MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection (PRO Only) for Spring/Summer 2013

MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection
MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection

UPDATED @ 7/11/13 at 9:41 AM PST: This collection is FINALLY! online. You can see it here. I’ve linked the name of each product below if I’ve reviewed it (I reviewed all about Love’s Lure and Restrained, as I did not receive them and this is the first shot I’ve had to buy them, which I did!).

This collection invites the pro artist to explore the lush potential of the monochromatic while offering chic contrasts. The Nude palette is defined by the cool, rich and warm tones of creamy Amplified Lipstick, while the Metallic palette satisfies the fashionable demand for decadently frosted plums. For lip, eye and cheek, both collections offer a selection of four Lipsticks with matching shades of Veluxe Pearl or Satin Eye Shadow and a Powder Blush.

Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. /$18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Angel’s Kiss Sheer soft pinky nude with pearl (Amplified)
  • Nearly Nude Sheer warm pink nude (Amplified)
  • Wholesome Sheer warm mid-tone nude (Amplified)
  • Restrained Sheer neutral mid-tone nude (Amplified)
  • Show-All Heavily metallic deep red (Frost)
  • Subverted Metallic brown (Frost)
  • Pre-Raphaelite Deep metallic dirty berry (Frost)
  • Dominate Deep metallic purple (Frost)

Eyeshadow ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Powder Blush ($21.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

Availability: MAC PRO stores and PRO Online only. Online mid June 2013; in-stores on April 18th, 2013 (North America). May 2013 (International).

See more photos!

MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection
MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection

MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection
MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection

MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection
MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection

MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection
MAC Nudes & Metallics Collection

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Mariella Avatar

These colours don’t really thrill me all that much (though I’ll wait for your reviews, Christine, to get a better sense of them) but I’m also going through that annoyance I get when MAC comes out with 27 collections featuring 2,500 products in about 24 hours! I’m at the point now where my first thought is “Have they sacrificed quality for quantity?” (which has happened plenty) and my next thought is “Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not keen because MAC seems to want to empty our wallets by swamping us with so much ‘stuff’.”

N8iveBeauT Avatar

I thought L’Oreal bought MAC from Estee Lauder???? I remember reading something about that and thinking to myself, “That’s how those pressed pigments probably came to be.” because they kind of reminded me of the L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows that are pressed pigments, with the stoppers in them. Obviously those pressed pigments from MAC were just terrible.

Dusty Avatar

Isn’t making a profit the primary concern of any business? MAC, Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, YSL, Chanel, Eve Pearl… Ford, Honda, Little Debbie and Starbucks, etc. Plus every job I’ve ever worked at… their primary concern was always revenue 😉

Ruca Avatar

Thank you, Dusty! I was actually going to say the same thing. I’ve never understood the concept of penalizing a business for doing business. You said it rather nicely.

Mariella Avatar

Makeup companies are not charities – of course profit is a primary concern. But bombarding their loyal customers with an overwhelming number of new and limited edition products, many of which are not of the best quality (but in our frenzy to buy before they’re gone, we don’t always get the chance to research them properly) is hardly the way to ensure a loyal customer base.

Dusty Avatar

I have to disagree – which is odd because I actually kind of agree!

It obviously IS a way to ensure a loyal customer base because – as you said yourself – people buy them in a frenzy without researching whether or not the products are good. Sounds to me like they’ve got a good thing going! At this point it’s hard to say where the fault lies: because if people KEEP buying products that are crap – How does the company know they are doing something unwanted??

I don’t think you’ll see a change any time soon.

furandlace Avatar

I agree with you, Dusty. For as much as people bitch and complain about MAC’s business practices, I also see a HUGE interest and buying frenzy right here on Temptalia whenever a new MAC collection is launched. So of course, MAC is going to carry on doing what they do. They are laughing all the way to the bank. If people want change and are tired of the lack of quality, they should vote with their $$$. I know I do.

Ruca Avatar

Absolutely! Unless you take several business classes on economics & marketing, maybe the MAC model seems harsh, even reckless, but if you really study the mechanics of supply & demand, overhead costs, and what costs go into the research team and marketing campaign, then you see that MAC’s marketing plan is genius. It is unfortunate so many people feel let down or angry, but all is fair in love and retail.

