love MAC and all… but this collection is ugleeeeeeee. The designs on the casing are even ugly. Thank goodness I won’t have to drop any money on this!

Celina Avatar

What are the skinsheens? Are they colour or is it like a bronze-ish shimmer golden gleam type thing, i wish it were the bronzing glimmer type thing.

Mary Avatar

A skinsheen is a spray tan for your legs,but i use it all over with the brush that came with the collection last summer (I forgot the number sorryyy!) They are more of a mousse than a spray.

Mel Avatar

I love those eyeshadows!!! The purples and golds make me excited for the summer trends. The lustre drops are interesting. All of the shadows will be mine!

Lauren Avatar

I’m not sure which ebay seller you mean, but I have bought from one seller named my boo kitty who already has rose romance- she got it in last week- and she has already shipped me the products. I buy from her alot so she is reliable. Also try VIP cosmetics- she has a store as well, not as many products, but a good selection of discontinued items that i had trouble finding. hope that helps.

deidra Avatar

Unfortunately this seller won’t sell to me because I’m new to Ebay. I have no desire to build up transactions elsewhere just to be able to buy from her. Too bad because she does have a great selection and seems to be trusted to sell authentic items. Thanks for the tip though. It was useful.

Morna Avatar

Gaaaaah, it’s been such a long time since I’ve actually been excited about a MAC collection – and their packaging!
The lipglasses look amazing. *Must….get….fierce and fabulous…*

MAG Avatar

i am so excited i have a count down till this released on my blackberry i will be getting….all the solar bits, and definately all the lustre drops those are my must have since i have way too many nuetral eyeshadows but night manurvers and light force look so appealing and then the peasceable polish….i may go for that too!

sophie Avatar

hey i cant wait for this collection the packaging is so cute , i wont be buying much from this collection tough probbly just the lipstick sunsatation its looks a good peach nude . betta start saving up πŸ˜›

Nic15 Avatar

i”m really diggin the eyeshadows for this launch. the grape & bright future look fun, Solar Force also looks like it could be a great highlighter for the browbone. can’t wait to swatch these.

Shyradynne Avatar

Yay, i love the packaging!
this comes out after my birthday so hopefully i’ll have money to buy some stuff, i love the eyeshadows!

April Avatar

Meh, i dont like any of the lip stuff, some of the eyeshadows look OK but nothing exciting…they arent promoting my refined deeper bronze with this collection!

Lizzy Avatar

They brought back some odd things from last year! Solar Bits are great, but some of those bronzer colors were overpowering.

I want that puple nail polish though! Violet Fire. And the shadows look sweet although the packaging is a strange color contrast, won’t know until I see them. And… MORE Solar Bits. Love them!

Catherine Avatar

Looks so good πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for detailed product descriptions – especially on the Lustre Drops and Skinsheens! Thanks for this!

Allie Avatar

I seem to be in the minority! I hate everything!! After I bought pretty much all of Hello Kitty and Sugarsweet, I finally get a chance to recover! Except for the Violet fire nailpolish.All these colors would look horrible on my very fair skin. I like Rose Romance much much more.

Ydania Avatar

its because it’ll be the summertime and the bronzy looks are def. in .. hmmm i have fair skin girls who look great in these kind of colors… put yu get to pull off the oh so sexy ‘sun kissed’ look =]

Anjel Avatar

Christine I am so looking forward to this collection!? But!!! I have the most off subject question….Do you have any idea where I could even remotely start to look for those earrings in the picture????

Holly.. Avatar

The packaging looks gawjuss… but i already have lots of the colours in my pro palette =( im looking forward to the purple polish and the lipsticks though !! Yay!…x

Meg Avatar

mehhrrr i dunno if i’m loving this…i like some things, but i don’t feel compelled to get a lot. i’m sure that will change when i see it in person!

Mara Avatar

Do you think Bright Future is anything like Bright Sunshine, or is it a bit more orange-y? It looks so beautiful in the picture!

I definitely want to check out Eversun and try the Lustre Drops!

Amanda Avatar

I was told by my fav. MAC MA today that this collection will have bags to. Theres a bigger makeup bag in leopard and a smaller more purse size one in zebra according to what she said. I dont know if this is true or if this info. is correct but figured I’d share with all you fellow makeup junkies πŸ™‚

Honey Avatar

OMG! Amanda lol, it was you that i over read the comment about the special leopard print bags, i hope this is true, even though im buying about 3 items from this collection i still want to walk out with a print bag. Thanks for sharing!!!

