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MAC & Gareth Pugh Collection for Holiday/Winter 2011

MAC & Gareth Pugh Collection for Winter 2011

availability: November 23rd (North America), December 2011 (International)

Lipstick ($22.00 U.S. / $27.00 CDN)

  • Restrict Creamy grayed nude (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Fervent Glossy blackened berry (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($22.00 U.S. / $27.00 CDN)

  • Vacant Sheer light lavender gray with violet pearl(Limited Edition)
  • Outrage Sheer berry with blue pearl (Limited Edition)

Metal-X Cream Eyeshadow ($32.00 U.S. / $38.50 CDN)

  • Obscura Frosted gunmetal grey (Limited Edition)
  • Ardent Frosty blackened burgundy (Limited Edition)

Pigment ($32.00 U.S. / $38.50 CDN)

  • Guise Frosty grey (Limited Edition)
  • Deceit Blacked plum with pink pearl (Limited Edition)

Mascara ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Studio Fix Boldblack Lash Blackest Black

Technakohl Liner ($19.00 U.S. / $23.00 CDN)

  • Greyprint Rich pewter grey with frost
  • Graphblack Rich graphic black

Powder Blush ($30.00 U.S. / $36.50 CDN)

  • Strada Mid-tone nude (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Beauty Powder ($60.00 U.S. / $72.00 CDN)

  • Elude Translucent neutral beige (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($23.00 U.S. / $27.50 CDN)

  • Inert Creamy mid-tone greyed nude (Creme) (Limited Edition)
  • Ascension Grey with blue violet reflective pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Hyper Deep blue with violet pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Lashes ($18.00 U.S. / $21.50 CDN)

  • Flight Lash Dense, geometric triangle-shaped lash (Limited Edition)

Brush ($60.00 U.S. / $72.00 CDN)

  • Buffer Square handled buffer brush (Limited Edition)

Accessories ($75.00 U.S. / $90.00 CDN)

  • Square bag with geometric, high gloss and matte geometric design on front and back. Interior pockets and elastic loops. (Limited Edition)

See more photos!


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Mocha Avatar

The face chart made me think of Eddie Munster. This should be an interesting collection. I love his Fifth Element/angular and aggressive dark styles, though.

Hannah Avatar

He’s already become commercial, since Gaga made knock-offs of some of his outfits (though now it seems she can afford the real deal) and he moved his fashion shows to Paris…

Stefani Avatar

My heart sank when I saw this post. Im soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But ironically a couple days ago I was just thinking that MAC and Gareth Pugh should team up.

Melissa Avatar

Very interesting! I was looking at some of his designs and maybe the packaging will have some black and white check on it. Maybe a triangular shaped Lipglass applicator top!

Sara Avatar

thank god I decided to read the comments in this post. I had no idea Feline had become permanent! I hope my Smolder will last til Spring, cause I’m not loving the Danish prices

Grace Avatar

What about the MAC “Cinematics” collection that will be coming out this July for Nordstrom only? I am so excited about that and have heard little about it!

Judy Avatar

I don’t know who Gareth Pugh is, but once I looked him up and heard from others. I knew I would be excited for this collection. I’m not big with his fashions, but they way the make-up is done on his models. It’s like funkadelic meets Star Trek. Now, I’m not one to buy these expensive collections, but I have high hopes that this one will have some funky, dark, decrepit type colours I will treat myself to a few things. Please MAC don’t disappoint us like you have with the Cinematics collection.

Jesilyn Avatar

Never heard of Garet Pugh but I’m digging his fashions and the makeup he uses. Wasn’t there going to be another collection wtih Daphnee Guiness? I remember reading that in another blog and the person seemed to have first hand knowledge of it. Hmmm. Maybe there will be two fashion big wigs working with MAC this Fall/Winter. Can’t wait to find out the color story. I’m dying to find out which collections will have the Runaway Red, Diva, Prince Noire and cream eyeshadow quads in them. Also the lady grey and moody powder shadows. Can’t wait!!!!

Erica Avatar

LOVE the dramatic lashes and pale lip on that sneak-peak face chart!
Let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen to this collection as happened to Rodarte!

