MAC Jewelescent Collection Review


Lipgelees: To be sure, I am not a fan of lipgelees, just because they have little coloring, and I’m all about glosses that give you some sort of color payoff, not just a slight tint or shimmer. These are all lovely, though. Gilded Kiss is a lot darker than I expected, which was odd. Amber Russe was pretty, slightly rosy. Gemshine looked lovely in the tube, but so shimmery on my hand. Moonstone is gorgeous; if I was going to get a lipgelee, this one would be it. However, it looks exactly like Luminary lustreglass does, I swear!

Fluidlines: I believe Graphic Brown and Frostlite were already released, and Jadeye was the only new one. Jadeye looked extremely close to Delphic, and I could not justify having two teal fluidlines (Delphic I use close to never, if only once thus far). It is definitely pretty, just not very original.

Glitter Eye Liners: These have been released multiple times, so I do not feel like they need much of a review. I personally have no usage for glitter liner, so I passed on all of them. Of course, they are by MAC, so they are pretty to look at; especially Peacocky.

Pigments: Dark Soul has been launched before, if it isn’t already part of the permanent line (I always see it…). Copperclast should have been as pretty as its name sounds. With “copper” in its name, I would expect something much more along the lines of Coppersparkle, which it definitely was it. This was a much darker brown pigment that resembled Blue Brown pigment in many ways. I skipped it, and I absolutely adore pigments.

Glitter: Jewelmarine is absolutely gorgeous. It is the most stunning item out of the entire collection. I have heard mixed messages on its safety around the eye, but I do not think MAC makes eyesafe glitters as of yet… If it was eye-safe, then I would be much more inclined to use/buy it, but since I will play on the side of safety, it is a no-buy for me. Even if it is such an amazing color. Bright teal, but not obnoxiously so, and the texture of the glitter is smooth, very fine.

All Over Gloss: I think MAC released these before or something under the name of Fantastical gloss… something to that effect. I do not think that did well, and I cannot imagine this becoming a hot item. It just does not scream MAC or originality. Astonish while it looks awfully nice in the jar, just doesn’t do anything for me otherwise.

Zoomlash: Mythic Blue Zoomlash, definitely pretty, but I never bother with colored lashes… However, if you do, the color is absolutely gorgeous. Not too blue, not too teal, sort of a mermaid-esque blue that is just lovely.

So what did I get? Nothing from Jewelescent :/ I have a sample of the Jewelmarine glitter, but that’s it!