MAC Cosmetics - Strange Hybrid & Slimshine Reviews

Strange Hybrid & Slimshine Review

I bought more from Strange Hybrid than I expected, and a whole lot less of Slimshine! I honestly thought I would only walk out with the two blushes and perhaps a lipglass or lipstick, but I was wrong. Instead, I found myself buying Strange Hybrid lipstick, Rose Blanc eyeshadow, Hothouse lipglass, Jardin Aires pigment, Provence pigment, Fleurry blush, Petalpoint blush, and Kissable slimshine. I was able to pass on most of the collection, though, which was encouraging! I do find that this is an awesome spring collection, because so much of it is actually chalked full of quality – nothing is unwearable or so sheer that you have to use half the product to achieve the color you want. The shadows embody great spring-tones, but allow you to go both for light, summery looks as well as darker, more subdued combinations. Perhaps the most disappointing portion of the collections were in the pigments, simply because they seemed like lackluster compared to the rest of the launch.

Slimshine was fairly disappointing, because the colors were similar to existing or previously launched colors. While the new packaging is pretty, I don’t need to buy duplicate colors for different packaging. It’s not as if the regular lipstick packaging is bad! With sixteen “different” colors launched in a single day, it is almost like color overload. How can one really go about picking and selecting the right mix? We know that these are going to go bye-bye soon enough.

New MAC lovers will find things they love and adore, while older, more versed MAC addicts will agree that everything is pleasing to the eye, the collection itself does not embody the most original of colors, either. There are some winners, some losers, and some things to buy for the “limited edition” factor. Like most collections, most people will find at least one product that they like enough to purchase. I did not walk out ecstatic about my purchases, but I was far less disappointed than I have been with the past few launches.

All the lipsticks had great, smooth textures, and I found that none of them were overly sheer. The sheerest would be Orchidazzle or Strange & Exotic, which is probably a good thing in terms of how many consumers will actually buy it and wear it, rather than solely for collecting purposes. I found that Strange Hybrid was my favorite out of the bunch, with Propagate coming in second.

Strange Hybrid: I thought this was a gorgeous pink lipstick with decent color payoff, but it was such a subtle pink that it would make a great ition to round out any lipstick collection.
Orchidazzle: Oh, it’s that shocking purple lipstick that makes MAC newbies waries and those well-vested in MAC knowledge sigh in a bit of disappointment. No, this is not in-your-face purple. In fact, it reminded me a lot of a slightly deeper Stars ‘n Rockets, only on your mouth. It’s very wearable, actually, but it does look extremely purple in the tube.
Flowerplay: This is just a cute, fun little pink color. It’s absolutely lovely, but I find that MAC does launch a decent amount of these types of colors throughout the year, so it’s not exactly a must-have.
Strange & Exotic: As a shimmery brown-red lipstick, it’s an interesting color to wear, but it’s not something I could see myself pulling off well, but I imagine this can be an excellent color on darker skinned ladies, especially.
Propagate: Surprisingly, MAC does not launch very opaque nude colors in collections – they’re generally pink-toned and ridiculously sheer. Instead, Propagate has good color payoff, and it is more brown-toned than pink-toned, making it an choice selection for anyone needing a good nude (unfortunately, I just spent the past two months building up my nude collection).

The verdict? Hothouse leaves something to be desired, while Cultured, despite being a repromote, is pretty enough to deserve consideration regardless. First Bloom and Prize Petal end up the overlooked losers in the collection due to their similarity to half of MAC’s limited edition lipglasses.

Hothouse: Oh, yeah, the one that excites so many… while lovely, I don’t imagine it to be all that unique amongst MAC releases. On swatch, it instantly reminded me of Magnetique or Boy Magnet lipglasses. It might be a touch deeper, but it’s awfully close to both of those.
First Bloom: This one bored me, to be honest; it might make a great lipglass to put over a more neutral lipstick without altering the color that much, though.
Prize Petal: If I thought First Bloom was uninspiring, this one was more so. Just a plain pink gloss – there are so many ones that have been launched, so I really didn’t need to see yet another. Nothing wrong with it, but it wasn’t noteworthy.
Cultured: This is a repromote, but it is also a gorgeous color. I was definitely tempted to pick it up, and I imagine this would look amazing over Orchidazzle lipstick.