Marcus Avatar

What is the next MAC collection? Will anything new be released in the next couple of months or is Surf Baby it until Fall?

Mariella Avatar

Can’t really say if I’m loving this one or leaving it until MAC shows us something – the collection might be right up my alley or it could be filled with stuff I either don’t need, already have or simply don’t like.

meme Avatar

Not a MAC user because they don’t retail anywhere around me within 250 miles and the dept store that is 250 away has the worst sales staff. I am not there enough to get into keeping up and don’t want to do it on line. I have been far too burned many times over buying on line when I have not see/tried samples first in person. What I have tried and used from MAC over the years, I have found I could certainly live without. I am far more concerned about my skin care routine than I am about picking up and being a devote to what for me, is a new make up line that really does take work to get into. I know there are tons of MAC fans here and don’t mean anything negative about MAC at all. Just after living where they don’t exist but for a major day trip away for more than 25 years (is MAC 25 now? I think it is at least)..I don’t find the need to involve myself in their line. I get their emailings – usually look fast – rarely go to their web site from the emailing raising my curiosity. I have other brands that are available close to me at a Sephora. Also I can watch and get sucked in from QVC carried lines. MAC has always been far too picky catering to only large dept stores and their own MAC stores. They leave a ton of a could be customer base shut out. Even if they put a small line of product into Sephora, they would have a lot more customers becoming fans.

fixurface Avatar

what is your point? This is a blog for all makeup lovers not the MAC website. And I grew up in an area where there was MAC and no Sephora for years. It is not the companies fault…it’s based on demographics. Besides all companies are available to anyone with the internet and a credit card. Relax it’s just makeup

monique Avatar

You can’t expect a MAC counter or store to be somewhere where they expect it’ll not sell well. Unlike South Coast Plaza that has four MAC locations… now that is another story.

Adrienne Avatar

I’m excited for this and cant wait to see some images but i think the far more important news is the fact mac continues not only to fight against aids but to help those in great need! More brands should take note x

Lark Avatar

This looks awesome! This is MAC! So many lame collections had me worried. Unless it’s that holiday one with the as-of-late-cheesy compacts. They were looking like they’d fall apart. Stylistics was the last really good one.
Please MAC! I’m a kinda good girl; Make a quality compact if you’re bothering?

FC Avatar

The way that MAC described it, it sounds like the packaging will resemble Marcel Wanders. I just want everything in this collection to be “dark based”….possibly like Style Black, but amplified! I’m hoping that this collection won’t disappoint.

Giselle Avatar

I’m super excited about this collection. I am curious to know when we may start to find out the colour story & what items he will have?
Also, Christine have you heard about MAC & Johnny Weir’s collaberation? It’s suppose to be the holiday collection & it’s called Glitter & Ice. I’m wondering why MAC is going with so many guys lately? Are there no women available anymore? Not that I mind, just wondering.

Mia Avatar

I CAN’T WAIT!! I love mac and I haven’t got any huge awsome packeging so this will be amazing!! November is also when Breaking Dawn comes out!! AHH best month ever!!

SkatCat Avatar

I’m impatient. I want to know more about this collection. Any idea when we might start to find out about the colour story & items? I’m wondering if this is the collection that will have special packaging?

Meghan Avatar

I gotta tell you, I wouldn’t pay these prices, unless the sizes of the products were amped up quite a bit. These are still the same lipsticks, lip-glosses, etc. made by MAC, and yet they feel the need to hike up the prices because of the no doubt fancy packaging? No, MAC I’m not stupid.

Josie Avatar

Sounds really nice but holy look at the prices!!! $32 USD for a pigment, $26 Canadian for a lipstick! I know it will be in special packaging and this collection is always more expensive but i wonder if the pigment will too?

Courtney Avatar

Oooh, I’m excited to see cool-toned/neutral beige blush and beauty powder. A lot of beige is a bit too warm for my taste.

The lippies sound great too but…wait a sec…


Kylie Avatar

When I heard the whispers start about this collection I almost died. I loved all the posts about not knowing who Gareth Pugh is, I’m happy he will be getting some mainstream attention, although I’m not entirely happy with the fact that there are about 100 other collections this winter, and I’m hoping the quality on this collection isn’t lacking.

