MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017


MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017
MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017

The Details

Whether you’re a Rockin’ Rebel, Mischief Minx, Fashion Fanatic, Basic Bitch, Prissy Princess or simply, unapologetically Power Hungry, shout it out! Our new Personality Palettes are designed for you. Featuring eight Eye Shadows and a Highlight in fresh colours to express the power and presence of your personality. Make up, speak out. Show the world who you really are.

August 3rd at select MAC locations & online

Basic Bitch, $39.50 (Limited Edition)

  • Gameplayer Darkest black (Creamy Matte)
  • Hell in Heels Purpled dark red (Smooth Pearl)
  • Big White Lie Blackened grey (Smooth Pearl)
  • Text Me Later Mid-tone grey (Satin Shine)
  • Me Me Me Very light cool grey (Smooth Pearl)
  • Ms. Personality Grey with silver/green gold pearl (Satin Shine)
  • Tattle-tale Cool grey with pink pearl (Foil)
  • Sly Girl Grape purple with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Love This Bitch Silver pink highlighter (Opalescent)

Prissy Princess, $39.50 (Limited Edition)

  • Prissy Princess Shell grey (Creamy Matte)
  • Sweet Tart Shimmery pale pink (Satin Shine)
  • Eternal Optimist Shimmery cool brown (Satin Shine)
  • Good Girl & U Know It Greyed neutral brown (Satin Shine)
  • Too Good to Be True Cool mid-tone brown with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Fabness Taupe grey (Smooth Pearl)
  • Spoil Yourself Dark brown (Creamy Matte)
  • Colour Me Spoiled Very light pink (Creamy Matte)
  • She’s a Rainbow Rose pink with silver highlighter (Opalescent)

Power Hungry, $39.50 (Limited Edition)

  • Totally Obsessed Light neutral (Creamy Matte)
  • Bling Mistress Mid-tone neutral beige (Creamy Matte)
  • Hot to Trot Greyed beige with silver pearl (Satin Shine)
  • Something’s Fishy Muted golden beige (Foil)
  • Bossing It Warm bronze (Satin Shine)
  • Money Mad Peachy neutral beige Smooth Pearl
  • Winsome Lose Some Dark brown with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Dangerously Elegant Darkened brown with green/gold pearl (Satin Shine)
  • Gimme That! Light yellow gold highlighter (Opalescent)

Mischief Mink, $39.50 (Limited Edition)

  • V Frisky Muted gold (Foil)
  • Natural Tease Bright yellow gold frost (Foil)
  • She-nanigans Reddish copper frost (Foil)
  • Flaming Femme Darkened clay red (Creamy Matte)
  • Schemer Dark brown (Creamy Matte)
  • Mischief Minx Bright orange frost (Satin Shine)
  • Totally Trouble Blackened purple (Creamy Matte)
  • Been There, Done That Darkened brown with gold pearl (Satin Shine)
  • Stride of Pride Golden rose highlighter (Opalescent)

Rockin' Rebel, $39.50 (Limited Edition)

  • Blk-ish Navy blue (Smooth Pearl)
  • Bikers & Babes Teal blue with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Bleached Out Frost white (Foil)
  • Rockin’ Rebel Jade green (Satin Shine)
  • Gilty as Can Be Bronzed gold frost (Foil)
  • Denim Genes Cerulean blue (Satin Shine)
  • Mega-Moody Cool silver frost (Foil)
  • Bad Influence Dark grey (Creamy Matte)
  • Let It Rock Light gold (Opalescent)

Fashion Fanatic, $39.50 (Limited Edition)

  • Shop Shop Shop Berry pink (Satin Shine)
  • Wild Card Dark purple (Creamy Matte)
  • Mad Mod Rose pink with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Fashion Fanatic Bright red fuchsia (Satin Shine)
  • Totally Fierce Peachy pink (Satin Shine)
  • Outfitted Light peach with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Style & Influence Creamy lilac purple (Smooth Pearl)
  • On the Hip Side Light cool beige (Smooth Pearl)
  • Must Have It Rose gold (Opalescent)

MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017
MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017

MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017
MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017

MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017
MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017

MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017
MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017

MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017
MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017

MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017
MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017

MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017
MAC Girls Collection for Summer 2017


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Court Avatar

Has MAC slowed down on the amount of LE collections they released or have I just not been paying attention? I haven’t noticed any buzz around them for awhile. These palettes are doing nothing for me.

