MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection - Promo / Product Photos

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection – Promo / Product Photos

Here are promo photos and product photos for MAC’s fall collection launcing August 20th, 2009. You can read collection details here.

Lipglass: Young Thing, New Spirit, On Display, Personal Taste

Lipstick: Front Lit, Full Body, High Strung, Hold the Pose, Lovin’ It

Notoriety Eyeshadow Quad

In the Gallery Eyeshadow Quad

Photo Realism Eyeshadow Quad

Crest the Wave Eyeshadow

Maira’s Magic Eyeshadow

Violet Trance Eyeshadow

Purple Shower Eyeshadow

Off the Page Eyeshadow

Haunting Eyeshadow

The Perfect Cheek Blush

Notable Blush

Artistic License, Graphblack, Full of Fuchsia, Obviously Orange, Colour Matters

Push the Edge Pigment

Heritage Rouge Pigment

Cocomotion Pigment

Brash & Bold Pigment

Reflects Rust Glitter

Gold Sparkling Glitter

Reflects Copper Glitter

Fuchsia Glitter

Gloss Texture



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zee Avatar

I totally agree haha. I’ve been trying to pace myself since they’re coming out with a billion awesome collections… I think this one is gonna get me in a ton of trouble! Haha.

Stacey Avatar

Gloss texture is a clear gloss that can be used all over the face… it’s smoother and softer in texture than clear lipglass… you can mix pigments/glitter with it or use it alone.

carissa Avatar

Gloss texture is used to mix pigments and glitters to make them stick to your skin. Looks great on the lips/cheeks/eyes!!! Makes them much more intense too!!!! Gotta have it if you own any glitters/pigments!!!!

maribeth Avatar

i’ve also seen it used plain on the eyes to create a weird dewy effect with just a mascara (waterproof plz) and a clean simple face for a neat unique look… rissrose2 from youtube did a tutorial on it i think if you wanna see what i mean in person ik it sounds weird but it looks cool

Brigitte Avatar

Oh no… as I was scrolling I realized I want everything… … oh goodness. But at least something to keep me excited since I didn’t like a single thing from Colour Craft! πŸ˜€

Justine Avatar

I`ve been looking at greens so I am super interested in the Photorealism quad but I like shimmery or shiny eyeshadows, so I am wondering what their finishes are like… otherwise (after sorting through my stash) I think I am good to pass on most of this collection!

Krista Avatar

I am literally not turned on by anything… Those quads are quite sad compared to CofC.
“The Perfect Cheek” blush sounds interesting though.

Bethany Avatar

The pigments and eyeliners are very exciting.

Does anyone know if the eyeliners are safe for the waterline? Or at least, NOT-water resistant?

cmferrets Avatar

i want and love all the quads (expecially the green one) , e/s and blushes, maybe a pigment or 2. GEEZ, u think mac could have come up with a better name, yah!

carissa Avatar

You can get a sample if you ask for it, but it depends on if that counter has sample containers or not. They are hard to come by b/c MAC only sends very few to each location. They are like gold!!!!

Christy Avatar

Yikes, there’s some gorgeous eyeshadow colors coming soon! The green and purple quads look pretty, but the natural one seems like colors I already have. The blushes look great for everyday. The only things I probably won’t get are the glitters.

Kaylabella Avatar

ah crap. how am i supposed to save money with all of these beauties coming out? i definitely need to start a stash for this collection right now!

Brie Avatar

Damn you MAC and your beautiful quads!! *shakes fist about*

I’m gonna have to decide on just one of those and I don’t know how I’m going to do that lol.

Adam Avatar

omg what an exciting collection!!! i love the concept its so cute and im realy eyeing off crest the wave and especially violet trance eyeshadows!!

Natalia Avatar

Wow, that looks great! However, I’m suspecting I turned out allergic to MAC eyeshadows (not completely sure of that, though) and it makes me really sad πŸ™ Haunting is such a beautiful colour, I’m gonna be really upset if I cannot use it…

SarahT Avatar

I am allergic to them!!! I believe that for me it is the talc in them – makes my eyes itch like crazy and become all red πŸ™ it is sad because they have such great colors, but on the other hand think of all the money we’ll save πŸ˜‰
I use mineral eye shadow – and NOT MAC’s because theirs has talc in them as well. My eyes seem to be okay with mineral shadows with very few ingredients – the truly natural ones, not the ones that have just used the name “mineral”. Anyways, hope this helps a bit πŸ™‚

