MAC Office Hours Collection for Fall 2012

MAC Office Hours Collection

MAC Office Hours Collection for Fall 2012

She’s a glamorous go-getter with a real head for business and beauty who loves M·A·C Pro Longwear — advanced products that set the standard for enduring colour. With a base of SPF 10 Foundation and Concealer, Pro Longwear Blush lasts for eight hours with a weightless, bright natural finish. Creamy-smooth Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in new soft and dramatic colours brings superior depth and dimension, and Pro Longwear Lipglass shines from Persistent Peach to Everlasting Nude.

Pro Longwear Lipglass ($19.50 U.S. / $22.50 CDN)

  • Everlasting Nude Mid-tone warm nude (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • Patience Please Light pink-blue (Cream) (Repromote)
  • Long Love Love Light cool pink (Cream)
  • Next Fad Mid-tone cool pink (Frost)
  • Persistent Peach Light warm peach (Cream)
  • Boundlessly Beige Light warm beige with pearl (Frost)
  • Driven by Love Red-blue with slight pearl (Cream) (Repromote)
  • Forever Rose Mid-tone neutral rose (Cream)

Pro Longwear Eyeshadow ($21.00 U.S. / $25.00 CDN)

  • Ever Ivory Pale ivory (Limited Edition)
  • Bloom On Light burnt rose
  • Always Sunny Light yellow brown
  • Uninterrupted Dark camel
  • Endless Passion Mid-tone rose (Limited Edition)
  • More Amour Mid-tone red (Limited Edition)
  • Mauveless Dark dirty mauve
  • Fashion Fix Dark cool slate grey
  • Linger Softly Light frosted grey blue

Pro Longwear Blush ($23.50 U.S. / $28.00 CDN)

  • Stay By Me Light peach coral
  • Baby Don’t Go Light cool beige
  • Rosy Outlook Light yellow pink
  • Stay Pretty Light bright blue pink
  • Blush All Day Light dirty rose beige
  • Whole Lotta Love Light blue pink
  • Eternal Sun Warm brown
  • Stubborn Mid-tone rose plum

Availability: Online at September 6th, in-stores September 13th (North America), September 2012 (International)

See more photos!

MAC Office Hours Collection

MAC Office Hours Collection

MAC Office Hours Collection

MAC Office Hours Collection

MAC Office Hours Collection

MAC Office Hours Collection


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Brenn Avatar

Hey, can you tell which products are used on the model ? Those are the one I most interested in . Help Christine can you do a eye using what you think or know whin ones they are .

Kafka Avatar

You poor, poor thing. Yet another mammoth MAC collection and right after your marathon session with NARS which immediately followed on the heels of the *other* MAC collection. It’s a pity you can’t clone yourself.

Is it my imagination or has MAC increased the frequency of their collections to one every week now?

Christine Avatar

They do about 50 collections per year, and really, it just depends on the timing. Like October is always a busy MAC month, since they have their holiday line-up, which is inevitably like four or five parts! Sometimes they launch 3 at once, and then one or two more shortly after, often it’s 2-3 once every 3-4 weeks!

GRW Avatar

I agree with KAFKA! MAC is probably reintroducing the same colors with different names! I think I’ll pass on this collection; not very “woman of color” friendly.

Kafka Avatar

There are one or two intense blushes that could look gorgeous on darker skin but, you’re right, GRW, the whole vibe/look of the promo photos is definitely not very inclusive nor aesthetically welcoming to women of colour!

Lilac Avatar

It seems that MAC does two versions of trying to release colours for a wide array of skin tones: Sometimes collections are mixed, they offer cool and warm tones. Sometimes, whole collections are geared more towards one kind of skin colour: for example, I believe Style Seeker has so many orange-y, warm, rich jewel tones that most of them would suit warm and or dark complexions very nicely (also I think Hidden Treasure blush is for example a super-pretty shade for warm complexions) and then maybe the MAC Me Over (bit older but I remember it well due to the colours) had plenty of cool shades, especially many suited well to light / fair / cool complexions.

I would assume that something like Office Hours, where most of the shades are meant to be permanent, would feature an array of shades where there is something for almost everyone, and while most of the blushes seem cool-ish (haven’t actually seen that many photos/swatches yet), the eyeshadows seem to feature warm colours, too. And then there is the recent Shade Extension for lipsticks, those are mostly colours for warmer / darker skin tones. So I think MAC could not afford to exclude anyone colourwise, really and if there are collections where someone does not find many colours for herself, (or himself), pretty sure the next or other parallel collection might offer them.

