MAC Eyeshadow Swatches - Reds, Pinks, Oranges

MAC Beauty Marked Eyeshadow

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Reds, Pinks, Oranges

These are swatches only! ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I am in the process of re-swatching a ton of products, because the Swatch Gallery is designed so you can compare individual products, so all of the swatches have to be done in a way that each swatch can be photographed and shown individually. ย I’m going through various brands, so there is some variety as I journey through it all, but here are fourteen MAC eyeshadow swatches, along with my descriptions of the shades and any notes on performance if it was below average. ย Unless noted otherwise, shades are part of the permanent range.

Beauty Marked is a blackened burgundy with multicolored shimmer. It has a velvet finish. It’s also a real pain in the behind to use, because it tends to apply unevenly. A lot of the sparkle doesn’t translate as well on the lid as it does in a swatch.
Cranberry is a berried red with a frost finish.
Post Haste is a pinked red with a Matte2 finish. It has been discontinued. It is slightly darker and redder than Passionate.
Passionate is a raspberry pink with a matte finish.
Sushi Flower is a medium-dark pink with a satin finish. It’s hard to build-up color and applies rather sheer.
Swish is a lilac shimmered pink with a frost finish.
Da Bling is a medium pink with subtle yellow undertones. It has a veluxe pearl finish.
Rose is a mauve-tinged pink with a slightly frosted finish. I have no idea what the official finish is, as it is now discontinued and was only a PRO shade before then (there is nothing on the label of mine that indicates the finish). My guess is frost.
Pen ‘n’ Pink is a pale, pastel pink with a Matte2 finish. It has been discontinued.
Coppering is a rich copper with a veluxe pearl finish. ย It is one of MAC’s best-textured eyeshadows.
Red Brick is a dirty orange with a matte finish. It’s darker than Orange.
Expensive Pink is a dirty rose with peach and gold. It has a veluxe finish. It’s one of MAC”s more complex shades.
Free to Be is a coral-pink with a matte finish.
Orange is a medium-dark orange with a matte finish. It is part of the PRO line.

Overall, a few of these are excellent eyeshadows (like Cranberry, Coppering, and Expensive Pink), while some are total duds (Beauty Marked, Sushi Flower). Several of these have matte finishes, and my experience with MAC’s matte formula is they tend to perform infinitely better on the lid than when swatched. They are a drier matte, and they’re not a buttery or powdery formula, so you don’t end up with any fall out or fading, but they can be finicky.

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches - Reds, Pinks, Oranges


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MAC Da Bling Eyeshadow

MAC Rose Eyeshadow

MAC Pen ‘n’ Pink Eyeshadow

MAC Coppering Eyeshadow

MAC Red Brick Eyeshadow

MAC Expensive Pink Eyeshadow

MAC Free to Be Eyeshadow

MAC Orange Eyeshadow


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Jessi Avatar

Wow Christine! What a project. This is what I admire most about you- you don’t leave anything half-done or fail to give ANY project anything buy your best effort. These qualities are extremely rare. Why? Because hard work is HARD! ๐Ÿ™‚ I do my best to follow your example. Thank you so much for providing it.

Christine Avatar

Thank you, Jessi!! I really do appreciate it. Sometimes someone will look at Temptalia and go, “That’s easy,” but even though it’s certainly not rocket science, it can be a lot of really time-consuming work. I think the Swatch Gallery is going to be SO SO SO amazing once we finish eyeshadows, so I just keep my eye on the prize, LOL!

Thank you!

bella Avatar

I think it will be kick-ass-awesome as well! Your swatches are the ones I look at the most when looking to buy something! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for all your hard work!

Chris25 Avatar

Ooh, swatches! I love them! I never bought Beauty Marked, because of the uneven app problems, and the Wet n Wild Lust and Kat Von D Adora palettes both have decent dupes for BM.

VJNS Avatar

I’ve got Beauty Marked and I’ve only used it to add a layer of depth. I’ve never used it on it’s own because it’s not very attractive. They shouldn’t have put so much grit it in with the glitter.

AnGeLwInGz Avatar

How strange. My Sushi Flower goes on with no problem but my Free To Be looks chalky pale peach. Guess they’re all a little different.

pearlyn Avatar

really? my sushi flower works amazingly. i don’t own free to be but the tester at my mac counter was alright when i tried them.. guess the QC needs to be more efficient!

trayceee Avatar

Okay Christine, you’ve changed my makeup life since reading your blog. I have a big question. I have a small makeup collection. A few Mac eyeshadows (woodwinked, stars n violets etc), blushes etc. I am just starting to collect. Since reading your post on Inglot and now Mac, for a new collector who wants quality and value would you suggest inglot or Mac for eyeshadows? I am going to NYC in two weeks and I am coming home with a palette! I just dont know if I should splurge on Mac or get a lot for my money with inglot. I don wear crazy colors just browns golds (although cranberry and expensive pink look quite nice). Sooo, makeup master, what do you think?