Cherie Avatar

Interesting…though I could have done without the glamorizing the use of “Basic Bitch” which I find to be pretty demeaning. I’d rather this kind of stuff not be normalized.

Mariella Avatar

I agree also. I was hoping those lovely, inspirational names of the Hourglass Lip Stylos might have signaled a new approach and getting away from vulgar or offensive terms being used for makeup (I’m sick of hearing them everywhere and told off a guy at the gym the other day for dropping the f bomb every 5 seconds, ironically while talking about how undisciplined and spoiled today’s young people are).

Pamela Avatar

Good on you for calling that guy out! I swear constantly but NEVER in public because it’s crass. I wish others could do the same.

Phoebe Avatar

I can see your point, but maybe it’s more reclaiming it. Like technically no one is basic but people are labelled basic because of what they do/have/say. Maybe using it like this is more like a “so what?” And tongue and cheek? Loses its power as an insult.

Mariella Avatar

Nope, not just you (as several of these posts are verifying). Enough already with these sorts of names. I’d give major props to Nars and UD if they’d drop all the “Super Orgasm” and “Dope” and “Roach” names. I mean, honestly!!!!???

Pamela Avatar

Yeah, I just picture going in store and having to ask “I’m looking for Basic Bitch, please”. Really? There were a few other products from other brands with equally obscene names but they escape me now…

Mariella Avatar

(I hope I don’t lose my reply again – having computer issues and connection seems to crash every time I try to post).

Anyway, I’ve had a giggle recently going to MAC to get a particular eyeshadow and wondering how to phrase my request – “I’m looking for Smut” or “Can I have Smut” or “Do you have Smut”. It’s worse with these new palettes, especially the Basic Bitch one.

markiebamboo Avatar

These seem like some 99 cent store fare. That is my biggest complaint. The names are more stupid than offensive. Whoever let any of this slide to the production state should be fired. This is not up to par with the MAC brand. They are about to see everyone bypass these for other brands. Poor attempt, MAC. MAC needs to be revamped before it sinks into the ground.

Christina Avatar

I agree with you!

And I think it’s doubly offensive because MAC was kind of the first makeup love for lots of us. I expect better!

I have some cute Tarte palettes and though their names can sometimes be a bit schticky, they never fail to make me smile in a positive way.

How hard is it!

The little Courage palette that came out a year or so ago… The front says “She dreamed, she believed & she succeeded”. The inside shadow names are inspiring too.

I don’t know I am all for being cheeky but also like come on, it’s just so low brow. Come on MAC, come on!

Considering lots of us do our makeup between 6-7am maybe I am just not up for that much edgy humor so early in the morning.

I also agree the palettes inside and out are visually unappealing. Definitely 99 cent store fare. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but that stuff rightly costs $0.99!

Natalie Avatar

Ugh… so utterly put off.
I really don’t buy palettes, because i am generally just too pale to make use of all the colors, but the rubbish written (in big bold text) across all these palettes is a TOTAL TURN-OFF.
To me, “Rockin’ Rebel” is the least gross, and it is still sooo… NO.

L Avatar

Not just you at all! I find them a really glaring example of the juvenile, cheap sensationalist misogyny-for-a-buck woman-as-novelty-caricature garbage we see to often in advertising (and everything else).