Honey Avatar

I just read a comment by idk who, but that this collection will be giving out special print bags, instead of the same ol’ MAC bags, please someone comment mine and tell this is true?

Summer Avatar

This collection dont have alot goin on but i like somethings but rele not much! I like brave new bronze and vibrant grape and pink rebel luster drops and peaceable nail polish and maybe fierce & fabulous lipglass! Thats it rele!

Chloe Avatar

I may just get Vibrant Grape and another eyeshadow. But this collection is really growing on me! I can’t wait to see what the packaging looks like!

letthembleed Avatar

I want to know what that tube of yellow GOLD is in the first photo. Is that a lipglass, a liquid eyeliner, a liquid eyeshadow, a paint stick…..What is it?

That purple looks exactly like varicose violet. In fact all three of those polish colors look exactly like the ones I already have. Mercenary looks like Silverstruck from the awesomest of awesome collection, Cult Of Cherry, and Peaceable very much looks like Seasonal Peach. I’m hoping to be wrong when I see it in person, but MAC is known for re-releasing colors.

Bibi Avatar

Gosh I’m so excited! My MAC store is having a pre release of the Style Warrior and I just RSVP for it It’s on the 12th. I got some of the eyeshadows already but im a brush addict so i know i’m get the brush and the nail polish some eye shadow oh gosh i’m so exicted i’ll let you guys know after i go
thanks much

Ydania Avatar

Cant wait for this .. im serious getting overpriced for eversun … one of my fav blushes ever ! .. and im going to seriously stock up .. PLUS the packaging is awesome =]

caprig Avatar

What do you think that greenish color is on her eyes? I am not finding it anywhere in the listings for the products on this release. I just LOVE that color. This collection is SCREAMING my name. πŸ™‚

letthembleed Avatar

There is only one way they could have made that yellow look that way, and that is with Hot + Sour Paint which, of course is no longer available. I have two tubes and LOVE it so I know that is what they had to use. I think it is crappy for them to show a photo using items that are unattainable! Just Plain Wrong!

Reana Avatar

is it just me or does this collection remind anyone of Neo Sci Fi from last summer? the colors anyway…does anyone know if we get our PRO discount on these products????

caprig Avatar

I sure hope so. Reana. If there is no discount I know a lot of people will be mad.

I did manage to figure out what to use for duplicating the 2nd photo, btw. Nightlight, Bronzescape, and MAC pro gold metal (or gold yellow) pigments with a touch of vanilla or frost under the brow.

Farrow Avatar

Howdy, Christine & all fellow Mac-Snack-ers;

Can anyone verify the following? A lovely woman told me that someone high-up in Mac’s org. told HER that the company’s made the following official decision, albeit perhaps it’s not yet an officially ANNOUNCED decision, lol… To wit: that the super-popular Min. Skinfinish called “Pleasantry” (which sold out quickly in its first launch) is definitely going to appear again by midsummer or so.

So — again: can anyone verify this? Have any of you also heard this? And if so, do you know exactly WHEN this is going to happen?

amani Avatar

wow everytime i look at these pic it makes me sad cuz theres no way i will be able to buy all of it…..excluding the solar bits and spray tan

Tinkerbell Avatar

I purchased this entire collection today at a MAC Store on the peninsula. They had a party for this launch, complete with cocktails and appetizers…. I LOVE THIS COLLECTION!!

Bibi Avatar

I just came hom from the party .. fun fun fun the model was so hot food was cool drinks super cool makeup oh so purty but i think i need a closer look on some stuff i did get a couple of lipsticks and eyeshadows and i also restock on some stuff but i didn’t play too much too busy having fun talking πŸ™‚

star Avatar

i saw this collection today! looks sooooo much better in person!!!
i didn’t want anything at first, but i think i just changed my mind!!!

Tania Avatar

I agree with some of the previous posters. I REALLY don’t like the packaging. It looks like 80’s animal print very Duran Duran “Hungry Like the Wolf”! I was asked by peeps at the MAC counter I frequent to sign up. I’m going to encourage my mom to sign up cuz she’d be all over this. I think that the Lustre Drops are interesting and I MAY get one lipglass or lipstick because that’s what I do with every collection (excpet for Neo Sci Fi). *sigh* we shall see…

Miko Avatar

When will this be at MAC counters? Is it still May 28? I’m trying to decide if I should order online now, or just wait until its at the counters.

Kim Avatar

The solar bits look a lot like the loose beauty powders that I think came out a few years ago. They add a nice sheen to cheeks or eyes, and I am loving the scatterays!

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