MAC Cosmetics Creations Collection for Winter 2002

MAC Creations Collection for Winter 2002

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The aromatic soul of MAC. Three fragrance blends. Vanilla-centered. The symbol of our diversity. Uniting our minds, bodies, senses, and spirits… Choose your own. Inhale.


Light, clean, fresh and girly. A frolicky fusion of bergamot, lilies, white jasmine, vanilla, milk cream musk and sandalwood create a flirty, feminine green fragrance.


Cool, calm, and classic. Vanilla teased with lemon, melted with lavender creme, and then given a warming shot of vanilla bourbon mixed with vanilla mousse and heliotrope.


A deep dark velvety blend of bergamot, jasmine, vetiver, vanilla, whipped with leather, sparked up by amber crystals and tolu balsam wood. Exotically earthy, rich and ritualistic, totally addictive.