Lilac Avatar

Agree with many comments about the names. I also don’t like the names of the colours themselves. That saying, I don’t mind UD names as much; maybe I’m just used to that. But for MAC, it seems to get out of character and damaging the brand. I have not been happy about many previous names; they were not offensive but just lame. I just think the MAC style has been watered down and they are trying to be (like) other brands. It’s definitely not working for me. Haven’t bought MAC in an eternity anyways though I used to be extremely loyal, but the brand changed so much, it’s not my thing anymore.

Lisa Avatar

I agree with you Bella.I want them all.But if you have some of the times nine palettes,you’ll see that they are pretty similar!Just for packaging,I maybe take the orange one (if they ever come to Greece).

Stacey Avatar

I see MAC is trying to step up the game….with so many better competitors there.
I cannot even imagine buying these imitators.
Mac is behind the game….follow by Tom Ford…
Increase the price, decrease the amount and lose the quality.
Mac really should lose those names.
Not everyone is a teen. And teens are smart enough too.

Kate Avatar

I’m not super excited about these unless the quality is there and MAC seems to be really hit or miss with premade palettes like these. Does anyone else get really annoyed when eyeshadows in palettes come in multiple sizes?

Christina D. Avatar

I agree that the names are off-putting and I’ve been around long enough to find the blatant sexism quiet offensive. New low for MAC.

Zoe Avatar

Not interested! Reminds me of cheaper palettes that have come out within the past few years. Interesting pan placement and sizes, but the names and color selections do not inspire.

Johanna Avatar

Just another palette collection to be annoyed/offended by. In terms of both marketing and the actual product.

I’m not easily offended by marketing stuff, but really grossed out by this ingrained misogynist terminology being paraded around in a “fun” marketing package. Basic bitch is insulting, prissy princess is insulting, power hungry is maybe even the worst one to me. Stereotypes and negative connotations at a minimum. Yuck. As Cherie said above this kind of stuff needs to stop being normalized. Just keeps it around for that much longer.

On top of it all, just more neutral warm colors that every brand on the planet has done and is doing, and most likely with a lot better quality. Many of the shades look similar in the same palette! The cool toned ones are more unique at least, but that’s the only nice thing I can say about it.

Obviously this is marketed towards a younger generation with no other eyeshadow in their collection, but our young people deserve a lot better than this. Haha I sound so old, I’m only 33 but *shakes cane*

Kira Avatar

Really agree, coming from a 31 year old. I can’t speak for the MAC Girls age group, but I definitely wonder why MAC needed to buy into these labels and regurgitate them back to teens. It’s not like offensive epithets that some groups want to rebrand and take ownership of, MAC is saying which little label that society picks do you want to fit into via your purchase.

kjh Avatar

Maybe/probably basic bitch. Remember, dog people….I know you’re listening, Mellan….NEVER say bitch like it’s a bad thing. The b word is all in your point of view. Prefer not to use it in the hip hop fashion. For those of us who love girl dogs, it is actually more an endorsement than a put down. To be an alpha bitch means to be the queen of the world, mistress of the universe, large and in charge. I could never aspire to being an alpha bitch. ….. Not that I think Mac’s source of derivation is anything other than b, ho, derogatory. Some days plain old shade/palette 105 does it.

janine Avatar

Right a bitch is just a female canine, a dog is a male. BUT dogs don’t wear eyeshadow and these won’t be sold at a dog show.

I think they are pretty and look forward to reviews and so glad to see cool shades. I don’t take the names that serious but it’s a stupid marketing ploy considering who they are targeting.

Anne Avatar

Reading this comment about dogs (good one, btw), and the ones about the different sizes of round shadows, I couldn’t help but wonder why one of the palettes wasn’t named, “Ball Breaker”. Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself. No, the names are not cute. Just get the big eye-roll from me. I’m wondering if the marketing is nothing more than an attempt to mask an inferior product. I guess Christine will let us know. Anyway, I’ve been done with MAC for quite some time.

