MAC Holiday 2012 Online @ Nordstrom

MAC Holiday 2012 Online @ Nordstrom

Nordstrom has Glamour Daze, Fabulousness, Primped Out, and All for Glamour available online now. I just bought one of everything (except brush sets) and selected next-day shipping, so hopefully I’ll be able to get swatches up this week!

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I don’t know what is is exactly, but I really quite dislike the promo look for this campaign. Perhaps it has to do with the model looking like a trumped up 14 year old; Teens and Tiaras? Plus, whatever they did with her eye makeup makes her look like she is ‘not all there’ as well. Just horrible IMO! I find the image disturbing.

Julianne Moore in A Single Man was PeRFeCTioN! But there is something eerily fascinating about this almost Sharon Tate-ish, (airbrushed-for-days) promo. Don’t hate me but i kinda like it….

I believe it’s a nod to the 50’s. I think the idea is a modern take on what was considered a glamorous look back then, with the pearls, bows, pastels, winged eyeliner and hairspray.

I was in Toronto this past Saturday and swatches like crazy the samples they had. The products over all have been decent. The the Lip/eye/brush/travel bags with the cheaper print are not as nice as they looked in photo’s for my taste. I soo wanted that Travel bag untill I saw it in person. lol

Anyaways I really love the two clutch kits (of course being $85CAN each >_<) so I'm stalking the site to get those.

I cannot believe Nordies already has this up! My SA was asking me to preorder this past Thurs. LOL! I guess Dillards must be behind on the schedule? I’m not sure if I will order anything. Everything is super sugary sweet and brings out my 5 yeard old. I don’t even care about the products, I just want the packaging ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Christine, may I ask why you did not order the blush sets? Did you order the brushes as well?

I did not order the brush sets, because they’ve been consistently terrible for four or five years now, so that is kind of where I draw the line, since this collection is always so massive and is already quite the wallet-killer.

I went back and read … YOU did type BRUSHES not BLUSHES. Sorry. Yea, those mass produced brushes piss me off. I have not bought any in the last 2 or 3 years. The last ones I bought where the brightly coloured ones. I think they were a Nordies exclusive during the Anniversary sale.

I was like, “Blush sets?” and then I thought maybe it was just a typo and answered accordingly (because I checked my own post to make sure I did typo!), lol.

It’s been the case where I’ve been able to feel/see them almost every time they’re launched in-store or MAC will send a sample later on in the season, so I get confirmation/assurance that they’re still bad each year!

Yes the first and only holiday brush set I bought was back in 06 or 07 maybe earlier can’t remember, they all came in black satin bags with jewel embellishments.

I thought they were stiff and scratchy, I returned them and remember the SA being mad at me.

Never tried them again.

I pre-prdered @ Macys last week and am picking up this Thursday. I grabbed Superb, Whisper of Gilt, 2 lipsticks, and the pink and orange brush sets. I’m hoping the brush sets are decent (wishful thinking) if not, back they will go!
Christine, I hate to ask, but my curiosity gets the best of me…
I know you purchase a lot of the items personally, but what do you do with them afterwards? I mean, my goodness! I’d hate yo receive your credit card bill! lol

With MAC, they get put into the archive, since MAC comes out with a lot of products, repromotes, and variations, I keep them for reference and, of course, because I have impossible dreams of re-swatching everything!

Can you comment on here with what you think of the brush sets? I don’t have a Mac near me so I can never try them but I’m soo tempted every year! The dodgy reviews just put me off. An opinion on this year’s lot would be great ๐Ÿ˜€

I can’t believe that Nordstrom already has the items available. I preordered from Belk about 3-4 weeks ago. I snagged, Superb, Whisper of Guilt, Evening Grey, Stylish Merry, Stolen Moments, Round Midnight Eyeshadow. I also Got Easy Manner and Small Vanity Blush and Glamourdaze and Dramatic Encounter(which I think is to dark for me)Lipstick. Of course it all depends on Christine review as if I keep them or not. Thank you for all you do for us, your beautiful and amazing.

