MAC Cosmetics Fashion Week Spring 2009 Breakdowns for Day 1

We have three breakdowns straight from the amazing artists at MAC HQ from Day 1 of Fashion Week!

“The look is inspired by stain glass, it’s subtle but with strength.” — Nadine Luke

Eyes: Root cream colour base blended onto lids layered with Soba eyeshadow on top. Redhead and Blonde mineralize skinfinish as a wash over lids and blended toward brow bone. Brownborder technakohl pushed into top and bottom lash lines for a diffused but clean line. Fascinating eye kohl applied to bottom water line, followed by Coal Black pro lash mascara.

Face: Pink Swoon powder blush blended onto cheeks with Blonde mineralize skinfinish dusted on top of blush. Silver Dusk iridescent loose powder to highlight high planes of face.

Lips: Creamy Pink lipstick blended with lip conditioner and brushed onto lips.

“She is a school girl – she is cool but doesn’t know it. The look is a mix of feminine and masculine, to mirror the collection which is bohemian and military.” – Hung Vango

Eyes: Quarry eye shadow – applied to lids as a base. Scene eye shadow – diffused in crease and outer corners of eyes to contour and add a smokey quality. Retrospeck eye shadow – dusted above the crease to highlight. Smolder eye kohl – to line top and bottom lash lines and concentrating on the outer corners of the eyes. Coal Black pro lash mascara – applied to curled lashes.

Face: Fawntastic cream colour base – applied to cheeks as a base. Shell cream colour base – touched onto high planes of the cheekbones for a highlight. Lilicent, Uncommon, or Ladyblush blushcreme – appropriate shade of creme blush was blended onto cheeks according to skin tone.

Lips: Lilicent, Uncommon or Ladyblush blushcreme – patted onto lips in shades matching cheeks.

“The look is a soulful voodoo girl – a girl who can cast spells. The concentration is on the plum smokey eye but the other features are still present.” – James Kaliardos

Eyes: Sketch eye shadow – applied with the greatest concentration of product in the crease then blended down toward the lid and up toward the brow bone. also brushed around lower lashline. Auto-de-blu tecknakohl liner – drawn on lower waterline of the eyes. Pearl cream colour base – blended into inner corners of the eyes. Zoomblack zoom lash mascara – one coat applied to top lashes and lightly touched onto lower lashes.

Face: Fun & Games beauty powder blush – applied to cheekbones and blended toward the apples of the cheeks. Pearl cream colour base – touched onto the top of the cheekbones to highlight.

Lips: Blankety lipstick & C-thru tinted lipglass – blended onto the lips with a soft edge.