Wednesday Avatar

I’ve been called a bitch so many times in my professional and personal life; and I always shrug it off and rather take it as a compliment. I’m not mean spirited or two-faced, but I don’t mince words, sugar coat, suck up, or wanna be part of the pack crap. I’m no Alpha, .. maybe an Omega Bitch. I’m not in the least offended by the word. My partner and I call each other Bitch all the time a la Breaking Bad. When I call my dogs I call out ‘C’mon Bitches (three females out of the four)

The others seems a bit desperate for a marketing scheme; but sadly done to death already by NARS. Yawn.

I need not eyeshadows, but I’m actually hoping a couple of these cooler babies get half decent scores.


Seraphine Avatar

“Basic Bitch”? “Prissy Princess”? “Power Hungry”? “Mischief Minx”? WTF were they thinking???? I don’t care how pretty the colors are…I would NEVER buy makeup with demeaning, misogynistic names like this!

I’m done buying MAC cosmetics as long as they sell products with offensively sexist names like this.

Stephanie Avatar

I am generally a MAC fan, and I like the look of most of these, but the names turn me right off. I will still be interested to see how they review, but I won’t buy them. I find some these names downright insulting and degrading to intelligent women everywhere. And the ones that don’t insult I will still pass on, just on principle.

Alecto Avatar

Maybe it’s not misogynistic if women believe they’re “taking back their power” by owning these titles??? I neither agree nor disagree, but I’ve heard more than one woman call herself a bitch with pride. Same with princess. The marketing is perfectly in sync with the times, and they know what they’re doing.

Sarah Avatar

Honestly, I agree. I find nothing offensive with these names, in fact, some of the product names are words I use in an empowering way (the b-word, for instance). The names and the marketing very much tie into young women today and the language they use – including myself.

With that being said, I won’t buy a palette if I don’t like the product. I don’t care how cheeky the names are, if the makeup doesn’t live up to my expectations I won’t spend money on it. If one wishes to skip the product because the names offend them, that’s their right as well. We’re the consumers, after all.

Alecto Avatar

I just assume I won’t be impressed by these because my impression (accurate or otherwise) is that MAC’s standards have fallen over the years. Having said that, I really like the colors and layouts of Rebel, Fanatic, and Bitch — to my eye they seem well done.

Brenda Avatar

As a strong woman I own my “basic bitch” with great pride; I take no offense to the word. I own my inner “prissy princess” by never having mowed a lawn (and never will). As a southerner I’m proud to be a rockin rebel. I have a successful career becauseI’m “power hungry”. I’m a “mischief minx” with my husband because he loves it. Last but certainly not least I’m a “fashion fanatic” because I love to look good. The names are only negative if that’s your perception. ?

Lorrie Avatar

Well said, Brenda! People today can find something offensive in a slice of bread. It’s make-up by MAC. Certainly not a company who sets out to offend people.

Kwmechelle Avatar

I really feel like these are ugly & boring. The packaging looks like no one even tried. Completely not digging camouflage motif on these. I was just thinking the other day that it seems like it’s been a minute since MAC released a limited edition collection, or any collection at all. There are so many brands out there that are better quality with better price tags & beautiful packaging. This looks like they’ve lost their way, IMO.

Sarah Avatar

I would get Basic Bitch just for the name alone, but that’s not worth the price of buying more makeup I may or may not use.

I guess I’ll wait for reviews on that specific palette.

Angela Avatar

To each their own, but the names turn me off. They might appeal to a certain kind of person but I won’t be buying them. I would feel annoyed every time I reached for the palette, regardless of how nice the eyeshadows are. That’s not how I want to feel when I go to apply my makeup!

pixygypsy Avatar

Seriously, MAC? Yes. I often refer to myself as a ‘prissy princess’ or think that I’m ‘power hungry’ while reaching for an eye shadow palette. The connotations, ffs.

Jill Avatar

Let she who has never called another woman “b*tch” whether behind her back, or in a joking way, cast the first stone.