Judy Avatar

I’m only interested in the lipsticks:

Fervent Blackened berry (Satin) (Limited Edition)
Restrict Creamy grayed nude (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)

Thank goodness. Due to the prices I can’t really afford to go crazy with this colleciton & then spend on the others.

Liz Avatar

not that hard actually – I’m something like NC 5 and I just get a (cream, but that’s cos my skin is dry, I’m sure you could use) powder foundation that’s a few shades darker then my skin – who says you HAVE to use a bronzer?

Nancy Avatar

Holy Crap… The prices.. ugh at the moment only the brush sounds interesting, can’t wait to see how it actually looks so I can decide if I actually want it..

Saffy Avatar

It doesn’t matter. The American/Canadian exchange rate is not different enough for the prices to be so much lower in the United States. It’s a complete rip-off.

Sue Avatar

Whoa my post was plagued with typos and grammatical errors. No more replying on my mobile phone haha! I know Lauder acquired them in 1998, but the headquarters is still located in Toronto, ON. Like Saffy said, the exchange rate varies, but not to the extent where a 20% premium is warranted.

Melissa Avatar

I am totally loving the deep berry shades of lipstick, gloss, and cream eyeshadow, but the prices are pretty hefty…especially the cream eyeshadow. If the eyeshadow is longwearing, then I will seriously consider it. If not, then I will have to pass. The competition between high-end eyeshadows is pretty fierce. If I am going to pay close to $40cdn, then it has to be really fantastic and last a long time.

Courtney Avatar

I’m torn. I will either love these products or hate them. What I really dislike, however, is how pricey they are. I don’t care about packaging. Until I see this for myself, I’m going to have to pass.

grace Avatar

aww they going to be expensiveee….:( mac lipsticks in NZ already cost about $40USD!!! when you only pay $14USD.. 🙁
i LOVE the packaging , will have to see the packaging. might just get one thing.

Makagan Avatar

Packaging is gorgeous, but with the product quality I’ve been seeing from MAC lately, I think I’m going to pass with this collection. I get that it’s the “luxury” collection and I may change my mind once I see reviews…but for now I can’t justify spending money on MAC at all. I’ve been too disappointed lately 🙁

Ani_BEE Avatar

I can’t rock any of these shade but the collection is wonderfully put together. ^_^

I do like what I can see of the Nail Lacquer but $27 a nail polish better be pronominal formula at that price. *__*

Daisy Avatar

Oh. My. God. I was voicing that EXACT sentiment as I was scanning the comments section. I’m actually going as Nomi for Halloween this year 😉

SatelliteDreamer Avatar

Wow. I’ve always passed the couture collections because of the pricing, but these promo pics look amazing!

The polishes, oh my! I hope when in use, the colours look as dimensional as they do in the bottle. Even the Metal X shadows look awesome, and I can’t stand that formula! Those lipglasses.. Can’t wait to see swatches of them. The tubes alone are to die for.

MAC & Gareth Pugh just may break the bank!

Maggie Avatar

Blah. The only things that interest me are the polishes, but as always with this kind of collection from MAC, I don’t love them enough to pay $23 for each of them! MAC hasn’t been grabbing me at all with their collections in the last six months or so, except for Blogger’s. Ah well, happier wallet.

Carrie Ann Avatar

Of course the packaging looks cool, but almost every product is way too expensive. Technakohl Liners are usually $15, so why would anyone pay $4 more unless they’re a larger size? Pigments are usually $20, nail lacquers are $15, etc. You’re just paying for fancy packaging.

FC Avatar

Definitely getting Restrict lipstick and MAYBE one of the pigments. But other than that, this collection is a bit expensive. The lashes look awesome, but I think I might have to pass on those. Too bad the eyeshadows are a cream formulation instead of a powder. =/

JCz Avatar

OMG! I’m such a sucker for packaging and these are beautiful – especially the nail polishes! And I’m all over the blackened plum shades. Likey alot!