Stacey Avatar

They are banking on the name. Most of us have some junk in our drawers from frenzy buying makeup. Ebay sellers buying bulk stuff dont help either. That’s why I read Temptalia…straight talk reviews, no fluffy opinions, garish looking makeup and yapping about one’s life….

VickyM Avatar

On one hand I agree in a way with all of you, but this can backfire eventually, since they will lose inevitably the people that were let down many times from their Mac LE low quality products. I don´t have almost any LE item from Mac, only one lipstick I dislike because of the color (not Mac´s fault), but I was horribly disappointed by a Mac eyeliner I bought a few years ago (not LE) , it was so stiff and painful to use that now I would never buy another eyeliner from the brand. I´m sure many of the people that are disappointed with low quality LE products stop buying overall, so I think it´s not such a good strategy as it seems to be…

Latypeofgirl Avatar

Really? I think the pressed pigments by mac are wonderful! I think if u know how to apply them they last all day and look beautiful. Light touch is my favorite. They are better that the mineral shadows… those were a pain and are being discontinued.

Georgina Avatar

Hi Christine, when it says PRO only,what does that mean? I won’t be able to buy it on line as a simple human being ? Do I have to be a MAC makeup artist in order to buy?

Liz Avatar

Thanks hun! Any idea when the other skinfinishes from inextradimension will no longer be “coming soon” I’m obsessively checking the site!

abigailod Avatar

“I won’t be able to buy it on line as a simple human being ? Do I have to be a MAC makeup artist in order to buy?”

Exactly my thoughts! And it’s almost 5am here, thanks for making me chuckle! =D

xamyx Avatar

I’ll pass on the nude shadows (odds are I already have comparable shades), but those metallics may be worth the effort, especially the red & purple. Because it’s a “PRO” collection, hopefully the quality will be there.

Jessica Avatar

Christine, you mentioned it will be online on 4/9/2013, is that the official MAC site? Because Pro products are sold on the regular site, so am I correct to assume that people WITHOUT a Pro membership will be able to buy it there, as well?

Dusty Avatar

The lipsticks seem kind of interesting here actually – though since we’re going with the PRO thing, I’d rather have seen them included in a limited edition PRO lipstick palette instead of individual shades (IF they’re going to be LE, make it easy to get them all).

Wwendalynne Avatar

Holy Crap.. My head is spinning. Came back home to discover a myriad of MAC posts and I’m quite overwhelmed. Although certain there will be a few things to tweak my interest–I’m a really big fan of paint pots–I will definitely check out Christine’s posts for swatches and reviews before purchasing. Sometimes these collections vapourize beforehand, but given the track record on the limited collections, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.. If it’s that die hard, there’s always the schleps who buy up stuff to turnover for a ridiculous price on eBay the same day. Yeah, I guess they have their place. LoL.. I’m guilty of buying~ (◐.̃◐)

So happy MAC turned out the Mineralize lip product to restore some faith, but the limited collections are another story. Sometimes I believe they are just an evil financial giant who could care squat about mediocre quality because why would you give a rat’s ass when they manage to sell out anyway.

Christine: You poor soul..have you stocked up on sleep. Nevermind, I think I know the answer to that question (>‿◠)✌

Roxana Avatar

So … basically just California, New York, and Florida for actual PRO store locations. I find it SO ridiculous that there aren’t more – especially when items like these are so highly coveted and only available there for normal customers, since we can’t order them online. I understand that PRO stores are supposed to be the upper tier and almost like an exclusive club for those with PRO memberships, but throwing a bone to other people interested in these items would be nice.

Christine Avatar

Though an older list, there are several more PRO stores than that, and you can call a store and order via phone – shipping is $7 or so.

Anyone can shop at a PRO store! 🙂 Hope that helps!

Dusty Avatar

When these say “PRO Online” does that mean ONLY PRO members on-line or that it will just be in the PRO section on-line… which anyone can shop from? That was my first thought.

Dusty Avatar

I was thinking about it because I noticed the other day that, while there IS a PRO section on the MAC website now – you still can’t get every last little thing on-line. There are a few items that you still can’t seem to get easily via an on-line order (Face & Body in White for example). I KIND of think it’s a mistake though, because you can get pretty much everything else.

Why are you reading this though? Go play with your eyeliner 😉 LOL xx

Jade Avatar

I’m really interested in this collection, but it’s probably going to be too hard for me to get my hands on. If I can’t buy it online, I’ve got no way to get it!

