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MAC Graphic Garden Sneak Peek Photos

MAC Graphic Garden Sneak Peek Photos

Hey all! Are you gearing up for Nordstrom’s Anniversary Exclusives? It’s one of the best times for beauty products at Nordstrom, because of all of the exclusives, gift with purchases, and “stock up” sizes. MAC always puts out an exclusive set of products for their anniversary, and this year is no different with Graphic Garden.

Pictured above is the Graphic Garden Cool Eye Palette and Graphic Garden Warm Eye Palette. Each will retail for $35.00. The Cool Eye Palette will contain Social Climber, Botanical Blue, Straight Hedge, Wild Wisteria, Linear Lilac, and Graphic Garden. The Warm Eye Palette will contain Floral Inc., Sun-Shy, Fresh Cut, Poppy Noir, Bloomcycle, and Part Peony. You can read up on full details of all of the product sets/kits coming out with Graphic Garden here.

We also want to share with you a look at Sweet Tease Look In A Box contains Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, Gleam eyeshadow, Mulch eyeshadow, Love Nectar lustreglass, Zoomlash mascara in Zoomblack, and a 181 brush. There are three different “Look In A Box” offerings, and each will retail for $59.50. Each includes two full-sized eyeshadows and lipgloss, and then a miniature size Zoomlash mascara and 181 brush.

See Look In A Box!


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Teresa Avatar

Sooo gorge! Thank you! Will this be available at The Bay stores in Canada by anyyy channcccce? Prob not cause its NORDSTROMS anniversary, right? :\

sophielou Avatar

Hey Teresa,
I’m pretty sure these are coming out at the Bay. Last time I was at Mac the MUA mentioned that Limited Edition brush sets were coming out in the summer, so I think Graphic Garden should be at the Bay! They usually have the Nordstrom exclusive releases. If not, Nordies now ships to Canada!

Hanna Avatar

Yes there are coming at the BAY. My MUA told me to preorder as soon as I had made up my mind, which seems to be very difficult!

sprut Avatar

I like the look of the first palette but I don’t know because I really like some of the guerlain palettes coming in august so I might have to save my money for those. We’ll see but I can’t wait for swatches!

Natalia Avatar

Im not feeling the palettes too much, some of the colors I already have are very close to it. But I am deffinetly going to grab at least 1(or 2) Look In the Box, they look so pretty and a lot of those I dont have yet, and well worth the price for all of the products in it(especially some being full size) Cant wait! =D

Cody Avatar

Info for Canadians: I talked to a MUA yesterday and she confirmed all of this will be available at the Bay, including the look boxes!

Leila Avatar

I cant wait!
definitely picking up that look box as well as the cool eyes palette.
urghh. i cant believe they release this the same day as the one with the MSF’s =(

Kristen Avatar

An “MSF” is a Mineralize Skin Finish. They come as blushes, contouring things, and highlighters, as well as a baked mineral foundation. That is called a Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. I hope this helps!
p.s. I totally recommend these! But if you don’t like a bit of shimmer, you probably won’t like them. But the MSF Naturals dont have any.


Jamie Avatar

UGH! I want, no scratch that, I NEED all of the look boxes!
scratch that statement even, I need EVERYTHING from this collection. By far this is one of the most impressive collections I’ve seen in a while. The packaging is fun, the colors are pretty, ugh it’s the whole package.

Amber Avatar

The look boxes are so cute and innovative!!! A little pricey, tho….but sort of a bargain if you add up all the prices of the individual products. I’m so glad that they’re bringing back the 181 and I LOVE THE FLORAL PACKAGING FOR THIS COLLECTION πŸ˜€

Brie Avatar

I have to admit that I’m I’m underwhelmed by those palettes right now and I am actually REALLY glad about it!

I am discovering right now that I always buy palettes and I only ever use one or two shades from the palettes. I didn’t need to be tempted with more beautiful palette releases and I was worried about Graphic Garden, but given that photo – those colors don’t really look very “me” anyways so… phew!

The look in a box seems too warm for me – this is all very good news in my book lol. Now I can keep scrimping and saving for those beautiful sheer lip conditioners that are coming out this summer (I want ALL of them!).

Kaylabella Avatar

I’m super excited! I’m getting both eyeshadow palettes and the sweet tease look in a box for sure. I’ll wait for more pictures to decide on the other sets. But it looks like I better start saving either way! haha

littlemissmagic Avatar

how do people feel about the 181SE?

last time i picked up a holiday SE brush set, the quality was way below par from the reg. brushes.. to the point that for me, they were unusable..

