MAC Diwali Light Festival Collection

MAC Diwali Light Festival Collection
MAC Diwali Light Festival Collection

Look radiant during Diwali with an exquisite limited-edition Eye Shadow x 9 palette. In honour of the joyful holiday, this palette features gleaming hues of gold, red and blue inspired by the flicker of flames and fireworks. Complete the look with a lively flourish of Fluidline Pen or Modern Twist Kajal Liner.

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The Details

Light Festival Eye Shadow x 9, $32.00 (Limited Edition)

Editor’s note: All shades in the palette are from the permanent range.

  • Ricepaper
  • Goldmine
  • Amber Lights
  • Coppering
  • Cranberry
  • Embark
  • Humid
  • Deep Truth
  • Carbon

Fluidline Pen, $23.00 (Permanent)

  • Retro Black Black

Modern Twist Kajal Liner, $17.00 (Permanent)

  • Squid Black

MAC Diwali Light Festival Collection
MAC Diwali Light Festival Collection

MAC Diwali Light Festival Collection
MAC Diwali Light Festival Collection

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Very nice way to celebrate Diwali – a lively and colourful festival – with absolutely nothing special at all (and if that weren’t bad enough, let’s toss in Carbon, to give ’em something to REALLY celebrate!).

You bet! As someone who celebrates Diwali, I was initially very delighted to see this collection on the Mac website. But it’s just old wine (in old bottle). πŸ™ IMHO, best way to celebrate Diwali is by feasting on Diwali tasties πŸ˜›

during the taraji collection label mishap! they gave everyone who bought it online a $25 coupon to use by the end of october, so i thought why not get this since i don’t own any MAC single shadows and these shades seem to have good reviews.

Lol! That makes me mad I didn’t buy it ? Yes, all the shades are beautiful, but I feel like these small palettes don’t have the same quality as the other regular ones. I would wait for Christine’s review. Thanks for answering ?

during the taraji collection label mishap! they gave everyone who bought it online a $25 coupon to use by the end of october, so i thought why not get this since i don’t own any MAC single shadows and these shades seem to have good reviews.

I’ve been thinking of getting this! Seems like a pretty decent deal. I know they are smaller than the regular size, but you get so many…can you pop these out for your z palette? Thanks for reviewing!

All shades are permanent? Really?!? Did they run out of ideas?
Those colours are right up my alley too…which is why I already have half of them ?

Can we just ban Carbon already?! Even Urban Decay stopped putting Midnight Cowboy in every pallete years ago!

Other than that, I like the color mix, but I just don’t trust MAC enough to buy one of their palettes. Too many quality issues.

And with the excess MNC, they encased some minis, and Ulta has it as their birthday gift. There are certain shades we can never escape. Every brand has a few suspects, and we all know which shades they are…..bec we have 5 of them!

True, but I don’t mind UD doing that because we aren’t directly paying for it in the way that you are when you buy it as part of a palette.

Well, at least they didn’t pull a tf, do a tiny tweak, and rename In the Hindu tradition. Maybe they learned from the Vibe Tribe debacle. But agreed, the colors do not quite do justice to the spirit of the festival. As to MAC niners, do notice that many hang around .com for virtually ever. The quality is not always so hot: see C’s reviews. If C reviewed it, in 8x out of 10, I was disappointed. I’m talking more about the color family based palettes than the theme/collection niners. This seems to fall somewhere in-between, a Lilliputian collection of nothing new. This theme had great potential, let’s see if the products approach the mark. Would love to hear from C’s sub-continental readers about this MAC offering.

This combo of colors is pretty but these are all permanent? Like, I could make that on Mac’s website if I wanted to. Except I wouldn’t include Carbon. This feels super lazy.

I feel like this collection is such a missed opportunity. Looking at that palette does not even evoke the feeling of Diwali in the slightest. The colour scheme looks okay but more of warm, rich (sparkly) colours would have been great. I wouldn’t have purchased this palette to begin with ( cause I am not an eye shadow person) but had they included cheek or lip products, I would have definitely purchased something. πŸ™

I got excited when I saw the name! …and all that excitement dropped away when I saw it’s the same staple shades that almost everyone has. ESPECIALLY if you’re a warm-tone eyeshadow lover, you already have these and then some. And FREAKING CARBON. NO. ENOUGH. Seriously, no one wants Carbon anymore.

I had seven of the nine at the peak of my MAC fangirl days, about ten years ago. On the one hand, they were all beautiful and high quality, and I think they go together as a palette better than most e/s sets do. On the other hand, I agree that releasing it as a Diwali collection feels uninspired. Honestly the palette seems like a selection of greatest hits? Except Carbon, of course, which is the makeup equivalent of a Rickroll, even though that hasn’t been a thing in years either.

