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MAC Rodarte Collection to Be Pulled

M·A·C Decides Not to Ship M·A·C Rodarte Makeup Collection Out of Respect for Women & Girls of Juárez and their Families

This decision will not impact M·A·C ‘s commitment to donate all of its projected profits from the collection to benefit the women and girls of Juarez.

Out of respect for the people of Mexico, the women and girls of Juarez and their families, as well as our M·A·C Mexican staff and colleagues, M·A·C has made the decision not to ship the M·A·C Rodarte limited edition makeup collection. This decision will have no impact on M·A·C’s commitment to donate all of its projected global profits from this collection to local and international groups that work to improve the lives of the women and girls of Juarez. We are currently conducting due diligence to ensure we donate to organizations with a proven record of directly supporting the women and girls of Juarez.

M·A·C and Rodarte are deeply and sincerely sorry and we apologize to everyone we offended. We have listened very closely to the feedback of concerned global citizens. We are doing our very best to right this wrong. The essence of M·A·C is to give back and care for the community and Rodarte is committed to using creativity for positive social change. We are grateful for the opportunity to use what we have learned to raise awareness on this important issue. 

Source: MAC Cosmetics on Facebook

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Haydyn Avatar

I understand that the collection was offensive a ignorant and I support their decision to donate to the women and girls in juarez but it disappoints me that they pulled the collection. It feels almost like an excuse not to do the collection rather than a reason

Mariana Avatar

I don’t think it was an excuse not to do the collection because the products as well as the promo images where already in the stores, so everything was ready for the launching date, but a couple of weeks ago mac took all the products from the stores back

ashley Avatar

exactly – like they know they will lose money doing it since they have to put money into making the products AND have to donate all the money they make. this is a cop out so they only have to donate “projected profits”(and by that, they can make up whatever number they want) while not having to spend money to launch the collection/make the products.

valerievanity Avatar

Of course it isn’t a cop out. They are going to be donating money that they DIDN’T make. A cop out would be not donating at all…

Mallory Avatar

So … this collection isn’t going to be available at all? Or only online? I was satisfied with the donation promise they made, I kind of still wanted some of those items.

Lea Avatar

Wow, this is pretty amazing. I am so happy MAC decided on this, because even if they renamed every product, it would still have a weird taste to it. And they will still donate, which I think is great.

Four for you MAC, you go MAC. 😉

JamieJamez Avatar

I’m glad that the voice of the “people” is not only heard but respected and changes are being made with this collection. All in all there was only one thing that I wanted and I feel no heartache with losing this collection. Any idea on what they are going to do with all the pieces that were ready to be shipped?

Cindy Avatar

Wow I didn’t think they were going to go as far as pulling the collection all together. I wonder what happens to all that stuff they already had ready to go.

Christina Avatar

I dont get offended easily either, but this collection was just offensive to women its like saying “you dont matter” which is not true. Im happy that they pulled this collection and there was nothing in it that I wanted anyway…the model that they used is still making me put on the disgust face BLAH!

ashley Avatar

they named items in this collection offensive names as if making money out off the blood of the women being raped and people laboring in sweatshops in Juarez. it’s not an issue one should make money from – it’s like naming a lipstick “Sundan refugee camp” or something and making money off of the people who are actually going through the tragedies.

Jane doe Avatar

Ashley, I really don’t think the MAC creative directors sat down and said “Lets name this collection after Juarez, the industrial city/ factory town where a number of woman and girls get raped and murdered so we can turn a pretty profit!” If you did the research, you would know that the founding sisters of Rodarte, Kate and Laura Mulleavy were inspired by a road trip they took to Mexico, were the colors, culture and the hard working woman going to work late in the night like sleepwalkers. It’s likely that if it wasn’t for MAC and Rodarte naming the products after a non-tourist area of Mexico then, it’s doubtful that most consumers would be ignorant of the current crimes and woman struggles in Juarez today. Please do research before making fully loaded statements.

Veronica Avatar

I had forgotten about this collection! The only products I was considering buying were lip erase (which I can buy through PRO anyway) and the beauty powder, but I’m saving my money for Venomous Villains and Fabulous Felines.

Cheyenne Avatar

Wow indeed. I did not expect that one at all!!! I know some people are going to be really mad and some are going to be happy. Some might even still resent Mac for even making the names in the first place. I don’t know where I stand. A little bummed, but a little happy. I’m glad they are making a donation still and they know what they did was wrong. I’m a little bummed that there will be no collection, but hey there will ALWAYS be more!

