MAC Cosmetics Veluxe Collection for Summer 2003

MAC Veluxe Collection for Summer 2003

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  • Llama Soft beige cream (Veluxe) (Discontinued)
  • Kid Soft peachy beige (Veluxe) (Permanent)
  • Samoa Silk Clean coral peach (Veluxe) (Permanent)
  • Brown Down Rich chocolate brown (Veluxe) (Permanent)
  • Mink Pink Neutral soft pink (Veluxe) (Discontinued)
  • Melton Mauve Vivid orchid pink (Veluxe) (Discontinued)
  • Dovefeather Dusty lavender purple (Veluxe) (Discontinued)
  • Blu-Noir Blackened blue purple (Veluxe) (Discontinued)
  • Felt Blue Clean cornflower blue (Veluxe) (Discontinued)
  • Jewel Blue Electric turquoise blue (Veluxe) (Discontinued)
  • Velvet Moss Mossy olive green (Veluxe) (Discontinued)
  • Silly Goose Acid lime green (Veluxe) (Discontinued)

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