MAC Cosmetics Danse Collection Review

Like most of the past collections, the eyeshadows were the least interesting part of the launch. I found most of them to have poor color payoff, and the texture to be too frosty and shimmery for my tastes. They tended to flake off quite easily, and again, with so little color payoff, who needs to work extra hard to get what little color to stay? The only eyeshadows that stood out were Rite of Spring and Swan Lake. Rite of Spring I might possibly go back for, but will probably hope and wait that someone decides to sell theirs off the community. It is very similar to Pink Opal pigment (which I have an entire jar, so I really should pass on Rite of Spring altogether!), only in shadow form. It isn’t as flakey as the other shadows, but the finish leaves something to be desired. Swan Lake is a bit different compared to other permanent shadows, because it is a more chalky, dark navy blue. But because it lacks superb color payoff, it does not seem worth getting when Deep Truth eyeshadow can get the job done, too. French Grey would be my third choice out of the six released, but again, it is a bit chalky like Swan Lake, and it is a more brown gray from what I remember. Scene 1 and Jete looked awfully pretty in the pots, but hardly worth mentioning once they were swatched. The pink ends up looking more like a barely pink, mostly white color with too much shimmer, and Jete is similar, only with a slight coral undertone.

If you are into sheer lipsticks, Danse just might be the collection for you! Curtsy was my favorite lipstick out of the launch, because it is a lovely coral color that is sheer enough to wear with anything, but with enough color power to be the focal point of a look, depending on application. Besides, coral lips look the best on me (IMHO), so I couldn’t resist. Danse is an absolutely lovely color, but it reminds me too much of Pink Maribu. The texture was nice, and the color payoff would make it a worthwhile lipstick for anyone thinking about getting it. Both Classical and Russe lipsticks were ridiculously sheer on my skin; I could barely see them as a swatch, so I knew that these were not for me. I would much rather wear tinted chapstick or lip conditioner than worry about a fading lipstick that you can hardly see in the beginning.

If you like lipglasses, you will probably find at least one that you will love out of the four released. I personally liked all four, but forced myself to only buy three (I know, I am so good at control, harhar!). Pas-de-deux is not half as crazy on as it does in the tube; I mean, really, a silvery lipgloss, what was MAC thinking… Oh, they were thinking! One of my favorite pigments to use everywhere BUT the eyes is Pink Opal pigment, and I think MAC must have been inspired by this color as it wasi n Rite of Spring eyeshadow, but it is also apparent in Pas-de-deux lipglass. It is a lovely sheer, irridescent lipglass that will give a slight multi-color tint to whatever color you have on your lips. En Pointe is soft, pastel pink that will look great on just about anybody. It is not over-the-top pink, like Standing Ovation, but much more wearable and subtle. Speaking of Standing Ovation, it is a worthwhile lipglass if you do not already have a decent hot pink lipglass. It is not like Pink Poodle lipglass, which is very thick, but similar to Wild Girl lipglass (discontinued). It is sheer, but it does have color to give you. It is perfect for brightening up any lipstick or giving a deep pink tinge to naked lips. Corps-de-ballet is also a great lipglass, but it does not offer anything that the existing permanent line does not already. While awfully gorgeous, simply not stand-out enough to get right this moment.

Aire-de-blu pigment is not like Azreal Blue. Oh, they are similar, but their textures are so drastically different that the way they apply makes it worth having both, if you use blues more than once every six months. It is a paler blue, and not nearly as shimmery as Azreal Blue. Pastorale pigment is not like Golder’s Green, which resembles a mix between Golden Olive and Kelly Green, but rather a pale, pastel green that is not at all bright. It is a great green to layer paler, more olive-toned greens over.

Mineralize Skinfinishes
What can I really say about the new mineralize skinfinishes that will make you want them or hate them? I have never liked mineralize skinfinishes, and I know that that puts me in the minority. Lightscapade looks divine in its pot, because of all the gorgeous colors swirling together. I would say I like this one more than Glissade only because it reminds me a lot of how Pink Opal pigment looks when I use it as a highlight. Glissade might work best to add a more bronzy glow to skin, but I am not positive it will work for everyone, because it is more pigmented than Lightscapade.

Nail Polish
I could never wear this color, because it is simply over-the-top frosty. It is a shiny, almost chrome-like, white nail polish that goes on a bit sheerly (as most MAC nail polish does, though). It just looks odd on my nails, but I also do not wear nail polish regularly, so I might not be used to seeing color on my nails regardless.

Overall I thought Danse was probably worth the wait for many of its admirers. I picked up plenty of stuff, but I could have skipped the mineralize skinfinishes without missing a beat. Damn the “sell out” mentality we all have as MAC addicts. The only “must-have” out of this collection would be Pas-de-deux, because it absolutely lovely for changing or creating a duo-chrome effect on your lips. I ended up purchasing: Curtsy lipstick; En Pointe, Pas-de-deux, & Standing Ovation lipglasses; Aire-de-blu and Pastorale pigments; and Glissade and Lightscapade mineralize skinfinishes.

Curtsy lipstick and Pas-de-Deux, Standing Ovation, & En Pointe lipglasses

Pastorale pigment

Aire-de-Blu pigment

Lightscapade mineralize skinfinish

Glissade mineralize skinfinish

Lightscapade & Glissade mineralize skinfinishes