Liz Avatar

I’m actually interested in the nude lipsticks. However, I don’t like MAC because I feel they play too many games. The few times I have tried to find something that was released, I’ve had no luck. That was enough to turn me off. That and the customer service at the counters and stores that I’ve been to.

Stacey Avatar

Are you going to review these too, Christine? If you are, you are going to be a super busy person.
40 eye pencils from Urban Decay and then the rest of MAC.

Jen Avatar

Im curious about Show All lipstick. Ive been wanting a different finish for a red lipstick. Sort of like wonder woman red with a certain frost finish so Im looking forward to that.

Andrea Avatar

If they are pro only, whay are the eyeshadows shown in full packaging? Pro only shadows only come as pro pans, not in the plastic packaging of normal eyeshadows.

mantra Avatar

hi– sorry about all the girls who r having MAC PRO trouble. I’m in the industry, and my thought was that if folks who don’t have PRO status knew that many many of the PRO-only offerings—a LOT of the Limited Editions — are IPO not so great, you might feel a little better. There are, in the regular collection, Pro Lipsticks that are fairly extraordinary, some strongly pigmented mattes. You’re usually not missing much with LE, unless you like dirtied tones, shadows that break and sift like sandstone and invisibly textured lip shades. Wow. For someone who is a MAC slave, I’m sounding fairly snarky.

My next suggestion is: get a PRO membership! Do it! I think it’s up to 50 USD annually (auto-renews), but come on. THIRTY PERCENT DISCOUNT. Think what that adds up to for pro tools *(ha) like brushes. (i love MAC brushes. But Kryolan brushes very good for paints… the 4317 flat square surpasses MAC’s.)

I believe you still have to snail mail your proofs of professional status per category — your name on headshot, composite, playbill, resume or program showing credits, –not all necessary –depending whether you’re an artist, model, actor, designer, etc. Do you buy a lot of cosmetics? Do you have a nice pic with your name and the photographer? Were you in Mame at the community theater? Did you do makeup for the wedding party? Did you take photos? Style your boyfriend’s boyfriend for his IT web page? —

And anyone can come up with a resume. It’s not as scary as it sounds. there isn’t some posh Canadian office thick with judgmental cop types scrutinizing your application and sneering at your lack of experience. Every time I’ve renewed my membership through walking into a MAC retail store, or if I come without my card, the store artists look it up, are on my side and make all the obstacles disappear. They WANT pros to shop there. More pros=more interesting, knowledgeable customers, especially if you’re efficient and know what you want, and i for one spend a lot. But my local store loves to tell me how much I’ve saved with my discount (which you can use in any pro OR non-pro location) and then we are all delighted with each other. They’ll give you a lot of their time once you are a regular, which I have found happens after you’ve told some fun stories about what you’re doing, have done, are plotting to do… dropped some names, etc. Definitely the staff are more wide-eyed in your shopping district civilian locations. I will agree that the pro stores in Hollywood, San Francisco etc can have some snooty people working there. No idea why that’s a good idea for anyone, except that pro does mean PRO, so know what you’re doing.

I’m not usually bitchy myself, but I can get pretty stressed if all I need is face wipes and brush cleaner, wardrobe are panicking at tech/dress rehearsal, and everyone in line ahead of me needs lengthy consultations or there’s nine starlets blocking the lipstick display while endlessly experimenting. Tempers and time run short, especially during major film production cycles and the spring collections are out, winter theater season has hit, etc. So basically year-round. But go get that card. You are probably entitled to it., and I’m sure you know how to behave.

Kesha Avatar

Pro Memberships for the US are $35/one year or $65/2 years. You can choose to auto-renew or not. The discount is 40% for MUA’s and 30% for all other qualifying professions. Technically, you are supposed to apply through the mail (I’m not sure if the applications you can pick up at MAC stores can be submitted at the stores or if you still have to mail them in) but I applied by faxing my credentials in. I waited about a week and then called MAC Pro to check the status of my application. It was approved already and because I asked about my number so I could place an order for a collection that was releasing they emailed it to me so I could register it for MAC online (my card arrived about a week or so after that). I submitted my comp card, my business card, and my photo ID. Once you’re a member renewal isn’t a hassle unless you let your membership lapse.