While no eye shadow disappointed in color, payoff, or texture, none were so unique that they couldn’t be passed up. Perhaps that is a good thing, as we all know how many summer collections are going to break the bank (supposedly). I predict that most people will enjoy Floral Fantasy, and Seedling will either be the most overlooked or become the next Moth Brown. They are all wearable, and without a plethora of MAC already owned, the new MAC fan would have much to choose from without losing.

Floral Fantasy: If you put Endless Love and Stars ‘n Rockets together, you would get Floral Fantasy. However, at least this shadow as the color payoff of Stars ‘n Rockets (that is great payoff, by the way!), compared to Endless Love. It is really a darling color, and it does seem like it is less shimmery than Stars ‘n Rockets.
Fertile: I think this is the one that reminds a lot of people of Mystical Mist, but I don’t really remember offhand. I wasn’t that impressed, though, because I could see myself getting away with using something like Sketch or Carbon as a good dark purple and still achieving about the same look as I would with Fertile.
Rose Blanc: This is similar to Gold Dusk pigment in eyeshadow form, but with less shimmer. I adore Gold Dusk pigment, so I found this to be lovely. It is also quite similar to Cloudbound from the Balloonacy quad — it’s not particularly original (MAC seems to have a surplus of white gold ingredients – Magic Dust from Barbie, Cloudbound from Balloonacy…).
Moonflower: I cannot remember what previous shadow this reminds me of, perhaps Zonk! Blue… but I know I’ve seen it before! It does have great color payoff, though, so pick it up if you love the color. The MA applied it to my lower lash line without any sort of primer and it looked exactly as it did in the pot.
Seedling: This is an interesting color choice for MAC, simply because they don’t tend to release a large variety of satin dark neutrals. If I didn’t already go on a neutral buying spree, I probably would have bought this for sure.

With the garden theme they have going, they could have been more creative in the colors they chose for the pigments. What with a purple lipstick, you’d think they might have a chartreuse colored green pigment (though PRO carries two… when has similarity ever stopped MAC?) or a sunny yellow. Instead, we have a very neutral, white-based Provence and a light orange-brown Jardin Aires.

Provence: This is a repromote, but I swear it looks so much prettier than I remember it being. I passed it up originally. It went on quite smoothly, at least dry, and it would make a good neutral base.
Jardin Aires: A bit chunky in texture – definitely not nearly as smooth as Provence, but this might be a great pigment to wear wet with MAC’s mixing medium. The color is all right; decent, but nothing that makes you go, “WHOA!” It would be great in more neutral and spring looks.

I found the two blushes launched with the collection to be gorgeous, and I think it definitely helps that MAC does not always release blushes with every collection, because it makes them more interesting to check out. They are perfect spring/summer blushes, because they are warm without being overpowering in pigmentation.

Petalpoint: I love this soft, airy pink, because it goes on like a dream and can help add that perfect rosy glow for the spring. The pink isn’t pale, nor is it overly warm – it’s more of a medium to light pink.
Fleurry: The blushes are very similar in their characteristics, except, of course, the color. I love this as a rosier Foolish Me blush, which can often times be too much for users because it is quite orange/coral. This is a warmer coral, and I am excited to use this.

Slimshine Lipsticks
First, I want to admonish MAC for deliberating releasing sixteen limited edition lipsticks at once, not to mention on the same day as another full launch. The texture of these? Creamy, buildable, sheer but generally not too sheer. If you want something that is entirely opaque, probably not in this line, but I find that most of them are quite buildable to give each person the amount of color they want. I see Kissable being bought and sold out quite soon. These do look nicer in person than they do in the promos (less like Revlon).