Hendrix Avatar

This whole brou-ha-ha jaded me so bad. No one’s going to be thinking of Juarez when they haul the next MAC collection. Yeah, MAC screwed this one up, and some bloggers made good points concerning the whole thing (rename, donate, promote awareness, etc), but the self-righteous suburban crusade it spawned just… astounded me.

Leslie Avatar

I understand what you mean about the hype but at the same time alot of the HISPANIC community took offense to this. I have family in Juarez who see this every day and no one cares to think about, I am thankfull that something was brought to the attention of those who did not know about it,

Ciambella Avatar

I don’t think it’s true that nobody will be thinking of Juarez. Personally, the whole Juarez angle on the unlamented late Rodarte collection is always going to stain MAC’s (and Rodarte’s) image for me from now on. I also don’t think it’s fair to call the protesting around the MAC/Rodarte collection a self-righteous suburban crusade. Crusades are religious ideology; self-righteous implies smug self-assuredness; and the majority of us with Internet access are, indeed, suburban children of capitalism anyway, who otherwise would have been relatively unaware of the horrific lives and deaths of the Juarez women or of border violence in general. I was more astounded that some bloggers cared as much as they did, and at the debates that followed.

I think MAC knows they didn’t do their research and made a big political mistake. They are trying to fix it, and if it wasn’t for that “self-righteous suburban crusade” of women and men who absolutely refused to buy little colorful pieces of glamorized fear and suffering and made their feelings known, MAC probably would not have gone as far as they did and there would not be aid organizations in or around Juarez looking forward to a hopefully good amount of donated money. (And, of course, there’s the general dislike trend for money-greedy business, too, but I digress.) Not bad for a bunch of suburban warriors.

Nicky Avatar

Seems it’s the right thing to do – it may only be makeup, but by doing this MAC is taking a stand for those women and children in Juarez who have no voice.

Scarlett Avatar

I personally feel like it would have been better to release the collection. The cosmetic counters could have served to raise awareness about this issue. I feel like they could have put together a short video that could’ve continuously played next to the Rodarte display. This would’ve served to educate and to lure in more people (such as those who may typically bypass the counter); this would’ve increased awareness of the tragedies of this area as well as possibly bringing in more money.

What is amount in “projected sales” that MAC plans on contributing?

NeenaJ Avatar

I couldn’t agree with you more. The contribution is a positive thing, sure. But, you can’t replace the awareness it would have raised. The evidence is all over the blogosphere from the anticipation of the collection alone.

Catherine Avatar

Being a Women Studies graduate and a MAC fan, I could not be more thrilled that they pulled the collection. I agree with some people saying that it would have created awareness; however I believe it would have done so in a negative way, because rodarte portrays this violence as art. no thanks. In creating awareness they should have created something similar to viva glam. The proceeds are there, but the names are not offensive, and you can’t create a “look” to portray violence. I think the promo photo is what offended me most

Amanda Avatar

Thats ridiculous. If anything MAC should be commended because they brought awareness to a situation a lot of people had no idea was going on. I feel awful for the people who live there but there is injustice everywhere. Sadly, it is a part of life. I think MAC’s original game plan was a great idea. Too bad, it was a great collection.

Mariana Avatar

I really don’t think mac was the one to create the awareness, it was the bloggers and people who complaint about it, mac never said “hey this collection is to create awareness about the women who are being killed in Juarez” mac just made a mistake and I guess they didn’t think people would react the way they did, mac tried to fix it but it was never enough and as many concerned people were still asking for the collection to be canceled, that’s what they did. But mac never meant for it to be a collection to help or create awareness, if they had done that from the beginning, it all would have been different…

sf Avatar

I wonder if they will release some of the items in future collections renamed and re described. Are they going to just trash everything?? I thought it was great they were donating 100% then people wanted it pulled…I think they should have kept it because there would have been more awareness brought to it and customers at mac may have been more inclined to purchase something from it in order to donate and help the cause.

Anne Avatar

I don’t think they’ll be able to do this (release some items in future collections). They had already released pictures of the products when the uproar occurred, and I think they must know that there will always be eagle eyes out there waiting to pounce on any attempt of theirs to recoup their losses.

That’s unfair, because doing so wouldn’t affect the political issue at all, but one of MAC’s hallmarks is creativity. The assumption is always that each collection grows out of a unifying theme, and any attempt to recycle products would undermine that image.