I mention all of this because there still seems to be confusion among people when it comes to applying for it. You can find the full list of details on the MAC Pro website. I may have been lucky applying outside of the normal process so I don’t know if it’s something everyone should try. But if you qualify and you spend a lot with MAC then it’s definitely worth becoming a member. I recouped my membership fee (and then some) on my first order so the cost is worth it. The only negative I can think of is that we don’t get free shipping on small orders (you have to spend $150 or more to get free shipping and you only get 5 free shipping uses per membership year…although I think there may be occasional free shipping opportunities or upgraded shipping). It’s not a big deal, but something worth mentioning. It’s only slightly annoying when you receive non-Pro emails with free overnight or 2 day shipping codes lol.

Kesha Avatar

The OP asked this question back in April before Christine had actually done the reviews (or around the time period I believe)…so your reply is 3 months later. I think the confusion is the fact that this post has been bumped back up due to the release online finally happening, but all of the old comments from April are still in it so people looking at it now aren’t automatically realizing that the questions are months old.

Christine Avatar

The reality is MAC launches whenever they feel like it – and they never specify a specific time, so it could be any time today and it would still be the 9th (it’s still rather early on the 9th). They launch early, on time, and late – kind of whenever they want 🙂 They have not notified me that there has been any release date change.

Kat Avatar

I can’t seem to find this collection online yet. I’ve logged into my pro account but can’t seem to find it. I hope didn’t miss out. Has it been released yet? If so, can you attach a link? If not, when is the new date? Thanks for your help!

Ms. Z Avatar

I went to MAC Pro store in NYC last night (6:30PM) and all eye shadows were sold out…they sold out by noon. They had a few of the lipsticks left and maybe the blushes. They suggested I call Florida store, they had them so I placed an order for just 3 eye shadows.

Brenn Avatar

Have you received any of the matallics lipsticks yet? Do you think the more mature fair skin person can pull these off or do you think it will settle in the lip lines ?

paty Avatar

I can’t wait for these to be available online. I got the eyeshadows at the Mexico City Pro Store but they were sold out on Brazenly. I loved them!! they are highly pigmented!! I am banging my head against the wall because my friend who visited the store earlier that same day, did get all of them. So my only hope to get my hands on Brazenly, is when the go online!! can’t wait!

Kesha Avatar

I had ordered all of the eye shadows, Barefaced blush, Pre-Raphaelite, Subverted, Show All, and Wholesome lipsticks about a month ago by calling MAC Canada (I’m in the US). When this released early evening on the 9th I ordered backups of all of the eye shadows and picked up Stylish Me blush (it wasn’t available when I placed my phone order) and Dominate lipstick (package arrived this morning). I’m glad MAC FINALLY put this collection up for everyone because it kept getting pushed back. After the RiRi fiasco it didn’t seem like it was going to release at all. I had decided to sit on my swatches and postpone my review because of the constant push back…and I just didn’t want to tease people with something that remained so elusive. Thankfully, I was able to FINALLY do a quick post after the collection went live. Absolutely love all of the shadows and wish MAC would keep these permanent. The Veluxe Pearls formula reminds me of why I first fell in love with MAC eye shadows long ago…they are so soft and pigmented. And a dream to work with!

Veronica Avatar

Seems odd to make the nudes LE. The metallics I can understand, but some of those nudes look like good everyday shades for medium to darker skintones, which is a market that is often neglected by the industry. Ah well! Maybe they have similar ones in the main, permanent collection that I’ve forgotten about.

Jenn Avatar

I’m glad these came online, I really liked the metallic shadows so I picked those up, the nudes look nice, but seem more like stuff I have or could buy any time. The lipsticks were too dark for me, and nude lipsticks always make me look strange, haha. Angel’s kiss did look nice though, but I have creme d’nude. Thanks for the heads up Christine.

Brenda Avatar

Now this actually has me considering saving up some $$ and taking the hour long train into T.O. to the pro store! (laments: Oh, how I miss living right downtown sometimes 🙁

Kelsey Avatar

I went nuts for this collection when it hit my local pro store a month or so ago. I snapped up Loves Lure and Brazenly the day it came out. I wasn’t a fan of the metallic lipsticks, and none of the nudes were quite right on me. But I love both of the shadows I got. They go on super smooth, last for ages, and the colours are gorgeous. I passed on the berry and the brown because I felt there were too many close options in the permanent collection. I actually used Loves Lure in a “Union Jack” look for an event I was going to. It looked FANTASTIC and I got tons of compliments. And pictures haha.

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