MAC Making Pretty Collection for Holiday 2012

MAC Making Pretty Collection for Holiday 2012

Modern makeup darlings are dressed up in richly textured faux shagreen in a pale dusty pink, detailed with a rose-gold signature bow. Features: Lipstick, Sheer Mystery Powder, Iridescent Powder/Loose. And, for professional results, the Making Pretty Brush Set /Face & Eye with exclusive versions of 136 Face Powder Brush for sculpting, blending, highlighting and 282 All Over Eye Shader Brush for building and blending intense colour on eye lids.

Making Pretty Lipstick ($28.00 U.S. / $33.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • 3N Milky pastel pink (Lustre)
  • Runaway Red Rich red-blue (Satin)

Making Pretty Sheer Mystery Powder ($65.00 U.S. / $78.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Light Medium Pale ivory
  • Medium Plus Tan beige
  • Dark Secret Deep caramel

Making Pretty Iridescent Powder/Loose ($65.00 U.S. / $78.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Silver Dusk Pinky beige with silver shimmer

Making Pretty Brush Set/Face & Eye ($100.00 U.S. / $120.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • 282 All Over Eye Shader
  • 136 Face Powder Brush

Availability: December 6th, 2012 online (North America), December 13th, 2012 (North America in-store), February 2013 (International) at MAC Cosmetics

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Oh, MAC, I’ve disparaged against the constant launches of sub-par LE product launches but this holiday collection has struck at my weak spot – rose gold & girly packaging! I thought I wouldn’t be looking at buying much makeup since I did some major hauling in Japan but these things are definitely going on my shopping list.

I know this sounds awful but i don’t even care about the products! The little girl in me says …. EEEEKKKKK … the lush packaging!!!! I am really loving the packaging for this collection!

Oh 3N I have missed you so! Damn you, MAC, for putting this in an LE for $28(C’MON). But 3N is my all-time favorite lipstick, so you’ve got me (and you know it, too).

Well, I’m happy for packaging designers. Looks like MAC is single-handedly muting the recession for them. But it’s too many unfocused promotions at once, after too many promotions during the year. I just can’t drum up the enthusiasm now. The impact has been muted.

Also, if they’re going upscale on their prices, they should change their formulas. MACs always been good on oily/young skin, but bad on dry/older skin. I’ve never had a foundation of theirs work on me. Older women are most of the customers with the cash for $28 lipstick.

I can’t bring myself to pay that much for MAC. I can just picture these falling apart after a few months. I think this just confirms that I am over it and prefer other brands now.

Good god, how many collections can one company have for the holidays ?!!!!!! The packaging is pretty slick but its very expensive in $’s so it will be double the price in €’s.

Honestly….I don’t think so! There’s a whole bunch of Marcel Wanders stuff in the “Good Byes” section of the Canadian website because most Canadian women are too smart to pay a premium for stuff like that.

This is the third collection featuring Runaway Red, they really need to make it a permanent color! It really is one of my favorites reds and their most flattering on me!!

I agree with you–Runaway Red ought to be perm! I’m happy you love it, and I’m sure many others do, too; therefore, It should be in the permanent range. Personally? It’s my least favorite red, so I’m actually sick of seeing it repromoted over and over and over… for that reason I, too, would benefit from Runaway Red becoming a perm color because then it could stop cluttering up the new LE releases and bumming me out.

I… am not sure I get it. I like the color scheme, but I’m not sure I like the execution (the leather – or is it faux? – looks like it’s fashioned into sleeves that are slipped onto the lipsticks and brushes, and the exposed edges at the seams aren’t my favorite). And “Making Pretty” bugs my inner grammar geek. (Am I missing a reference to something?)

Wow! Pretty packaging, almost makes me couldn’t recognize they are from MAC. But certainly pricey too. I’m not sure I want to pay $100 for a brush set, or $65 for a powder. With that price I can get something from Chanel.

If this is how much it costs in the STATES I will hate to see how much it will cost overseas!! So the brushes are fullsize? Also, I remember the 282 being a duo fibre brush?

Nothing for me here! I think the packaging is naff and I already have both the lipsticks so I can safely pass on this, which is good for my bank balance!

Seeing the prices in US dollars I see that a single lipstick will be like a trillion pounds with that packaging :(. I would have loved to buy 3N since it didn’t make it to the By Request collection but that price is just abusive, and the packaging looks like made for old women? I would only buy it if I were 60 :/

i love the look of the packaging reminds me of the make up my mum.used to make when she worked for smith and mephews before estee lauder brought them ouy… but im fed up of mac’s price hicking simply because of the packaging. i buy the makeup coz i like it. it lives in a draw.. y spend more just because.of it…… i understand packaging used to b revaloutionary bjt today its just cheep bits of plastic… noing me tho ill end up with atleast 1 item haha

I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE the packaging. I love feminine packaging when it comes to makeup. There is nothing like the application of a pretty lipstick and the dusting of a powder compact. So girly (:

Gosh! Seems MAC finally manage to push out a collection that can squeeze dead my purse! Looking forward to your review on the powder and 3N lippie! The package is again lovely!!!!

I know I’m in the minority here, but I *hate* the packaging. It reminds ne of some strange skin ailment. Perhaps if it were in a different shade of pink, it wouldn’t look so disgusting. I personally prefer sleeker packaging, and no frills in the packaging has ever made me want a product.