Actually for me it often seems other way round, that there are not enough cool colours XD I have no use for that mountain of peachy blushes, for example. 😀

Dorothy Zbornak Avatar

I know right? I’m jealous and sympathetic at the same time! I don’t know how she does it. I couldn’t do it. I would have to quit my job. LOL! But then how would I pay my rent? My apartment doesn’t accept payment in nailpolish. 😉

Kafka Avatar

“Payment in nail polish”… hahahaha. If only! Can you imagine going up to your landlord and being like, “It’s October, so I guess it’s Red month. Here is your carton of polishes. See you next month with the Teals.” *grin*

Jules Avatar

apparently shes wearing
*bittersweet prolongwear lipliner(darkbrown)i dont get why shes wearing that one.
*Insynch lip liner
*persistent peach prolongwear lipglass

Kris Avatar

This looks interesting, but why is it that the model seems to be a sexy secretary? Is this all we have to aspire to, put on makeup, look good, but just answer the phone while putting on nail polish like some stereotype from the 1950s? Why didn’t you make her a kickass executive with makeup on, MAC?

This makes me sad.

xamyx Avatar

It could be merely that at MAC’s pricepoint, those with entry-level positions are more likely to buy it? I don’t try to read “meanings” into print ads, I simply try to enjoy the aesthetics.

oreo Avatar

really now? what’s that suppose to mean? mac is saying only “entry level people” buy their brand?didn’t you stop to think there are people who can afford higher priced brands that aren’t *just* “entry level” that just happen to like the brand? you can’t say you’re not “reading meanings” into print ads and then still go ahead and do it.

Emily Avatar

wow. you really said that? it’s one thing to criticize the product/brand, but to go so far as to rudely insinuate and stealthily generalize the fans of a brand like MAC that you amyxxx obviously don’t like, are “most likely” entry level position people that’s just such an immature high school mean girl thing to say. for your info alot of people who like the brand can’t relate to the pink secretary imagery on this promotion. it’s just something comical and fun. and ps there is nothing wrong with being “entry level position”. everyone starts off there.

Zesty Avatar

So basically what you are saying is “I dont read into meanings of Ads, but the meaning of this ad is that MAC is for poor people who work in offices”. MAC is usually considered too expensive for normal “entry level” people, so your logic is not only rude its a smidge flawed.

Jenny Avatar

What does this even mean? There are entry level jobs in all types of careers that all pay at different levels so being “entry level” has to relation to your ability to afford certain brands of make up. Not trying to attack, just trying to understand the logic here.

leihyingyang Avatar

I had no problem with you not liking MAC I always see you criticizing it when a new post comes up reviewing a LE MAC product. I roll my eyes when I read them but you are entitled to your opinion and are free to express it. However you crossed the line when you start sneaking insults to not only people who appreciate the brand more than you do, but also honest working people in entry level position. I’m justifying this tiny bragging to prove a point: In my profession my first entry level position paid REALLY WELL I fully paid for a house in a short time and I was buying MAC that time even though I could afford more expensive brands because I happen to LIKE their products. And before you lash out at me, know that I’m merely repudiating your assertion.

Rose Avatar

Agreed! There’s an opportunity to portray power and empowerment, but they went with a tired stereotype. And to make matters worse, the colors and the looks (stylized or not) are not appropriate for a lot of workplaces – from executive to entry level.

Kafka Avatar

Kris, I agree with you and thought the same thing. Then I realised, MAC is probably trying to capitalise on the whole Mad Men craze right now. The model is like blonde Betty Draper, only with a more modern edge (the swerving beehive up-do, the vinyl gloves and skirt, and the fishnet stockings). It’s like the sexed-up version of Betty Draper in most men’s fantasies.

If that is what they were going for, it’s really kinda odd, if you actually think about it. First, because this collection is aimed at women, not men. Second (and more to the point), Betty Draper is one of the most loathed mothers in the history of television and an utterly reviled character for a lot of people.

blueraccoon Avatar

I’m not sure I’m buying the Mad Men craze idea – I think they’re going for the typical “sexy secretary” trope, the one who looks so demure at work and suddenly shakes down her hair and takes off her glasses and is Ingrid Bergman or something. I’m disappointed, though, because that trope is SO old and SO stupid, and they really could have done so much better with an “Office Hours” collection than what they have here. Like Kris said, why can’t we get a kickass executive? Why can’t we have someone painting the model’s toes while she’s managing a conference call? Something like that.