Guarantee we are all guilty. We have brought ourselves to this place.

So, I will ignore the names and buy if they get good reviews. Especially the Rebel palette; I’m a sucker for camouflage.

Susan Avatar

Just because we have said a certain word doesn’t mean we want it emblazoned on our makeup. If I had “Basic Bitch” around the kids I volunteer with, I could lose my job. How’s that?

Besides, these palettes don’t interest me because of what they contain — boring colors and/or horribly monochromatic.

YMMV. If you like these, great. We don’t all like the same things.

CL Avatar

I have NEVER called another woman that. I use the right words, like sociopath, narcissist, slacker, idiot, ignorant, etc. “Bitch” is the “N” word for women; it is not acceptable, period.

Alecto Avatar

It’s not the “N” word for women … that’s another word, and I use both of them, because I completely reject the idea that there are no women deserving of that kind of insult. There are. We’ve all met them. And I’m happy to “call a spade a spade.” And before you ask, no, I don’t have a lot of friends.

Having said that, I don’t think MAC is calling women that, but rather giving women that have a twisted sense of humor and/or a stubborn anti-sacred streak an opportunity to self-identify or play with words. I honestly don’t see anything offensive in the way it’s being presented, though I get what you’re saying.

I’m sure the world could (and I mean this sincerely) use more people like you and fewer like me, but there enough like me now that this kind of marketing is probably a good bet.

Brian Avatar

Omg lmao. That was pretty much my first thought as well. “How do we reach these keeeeds?” This is just. I get exactly who their target demo is and these fit that demo, they do. But this is so try hard and I am personally with the majority that its just all around demeaning.

Sonia Avatar

Lol at South Park. On a serious note, I agree. This is pretty demeaning and infantilizing. If it was impossible to feel second-hand embarrassment and first-hand insult at the same time, then Mac just showed us how it’s done.

Abby Avatar

I love the basic bitch and prissy princess. I think the words can be enpoweri NH and wonderful when used in a non-demeaning manner and I don’t think these palettes are demeaning at all. Love the cool and neutral tones in both palettes. Can’t wait. I might get basic bitch just because of the name.

Sk Avatar

Mind you I am the person who laughs off names like orgasm or deep throat…because there’s nothing wrong or shaming about sex and I find them normalizing and sex-positive. But power hungry and prissy princess really rub me the wrong way…like painting women as manipulating and controlling…something extremely misogynistic about that. I don’t have problem with basic bitch because plenty of women (especially woc) call each other bitch in positive, empowering manner.

Ess Avatar

These promo pictures make Power Hungry and Prissy Princess look like they have a bunch of the same shades. Yikes.

Also those names. Ohhhh no.

Laurie Avatar

Wow. I had such a different reaction. Maybe it’s my age (probably older than the demographic here) or that I sat next to a guy at lunch today who obviously had just been dumped. It was also bitch, slut, c*unt. I hate that. This palette was teased after the “She persisted” crap and everyone I know joined “Nasty Women” pages on Facebook. I’m a bitch … what of it? Own it, I say, and if MAC is trying to monetize it, push posh.

Anyway, I’ve had my eye on this since they teased it. Yay for a truly cool palette in the midst of I think five warm ones the last 30 days. These are the shades missing from the huge Sephora palette. I have it on my calendar to buy it when it goes on sale next week. Hope it’ll be well reviewed, but I will probably buy it unless it is totally horrendous. I think the shades are beautiful.

LindaP Avatar

I got thrown in a paddy wagon in Boston, MA (but not arrested) in 1976 fighting for the ERA. I have a long cable tow of tolerance for women and their opinions. But I think too much time has past since those hard days (and even harder before that), and we have lost touch with so much women have fought and suffered for. That lack of fight renders these names OK. They’re not, in my mind. The more these insults and degradations are thrown out there in the name of “cool,” the more normalized and accepted they seem.

