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MAC Cosmetics – Cool Heat Color Collection Information & Promo Product Photos (Official)


Slimshine ($14.50)

  • Tropic Glow Blue pink with silver pearl (frost)
  • By Degrees Neutral brown pink (frost)
  • Gentle Summer Light clean yellow pink with white pearl (frost)
  • High 90’s Clean pink orange (frost)
  • Swelter Sheer clean red (frost)

Eyeshadow ($14.00)

  • Solar White Frosty muted white gold (frost)
  • Warming Trend Frosty light taupe (veluxe pearl)
  • Warm Chill Frosty seafoam green with gold pearl (frost)
  • Gulf Stream Frosty mid-tone blue green with green pearl (frost)
  • Cool Heat Frosty teal with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
  • Climate Blue Mid-tone violet blue with pink pearl (velvet)
  • Blue Flame Dirty metallic navy blue (veluxe pearl)

Creations ($22.50)

  • Hue: Tuquatic Keynotes: Lotus Leaves, Corsican Cedrat, Anemone, Orris and Blue Cedar
  • Hue: Turquatic Heat Keynotes: Cedrat saturated with the clear effervescence of Mineral Water, Lotus Flower, Opulent Orris, Jasmine and Tiare Soul.

Available June 2008.

See more photos…

We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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This is something I am excited about the colors sound so pretty, neo sci fi and naughty nauticals haven’t done a thing for me!

This is the collection I am most excited about!! The blues and greens are amazing! I am thinking bright blue and green eyes with really sofy pink or coral lips!! Do we know what date in June?

oooooo…i’ve got a crush.is it just me or do you already own about 25 blues/greens/purples and are getting ready to add 5 more? damn mac…they’re the devil.

Oh man… not a single one of the summer collections has interested me until this one. And I think I want.. mm.. every single eye shadow. I just have to pray I’ve got dupes for all of them [I happen to be a teal junkie] and don’t need them — otherwise, I better get another job FAST! 🙂

Thanks for the info as always, Christine. You’re such a doll. 🙂

This collection just keeps looking better and BETTER! I’m in on all the eyeshadows, at least 2 of the Slimshines and Turquatic HUE (love the reg scent!)

I knowww!! That purple shadow looks so good, though I know there was one that came out before (name is escaping me…).

I have decided that I get mostly lip products from Neo Sci Fi and then get all the e/s from this collection. They just look so lovely and I love teals and blues.

I love, love, looooove this collection (and the neo & solar ones too), but I got so much planned this summer that I’m on a very tight budget ='(

Climate blue e/s is beautiful. I love the violet blue. Blue flame is interesting. They are calling my name. I have MAC’S
1-800 number stored into my phone. I had to buy moe storaage space for makeup recently.

Pretty colors except looks like colors we’ve had in the past. I shall wait for swatches to see which of these are truly unique.

I went to see Neo Sci-Fi today and it’s almost all way too warm for my complexion! THIS is the collection MAC is putting out for me! 🙂

I want somewhere between four and seven shadows (I’ll have to see them in person) and I am definitely getting Swelter and Tropic Glow! Maybe By Degrees too! Lucky thing I have money left over from not needing Neo Sci-Fi!

I’m all over those shadows!

I’m not sure about the slim shines, I love a love-hate relationship. The colors are so nice but it’s a bit to creamy for me.

Oh yeah, the slimshines are soooo creamy! I haven’t gotten into the craze, but I don’t mind one or two!

those shadows look flippin hot! i want them , i need them! though i think that a couple are dupeable, teal, parrot maybe even juxt…hmm will see when they come out!

This will probably be my favourite collection EVER. Blues and Greens are my absolute favourite. I love everythinga bout this collection (somehow I am glad it’s not huge, but sad at the same time) Haha.

I really do not appreciate you posting new collections before they are released to the public. Neo Sci-Fi JUST released and should be the only collection on everyones mind right now. As a MAC artist it’s frustrating that I see new collections on your site before I even have an update on them at work. You must have a friend who works for MAC and providing you with this information. There is no way you are receiving this information directly from MAC. This is wrong and really needs to stop.

I’m sorry you feel that way, CoCo! This particular color story did come from MAC directly, despite what you think!

Not to pipe in where I don’t belong, but what difference does it make if people have their minds on the future collections as well? It builds anticipation, and is sort of part of the fun! Plus, hearing about a collection isn’t the same as seeing it and smearing it on your hand, right? So Neo Sci-Fi is totally taking the spot light for everyone right now :D!!

