MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Spokesperson Dita Von Teese Interview Transcript

Here is the transcript of Temptalia’s interview with Dita Von Teese.

I want to give a huge thank you to Heather at MAC for allowing Temptalia to have the opportunity of not just meeting, but interviewing Dita Von Teese! Girl, you know I love you!


Christine: I run a beauty blog, so basically I’m going to ask you some beauty questions.

Dita: Okay, okay.

Christine: I want to know how do you keep your skin so perfect?

Dita: Well, I use sunscreen religiously. But not in a psychotic manner! I know there were a lot of tabloid stories going around about me traveling with sunscreen curtains and everything. All this crazy, like, that I have a diet to keep my skin white. None of that’s true – it’s basic sunscreen, it’s what everybody should do, even if they don’t want to be as pale as me. It’s important to use sunscreen, so that’s my number one. Getting my beauty sleep is my number two, sleep makes a big difference in how my skin looks.

Christine: I noticed you’re wearing very, very high heels. How do you survive heels that high? What’s your secret?

Dita: My secret is staying in good shape. I think that I’m always, I work out a lot, and it’s not really just so my body looks a certain way. I feel stronger even walking in heels. I just feel more powerful and strong when I’m in good shape, and that’s one thing, and buying good quality shoes helps you support you.

Christine: I know my posture improves when I wear heels.

Dita: Oh, yeah. It’s really important. You have to walk confidently in heels. You can’t like…

Christine: Wobble?

Dita: Yeah, you have to feel like you’re going somewhere.

Christine: Exactly. So what three products couldn’t you live without, for beauty?

Dita: People always ask me this. I don’t know… But am I on a desert island, because…

Christine: No, you’re not.

Dita: I am?

Christine: No, you’re not.

Dita: Okay, good. That’s always a big issue, because number one I have to say I have to have my hot rollers, that’s really important. Number two I would say I would want a lipstick, a red lipstick, because I could also use that as a blush if I needed to.

Christine: Ahh.

Dita: I suppose I would also, what else would I need that would be imperative? I would probably need face powder. Face powder.

Christine: Do you use MAC face powder?

Dita: Of course, yeah. I use MAC products. It was such an easy thing when I was asked to be a MAC spokesperson. Of course, I only use MAC products because it’s required, because it was easy because I’ve always been a fan of MAC. Always. It’s quite a joy to be committed to MAC that way.

Christine: I was actually going ask what made you interested in being a spokesperson for MAC?

Dita: I remember when Viva Glam was first launched with RU Paul and being so excited by this dramatic ad campaign with this beautiful, fabulous drag queen wearing tons of makeup and being fabulous, and I just was so struck by a company that would take such a big chance like that and do something so aggressive and over the top. I was also just thought it was really wonderful because back then, this was 12 years ago, I didn’t know what I could do to help, I certainly couldn’t write a big check to the company, I didn’t have much extra money. I could certainly afford a lipstick, and so I did. I supported Viva Glam back then, and since then, what meant a lot to be to be a spokesperson and be able to talk about it, and talk about how they’re coming up on the $100 million mark in how much money they’ve raised. When you buy the Viva Glam, 100% of that money goes directly to helping people, not a portion of the proceeds, it’s really every penny that you plunk down for Viva Glam goes to help the people. It’s amazing.

Christine: I know, I own several of the Viva Glams. I know it’s supporting them.

Dita: Good for you!

Christine: And they’re gorgeous, too, so it’s not like a hardship or anything.

Dita: There’s something for everyone.

Christine: Viva Glam I is my favorite red.

Dita: Mine, too. It’s perfect.

Christine: What’s your favorite MAC products? Or one of them?

Dita: Besides Viva Glam, because of course I like to talk about Viva Glam because it’s an important thing to me, I would say I’m notoriously my Russian Red lipstick, which I’ve been wearing since it was first created I don’t know how long ago, over a decade ago for sure. I’ve been wearing that for a long time.

Christine: Do you, I guess I know you’re noted for your fashion style, so are you really passionate about fashion or do you look at trends?

Dita: I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about fashion, and I definitely don’t look at trends. I discovered my own distinct style a long time ago, and I’ve been dressing in retro style since I was like 17 years.

Christine: Wow.