Ms Trendy Avatar

i would also like to know! i agree the SE brush sets are manufactured not hand made and they are not the same bristles, handles or ferrels – i keep them in my purse makeup bag for application or touch ups on the go but wouldnt use them for my everyday application – the bristles are somewhat coarse and scratchy. I already have the 182 from the regular line… if this 181se is the same bristles i will be in love and get this for sure. I assume its smaller than the 182 as well… ie for blush/bronzer? if anyone has it please share your thoughts likes/dislikes.

lucy Avatar

the 181se is just a smaller version on the 182, same quality
i do agree some brushes that come in the sets are not made as well as the regular

Jessie Avatar

I already preordered the warm eye palette =)
I’m interested in the look boxes too- do they have beauty powders or blushes as well?

Candee Sparks Avatar

They’re nice but the only thing I really cave into are the Holiday Brush Sets. I never bought a palette or even own one but I do prefer just eye shadow singles and such. I really need to get an eye shadow palette holder though so I don’t have to carry around all my shadows but don’t know how or where to get one since I don’t have a credit card and my MAC is closing on Saturday but they don’t even sell them to begin with. =(

Christina Avatar

hey, does Nordstrom hold items at the counter? because i’m going to be on vacation and my friend is going when it comes out and i told her to tell the nordstrom mac counter to hold a few items under my name. can she do that?

Leah Avatar

Yes they can do that as long as they hold your credit card info so they can charge it to your account once the collection come out. It’s basically a “pre-order”.

Caroline Avatar

I have a question..are the look boxes 49.50 or 59.50 because there’s some other info that says that it’s 59.50 while this page says it’s 59.50..I’m so confused! help?

Marchella Avatar

The palettes are absolutely a must have for me….i don’t have a nordstrom near me… i wonder if they will be selling them online as well????

Laura Avatar

Omg when does this come out in americaa ?? πŸ˜› cos i really want a pallete the more down toned one orr the lipglass or the powder wow im gunna have to save up im in the uk so it’ll take time to come out πŸ˜›

Tattoo Girl Avatar

I saw these today at Nordstrom’s. They are AMAZING!! the pictures do not do justice to the colors. I pre-ordered the Fresh Cut palette which is the one with the blues, green, and purples. The color in the corner that looks black actually has a purple glitter in it. The other palette is beautiful as well and has very pretty colors. I also pre-ordered Look in a Box-Sweet Tease. They said the price of Look in a Box is actually $59.50 though.

Tattoo Girl Avatar

I got there really early. They were in the boxes on the counter but the girl I always buy from was there and she let me see them. Then she said she had GG too. So she let me see them. She was putting them out today I think it what she said.

sonjiya Avatar

i believe all this good stuff is coming out at the bay a week before nordstrom! woohoo πŸ™‚ us canadians finally get a break πŸ˜›

Julia Avatar

I’m so conflicted with this whole nordstrom anniversary product thing!

I’m dying for the NARS eyeshadow palette
The MAC look in a box is extraordinary!


Aubrey Avatar

They are only about a $5 savings off the perm prices. But that does not include the mini-mascara or the SE 181 brush.

MAC will do another F&F sale, you will be able to get most of these items then, if you don’t get the look in a box now.

I saw the LIB @ Nordies and ordered the items I liked from MAC online yesterday. I saved $$

Melly Avatar

I went to my mac counter and ordered one of the look in a box sets and they told me it is 59 dollars and will be available june 17th. Is this information only true for mac counters as opposed to mac stores?

Jessie Avatar

Saw these in person, the display was out, and the Fresh Cut Palette is so beautiful in person. In fact both paletter are, but the 187SE was especially cheap. Like cheaper than the other 187SE from Holiday sets. It was flimsy and sparse. The 129 was also pretty bad, but then the SE version of that brush is almost never good. The 275SE was also cheaper feeling than other SE versions. I would pass on the GG brush sets, they’re almost a joke. Either buy full sized or wait until the next holiday set comes out to buy.

Christina Avatar

ok, i have a decision to make and i need your help. for my good grades gift, should i get some things from graphic garden, or the occ lip tars. or should i ask for graphic garden and occ lip tars for my birthday, which is in November. HEEEEEELLLPPPP MEEEEE!!!!

Chapis Avatar

I just pre-ordered one of the MAC “look in a box” kit, I got the smoky eye kit although I was a little dissappointed the sales person did not know what colors they were they look great on the box! It was $59 plus tax, a little pricey but it does come with a smaller version of the kabuki brush πŸ˜‰ They are available for pick up of July 1st.

Meredith Avatar

Just went to Nordstrom to preorder my set. Ordered the Graphic Garden set. I thought both sets looked worth the purchase – hey, 6 shadows for $35 is pretty good. I thought that the pallets were a good mix of colors that haven’t been put into sets before. Can’t wait for it to come in!

Carmen Avatar

hey ladies,
I may be the exception, but I saw the 2 eye shadow palettes, and they did not thrill me at all. The one with pinks has alot of pinks, which I can’t weaer, and the other one has funky blues/aquas that did not move me either. I will wait and see what else MAC comes out with later.

Tori Avatar

I really want to get the warm eyes palette but i want the sweet tease box more and i can’t afford both so i think i’ll go pre-order it before there all gone! :]

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