Natalia Avatar

Thanks for your comment, Sarah!
I’m not sure if I’m allergic or not, I bought my first MAC eye palette just some time ago and after I applied the shadows my eyes didn’t itch but started paining (I can’t imagine why eyeshadow can cause pain in the eyes, but I definitely felt better when I wiped the shadows off with a makeup remover) … Oh, and I’m a contact lens wearer, which only makes things worse, I believe. I got MAC Mineralize eyeshadow but all the glitter in it makes it impossible for me to apply it without some of the glitter getting into my eyes (and that is a really nasty thing to happen if you’re wearing contacts). I’m thinking I’ll stick to cream eye shadows, they seem to cause me less problems.

SarahT Avatar

I never have problems with cream eyeshadows, either! They were what I first used and then I was confused about what my eyes were itching when I used a MAC powder eyeshadow. It sure sucks having such sensitive eyes, hey? I hope you find something that work for you πŸ™‚

Heather Avatar

I am thinking I’m becoming allergic to MAC. I’m super sad because I just started buying more to add to my collection. I really think it is due to ZoomLash though, but I’m going to go light on the eyeshadow until my eyes are happy again to make sure it isn’t the shadow.

Jas Avatar

The Perfect Cheek blush, Cocomotion Pigment, Purple shower e/s and Photo Realism Eyeshadow Quad look really good.
Just when i thought that i was safe from buying more MAC, this collection shows up.

CedriCeCCentriC Avatar

When I see bold colours of the pencils and single eyeshadows from this collection, I really think they should have used the promo images of the Colour Craft collection instead to illustrate it.

DevilishDoll Avatar

I want
Front Lit Lipstick
Personal Taste Lipglass
Off The Page Eyeshadow
Crest The Wave Eyeshadow
Haunting Eyeshadow
Purple Shower Eyeshadow
Maira’s Magic Eyeshadow
Full of Fuschia Technakohl Liner
Colour Matters Technakohl Liner
Obviously Orange Technakohl Liner
Artistic License Technakohl Liner
Brash & Bold Pigment
Push The Edge Pigment

Sasha B Avatar

i wanted the green quad, but don’t anymore πŸ™
the two other quads, $36 (x2)
all liners (except black) %14-16? (x4)
haunting, off the page, crest wave, and the violet e/s, $14 (x4)
on display lipglass, $14

yeah, about $200

Ali Avatar

I’m probably going to have to only buy one or two things as I’m saving up for nearly all the Style Black, which should come out a month after this. πŸ˜›

smut Avatar

wow I have to get the Photorealism quad. As well Full of Fuscia liner, Haunted looks really nice and Cocomotion too! OMG too many things, because I also want High Strung lipstick. Hmm this is going to be worse than Cult of Cherry for me! Hmm, I’ll start with the quad, liner and lipstick (lipsticks are always iffy).

Lucy Avatar

Oh no Mac, why have you done this?! There are so many products that I want. Several lipsticks and glosses. I would like all of the eye liners and shadow quads. The pigments and glitters are beautiful. I like the blushes but may be able to resist them. The single eye shadows are also pretty especially the purple. Each month I swear I’m not going to buy any more makeup. I never miss a month buying the stuff.

mlou Avatar

Really nice!! ty! Push TheEdge pigment looks terrific!

My Cocomotion isn’t that shade though – maybe just the pic.

Photo Realism quad looks amazing. If none of the shades are Perm ones I already have, it is going on my wish list!

chellz423 Avatar

I’m officially excited about this collection after seeing the pics…..does anyone have the release date???? I want it all lol….ok ok…mostly quads, pigments and liners lol

JO Avatar

cant wait 2 see the swatches!! I’ll know what i want better from those. I definitely want the quads. 2 or 3 single eyeshadows. Debating if i ‘need’ the eyeliners / lipsticks….

Christina Avatar


shontay Avatar

I guess I’m the only one not turned on by the quads. I do want the individual shadows, though. I also want the orange eyeliner. The other colors I have in makeup forever aqua eyes, so I won’t be getting those. I want to stay away from gloss or lipstick if it’s not unique, but I can’t help myself. I might end up getting full bodied and 1 or 2 glosses. I can’t wait b/c I have been invited to a special unveiling of this collection!

christi Avatar

Why MAC? Why? I love you but I think you hate me… my bank account is weeping (oh, no wait, thats my parents…)

I am definitely going to be getting Notoriety and In the Gallery quads. Right now I want a lot of other stuff, but I’m gunna have to wait until I see them in person.