They must also realize that any products recognizable from this collection would be suspected of being old, outdated stock.

Vijaya Avatar

I don’t think you’re correct about recycling products; MAC does that all the time with their repromotes. Not to mention many of their limited edition products resemble permanent products or older limited edition products.

Even looking at the Rodarte product list itself: it included the Mauvement repromote and a couple of permanent and Pro things (Lip Erase, Kitschmas, White Gold, Chromagraphic Pencil).

LU Avatar

Wow. I guess its nice they pulled the collection and still decided to donate proceeds. Theres a million more MAC collections in the future so its not big deal it was pulled.

Faith Avatar

It’s very strange to me that they keep changing their word. I complained to them upon first hearing of the collection, but I was satisfied by their eventual decision to change the names and donate all proceeds. I guess maybe they were still getting complaints?

JD Avatar

As ignorant as I am regarding the issue, I’ll commend MAC for this move. The reason why I support MAC as a customer is because they listen to the people who matter most: the consumer. I think it’s great that, when push came to shove, they made the decision to pull the collection and STILL donate money.

However, in terms of Rodarte, I think their statement was half-assed and insincere. Going on a roadtrip to Mexico and finding enough “beauty” in oppression to name a nail polish after Juarez seems callous. And for whatever reason, the pink just seemed out of taste to me. I don’t even know how to explain it…it’s almost seems like the colour itself surgarcoats the issue.

Angela Avatar

This sucks. I am not a happy camper. No, MAC, you cannot satisfy everyone’s wants at the same time. This is basically the most ridiculous thing I’ve came across. I hope that MAC and Rodarte will work on a later collection because I love Rodarte and I love MAC and them together is bliss.

Mackenzie Avatar

I’m very impressed. It shows that MAC truly listened to the people. For those saying that they wanted stuff from this collection, it’s MAC it will probably be released again in like a month. 🙂

Emily Avatar

i feel like this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. and now that the collection isnt going to ship what, is it all going in the trash? talk about a waste of resources, time and money.

Kesha Avatar

This collection…just, wow.

What is the likelihood that this Rodarte color story is released as a different collection? MAC doesn’t seem to have any shortage of color ideas but, this was a really beautiful collection and JUST SPEAKING IN TERMS OF MAKEUP, it’s a shame to see these products go to waste.

Shari Avatar

Way to go MAC! I am so glad that they finally seem to “get it”. This was the only correct decision to make. This collection just never should have been.

Jen Avatar

i’m pretty bummed. this collection looked really nice. you can’t satisfy everyone though. i guess this just means more money for fabulous felines and venomous villains.. 🙂

Tiffany Avatar

People were unhappy about the collection when it was first announced and said they’d boycott/MAC should pull/etc, now people are upset that the collection has been pulled?

lol can’t please everyone, I guess.

Torrie Avatar

I wasn’t really looking forward to this collection….but I would’ve thought MAC could’ve used this collection to educate and bring light to a dark, barely mentioned subject. Yes….people obviously knew about it enough to get MAC to pull the collection. But now, the conversations stop, people will ignore what’s happening and move on. This could’ve been something like the Viva Glam collections.

Jennifer Avatar

MAC can’t satisfy all of us (as we can already see just from these comments). This was probably the most PC thing to do considering the real outrage some people have expressed. Personally, I thought the situation was rather blown out of proportion, but I think this is a generous move in terms of a response by MAC. I’m amazed and pretty pleased at their ability to listen and react to consumers. That said, I certainly did want a few things from this collection and I’m disappointed I won’t get to check them out in person. The special packaging on certain items was lovely.

Lilac Avatar

Possibly you could inquire at MAC later on about where to donate directly to the same charity they chose; or maybe on the net can be found already existing charities to this.

virginiaisforluvrs Avatar

Wow! I wasn’t expecting this at all. I know people are upset about the collection not happening and people “blowing things out of proportion” but, based on MAC’s response, it seems like MAC employees were upset about it too (not just fans). I think they wanted to show respect for their employees. And, they might have just decided that it would be more trouble (and money) than its worth to repackage, redesign, and re-do advertisements. Personally, no matter how they promoted the products, I thought the collection was kinda gross.