These names to me are stupid, degrading, demeaning, elitist, un-creative. They are an unintelligent regurgitation of what focus groups told MAC is “edgy” and will appeal to a certain demographic. It’s plain manipulative and stupid. It’s another brick in the wall of a taller and taller edifice that makes women slip back more and more every day. Rant off. I won’t give them a penny. Names matter. Buying into them matters more.

CL Avatar

You’re so right! Today’s young women don’t realize how easily they’re letting go of the gains made by the feminists of the 1960s and 1970s.

Cherie Avatar

I applaud women like you who’ve made life easier for an entire generation of women – myself included. As an attorney, I’ve come to know that it hasn’t even been that long since women were legitimately able to practice law. That’s a struggle I was spared.

I also wanted to point out that these palettes are aimed toward young women and girls who are still growing psychologically. My tween nieces are just getting into makeup and there is no way I would ever bring them close to this display. It’s one thing for a grown woman to “own” these demeaning slogans, but it’s an entirely different deal when you are trying to encourage young girls to develop strong characters where civility is the norm. Why don’t you see this kind of marketing directed at objects that young males may adhere to? It’s hard enough in this current political climate where women are easily objectified as objects to be grabbed at. This kind of sexism does not need to be normalized and does for more harm than one realizes. With all the MAC claims to stand for, too bad self-respect isn’t one of those things.

Dawn Avatar

Honestly…..I don’t care what a company names a product. I would certainly never be offended by something so trivial. I don’t even know the names of most of what I use. I actually like a couple of these. I haven’t been very interested in all the warm and bright palettes everyone has been putting out….so these are more in line with what I would buy.

Denise S. Avatar

I wish that all the time Yvette! If only the human race weren’t so primitive and crude. MAC called themselves appealing to all kinds of female personalities but they’re clearly trying way to hard to market to the younger generation. MAC is trying to be edgy, but it comes off as gimmicky. Mac’s color scheme, in some of the palettes is okay.

Sarah Avatar

I’d have to see the reviews on this but I like it. I tend to avoid MAC because I disagree with them for political reasons but I appreciate this.

CL Avatar

I will not buy *any* product that uses “bitch” as a reference to women. This naming should NEVER have been acceptable to consumers.

bibi Avatar

Hmmm…..being 52 I don’t think I’m the demographic these palettes are aimed at. Although my 18 yr old & 26 yr old nieces are wrinkling their noses at the popular vernacular names & packaging too. I’d say the packaging is supposed to appeal to 13 yr olds?
Anywho, my OCD-ness doesn’t like the different sized pans & cutesy layout thereof. The shades do look well chosen in each palette to create trendy looks….actually they look familiar! Anyone for a game of “match that palette?”
Basic Bitch= Naked Smoky or any other smoky palette from the last 7 yrs
Mischief Minx= Naked Heat or whatever trendy sunset palette out now
Power Hungry= Lorac Unzipped or gold leaning nude palette
Fashion Fanatic= an updated Naked 3 with that pop f bright coral pink
Prissy Princess= Any of the multitudinous warm leaning neutral nude palettes, a reselected Naked 3 for today’s warmer trending nudes
Rockin’ Rebel- Can’t think of any palettes now but I’ve seen these colors over and over & they don’t look rockin’ nor rebellious to me. More like the cool, mermaid-y stuff that’s been trending lately.

Quincey Avatar

I feel like so many folks here don’t understand reclaiming a slur. When you reclaim a slur, you are not using it AS a slur, you’re not using it in a negative sense, but in a positive way. See also: Queer, a word reclaimed by those of us in the LGBTQ community. And yes, you’re allowed to feel uncomfortable with the use of a reclaimed slur, but only if YOU don’t want to be called said slur. That’s all fine and dandy, but not everyone is going to stop using a reclaimed slur because you don’t like the word.

Anyway, power hungry and minx are right up my alley!