Dita: Really styling myself the same way, so it’s a long time love. It’s not really about what people tell me is the cool new thing that I should be wearing. It’s about looking for things that I think suit my personality and style, and I have a lot of fun with fashion and clothes. I like the eccentric and outrageous more than I like tasteful.

Christine: Whatever makes you happy.

Dita: It’s what everyone should follow those rules.

Christine: So what do you relax after a big show, like tonight, what, how do you decompress?

Dita: I basically, well, I usually have a glass of champagne to relax. I just, I’m usually just glad the tension is over, and sometimes will go out and party with my friends, and sometimes I just want to go back to my hotel room and have a shower and go to sleep. It’s different all the time, it depends on where I am and how long my day has been and a lot of different things.

Christine: So what’s one way that women at home can just make themselves feel sexy and feel gorgeous and fabulous without necessarily spending a lot of money, just you know, what’s a good way for them to feel good about themselves?

Dita: I think it’s, the number one thing is I always like to tell women to remember that, you know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you shouldn’t really pay too much attention to what the media feeds you about what is sexy because there are so many different things that people think are sexy and you shouldn’t become too obsessed with what, how you’re not like what you see in the cover of a magazine because that’s not really the reality for a lot of women. They don’t, a lot of us don’t really look like that in real life. I think it’s just important to think that’s what’s different about you is what makes you beautiful, and go with that and really do what makes you feel good because even, you can’t always please everyone. You’re not always going to appeal, and people aren’t going to universally say that you’re beautiful. I know there are people who are out there, of course Angelina Jolie is stunning, but there’s going to always be somebody who’s going to say she’s not really my type, I go for more like Beyonce. So everyone disagrees as to what’s beauty. So it’s important to remember that.

Christine: What exciting, other events do you have lined up for the rest of the year besides Passport?

Dita: Well, lots of great things. I’m doing another AMFAR event in Dallas with Viva Glam, and it’s another really great AIDS charity event. I’m writing a book about, a how-to book, about eccentric beauty and glamour and how exactly I put myself together for shows and red carpet events and photo shoots, so I’m writing this book, and I’m also creating new burlesque shows. I have a lot of new shows coming out. I’m excited. That’s always a lot of fun for me to make these new shows happen. What else? I have a few film projects that I’m interested in.

Christine: Hand in everything, huh?

Dita: A little bit, I want to try my hand in everything, and I like to try things that I might fear a little bit.

Christine: A good way to get over your fears.

Dita: Yes.

Christine: Well, I can’t wait to see the book when it’s out.

Dita: I’m really excited about it. I think there are so many beauty books out there for, that tell you the rules of beauty, and I read them and just cringe because I think that I don’t follow those rules and a lot of hair and makeup people don’t follow those rules, so why are they dictating to women what’s right and what’s wrong? Who’s to say what’s right or what’s wrong?

Christine: My same philosophy!

Dita: Yeah, you should break the rules. Wear what you like. If you like green eye shadow or blue eye shadow, wear it. Wear it! Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t wear a heavy eye and a heavy lip, you can. I don’t know who these people are who think they can tell you what to wear, and then you turn the next page of the beauty page and there is like heavy smoky eye, dark red lip, lots of blush, it’s like all hypocritical.

Christine: That’s one of my philosophies. Wear what you like. You can pull off anything.

Dita: The most fabulous women that I’ve seen and know and the women I look up to are real trailblazers and aren’t afraid, and believe me, there really is not a day that goes by that someone doesn’t, I can’t hear somebody whispering saying wow, she wears a lot of makeup, or wow, she looks like she looks like she’s from a movie, but you have to just do what you like.

Christine: I know. People say I can’t wear this because I have green eyes, yes you can, you can wear anything you want.

Dita: It’s so genius when people do break the rules and come up with this magical combination. Everything about me is breaking the rules. I’m a blonde who dies her hair a ridiculously fake shade of black. I love wearing makeup.

Christine: It’s fun.

Dita: Yeah.

Christine: You get to play and do whatever you want.

Dita: Play dress up, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Christine: That’s what I tell everybody. I can’t wait to read your book because a lot of people say you have to do this, and you have to do this, and I love it.

Dita: In the whole book, I want to come across and explain to people the real, that you should do what you want. Here’s the way I do it, this is what I like, this is how I do it, but you should wear it how you like.

Christine: You have to make your own twist. You can’t just copy it, you have to integrate it into your own style.

Dita: Be fearless.