Jessica Avatar

It is unfortunate that such a drastic step was taken and having the whole collection removed. It would have been great to have MAC help raise awareness. I doubt that MAC was coming from a bad place and the collection was relative to the makeup/beauty/fashion world and global citizens judged MAC & Rodarte from their point of view. BUT MAC along with Rodarte should have been more aware of the situation in Juarez and the history/connotations of the collection items namesake. I hope this serves as a good example for all of us to be connected to the whole world and become informed global citizens.

ashley Avatar

I’m confused: how can they donate profits from something they never sell? if they don’t release this collection, how will they donate profits from it?

ashley Avatar

Never mind, Christine. I read your answers to the same question above so now I understand what they are saying. but seems fishy to me – there’s no way they could know how much they would have made from the collection.

Rachel Avatar

There’s nothing fishy about it. All companies can figure out what their projected profit will be based on previous year’s profits. MAC will probably use the month or quarter that rodarte was suppose to come out and use the numbers from the same time frame last year to come up with the projected profit.

S. Avatar

Yes, they can tell how much they would make. It’s called projections and every company can tell you what their projections are for a given time period or product launch. I’m sure Coca-Cola can tell you what they’re set to make through 2020 (probably longer).

gosgal Avatar

I think people who get offended actually prevents some helping hands for the women and children in Juarez. Have you ever asked the unfortunate ones or their family in Juarez if they have problem about the issue being raised for public awareness and they get some donations from it?? I guess not. Some people claim to speak for others while failed to actually look into the big picture.

lily Avatar

a total mistake. i was lookng forward to this collection more than any other this year maybe, i would have gladly bought most of the items and was actually excited to support MAC x Rodarte. I hope they read these comments and realize that their supporters, customers, and fellow human beings would like to help them support this issue. i hope they change their minds again and continue with the launch. please?

MissDeeCanada Avatar

I am just happy that they are pulling this! After all the chaos and issues surrounding it, I think its best that they pull it!

What a mistake MAC made. Its costing MAC for their mistake, but good that the women of juarez get some donations!

Kacey Avatar

I’m a little confused as to why this was necessary. To me it felt like this had become a way for us to donate to the charities indirectly by purchasing the products. I’m a little concerned that their “global projected profit” is going to be…iono…perhaps off. Not that they’re evil or anything, but they are a business. Maybe I’m just cynical, heh.

Michelle Avatar

I’m so glad MAC yanked this collection. I think they took the high road on this one. I know they can’t make everyone happy at the same time — but I believe they made a smart move on this one. I quite frankly wasn’t impressed by the looks of the collection anyways — and there will always be more and more collections . . .

Rachel Avatar

i really respect that MAC decided to pull this collection from being sold. selling the products under this collection would have been morally wrong even if they had changed the names. it’s just wrong to sell and make a profit on the unfortunate people of Juarez. although, i think they will probably rename and sell the products at a later time with different color descriptions so that we have no idea that it was ever linked to the rodarte collection. i also respect that MAC has decided to donate their projected global profits to help Mexico, the women and children and families of the victims. I would say this is a very honorable thing for MAC to do. Just shows that no matter how high end a company is or executive title a person has, judgement and morals can get impaired. But in this case, MAC was very upfront and admitted that they made a mistake are trying to correct it. Kudos to MAC!

Megan Avatar

I’m very dissapointed. I was looking forward to the collection. Hopefully they make another collection with the same products and give it a different name. Then they could donate the proceeds of that collection. DUH!

Cherokee Avatar

I am pleased to hear that MAC is pulling the collection and will be donating what they projected to make in sales. How much that is I don’t know and don’t care.

In reading some of the comments (which is all opinions) it saddens me to think that people are “bummed”, don’t see what the big issue is and are more concerned with what will MAC will do with the makeup than the real issue.

Jessie Avatar

I guess I’m one of the few that think this is a bit much. I had no issues with the names, and I knew what was going on. I’ve been there and interviewed some of the survivors.

I don’t understand the hoopla, it would be different if they would have named products after the actual women.

Oh well, I bought the one thing I wanted through a LJ sale.. and in the OJ and not new slimjar lol

Its a shame though, MAC had to lose millions because some people got sand in their shorts about an issue that has no effect on them. *shrugs*

Megan Avatar

“Because some people got sand in their shorts about an issue that has no effect on them?” Please, let me string that logic out a little further. I don’t have AIDS and neither does anyone that I know so I shouldn’t care about AIDS? What New Orleans and Katrina? I’ve never been there so I shouldn’t care. Haiti? Darfur? Empathy is a beautiful human trait but you seem to argue that unless something affects us directly that we simply shouldn’t care. I don’t have to know anyone in Juarez to be outraged and sad about the violence going on and that MAC could have made a profit off of it. The fact that you claim to have interviewed women from Juarez makes your comment even more astounding.