Kafka Avatar

You may well be right about the sexy secretary trope but I get a definite 50s/early 60s feel from the retro aspect of the photos. When I first scrolling down, I went too quickly and saw only the one where she’s on the phone at I immediately thought, “Bored 50s housewife. Oh, Betty Draper??” Once it sunk it that it was, you know, an OFFICE collection and she was a secretary, it was still hard to shake off that retro vibe.

Regardless, I agree with you and Kris that a high-powered exec. would have been much better. And OH.MY.GOD, if she had a hunky male painting her toes while she was on the phone to Tokyo and in a giant, glass, corner office…. that would have been AAAAAAAAAAAAMAZING! Christ, they should have paid YOU to come up with this ad campaign!

Kris Avatar

OMG just came back from a conference and saw your reply and I was like ‘YEEEEEEEEEES A HUNK PAINTING HER NAILS I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I NEEDED THIS IN MY LIFE BUT I DOOOOOO’ 😀

Maria Avatar

Also, PINK. Girls love pink because pink is PRETTY and girls must be pretty when shuffling files. Filing is HARD.

I just want to say “F**** off, MAC.”

Terri Avatar

You know what makes me sad? The phrase that aspiring to “just answer the phone” is something that women, or anyone should be ashamed of. What’s wrong with a job of answering the phone, or any job for that matter? Phones do have to be answered, and in this day and age of automated everything I for one would be THRILLED to get a real person “just answering the phone” once in awhile. I’m just sayiing……

Kris Avatar

That truly wasn’t my meaning: everyone is free to aspire to what they want to, but historically women have been discouraged from more senior positions.

A secretary is a great job, as is a PA, and you need a lot of organisational skills and harmonious skills (to smooth things out!). It is unfair to box women in there, though. Some men are much better at it, and some women are much better at something else: this historical boxing-in is not giving anyone their fair shot, and the ad is just compounding this and is not advancing women anywhere.

It is awfully pretty, though, and I can’t wait for Christine’s reviews! I’m just seeing a wasted opportunity to make a statement that women can be kickass without the reference to the inherent sexism from the 50s-60s.

Mariella Avatar

I love Pro Longwear eye shadows so I’m likely to be all over these. The Lipglasses, not so much and the blushes, maybe or maybe not (I’m having a Tarte love affair just now). Happy to see the shadows for sure, though!

lily Avatar

I ADORE the blush collection! I never understood why people who work in an office have to wear neutral makeup. I adore brights, and wouldnt give up pink lipstick for anything!

Mietta Avatar

Me too. However, I’m in a fairly corporate environment (men don’t wear ties with their shirts if that gives a better picture of the attire)but I get teased and canned out almost DAILY for having a ‘pink theme’ for my desk accessories! I also got ‘comments’ from particular ladies in the restroom for having my make-up bag with me every time I’m in there!! So I suppose what I’m trying to say is…it really depends what type of culture your workplace is! I know if I had bright make-up on – I’d never hear the end of it.

Taylor Avatar

Sounds like one thing to me, jealousy.
Rock your style tastefully and give those squares something to talk about. Without you the office would be boring I’m sure. They’d miss you. 😉

Mercedes Avatar

Do you know if the Pro Longwear Blushes are Limited Edition or are they going to be permanent? Cause I’m saving up for the Marilyn Monroe Collection, and if its not Limited Edition, I could wait on those LOL THanks!!

Huda Avatar

Hey christine.. so is the whole collection going to be permanent? for example the eye shadows a couple you put (limited edition) does that mean only thosee colors r limited?? please let me know! thanks 🙂

stacey Avatar

I know I would be fired from work if I came to work looking like that.
Its almost like last year’s “Shop Shop Shop” “Cook Cook Cook” but now for the office instead.

Yellowlantern Avatar

I’m liking the the promo photos. I’m also curious to see how this new blush formula stacks up. I’m happy to see another fall launch that doesn’t feel like a collection of all dark colors too. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Fairhaired1 Avatar

I’m sorry but I don’t get why everyone is so out of sorts about the photos for the ad. It’s just an ad! Why does everyone have to read into the meaning or the commentary that goes behind it? It’s just a picture. I really doubt MAC, with 50 collections/year, really put all that much thought into degrading the modern office women by portraying her as “ONLY” a sexy secretary. Give me a break! IF anything, I would agree with the one commentor that said this is just more of a Mad Men-esque, retro vibe than anything else. I mean come on,if you’re all going to delve into the “meaning” of the photos, then think about who really has filing cabinets like that around their offices anymore, or who uses phones that look like that? I think we all need to take a step back and relax about what MAC may or may not be trying to portray and instead, just focus on the makeup and whether or not you like it.