Nicole15 Avatar

Very exciting to see. Right now I’m loving the e/s pots more than the quads but maybe that’s just because I’m a sucker for brights & the quads are not as bright. Oh, but those pigments…to die for. And the eyeliners, the colors are incredible. What an exciting colletion. YAY!!!

Coloruza Avatar

I love it all! Thank goodness I have some of those colors already, but still – finally quads that don’t have half repromotes in them! The purple one disappoints me, but I like the looks of the green one a lot!

shatani Avatar

OMG! OMG! OMG! heritage rouge is back!!!! you dont know how much i rue the day i didnt get that pigment when it came out with overrich (whenever that was!) i love it sooooo much. i have very dark skin, and i tell ya it looked so fabulous and i was a grad student with no job and couldnt get it. i am seriously SO giddy about this! and i think i might get my first ever MAC blush…cuz notoriety looks hot!

Veronica Avatar

I hate this collection simply because I want everything. =( But of course, I’m going to have to limit myself. Trying to limit myself to one quad, one/two eyeshadows, I want all the pigments :/, and maybe one blush and one lipglass. I don’t know. Its so hard. I can’t wait to see more information on this so I can decide better.

baybee415 Avatar

not really too excited about this collection, well lets say a little bit. i cant wait to check out the blushes, quad, and lipglosses/lipsticks. the pigments nehh i can find them at my cco

katey Avatar

MAC is going to make me go bankrupt. i already want $300 worth of product. MAC please give us a month or two without taking our wallets

Tattoo Girl Avatar

I have seen the pigments and the liners. AMAZING!! All the liners are very bright. Brash and Bold and Push the Edge are also gorgeous! These are def on my list!!

Elisha Avatar

Oh great, more colors that I love. I’m going to have to buy a make up suit case because the carrier that I have now is not going to cut it!
Oh my husband is going to kill me!

Carolyn Avatar

Why, MAC, why? I think I won’t spend anything until this comes out… And what to choose?!? The blushes and eye shadows look so pretty but the liners and pigments look so fun!

Hannah Rose Avatar

L/G- young thing/ New spirit/ personal taste- 14.00 X3
L/S- High strung- 14.00
E/S/Q- Notoriety/ In the gallery- 36.00 X2
E/S- Maria’s Magic/ Off the edge- 14.50 X2
Blush- The perfect cheek- 18.00
ALL the liners- 14.50 X5
Pigment- Cocomotion- 19.50
Glitter- Gold- 19.50
gloss texture- (if any one knows how much it is tell me)

Jennifer Avatar

Oh god. I’ve been saving up all my B2M and $$$ for this…

I want all of the lipglasses, all of the lipsticks, two of the quads (Notoriety & Photo Realism), possibly some of the shadows, and maybe one or two of the liners. I just am thankful I don’t do pigments, or I’d be royally effed! :-p

jennylevi Avatar

I will have to start saving money for this collection. I like all of the eyeshadow quads hopefully these colors in person would look better than in the photos. Just a question for you guys. I was wondering from the new collection that is out recently (colour craft) is it too much glitter in the product? Iam debating whether to get something from that collection since I bought all of the Grand Duo’s I was thinking that the mineralized skinfinishes would look alike

ElleryAllison Avatar

I am going to limit my self to just buying very unique things.
Like the orange liner, that’s awesome, and maybe two pigments and reflects rust glitter.
I don’t really think I NEED any more eyeshadows.
Let’s hope the same thinking applies when I actually get to MAC.

PrincessJodie Avatar

uhoh theres tonnes of this collection i want im so looking forward to this roll on this collection!!
although that being said i was super excited about colour craft and i felt disappointed cause alot of the msfs and such did not show up on my nc15 skin or looked just randomly werid i got a couple of things from colour craft but not as much as my purse had expected hehe

Mattea Avatar

Oh gosh, this is bad. This is horribly bad. I want it all D: I’m so going broke when this collection comes out. I’m going to have to save up loads so that I can actually buy as much as I want. Gah. I shouldn’t have looked.

Lindsey Avatar

will i sound crazy if i want to get a backup of cocomotion pigment? because everyone says the jars last forever, but i want a backup, is that crazy?