Yuliya Avatar

I really think this entire thing was blown out of proportion. There’s so many worse things going on that the naming of nail polishes. Look how many people are aware or Juarez because of the collection. I think people should have focused their efforts to trying to make a change or make donations instead of protesting MAC.

And while my wallet is happy, I’m disappointed because I wanted something from the collection. But Mauvement pigment was in it and it’s in Fab Felines so that’s one thing!

Stephanie Avatar

Finally, MAC realized the Rodarte collection was in poor taste and pulled it, all while still making a donation. This is a very classy move and I hope whomever signed off on this collection on every level was fired. Thanks MAC for doing what’s right.

D Avatar

I don’t usually comment on public forums, but as a social worker and a someone who has attended a public forum on the subject of Juarez a few years ago, I’m shocked at the rank consumerism I’m seeing in the comments. Believe me, I’m no flaming left-winger but I’m sad and disheartened by the comments I’m reading. Since others are educating people about the violence, I will state that it isn’t only American companies operating in Juarez. European and Asian companies have had factories making it a global problem indeed. I saw Senorita Extraviada but there are other films out there too. Maybe Christine could compile a dupe list for those who are outraged by the collection being pulled. Feel free to moderate if this violates the terms of this site. Back to lurking I go.

TheGnome Avatar

I’m just as astounded as you are…There’s no such thing as being too politically correct and sensitive when it comes to something like this. Just because it doesn’t offend you personally doesn’t make it NOT offensive…It’s upsetting to see that makeup is more important than compassion to some people.

TrippyPixie Avatar

Did not see that coming at all. I’m very disappointed, because I was looking forward to this collection.

I’m a bit annoyed that it was pulled entirely because of some people getting offended. I agree that some of the names weren’t in the best of taste, but at least MAC stepped up to the plate and tried to please the offended. The name changes and charity donations should have been enough, I think.

I hate to say it, but even with the collection being pulled, the violence in Juarez will still continue and will not be that easy to stop. It’s not like pulling the collection will change anything; they may as well still sell it.

Besides, what are they going to do with any of the products that they may have made already?

Leslie Avatar

In my opinion it wasnt just that the people who were offended by the collection that caused the line to be pulled. In the business world you have to be careful of the connections you keep, rodarte’s original statement on the line was a croc they attempted to make light of a very serious situation. Yes the violence will continue but at least the cast of insensitivity will be cast on Rodarte for the concept and not on MAC for the distrubution.

Kim Avatar

Hear hear! Rodarte’s spin on this has always left a lousy taste in my mouth. Well done MAC for distancing yourself from this debacle of a duo with class.

Deah Avatar

I’m proud that MAC has decided to pull the collection. The entire thing was in poor taste. And as long as they keep their donation promise, I’ll be happy.

Hopefully, for some of the more disappointed readers, MAC will decide to revamp the collection, keeping the colors but being more tactful in their choice of names.

Shaye Avatar

This makes me pretty sad. I was looking forward to the Beauty Powder from this collection. I was also excited for the awareness it would raise.I knew basically nothing about the situation is Juarez before this, and it seemed like it would be a really good opportunity to teach people about this. They could have put the counter employees through a class about Juarez, and had literature given out with every purchase.

Oh well, the really sad thing is that there are people out there that probably still won’t be satisfied, and will still act like MAC is a corporation run by the Devil because of this whole incident.

Marcela Avatar

To me this has blown way out of proportion. I do know about Juarez and the situation they ate facing it, but I guess people got offended too much because of some of the names they chose. MAC apologized and people still lashed at them, MAC decided to give $100,000 and that wasn’t enough, and then they were donating everything from the collection and still people weren’t satisfied, maybe now they will. I was really looking forward to buy some of their products, but oh well, MAC will launch bigger and better collections and this one will just be forgotten.

Nadine Avatar

I’m really sad that the collection is canceled.I absolutely loved the products and I was gonig to buy a couple of them.Probably as many as never before from a collection.I don’t really understand the decision to cancel the whole thing.