Christine Avatar

I’d go Inglot for basics – save money for some of MAC’s really fun and exceptional shades, because they do some really interesting colors and textures, but for basic shades, Inglot is the way to go.

Like Expensive Pink has a slight duochrome, and most of Inglot’s shades don’t have that!

trayceeee Avatar

Thank you! I went to the MAC store today and almost bought Expensive Pink, Bronze, Antiqued and a highlight color I can’t remember the name of. I may crack and buy them tomorrow but I will still get an Inglot palette in NYC – loving the mattes!

Michelle Avatar

I really wish Beauty Marked actually maintained all that beautiful pink reflect once it is blended out on the eye… but alas, as with most Velevet eyeshadows, all that pretty shimmery reflect is lost once you blend…

kate Avatar

Wow… I can see what you’ll be doing with your summer vacation! Serously, the swatch gallery is a great idea and very user friendly. Thanks for making it a little easier on the rest of us. FYI, I’d always wondered what finish Rose was as well.

Luciana Avatar

Christine, since you’re like a MAC Queen, could you help me?

I went to USA last month and bought my first MAC foundation (Studio Fix Fluid)and the MA at the store told me best one for me was NW15 so I bought it.
But when I used it, it was dark on me. It didn’t “fit”.
Is there any other colour on MAC that is lighter than NW15??

It’s really hard for me to find a foundation that match my skin colour, so I believed the MA at MAC would know better.. I’m so disappointed…

Leslie Avatar

Based on all the Inglot swatches and now these initial MAC swatches, it really seems like one could get pretty much everything they need in an eyeshadow from these two brands. MAC for periodic ingenuity, classics, and a huge, always expanding range, and Inglot for classic colors in amazing formulas. Because I’m a psycho about consistency, I only wish that Inglot sold circular pans on their website. I know you get less product for the same size, but I would love love love to have palettes filled with little round pots in all the same sizes. I’m weird.

Kathleen Avatar

Christine, what you are undertaking here, with the swatch gallery, is really a dream come true for a makeup nut like me. I obsessively search for swatches and try to compare but it’s so hard to do with different skin colors, different lighting, different browser windows! It’s a wonderful project that I think the online beauty community is very excited about.

Devi Avatar

You make me glad that I own Cranberry and only Cranberry. xD Guess I better pick up that Expensive Pink, I hear it looks good on warm medium skin tones. ๐Ÿ˜€

Christine, thanks so much for taking so much time and doing all of this! You have no idea how much your site has helped me! I sometimes wish we could all do something to repay you for all of this hard work.

Christian Avatar

Expensive Pink is awesome! One of my go-to shades for a quick wash of color all over the lid ๐Ÿ™‚ Goes well with browns too so it’s a nice color change than going with just neutrals.

And yes, Christine, you are AMAZING!!! I honestly can’t buy anything in new collections unless you have a swatch or quick review on it. Your blog is my FAVORITE to read everyday and I love how you are so consistent with your ratings, reviews, and pictures. You are an inspiration to us all for your passion and and hard work. ๐Ÿ™‚

AS Avatar

But probably not in those colors! Finishes and longevity of product can vary, so it is nice to have options. Even if you have the same hue, the MAC and drugstore brand may look a bit different applied. Variety is good, IMO. For a drugstore product with funky colors like the ones above, you can try Sleek, which is a UK brand. They have e-commerce for those outside the UK.
By the way, Christine, I love that you are doing a run-down post of all the colors your are adding to the Swatch Gallery, so you have something to which you can link. You may not call them reviews, but it works great for me!

mumtaza Avatar

Honestly, since finding this website, I read it everyday, depend on the switches to make buying decisions, take the ratings and reviews seriously and buy new products based on your recommendation alone. I don’t know what you went to school for, but you are very talented at this!!! I am totally stoked about the swatch gallery and really appreciate the steps you are taking to be consistent. I also like it when you put costumes on your dog. Keep up the good work!!!

Laura Avatar

ah at least i’m not the only one who curses under her breath everytime i see sushi flower in my stash, the color is so pretty but it has the most awful texture

sg Avatar

In the CoverGirl Queen Collection Eye Shadow 1 Kit collection, I am wondering how red the Q110 “Fire It Up” is — where would Fire It Up be among the above set of swatches?


Shana0100 Avatar

I bought a few colors today and was wondering if they would go okay together. I have woodwinked, cranberry, star violet, all that glitters, texture, and mythology. Which ones would look the best together? The sales rep said they would all look great with my medium skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. What do you think?

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