Wow, I’m guessing the brushes are not the usual Holiday Set quality? But I agree with other posters here; for that price you could get two brushes at a more ‘upscale’ brand.

I like the lipsticks and the dark secret powder in deep caramel, but the prices are too expensive. $78cdn for a powder compact that doesn’t seem to be refillable? Oh hell-to-the-no! And $33.50cdn for lipstick? That is unreasonable. I love MAC (I am a Torontonian, so I have to be supportive to a brand that was created here), but with all of the collections (that regularly sell out unreasonably quickly) and the increasing prices of those LE items, I am beginning to look to other lines (particularly drugstore) more often. In this economy, this is unreasonable. I was lucky enough to get a couple of the MM lipsticks a couple of weeks ago, but I think that will be where my buck stops, for now.

If MAC was smart, they would have refills for their “limited edition” items. Buy the special item design you like and then have refills like the loose and pressed powder, lipsticks.

These items are not cost-effective. You use it once until it is gone and then it is done. MAC has really push the envelope on expense. You can buy Tom Ford, Cle de Peau, Sisley, La Prairie and others which infuse good ingredients into their products along with others like Guerlain, Chanel, etc. for these kind of prices. And MAC volume by weight has always been lower than those just mentioned.

Back in those days, there were beautiful compacts like Stratton Compacts which you can find in eBay…and you can do the refills.


I never really understand the “couture” holiday collections but this one less than ever. For that kind of price they could at least come up with some new shades instead of repromotes, and I don’t think the packaging is so special to warrant the price. $28 for a repromoted lipstick shade in a rose gold Sheen Supreme tube with a flappy pleather sleeve? I really don’t get it. And there’s not even the heft of a designer name to justify the increased cost this year. : /

Okay, I kinda like the packaging. But? At those prices I can buy Guerlain or Burberry, where (in my opinion) the quality is better anyway and the packaging is usually gorgeous to begin with. (I mean, have you *seen* Guerlain’s holiday pieces this year?) So…yeah, not really doing it for me.

I was so biting my tongue because after seeing collection after collection pop up on my screen, I kept thinking in my head: how about some Quality over Quantity… These are things I would buy a very young woman and from that perspective, the packaging is cutsey. For me..aaahhh no!

WTF is up with these prices? How does some fabric on the packaging mean that these things are worth almost double what they’d be charging without the special packaging? I am passing so hard on this.

I wondered the same. they’ed be worth it to collect if they were the normal handmade ones. If they’re machine produced I’m 100% skipping no matter how pretty they are!

Wow… if these products are so expensive in US dollars where everything is cheaper, I dread to think how many hundreds in Polish zloty this would cost. No way!

omg I gonna die xD..I live in germany so this will be in february 2012 in europe?Hmm..this sound a little bit illogical because it is not even holiday in february haha :DD

Definite big fat NO on these for me. As for MAC, greedy buggers, over inflating Canadian prices when our dollar has been worth more than the US $ for quite a while now, they can bite my white bum.

I cant believe the prices! The brush set is $150 in Australia!!!! Why do we get ripped off so badly???? Someone said its because of income…. is that true?? I am on 54k a year what is the average americans are on??

I was so excited, Runaway Red in such a pretty package! Then I saw it was $28. Don’t think it’s worth it, can’t see why they’d bump it up THAT much.

If this looks as good in real life as it does in picture than consider me suckered in. It might be possible to refill the powder with a depotted pan. Although it looks like the powder is about the size of a mac blush not a skin finish. Anyone else think it would be possible?

I was excited to see that MAC is finally releasing a collection with nice packing. My first thought was to purchase the entire collection. Until I saw the ridiculous price jump. Good try, MAC. But I will definitely pass on this!

Good thing it is “faux shagreen”, curious as to what it was I looked it up on Wiki:

Shagreen is a type of rawhide consisting of rough untanned skin, formerly made from a horse’s back or that of an onager (wild ass). Shagreen is now commonly made of the skins of sharks and rays.

Are the brushes SE? If they are handmade like the regular MAC brushes I’ll be willing to splurge along with my 3N lipstick. Really elegant and beautiful packaging I must admit!

Gorgeous but very expensive. Silver dusk in it’s regular packaging is $24 not including tax but now it is being repackaged for $65? It’s a little much for me. I’d much rather save my money and buy some similar products. Maybe you could post some dupes for the lippies? I do like both colors and it’s a shame that they are a tad expensive.

Is the packaging just rose cold colored faux leather and plastic? If it is METAL would I then be able to understand the cost, I would pay for items that have a certain weight and sleek feel to them. The price is obscene if it is just regular cheap packaging that has a simple “colour” to it.

I know nothing about makeup but my girlfriend has been wanting the brush set. So I got it for her Christmas present. The thing is made in China of course, the brushes look pretty good, well made. But the little pouch that is suppose to hold the brushes is cheaply made. The little bow tie and strap look like they are made out of cardboard. Should have checked out reviews first. This should be worth $10-15. But oh well aleast GF will be happy when she gets it.

Despite the price – I couldn’t resist this collection. I LOVE the rose gold.

I bought both lipsticks with a back up of 3N. I wasnt planning on buying a back up of 3N however after my first application the lipstick kind of smooshed against the inner tube. I was devastated to say the least. I purchased 2 of the powders in light medium and medium plus. The fact that they came with refills made it a little easier to part with the money. I also purchased the silver dusk powder to complete the collection.

I don’t regret it one bit.

I’m in love.

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