Lindsay B Avatar

I know how cynical this will sound, but just because they’ve pulled the collection doesn’t mean we’ll never see the products. They’ll simply rename them and release them in other collections.

I do think that MAC made a blunder with the names, but the whole thing got totally blown out of proportion. I thought the apology, promise to rename the products, and the $100,000 donation would have been enough, but apparently not.

Katie Avatar

I feel bad for MAC; I can see why the names were offensive but I really think that they made this collection with good intentions. Reading some of the comments in the whole MAC Rodarte debate made me think that many people imagine those who decided to execute this idea as sinister beings who sat behind their desks going, “Mwahahahaha! Money!” – which is not the case at all.

I’ll still be an avid supporter of MAC and I’ll still be looking forward to their othe future releases.

53 Avatar

I think it’s good that they pull it out. They should have done so before they decide to donate all of their profits from this collection, before renaming their products from this collection and before their earlier decision about donating a percentage of their profits… you know what i mean? It should be step1) pull out collection!

kelliegonzo Avatar

so i’m not going to lie, i am glad this happened for the sole reason that it brought attention to this issue. otherwise a million girls and women who probably didn’t know about it now do. i’m glad they made the decision they did.

however, they will probably release the products under different names/collection images so i’m sure anything anyone wanted from this collection will be available eventually.

Tara Avatar

I think this was, for the most part, a good decision, but they should have this choice sooner. Now the whole thing comes off as ridiculous from the momemt they decided to go through with those names, to there waffling on what to do about it, to pulling the collection after it was already put into production and shipped to stores, thus wasting many resources. There were a few nice products which I am sure we will see re-named and re-packaged in the future. I hope MAC has the sense to maybe donate the already produced and Rodarte packaged products to one of those charities that gives beauty products to women with cancer, intead of wastefully trashing the product and packaging.

Jocey Avatar

Good job MAC! I was never planning to buy from this collection & I’m glad that they not only pulled the collection but that they are still donating. I don’t know how much exactly, but it’s something.

Sandra Avatar

As much as I wanted some of the things from the collection, I wouldn’t have been able to buy them…I would have felt they were tainted. Making this collection was such a terrible idea, I just can’t fathom how it actually got approved..

Ellen Avatar

That was the right thing for them to do. To put that collection out in the first place was completely horrible, but at least they listened to the public and learned from their mistakes. Good for them!

Dani Avatar

I wasn’t going to buy anything from this collection but for those that are disappointed I’m sure they will repackage the collection under a different name. If you really had your eye on something keep your eyes out for it in the future under a different name.

Bella Avatar

Coming soon to a CCO near you lol No doubt this collection will end up someone down the road. There is no way they will just trash the whole collection. They will take the labels off and sell it at a discount somewhere or just design a future collection around it. Maybe even split the items up as part of several future collections. We will see this products again. No doubt

Enna Avatar

To me it actually sounds like a very wise business move from MAC, they knew that this collection would not sell well because of all the drama around it, so it is financially wiser to pull it out for a few years and release it with another name, when all the fuzz about this topic is over, they will even mix it with some other products so that they are not only the ones that were meant for Rodarte, expect this products out in the market, in one year or two, they are a company, and they will not want to loose their huge investment, it would be childish to think that they would just destroy all the items. Forget it.

Annie S Avatar

I think they should have still launched the collection, at least online because now they are wasting products, materials, and hard labor that went into creating the cosmetics

Megen Avatar

Not ship?? Does that mean it won’t be released at all? Kinda sucks, since they made the decision to change the names anyway cuz I really wanted some things! But I don’t see them just trashing an entire collection….you think they’ll still release the collection at another time just under a different collection name altogether, or maybe release a few of the products here and there with other collections?

Suzanne Avatar

The inception and subseqent marketing was beyond unthinkable. 23 murdered in Juraez this weekend alone, nearly 2,000 murdered this year already. What “inspiration” can be found for beauty products out of a place where that is the overwhelming occurance? This was the only right decision. Our beloved MAC has not cop-ed out. They have raised our awareness, their own, (hell, probably even Rodarte’s)and have made steps to make Juraez and it’s people’s lives better.

j533j Avatar

How can they donate proceeds if the collection is being pulled/cancelled? Are they still selling the stuff in stores and just not shipping it (i.e. selling it online) or are they not selling anything at all?

