MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches — Part 2

Kinda Sexy, Speak Louder; Crosswires, On Hold; MAC Red, Brave Red

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches, Part 2

Here is part two! See the rest of the lipsticks!

Twig, Hot Gossip; Creme In Your Coffee, Mystic; Del Rio, Hang Up

X-S, Stay In Touch; Cherish, Captive; Brick-o-la, Rebel

Verve, Siss; Paramount, Amorous, Partyline; Darkside,

Fastplay, Blankety; Syrup, Photo; Retro, Film Noir

Underworld, Impassioned; Girl About Town, Vegas Volt; Morange, Dubonnet;

Chatterbox, Craving; Cosmos, VG1; VG2, VG3

VG4, VG6; Assertive, Pleasing; Most Wanted, Cocoamour

Ultra Elegant, Scant; Intimidate, Long Stem Rose; Grenadine, Missy

Bare, Pink D’lush; Urgent!, Rock Out!; Think Tan

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