Ardor: A light peachy coral color, which reminds me of Pink Lemonade lipglass in lipstick form.
Bare: A Blankety dupe, perhaps? Not nearly as thick, though, and it does have more purple tinge to it.
Cocoamour: A semi-sheer shimmery brown, which is not for me, since I never wear brown lipsticks, but I know a certain few will be delighted for more dark toned lipsticks!
Funshine: A flat pastel pink, sheerer than most of the other slimshines.
Gaily: This is an odd coor, sort of pink, sort of brown.
Kissable: The brightest color out of the bunch – a purple-pink. Sort of mathes Floral Fantasy, haha! It also might be a more wearable Fashionably Fuchsia lipstick or Rocker lipstick from Barbie Loves MAC.
Long Stem Rose: Aside from having the most darling name, this is a great muted pink that isn’t bright, but it isn’t a bold color either. I think this would make a great color for easy-going FOTDs.
Lovey-Dove: A browner, purpler Long Stem Rose, but still pretty in its own right.
Most Wanted: This color is similar to Pleasing slimshine, but it has a lot of gold reflects, which makes it incredibly gorgeous as a darker lipstick.
Mousse: To be honest, this reminded me of Cocoamour, and I couldn’t hardly tell the difference between the two. Mousse might be slightly warmer, that’s it.
Pink d’Lush: A brighter pink-coral color, which reminds me of a more opaque Lychee Luxe or Tartlette lipglasses.
Pleasing: Darker, semi-sheer, buildable purple-toned lipstick – but not overtly purple.
Prudeaux: A lighter Pleasing, really – more sheer, has some shimmer reflects.
Scant: A warmer brown-pink color, which might work with a wider variety of skin tones, but I’m not positive.
Ultra-Elegant: A sheer, brown-nude color, which might make a great quick and dirty lip for those running out of time.
Urgent!: This looks extremely red in the tube, but once swatched, it isn’t at all. It’s extremely sheer, and Urgent is one of the least buildable colors.

Cremestick Liners
Amber Ember: I can’t say that I could distinguish this from any other slightly rose/brown liner.
New Money: This is a gorgeous gold liner, and I was tempted to get it – just not to line my lips!

I apologize in advance for some of the crappy swatch photos :/ I’ll try and re-take some of them later, maybe.

P.S. – Do not repost this review without my permission. I spent over an hour and a half just writing the review, so please respect my efforts!

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Wow, thanks for the great review, very helpful!!

I had a chance to stop by MAC today to check out the new collection, and it’s quite nice actually =)

Just had a question about the piggies and blushes:

I ended up getting only jardin aires piggie since I needed a neutral color
How is provence? I swatched it on my hand but was unsure – does it show up as a buttery goldish light neutral? – I’m afraid that it won’t show up (if not used wet).

I LOVED the blushes in the pots – very pretty and spring/summery! But they look like they have a lot of frost in them – is the color payoff generally good with these without ending up with too much silvery frost on your cheeks?

Thanks, enjoy your new products!!

Hello temptalia,
I have a question I bought all the eyeshadows along with the pigments online the except for ‘rose blanc’ because I thought of it as another highlighter, am I missing out on anything??
lovely haul btw

Hmm, if you have a good highlighter, probably not really. I love the whole soft, shimmery white gold color, so for me, it’s great to have. It’s not a must-have, OMG, you’d die without it color at all!

Hi Christina, thanks for posting it. Love the swatches you posted up!!! ^-^ I bought a couple from this line too but mainly the lipsticks and lipglasses. Fleurry looks great but it looks a tad similar to Nars Orgasm, which I already have. What do you think?

Hey Angie! Hmm, I don’t THINK it’s like Orgasm, from what I remember (because I had Orgasm and didn’t like it, LOL).

I must say that the Strange Hybrid launch was the one I liked the most. The Orchidazzle lipstick…FANTABULIFIC!!!! I’ve been searching high and low for it because the one tube I bought is almost gone. I bought this one when I was just beginning to wear lipsticks. If I knew how much I’d love it I would have purchased 5 of them. If anyone has any idea where I could find one (its no longer on the MAC site) please let me know. Thanks! [email protected]

I’m glad you really liked that launch! You should try calling their Gone But Not Forgotten program and ask about tracking down Orchidazzle lipstick!

i asked this question in the ladyship pigment post aswell…i m not sure if u answer questions to old post…yet m trying!!
i have this provense as well as ur ladyship pigment. they are pretty similar…i was wondering which one to keep n which one to let go….i need the one wth less shimmer/chunky glitter…

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