I think the packaging is super cute and I absolutely adore this model image. I wont be buying anything though. None of the colors really speak to me. I splurged on the Guerlain Lui palette instead.

I preordered from Nordstrom, one lipgloss set, an eyeshadow palette, 2 brush sets, and the face kit with the blush, eyeshadow, and lipgloss….oh gosh, and I think a lip bag. I’m a sucker for packaging and I thought it was so cute but even the samples I saw at the counter were all dirty because the pretty satin material was caked with eyeshadow! Can’t wait to see your reviews so I can only pick up the good stuff:). You are always right on the money!

I don’t think you’re crazy! I was so excited that Whisper of Guilt was back that I considered buying 3 of them myself. As it is, I bought another extra. But I am tempted to go back for more, even though I REALLY should not. It was SOOOO hard to pare down my purchase!

WOW NINE? how do you plan to finish them? I always have the feeling that MSFs & such powders last for too long, I don’t usually consider gettig backup of them.. you must really love the WOG to get 9! ๐Ÿ˜€

Geez, I don’t even want to calculate how much it cost you Christine! Thank you for doing that for us!
As a side note, I find it crazy that MAC doesn’t provide press samples to you when they have new launches… Unless they’re ashamed of the quality of some of their products, haha!

I’m so looking forward to your swatches/reviews on this collection, Christine! The items look promising; I really hope the quality is not disappointing this time and that MAC closes the year on a high note!

Christine, on the mac website, on the canadian version, it says coming soon for all the products. I can see the products and everything put I can’t purchase it yet. AHHHH! How about you?

I can’t keep any of the collections straight except Making Pretty, but I doubt I’m buying anything since my holiday budget is going to Guerlain and Burberry (eyeshadow quads!). But I will be curious to see if these collections have decent quality or if they’re a miss like so many MAC LE items.

(A friend of mine asked me what i thought about MAC, since they just got a counter by her. I told her to stay far away from LE and stick to permanent items, and I kind of hate that I had to do that.)

Did someone say Burberry quads?> I seriously have a love on for Burberry’s eyeshadow formula. I only have three colours so far–Trench, Gold Trench and Mulberry–but I find they have a very similar feel to Tarina Tarantino which I also respect greatly. Both are effortlessly smooth. I’m checking this out.

Though I dont read all of MAC reviews and buy anything from MAC and skim over them since there are so many….it is nice that we rely on you on your reviews whatever they may be. One day, your house will be the museum for MAC products/ collections…labelling the year it came out and its significance…not because MAC products are of quality but because you have all the collections since whenever you started collecting.

The talk of the SE brush sets is interesting, I have a 187SE from 2007 and I’ve always been happy with it. Perhaps if I compared a regular 187 with my 187SE, mine may fall short. I’m sure I’ll buy another 187 at some point, they’re such multi-taskers that having two would be awesome!

I’m always tempted to buy the brush sets, then I go NO – I’m much better off to slowly accumulate regular sized ones! Got my first 217 making it’s way to me in the mail now, excited ๐Ÿ˜€

I can’t wait to see the swatches and read your reviews so I can finalize my MAC Holiday collection wish-list. Last year’s collection didn’t excite me at all, this one looks really elegant, too bad that most of the sets I’m interested in come with a pink make-up bag or in a pink box because I’m not a huge fan of the colour pink, that minty-green colour is amazing though!

what a beautiful holiday collection. i just preordered my choices yesterday at mac and i was not sure if i wanted dramatic encounter but when i tried it on, its so stunning. i preordered 3 lipsticks (dramatic encounter, outrangously fun and glamourdaze), 1 blush (small vanity) and 1 extra dimension skinfinsh (whisper of guilt). i cannot wait to pick them up on thursday. the only other thing i want from the holiday collection is the make me pretty collection. trust me, if your on budget you cannot afford this collection but i’m a huge makeup girl so i will forsure be picking those up to. can’t wait til you put up the reviews christine ๐Ÿ™‚

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