Michelle Avatar

As of this moment i want all three quads and the two blushes yikes that is quite a bill. Thankfully i don’t need any of the super bright liners or shadows nor pigments

Marchella Avatar

I want perfect cheek blush, purple shower,artistic license and maybe push the edge pigment. I’m not too excited about the quads: in the gallery and notoriety look like the most of the mac colors that are already out but then again im only basing it on the photos i’ll have to check it out in person

Elise Avatar

Got to test some of these this weekend. Love the satin eyeshadows! Both the Photorealism and In the Gallery quads are nice. Lots of potential looks there. πŸ™‚ Fun Fun Fun!

ladonna Avatar

I want the photo realism quad (have like no green shadows!)

and I aaaaam constantly staring at those liners! only liners I own are dark brown, black, pink, white, and blue.

I’d like to have the purple and I would want the green if it were darker, too limey for me.

VJNS Avatar

OH MY!!!! OH MY!!! I love these. I can’t even look at other brands. MAC’s gone wild this summer with color. I’m seriously considering taking out a loan. I wish I hadn’t let my cosmetology license expire.

Dusty Avatar

Has anyone gotten a chance to play with these yet? Most of the stuff was in at my local MAC and I tried everything but “Haunting” (they didn’t have it yet). I was surprised at the color payoff in “Violet Trance” and that’s what I’m curious about. For a matte shadow with such a deep color in the pan – I could’t get it to show up at all. Nada. Nothing. Just a little purple dust that fell right off the skin.

The tops for me were the yellow and orange shadows (though the orange sheers down to a coppery gold – not a TRUE orange). The quads are cool but not worth much to me (each had only one color that I cared about, and not enough to buy the whole thing). The liners are probably the neatest thing in the collection – Especially since they are water-line safe! “Full of Fuchsia” looks killer with MAC’s “Stars n’ Rockets” shadow.

jolenz Avatar

Ooohh gorgeous collection. I think I would like to get:

The Perfect Check Blush
Young Thing, On Display & Personal Taste Lipglass (glosses are almost always a sure thing purchase for me)
High Strung & Lovin’ It Lipstick
Maira’s Magic, Violet Trance & Purple Shower eye shadow
Notoriety & In the Gallery Quad (Yay!!!)
Graphblack & Full of Fuchsia Liners
Heritage Rouge, Cocomotion & Push the Edge Pigments

I think that’s it! I already feel broke just listing out the items I’m thinking of getting! Whew!

Tracey Avatar

My Local MAC store is having a preview of this on Tuesday. Here’s what I’m getting:

Lipglasses-all of them
Lipsticks-FullBody, FrontLit and Lovin It
E/S-Violet Trance and Off the Page
Blush-The Perfect Cheek Blush
E/L-Artistic License, Full of Fushsia and Obviously Orange
Pigment-Push The Eedge and Cocomotion
Glitter-Fushia, Copper and Gold and the gloss texture.
Then I’m broke until next pay period, hehehe.

Thanks Temptalia and Christine!

hibz Avatar

OH MY GOD everything looks so good….i love the shadows and the quads and the liners!!!! i am so happy i am going ot the mac party this tuesday and i will get the stuff i want before it comes out YAAAYY!

Steff Avatar

Hi ladies, fyi… the cocomotion pigment was at my CCO, I just picked it up Tuesday. I think the only quad I want is Notoriety. The other two don’t have any variety, I mean, who really wants a quad with just greens, or one w/ just purples.

yourshar0na Avatar

wow! On Display looks amazing.. reminds me of a Style Maker lip glass from the Stylistics collection, which I miss dearly…I can’t wait! =)

niknik Avatar

Violet Trance is soooo pigmented in person!
If I was daring enough I would have bought it.
I got the Photorealism quad, and DAMN is it ever beautiful.
My MAC store held a launching party for this so we got it a week early.

Tattoo Girl Avatar

I had such a great time last night! My store was already sold out of all of the pencils by the time I got there. I picked up a few eyeshadows which I recycled for them. The quads were really nice. I have so many purples and greens though that I skipped them. There was only one color in the green quad that I really wanted. All of the pigments and glitters are amazing! I skipped all the l/s and l/g becuase I don’t wear them that much but I may have to go back and get Hold the Pose l/s and On Display l/g. Maybe!

Jenny Avatar

My local Nordstroms had a launch event this weekend and I was able to purchase items from the collection. even though it is not officially out yet. I loved it!

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