MAC Cosmetics – In 3D Collection

In 3D
August 2, 2007 [US/Canada]
September 10th, 2007 [international]

3D Glass
Apex – Sheer orange with green pearl (LE)
Boundless – Pinky red with blue pearl (LE)
Backlit – White gold with yellow and white pearl (LE)
Algorithm – Dusty rose with light pink pearl (LE)
Racy – Sheer cherry red with pink and red pearl (LE)
Optical – Caramel brown with pink pearl (LE)
Wondershine – Tangerine with gold and red pearl (LE)
Lightswitch – Sheer metallic pink with white pearl (LE)
Touchpoint – Blue mid tone pink with white pearl (LE)
Energy – Baby pink with white/pink pearl (LE)
Synched up – Tan with pink and white pearl (LE)
In 3D – Peach pink with blue pearl (LE)

Lipglass Pencil
Rosebound – neutral pink with gold pearl (LE)
Plum mate – Sheer plum (LE)
Red stroke – Cherry red (LE)
Part nude – Plum brown (LE)
Neutralzone – Caramel with gold pearl (LE)
Coral craze – Mid tone orange (LE)
Pink edge – Mid tone pink with white pearl (LE)
Brickmate – Bronze brown with gold pearl (LE)
Fuschia lining – Sheer berry pink (LE)