Kacie Avatar

I feel like this got so far out of hand at that it’s absurd just how much MAC rolled over. Giving away their profits was enough, not shipping it at all is ridiculous. I’ve been on a no-buy for most of 2010 so it’s not like I was super amped about this collection or anything. I hate how politically correct everything is supposed to be. Granted, those two items should have been renamed sure whatever, but makeup is art, right? Art isn’t supposed to be pretty all the time, it’s supposed to be thought provoking.

TheGnome Avatar

Glorifying violence and profiting from it is NOT art. There was nothing thought provoking about the collection, as they seemed to be quite ignorant of the plight of the Juarez residents. I personally hate how some people believe nothing is sacred when it comes to art.

JB Avatar

I’m not surprised at all. It would have just created more negative PR for them.

If they started production they will probably use the same products for a different collections.

Lyndsay Avatar

if the products are already made, perhaps they will take those same products, give a different name and create a new collection from them? Maybe? Or are the products destroyed?

Jaclyn Angela Avatar

At the end of the day MAC is a business and their objective is to increase performance. The alternative they picked is the one that they believe will generate the smallest loss for the company (most likely long term). Pulling the collection somehow calculated out to the be the best solution probably in order to retain their customer base and profitability for future collections. I still really like MAC, I just do not think they are as virtuous as they are trying to appear. It is kind of silly for the public to expect them to be anyways, I mean how many of us actually donated to the cause and/or spread awareness of it before this controversy happened?

Jae Avatar

Wow. I’m just amazed at the posts of people here who are upset/angry/disappointed/etc at MAC for pulling the line when not too long ago the pitchforks were ready to come out because MAC made the line in the first place.

Angry because you wanted to donate to the cause by buying some MAC? Wait to find out what charity they’re donating to and add your $$ to the charity. Or inquire through MAC, I’m sure they’ll let you know.
Angry because you wanted new MAC? Don’t worry, I’m sure MAC will come up with some new stuff to tempt you with.
Disappointed because *insert reason here*? Them’s the dice. I’m already preparing myself for the huge disappointment that the VV line will be full of fail on my skin. That’s gonna suck soooooo much. But, again, I’m sure MAC will come up with something new down the line to pull me in and keep me coming back like an addict.

In short, life goes on yo and MAC will make sure we go on with life looking beautiful and with lighter wallets…

well Avatar

i hope they do something with everything they made…otherwise thats a massive waste of product and packaging and everything. i certainly hope they recycle it all or something!

Mayra Avatar

I dont understand why people find this whole situation gross, I mean, sure maybe MAC made a mistake on presenting this collection in the wrong way, but I’m sure it wasnt theyre intention on people hating on them, it just wasnt well thought out the way they probably planned it all to work out. And, i gotta say before this big fiasco i did not know a thing about the situation in Juarez, I’m now aware and thankful that I am. I would have loved to help this cause and would have loved to get makeup in return. Its too bad now no one can. Does anybody else feel the same way? Christine, how do you feel about the Rodarte collection?

Megan Avatar

It amazes me that after all the discussion about this collection on previous posts that some people still don’t get it. I realize that this collection is the only reason why some of you know about the situation in Juarez but that is not a reason to applaud MAC. Had MAC approached this collection in the same spirit of the Viva Glam releases, I would have been 100% behind it. If their intent was to raise awareness, donate proceeds, and pay tribute to a culture, MAC would have received a lot of support. However, that is not how the collection was approached. Instead Rodarte and MAC made reference to the violence in a way that was exploitive. No, I don’t believe that the decision makers intended to make light of violence to women but they were still ignorant and insensitive. Don’t give them credit for raising awareness. That was not their intent. Also do not applaud them for donating proceeds. That only happened after the controversy. Pulling the collection is the correct response. As is the donating of projected earnings. I would have liked for this to have been the immediate response but I’m glad that MAC finally decided to do it. For all you who are lamenting the loss of an opportunity to get this pigment or that eyeshadow, how can you still care about the makeup when this is about something so much bigger? There will always be new collections. This one time it is about human decency and not allowing a company to profit off of human suffering and yet you still are more concerned with slapping some product on your face.

Ciambella Avatar

Now that’s an interesting outcome. The skeptic in me says that MAC and Rodarte probably hope to benefit enormously from this type of PR, but my first and honest take is to be very impressed that MAC made this decision. I had already decided to not buy MAC anymore (not a hard decision, full disclosure), but I may give them a second chance after they make their donation. Cajones, MAC. Major cajones, and good for you.

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