Christine: Exactly. What do you have planned for tonight? I noticed the martin glass downstairs.

Dita: Yes, I’m performing a very PG-Rated of my glass show. It’s really exciting because I pose the Viva Glam ads with my champagne glass, so I’m excited about that. It’s an old favorite. I have so many different numbers, and some, I fear that sometimes people are going to think that that’s the only thing I do, but I have about 15 different acts, it’s just that happens to be the most requested.

Christine: Yes, I know I’ve hear many things about it. That’s the one thing I’ve heard. What red lipstick are you wearing tonight?

Dita: Tonight I’m actually test driving a new MAC color, it’s called Classic Dame, and it’s a new line called Mattene. I believe it’s coming out this fall, so I’ve been test driving it for the past month or so and I love it.

Christine: You love it, it looks really good.

Dita: Thank you.

Christine: I just learned about the collection a few days ago, so I’m really excited to see how it works, because me and matte lipsticks have not gotten along.

Dita: Oh, actually I have a little gloss on called Fanplastico, which is one of my favorite MAC products, it’s tyhe most brilliant candy apple red lip lacquer. It’s like painting nail polish, what nail polish on your lips should look. It’s my favorite.

Christine: Well, it looks really good.

Dita: Thank you.

Christine: It suits you well.

Dita: Thank you.

Christine: I guess what are some beauty tips in terms of just looking fresh and beautiful, not like oh, do your eyes this way, but just you know, how do you look fresh?

Dita: Sometimes I think wearing makeup, I wear a pretty decent amount of makeup all day and all night, and I think it’s important to look in the mirror and freshen up. One of the ways I freshen up is sometimes I take off my foundation and start over again and make it fresh so it still looks nice or do a nice… MAC has this product called Charged Water and I’ll spray it over my foundation just to give it a nice fresh, dewy look. I think it’s just important to check on your makeup all day, and don’t let it look too, you do have to check things and fix things. It’s important the upkeep.

Christine: A lot of people you just walk out the door…

Dita: You have to check on it, if you’re going to wear red lipstick like I do, you have to watch yourself after you eat your lunch, you have to look in the mirror. Don’t be afraid to look I the mirror to fix it.

Christine: How often do you work out, since you mentioned you work out a lot?

Dita: It depends on how much I’m home, but I would say like anywhere from three to six times a week. It just depends on how much down time I have when I’m home I can work out, but it’s difficult when I’m working an traveling. It’s really hard to be disciplined. I’m not really disciplined when I’m traveling about working out.

Christine: You’re busy.

Dita: I go full force when I’m home, that’s when I really work out a lot.

Christine: What are some of your favorite cities you’ve been in? Or countries?

Dita: Paris is by far my favorite because I have a lot of friends there, and I really, I love the lifestyle there and the beauty of the city and the history of the city and the way that people have an appreciation for style; sort of an eccentric beauty and fashion. You see really interesting people there, women who really know how to dress and understand what chic really is. It’s not about how much money you spend, but it’s about having, buying classic nice pieces. It’s my favorite because it’s the most glamorous city, and everybody knows I live for glamour.

Christine: I imagine LA is quite different.

Dita: It’s quite different. I live in LA, but it’s really sort of by chance. I just haven’t had the courage to make a big move to Paris yet, but I’m sure I’m going to end up there one day.

Christine: What’s your general, how do you feel, how do you realyl clean off all your makeup? What skin products do you use?

Dita: I’m very, very diligent about removing my makeup before I go to bed. In fact, I’m always harping on my girlfriends when they spend the night, they’ll go to sleep with their makeup on, and in the morning I’ll be like, “What are you doing?! You have to take your makeup off!” There’s no excuse. So I’m really diligent about that, about my skin care. I use MAC, they have a cleansing oil that I love to use, because I think it’s great for melting away heavy makeup. Then I use a lot of Creme de la Mer skin products, so I really like it because it just works for me. I don’t necessarily think that one thing that I’d like to say is I think it’s important that people don’t just read what does she use, you should really get into it with your own skin and find out what works for you, whether it’s an inexpensive moisturizer or an expensive one.

Christine: Creme de la Mer is a little pricey.

Dita: It’s up there, but for me, it just works. I’ve always liked it because I can use it anywhere, it never stings me. I have really dry skin, I like it.

Christine: I think that’s really all the questions I have it. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Dita: Me too, thank you.