Yellowlantern Avatar

My work places use filing cabinets and phones that look like that (they’re black/grey and not pink but otherwise look the same). Those things are definitely still around in the modern workplace. *shrugs* I have no personal investment in what the pictures mean though, just pointing out that these images are not “retro” at all to some of us.

Cait Avatar

I totally agree. They are going in with the madman craze, trying to ride the hype and get more sales with what is currently being popular with the women in America. Advertising is about catching your eye and getting your attention and clearly this add is working. So much pink I had to stop for a second and look at it to see the picture.

All those people making a fuss over how it is a ‘negative stereotype’ and how ‘they missed an opportunity for empowerment’ are actually fuelling this launch more. They are hyping it up and are making it more known.

I don’t care for all the pink, nor do I care for their set in the ad but I probably will buy some eye-shadows, I love rose on the eyes.

Kate Avatar

Nothing exists in a vacuum. This ad is not “just an ad” – it was born of the stereotypes that

– women like pink, and pink will help something that isn’t already feminine appeal to them;
– women in offices are all secretaries who answer phones and file;
– women in offices are sexy;
– women in offices who aren’t sexy should aspire to be so.

There are a lot of damaging messages in this ad, whether you choose to see them or not.

Lucy Avatar

I have to agree with the people saying this ad is degrading. Why could she be a high executive directing a meeting? Is as easy has having her answered the phone or saving files and A LOT LESS NEGATIVE. The sexy secretary is such and stereotype. I mean, these ads are directed to women, why do they look like they are appealing to men.
The fuss is because is the second time these year they use old school stereotypes for their ads. SHOP and COOK collections are coming to mind right know.

BrownieBabeTalk Avatar

Hmmm, you know you bring up a good point. SHop and Cook, and now this sexy secretary. That’s kind of… yea… after all these years that women have fought to get ourselves rights and then we buy into this (literally BUY into it).
But what other ways could they promote this to be less degrading??

Ruca Avatar

S3C3 was the first thing I thought of when I saw these images. I confess, I love the beauty of the photos, but stereotypes are what they are. Maybe I’m too old… I remember my mom coming home from a Jane Fonda rally with a “Raises Not Roses” t-shirt on, and explaining to me how women are belittled in the workplace, and the meaning of the shirt. But according to MAC promotions pics, we all cook, shop, and answer phones. Sure, “We’ve come a long way, baby.” 😉

Lacey J. Avatar

I am supposed to be on a no buy, but this collection has got my attention big time. I’m interested in the mauve colors for fall. I hope you do a review because I might pick up a few things. On one hand I hope the review is good, on the other hand I hope it’s bad, so I can stick to my no buy. lol.

Vern Avatar

I LOVE the promo pictures and definitely will be buying a few (ton)of things. I do not work in a office but the total opposite (usps) but I do see some people go to work put together and some who look a little to homely and uptight. I prefer the put together look… more of her style in the pictures.

Elizabeth Cunningham Avatar

MAC has a way of turning me on while defying my sense of cosmetic practicality. Pink just rocks, hits me right all the time. But folks, this is SEPTEMBER! And the fall palettes from others, well let’s just say no one is selling this range of fleshy, chalky pinks. I just colored by hair VIOLET BLACK and love it already, but will have to get some rather intense lavenders and orchids to pull it together….pastel pink, really?

VJNS Avatar

NOW they come up with Pinks? That’s not Fall to me. I love the shades but I probably won’t wear them until the Spring. What were they thinking? Marketing is totally way off. Anyhow, I do love the shades so I’ll most likely buy the limited edition ones and hang until Spring for the others.

Brjsmom Avatar

Christine, you are alway right on the money! I got a blush and it was awful. Rosy outlook was not so rosy. It’s a powdery mess with no color payoff. I’m an nw25 and I needed about 10 swipes of dust to get it to show up, and it was gone about 30 minutes later. These are an example of non long wear!!!

Mietta Avatar

I never noticed before the picture of the ‘lady’ bending over was on the Australian MAC website but…her skirt is see-though!!! Why would I want to buy something that suggest corporate women wear see-through skirts??

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