I don’t know why but I feel the need to explain my wanting this palette (pending review). I know it’s not in the spirit of the holiday and I also know that the shades are permanent and that carbon black is included. All that said, for me, I’m looking at is as a x9 palette. I don’t have any of the permanent shades included in it despite my massive collection bc I tossed most of my MAC palettes and only have a few singles; of course I do have black. But, I can use it as a stand alone palette. I don’t mess with Z palettes, I’d rather have a single palette option (or grab 2 palettes to work together). I was looking at it as a cheaper option than the Mario palette since basically they are the same shades (interesting that everyone ooh’ed and ah’ed at Mario when it’s pretty much identical with the exception of 3 additional warm brown tones). Of course I’ve also realized I have enough points to get Mario for free so…..

I think if you ignore it not seeming particularly related to Diwali it’s a really good palette. I’ve owned seven of the nine. I wore them together all the time, and with the exception of Carbon they are lovely colors with great pigment and good blendability. Given the weird direction MAC has gone in these past few years, I think it’s a good thing to bring some focus back to some of the core products that built their brand up to what it is today.

Not too shabby….except FLIPPIN’ Carbon strikes again!!!
But other than that obvious slight (insult to our collective intelligence!!!), I do like it. Out of these shades, I only own Amber Lights. Weird considering my large permanent MAC e/s stash.

I’m not sure how I feel about this palette. It’s not very creative to put all permanent shadows into a kit and call it a Diwali collection. MAC sure missed an opportunity here. On the one hand, I love all the bold colors and warm gold/red/amber shadows, think it kind of echos the lively and light theme of Divali , but the palette doesn’t have any midtone or transition shades, so I have to reach for another palette. But I looked up the Temptalia swatches/reviews, and it appears 8 of the 9 shadows are decent to excellent quality as singles (with the exception of Carbon of course), so you are getting a great deal, as a custom 9 pan palette from MAC would normally cost you 2x as much, so you’re saving $ 32 by buying this pre-made one.

nice color selection but being all permanent shades, it would only be good for someone that doesn’t already have these colors. i don’t know what Diwali is so this collection doesn’t stand out too much to me…

They could have added some bright or even fluorescent warm reds, cool reds, and fuchsia pink in lipstick, lip gloss, and nail colors for this collection.

I was so excited and then….. meh
missed opportunity for sure! I can’t believe there’s nothing new!
even if they had some nice packaging would help. love the colors and design on the promo.

So, permanent shades and nothing special about the packaging? The color scheme is pretty, but what’s the point? At least put it in a beautiful palette, MAC.

I’m an Indian – I celebrate Diwali. So I did want to put in my 2 pence here.
1. Yes, I feel it is a lost opportunity. MAC could have created a really vibrant collection of colours – for the shadows or included some lipsticks / glosses / blushes / highlighter. The collection as a whole does not feel too Festive.
2. The least they could have done is jazzed up the packaging. I’m sure a lot of people would have lapped it up if there was festive packaging. Maybe the reason it isn’t there is because MAC may tomorrow want to make this permanent. So, why change packaging.
3. Now, regarding the eyeshadow palette itself – the fact that these are permanent shades. I honestly don’t think is a bad idea or lack of thinking on MA’C’s part. Yes, the shades are permanent – but these shades are amongst the top rated permanent shades – atleast not the duds (I’ll ignore carbon for this part of the conversation). Maybe there idea is to penetrate the Indian market. The current selection of permanent eyeshadow palettes that MAC has are fairly meh. The only exception to this would be the 15 pan Warm neutral palettes – which in India costs β‚Ή9900 = that’s about $148! Yup! U read that right!!

Also, if someone was to try to make a customised palette out of these permanent shades in India, the cost would be astronomical. In India, A MAC eyeshadow costs about $18, a pro pan refill costs about $14 and the empty palette would cost around $22. This may help put things in perspective for you!

So, this $32 palette costs about $42 in India – but I think it’s still a good deal – assuming the quality is the same as that of the permanent shades.

You know what? I don’t this is such a bad deal. It’s cheaper than all nine shadows as $6 refills: $54 + area tax. $32 vs. $54? I say deal.

I agree with KK, they could – and should – have jazzed up the packaging. The colours themselves are nice, and since I don’t own many MAC eyeshadows I might get this – depending on reviews, of course πŸ™‚

I visited the MAC store in India (although I purchased my palette in the US) and I swatched the shadows. I wasn’t too impressed with the color payoff (Disclaimer: I’ve never owned a MAC Shadow, so I’m not sure if MAC eye shadows are supposed to be sheer). The colors could have been brighter (because we usually wear bright clothes during Diwali) and I probably should’ve waited for the Kat Von D Matt Metal palette instead of purchasing this palette.
I also agree with KK and Caroline – that the packaging could’ve been better. It looks like MAC decided to “produce” these palettes on the fly. I love what they’re doing with the Holiday sets; and while I am naturally suspicious of the quality of holiday palettes that are beautifully packaged, they could’ve put in a tenth of the effort on the Diwali palette and come up with something better.

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