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Tamara Avatar

I’m lovin the shadesticks in red velvet & penny, sweet thing lipstick, st. germain lipstick, and lollipop loving lipstick. I also want the dear cupcake eye shadow. I’m not really feeling the shades of the msf’s or lipglosses…

Tanya Avatar

LOL I soooo agree 🙂 I saw the picture and am considering walking to the local bakery and buying a cupcake or two…the awful part is I had a big breakfast less than an hour ago….Oh yea and the make-up looks super fab as well.

Brigitte Avatar

Since I don’t use shadesticks I’m not sure this collection is all that appealing to me. Though I will have to get all the eyeshadows especially since I missed Aquavert from a previous collection. And sadly, after BBR I’m so over the MSFs? I have those and I feel like I’m OK without more.

Kathy Avatar

MAN, mac needs to come out with a crappy collection soo we can save some money!

haha i have more LE stuff than the products from the permanent line………

smugbear Avatar

yeah me too cuz i want like the whole collection(minus the lipglosses they look weird so im only getting one to see if they are any good) im going to mac frirst thing in the am the day of the release!! hehe

liz Avatar

OMG! Why did you have to say that? Now I’m gonna feel guilty buying makeup during lent! DAGNABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!….OK I guess I’ll join you in the effort. 🙁

Pinkar15 Avatar

Oh man.. I just emptied my allowance for makeup on Hello Kitty! Great. I love .. LOVE the collection. Maybe just the MSFs and shadesticks. :/

Seriously, makeup porn rocks.

Macaddict Avatar

I am VERY excited about this collection!!
I want 4 out of the 5 lipglosses (not the brown one), 4 out of the 5 shade sticks (not Penny), I already have Club and Creme de Violet, so I will get Aquavert and Cupcake e/s. I don’t care for MSFs. I already have 14 and barely reach for them, so I’ll pass on those. I also want the Peppermint Patti nail polish, Bubbles and Saint-Germain l/s. I still have Lollipop Lovin’ from Heatherette and I really don’t care for it (not the best color on me). I like the #34 lashes but they are perm so I can buy them anytime.

Rachael Avatar

I am really excited to try out the glosses, they look so cool. As for the other items, nothing really too eyecatching, maybe one of the lipsticks or one of the eyeshadows, won’t really know til I swatch them for myself.

Lix Avatar

It all just reminds me of Easter Sunday, lol. And I’m kind of skeptical about those glosses — they’re just for looks right? Seems really gimmicky. I mean, once you move the brush around those pretty little stacked colors are just going to muddy.

Eileen Avatar

looks like I’ll be passing on this. Maybe a pink lipstick and the purple eyeshadow simply because those are my fave colors.

What is with this promo pic…the model looks HORRIBLE IN THAT MAKEUP!!

DevilishDoll Avatar

I still haven’t decided on what I want for this collection, my list changes everyday. I love the cup cake promo pic though. I always collect different kinds of sprinkles and stuff. I love making cakes and cupcakes.

margot Avatar

I just got Saint Germain l/s as a back2mac yesterday (as it is a perm in Europe) and I Love it !!

I so want one of those msf but the shadesticks (except for red velvet) are kinda boring (I already have penny so …)

and I just don’t know what to think of the glosses, I’m not sure the three layer thing is very nice looking (messy when you use them I bet !) … but the e/s why not LOL

and am I the only one to find the model absolutely granny looking with the hair and the makeup and all ?!

Emma Avatar

I’ll be getting Bubbles l/s, Aquavert e/s, Peppermint Patti n/l, Perfect Topping MSF, and all the shadesticks minus Penny.
I’m no too sure on the l/g, I’ll probably get one to try out, but the look as though they’ll be extremely sheer…
Also, I hate MAC’s product photos. They are so off, color wise. How hard must it be to make them look like the actual product???

