MAC Pro Products Available to All Online

MAC Pro Products Available to All Online

Starting tomorrow, October 18 M·A·C Pro products will become available to consumers at No more trekking to the nearest Pro store or calling a Pro store just to find out what products exist! You don’t have to be a Pro member to purchase Pro products online (the same has been true for in-store and by-phone purchases). MAC said consumer customers should receive an email tomorrow officially announcing the expansion of Pro product accessibility! 🙂  This is a welcome change and one that’s been such a long-time coming! Yay!  I’ll be working on my MAC Pro recommendations and posting tomorrow!

Update:  This is applicable to U.S./Canada at this time!

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Thank you so much Christine! I’ve been wanting to get Deep Damson for a while but I cannot go to London to get one single eyeshadow :/ I hope they make all their pro products available worldwide!

I have mixed feelings, Im happy for consumers but I worked hard to get a Pro Card and now it’s not special, I hope they still reserve the discounts just for professional

Agreed. I felt a little disappointed. the pro site is for PRO’s. I’ve had my PPID card for EVER and enjoyed first dibs as well as PRO product. Now that everyone can get at it, I wonder if the demand will cause them to bump UP production and reduce quality..

I am so happy they decided to do this. I always said that if anyone could walk into the pro store or call them and place an order that they should be online as well so glad I can now get the pro products I have been wanting.

The Chromographic pencils? I only have the NC15/NW20, but it’s amazing. I wish I had all the colors these pencils come in (intend to buy the whole rainbow eventually anyway). You will LOVE the pencil(s). They go on like butter, and the pigmentation is intense. The flesh colored ones are great for the waterline, for concealer on small areas, and even to mute lip color, sort of like a cross between a nude lip liner and Lip Erase. I actually like the texture of Chromographic pencils more than UD’s 24/7 pencils! I’m happy they’re finally making all this available to everyone, not just those of us with Pro cards–this is one of the nicest products they make!

That’s exactly the color I need. I might get another later, but I probably will order that color within a week or so. I know it’d be amazing for my waterline, white is too bright.

I am so excited for this! Not that I’m planning on getting a lot, but I finally don’t have to wait until the next time I’m in NY to get Full Fuchsia blush, which I’ve been lusting after for ages! Also so ready to see all the PRO lipstick shades 😀

Wooooooot! There’s so many things already up that I wanted to acquire over the years! Mixing medium, the full range of pigments, paint sticks!! Thank you MAC! And thank you Christine for posting this and making my night!!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I’m so excited about this. I’ve been wanting to get some of the PRO lip products that you’ve mentioned in some of your posts, but I don’t live anywhere near a pro store/don’t care enough to call to place my orders. This is awesome news. I’m really looking forward to having an easier time being able to get these things when I decide to buy them.

I’m confused…I always thought the stand along store locations were the ‘Pro’ stores, and carried the full line (as opposed to the locations inside The Bay (Canada), or Macys (in the US…it’s Macy’s that has Mac, right?)

Was I wrong????

Pro stores look like freestanding stores but have Pro products, too – there are maybe 7-10 in the U.S.? Something like that!

How do you determine what is Pro on the site? Will it say Pro?
And of course there won’t be a 50% discount for everyone! MAC wouldn’t make any money! That is the real Pro Card benefit!

AWESOME. I hated that when MAC changed the Pro website, I couldn’t even LOOK at the products anymore. This? This is amazing. My nearest MAC Pro store is just that, near, but for a lot of people it’s not. Again, awesome.

Agreed!! I used to check out the PRO site before I got on the subway to go to the store! And I loved just checking out what was happening on the site! Fine, that I didn’t get the discount but why couldn’t I even look at anything? When I could just go buy it in the store? (I live near a PRO store)

PRO products include a much wider range of “makeup art” cosmetics (not really meaning to pun MAC’s name here!), things like body paints, the chromalines (pots of super intense colours), they used to have paint sticks, colour correctors, I recall seeing the sculpt and shape items that were no longer available at regular counters and stores, certain shadows and lipsticks, some of their mixing and transforming products (to make eyeliner out of shadow they have a gel or whatnot)…it’s been a while since I was in our PRO store in Toronto.

What I’ve found is the things are more pigmented, maybe have different ingredients for longer lasting, some aren’t for eye makeup, etc as they are originally intended for other areas of makeup art like stage, body art, blah blah blah

I’m sure you get the picture LOL

They’re basically the products that are offered exclusively in MAC’s PRO stores, intended for use by makeup artists. There are far fewer PRO stores than standard MAC shops. The PRO range extends the shade range of MAC’s standard formulas as well as adding numerous other formulas to the mix.