Sk Avatar

As someone who identifies as a queer and calls myself hoe I’m completely aware of what reclaiming a slur is, but one has to realize that Mac is a brand and not an individual, many of whose higher ups are still male. That’s why I cannot see this as reclaiming at all, reclaiming can only be done by individual toward oneself, not by others.

Nicole Avatar

Huh. I find the look of the palettes and the names off-putting. I’m never annoyed by sexy or outrageous names for makeup (to me naughty or dirty types of names are generally hilarious) but something about this collection turns me off. I’m not sure if it’s the names (normally not something I care about) or the fact that MAC looks childish instead of having at least interesting packaging (even though I think they are undermining their brand with so many LE releases, at least the packaging is normally cool). This looks like something I’d find in CVS marketed to tweens. Actually I think I just nailed what is bothering me. These don’t look like they are marketed to adult women; these look marketed specifically to young teens. As an adult I can find the names funny, but to a young teen they might have different implications.

Ester Avatar

I haven’t bought MAC in years, mostly because I find that it’s easy to find products that have better overall quality. I think it’s interesting that they are coming out with an eyeshadow palette including a coordinating highlight, cool idea, however, even if it didn’t have the annoying/offensive names on the palette, the palettes that have the lighter highlights that would suit my skintone are all cool-toned eyeshadows, and I’m very fair with warm undertones. I am excited about the AHB Subculture palette, which has cool colors that coordinate well with the warm tones, so I’m saving my bucks for that.

Anna Avatar

Yes the names are off-putting but the palettes look nice. I am interested in Basic Bitch and Rockkn Rebel. Will be waiting for the review

katie Avatar

I was like, “My God! I hate these names!”. I’d be ashamed to let anyone see me with one of these or even have a makeup bag with this on it. Ew.
I see I’m not the only one, lol.
If these were for men they’d be:
Classic(Basic Bitch)
Boss(Power Hungry)
Maverick(Rockin Rebel)
GQ(Fashion Fanatic)
Player(Mischief Minx)
Real Man(Prissy Princess)

Christina Avatar

Wow great analogies! You are totally right. That puts it in a new light for me and I agree that is BS.

I keep checking back on this topic to read all the new comments and what I find interesting is the strong reactions and we haven’t even seen how the products perform yet!

I feel like MAC needs to focus more on quality products rather than limited edition releases / marketing / packaging else they will become the next Too Faced. When they do focus on product quality they hit it out of the park, such as the recently released and permanent extra dimension blushes which are outstanding. But I don’t even pay attention to their multitude of limited edition releases anymore.

I also agree with someone above who said they would just be embarrassed to be seen with one of these pallets. Me too!

Selina Avatar

You made a great point with the male equivalent branding example. I think it’s interesting to see that some women say that they ‘own’ these terms and that they reclaim them etc. Sure, you might proudly call yourself a ‘basic bitch’ or ‘prissy princess’, but if a guy called you that would you ever like it? I don’t think it’s possible to ‘own’ such terms myself, you wouldn’t tolerate some stranger or man calling you that. We all say silly things in private but to normalise them in a public sense is dangerous because then we can’t complain when some guy at work/school etc calls you that.

Valeria Avatar

I have to agree. Fashion Fanatic and Rocking Rebel work ok for me. The other ones… I like the colors, If I buy one I’d have to cover the names or something. I have nieces and I work in science not an artistic place, I fear it can get me in trouble or send the wrong message to those not in capacity to see the irony.

Valeria Avatar

I like the colors, idk the quality. I do not mind the names “Fashion Fanatic” and “Rocking Rebel”. The other ones, hmm not something you can pull out at a formal work place. Since you need a job to pay $40 for eyeshadows it matters, there is a reason my fancy mascaras are from Lancome, not too faced. My next thought was: is there a company advertising male products as “Whiny fucker”, “overgrown baby”, “macho obsessed” or “rocking man musk”?

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