misssparklies Avatar

Ooohhhh!!! I’m laughing so hard!
The Dazzleglasses are modeled on those Jello and Cool Whip parfait things that looked so hypnotic to kids back in the days when TV was all perfect families (white families) and perhaps that explains the model shot.
Minstrel make up isn’t nice, even in MAC pinks. And the model shot is the maid/ cook and the black girls are furious! They should be. I’m horrified and wondering if I’ll completely boycott this collection. Probably so. Maid uniform cut to the clothes, the modern mammy wig, I called and read the riot act and apparently MAC was hearing about it all over. The pastry shots are new.
I’m white and grew up on a plantation in the Deep South in the Sixties. And live in a mixed neighborhood in New Orleans. The huge painted mouth pushes it too far. There’s some specific meanings to all of the clothes and makeup and hair. Ugly ones.
There’s no reason to drag out Amos and Andy. There’s so many Granny ladies who cook and are beautiful in their own way- why not just feature an old lady instead of winding up with a caricature made of a young woman? Hundreds of older black women can cook those cupcakes and actually have that wig and get it crooked. It could have been done with such love instead of dragging out symbols of a brutal past.
Jeez, even without the giant pink lips it wouldn’t be so bad but that’s just too stereotypical for words. Offensive!

dee Avatar

You may be over reaching. It’s an ugly photo IMO, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what they subconciously were going for. I’ve seen versions of that wig on plenty of people, white and black, and although she would have been better served with a different lip color it’s not like she’s skinnin and grinnin all in the photo. I could be wrong though.

liz Avatar

The pic is just horrid! I’m sorry, even if its MAC, they simply goofed. The young lady is sooooo pretty for them to make a parody out of her face!

TT Avatar

How is it negative!? I believe your perception is way off. I see a beautiful black woman in pajamas. MAC is known for doing extreme, out of the ordinary makeup. Don’t look at the negative so much. This is an editorial shot about makeup, it’s not to insult anyone, it gives a theme of slumber parties and cupcakes, all things girlie in my point of view!

macfan Avatar

I can totally see where the previous comment is coming from – the image is very Mammy/Minstrel show and, especially in the south, it can be an issue. If this is meant to be forward or edgy it has missed the mark by a long shot. Do a google image search of mammy or minstrel show to understand the meaning behind it and why some folks may be offended.

RockiFatale Avatar

I think you have a bit too much time on your hands or a little too much skepticism in your heart.

They are a makeup company. They aren’t trying to bring back black oppression.

This pic may be ugly, but it isn’t racist. Wow.

Dana Avatar

what I find sad about this is that I thought the same thing when I first saw this photo, but told myself I was looking too far into it — yet that was my intuition, not something I saw after I studied the picture. It seems to be attempting to be sarcastic, but it does so poorly, and comes off offensive instead. quite out of character for M-A-C.

maggiexo Avatar

a lot of people are going to say you read way too much into this line, but i think that that was a really brilliant analysis of the elements of it. clever girl! i also think that contrary to the rest of the people that the contrasting colors on the models face look great! very modern!

Emma Avatar

i am definitely getting lollipop loving lipstick and at least one of the msfs. i might get one of the lip glosses, but ill have to see them in stores, they look like they could be really good

IZzySA Avatar

I still have my old lollipop loving and the st. germain looks very like the a lilac dust I have, plus the Lavendar whip, and another lavendar lippie from Versace (YES, more expensive but the color payoff is fabulous). I got these Versace’s in Europe last year — 6 different colors, and they are all being channelled by MAC (I realize production is a year back). Then again, I tend to look at the business end of the makeup industry:)

verybecca@gmail.com Avatar

I didn’t get mammy/maid from her outfit – it looked very 60s Mary Tyler Moore to me…but what do I know. I got fun, mod, candy-colored frosting. *licks screen*

SusyLovesMac Avatar

How much for the lipgloss and MSF????? I LOVE this collection! Thank God Sunday is my birthday….birthday money let’s take a trip to MAC!! Woo-Hoo! 🙂

monica Avatar

i’ve never used a shadestick (because everyone says paint pots are better), but i’m tempted to get at least one from this collection simply because the new packaging looks pretty. i don’t have any pink bases anyway, so i might just pick one of these up.

Erin/slipnslide Avatar

Ha! I think the picture is more cartoonish than minstrelsy, but I like that people are watching for things like that. Way to keep MAC on their toes!

Pastels are something I haven’t quite figured out how to pull off, so it’s easy for me to say I won’t be getting much from the collection. We’ll see what the swatches look like, though.

dedra(maclove1)(dedralovesmac) Avatar

i dont think its a race offence ,the lipstick and wig is just retated on her but other then that she looks great .mac has made some goofy pictures with women of the opposit race and they looked goofy so i wont get offended by this.note that i was when i first say this

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