I’m glad they’re finally moving forward with this. I’ve been lucky enough to live in cities that have Pro stores, but it never made sense to me that there were certain colours that were deemed “professional”. I get that there are certain products that appeal more to professionals, but colours can appeal to everyone and you don’t need to be a pro to rock them!

Thanks for posting Christine … This made my evening 100% more exciting!

This is really awesome since I have to drive out of state for my nearest Pro store. At least now if I quickly need to look for something, I can do it online ahead of time! YaY!

I’m kind of happy about this because I live in Boston, so we don’t have a pro store. I’m a little… conflicted its happening now, though. I am going on a trip to NYC next month, and one of the places I most wanted to go was the MAC pro store. This kind of takes the magic out of it.

Oh well!

Go to the PRO store on W 22nd. It will be much different than a “regular store”. There is no sign, and you have to ring a bell to get in.. Get on the elevator and go up to the 2nd floor.. You will definatley know its a PRO store. promise.. its worth it.

I’ve been wanting Vellum *forever*! I swatched it at a counter just when it was DC’d. I also want Indian Ink & Deep Damsom, as well as Face & Body in white. Then there are the sculpting creams & powders, and pigments…

I was on a no buy…dangit, this made my wishlist quadruple! I will now be ordering bottle green, naval, indian ink (I already have deep damson and it’s amazing!), scuplt, NC15 and black chromagraphic pencils, and full coverage foundation. Hallelujah! I was seriously debating a trip to Chicago, Vegas, or NYC just to get to a pro store!

Seemed silly it wasn’t like this from the get-go. “Let’s not make more money and limit product availability.” I would think the most important bit for the Pro card holders would be the discount, since I’m sure it’s given with the thought that they’re buying more than an average consumer.

Huzzah! I was seriously about one more “too bad everyone can’t buy MAC PRO products” comments away from jumping off something high… Now I I don’t have to!! Yay! 🙂

Oh and BTW I FINALLY got my PRO card in the mail yesterday! Go me! MAC accidentally billed me twice last year and after a month of phone calls and faxing my bank statements to them (they didn’t believe they billed me twice) they said they would refund the extra membership fee… but they never did.

So I finally gave up and said, “just give me another year then.” But then they decided they wanted my bank statements AGAIN… several faxes and phone calls later I FINALLY got my PRO card! So what if it’s October and I’ve been without it since July, right? At least I have it now.

Have to say… quite possibly the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced (apart from NARS of course 😉 A YEAR AND A HALF to resolve an issue as simple as “you billed me twice.” I can’t come down on the whole company though (I had more people TRYING to help me than not). Sadly it was mostly just one man. One rude little man at MAC PRO membership services. I’ve though about writing a song about him… if I do I shall post it. Then quickly remove it pending a law suit I’m sure :/

Oh well… at least I can shop now.

Hi Dusty,
I had the idea that the MAC pigments (specifically the reflects glitter) were part of the Pro line, but they’re not listed (saw the pro colors of pigments listed but none of the glitters). I can’t seem to find an answer to my question yet, do you know why they’re not listed? Thanks

When I first read through this, I thought it was a one-day only thing and I was bummed because there was no way I could justify a large purchase after all I bought during Urban Decay’s Friends and Family sale. But then I re-read it and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to buy pigments, paint sticks, sculpt, and NC15 products. Can’t wait to see your post about must-haves!

I could not figure out WHY they would sell them online as there is a separate section for pro artist to sign in to implement their Pro rates. Plus the Pro Products are houses in the same warehouse as the general line.

All you ladies please try their Chromaline gel pots. Pure White and Black Black are staples for me! you can use them on the waterline (what I use Pure White for the most), and a base/primers as well as gel liners. 😉

Hi Christine! I was wondering if you know anything about whether or not MAC pro will be releasing any of their fall trend palettes? (The palettes I’m referring to are pictured in the “products” section of the macpro website) Thank you! 🙂

That’s what I was told – at least, I wasn’t informed about any exceptions only that consumers would be able to now purchase their Pro products online.

Thanks for replying! That’s what I thought. I’m just confused since there are some things that aren’t on the site, yet. The email they sent out just says that pro products are available online now. It seems like this is supposed to be all of them, but there’s definitely some missing.

Fot those wondering if this will be available in the UK i did a MAC chat today and they said no confirmed date yet but they are working on it 😀

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