Nadia Avatar

$72 for a beauty powder?! Yeah, dream on MAC especially with the lack of quality that’s been apparent in their ‘collections’ lately. Guerlain they are not! lol

Ariana Avatar

I’m getting really annoyed at the price difference between the US and Canada. MAC was originally a Canadian company and our dollars have been comparable for SO long. If you have any information or articles relating to the WHY of this, I would love to look into them.

Sheila Avatar

yeah, and ironically MAC is MADE IN CANADA. So the argument about customs/duties does not make sense at all. Buying Made in Canada MAC products in the UK is actually cheaper than Canada sometimes. Oh the irony >__<

Ani_BEE Avatar

MAC head office is still in the GTA.

If all the products were made in Canada (like the gel liners) we should not see such a price hike but there not and there is import duties that MAC has to cover in their prices. That said a 23% price increase per item does make me want to bitch slap someone.

Same Sephora brands are close to 40% price increase. It sucks being a Canadian when you further have to pay duty on top of a 40% price increases with Sephora Checkout as well even before our local taxes kick in. I feel like we are definitely getting the short end of the stick along with Australia.

A drug store brand like Physians Formula has close 40% markup as well as some of the their products start at $12 US and are $20 in Canada. IT JUST DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!!

Christina Avatar

The nail polishes look really neat, but i’m not crazy about the price :/
If the colors are super unique, I’ll consider getting one. However, I’m very hesitant

Kat Avatar

Wow at first I was excited but now I’m disappointed…. As much as I want the stuff I dunno if I can justify $30 for a blush shade that mac used to offer at regular price. Also, lipstick at almost twice the usual price? Why are they price gouging all of a sudden???

Claire Avatar

The prices are just…whoa. I might pick up the light lipstick and 2/3 nail lacquers, though I’ll wait for swatches first. The thing I’m lusting for most is the packaging!

Naheeda Avatar

Dont like colours of lipsticks!! Sound like halloween!
Although love colours of eyeshadows! Never wear like this colours – would like to try on!
Oh yeah, love the bag & eyeliners!
Great collection!

EsteeDarla Avatar

I love the packaging and these colors, usually in collections there’s allot I don’t like I bought collections before and came home gave and split up the collections to give others cuz I only like a few things but this is a good one it looks to me.

Jill Avatar

I’m loving the look of the nail polishes and the lipglass! I’m most excited to see swatches of those! Since the collection is a little on the pricey side I might have to limit myself to one or two pieces! Gorgeous!

Rosie Avatar

I think some of the colors as described sound beaituful. But I just think it’s ridiculous how much they’re charging for this line. I know “Gareth Pugh” is a fashion designer but really like they’re upping the quality in their products I highly doubt it, but would love for them to prove me wrong. I think MAC is going down hill….. anyone else feel the same? MAC seems to lack quality in several lines launched this year…. LAME MAC

Kathryn Avatar

I can’t even begin to imagine how expensive this collection will be in Australia. Probably upwards of $100 for a beauty powder alone.. I hope no one pays that much!

Linzi Avatar

Omg they look lush! My bank account is not going to be happy with all these new collections coming out! I love the look of that berry coloured lipstick 🙂 Thanks!

Miss j Avatar

yes yes i cant wait!!! i love da packaging. MAC has so many collection comin out before the new year. I really want the lipglasses & lipsticks. I see that purple/berry lips are the new fall/ winter color! either way i love the collection

alexa parnell Avatar

Does anyone know what Mac means when they say “repromote” of Strada? I was crushed when they discontinued it. I’d like to know if this means they might start carrying it again or if it really is just a limited edition.

Kim-Mary Avatar

I haven’t been excited about a courture collection in years. This one is amazing. I do wish the prices were a little less than they are, but hey, if you love makeup and MAC you’ll buy no matter what. When will we start to see swatches? I’m interested in the strada blush, the two glosses, both lippies, piggies, mascara and the polishes.

Melissa Avatar

I love MAC, but the pricing for this line is the same as or very close to Chanel in Canada. And between the two, I prefer Chanel. Once this line hits the stores, if I see one colour that really speaks to me, then perhaps I will purchase. Otherwise, if MAC is going to cost this much, I will have to pass.

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