HMMM interesting…. when I google “COOL HEAT” only Temptalia and Specktra pop up for it… NOT Mac Cosmetics, which means they have not directly released anything for it yet … Christine, just admit you know someone who works for MAC and is providing you with the new collections before they are released. It’s called handing you over their confidential update book for all of the collections through the summer…. and KAT with SO many collections releasing back to back, it’s kind of overwhelming, and if I was a MAC customer I’d want to be surprised with a new collection… that’s a lot more fun to me.

uhh lol.. if someone wanted to be suprised by the collection i would suggest not becoming part of this website to learn about it?
a little out there but its just an idea 😉

Just because MAC doesn’t post anything on their webpage is not proof that Christine is illegally releasing information she shouldn’t. That’s a pretty hefty accusation there!

And I guess the surprise is sort of fun, but like you said there are so many collections that to be able to afford my makeup I prefer to at least attempt to plan out in advance what to buy. Also, it encourages me to save money so that I can buy the products I want! Since I came to this blog I actually end up spending MORE on makeup than I did before-so it’s not bad for business! Some shades also sell out in days flat. If it weren’t for Christine I may miss a launch and a shade I want!

I mean I totally understand how you are concerned that Christine is releasing info she shouldn’t, but I don’t understand why you are so passionately against this blog? I’m really not trying to be rude whatsoever, I’m just confused as to why it matters. If you don’t like to hear about the collections in advance, then just don’t read it 🙂

Hi CoCo,

I do not work *for* MAC. On occasion, I work *with* MAC (corporate), and this was one occasion where I worked with MAC. I appreciate that you prefer the element of surprise, so if that’s the case, perhaps it’s best you don’t come to this site looking for new information on upcoming launches? Plenty of people prefer knowing to not knowing. It’s just a matter of opinion 🙂

Hello. Did you not read my posts carefully? I WORK FOR MAC so It doesn’t really matter if I learn about new launches before they are released because I already know they are coming… I was speaking about clients of mine that get annoyed by your site and other coworkers because you post new collections way too soon. NEO SCI-FI has not even hit the stores yet and you are already talking about Cool Heat. Anyway I find it very weird that MAC would not just post upcoming collections on their website directly, instead they would provide Temptalia with them. What makes your website so awesome that corporate would work with you and no other websites? I love Spectra because they have more to offer and I will continue to send my clients there. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX Christine.


It’s my opinion. Deal with it. I only come to this site when I have email alerts that someone posted a reply to my comments… so a long as people are replying to what I have to say… I will be back on the site 😉

Sarah, I originally came to this site when I discovered it in a Google search… prior to being hired with MAC… I enjoyed her articles and tutorials but then I realized she was releasing information about collections WAY before they were officially released to the public. I asked my manager who has been with MAC for five years and she informed me that who ever is providing Temptalia with this information could be fired! So this is a serious matter. If I have not had training or an Update on Cool Heat and I WORK for MAC then there is no way in hell Christine should know before me. I have an idea… since Christine is so dedicated to MAC and she does good make-up, she should apply and try to get hired for MAC… if she gets hired then lets see if she’ll post collections on her site before they are released…. and lets see if she keeps her job 😉

i just want to say that i love that there is future releases on this site. it help greatly when it comes to buying makeup for my clientts. when i clients want a certin color for their look and they are wanting to wear MAC cosmetics i can tell them “yes, i have the perfect color”…or “just wait till next month when the new line comes out i can get it for you”…..so in reality releasing new lines has improved MAC’s business as well as mine.

also as far as you boss telling you that it is confidential…..it is makeup, it is going to leak out in the public. you cant trust all of your employees…i am sure for some of them it is just a “job”. they dont care.

and truely i am with Kat…if you dont like it dont read it. i really dont mean to be rude but she has the right to post whatever she wants

Funny how “CoCo” is upset about collection sneak peaks being show before the collection actually comes out, but yet that person kept “peeking-in” on various occasions such as May 23, May 25, May 27… oh yeah…so much for being upset. This is Christine’s website and she can do whatever she feels like, whenever she feels like, and she must be doing something right (actually EVERYTHING) because this site R-O-C-K-S!

As for what the sneek peek is doing for me (and I’m sure I’m not alone with my opinion)…it actually makes me become MORE excited about the future releases…which if it wasn’t for this website…I would have never known, heard, or even had a clue a new release would come out…and my money would not be “saving up for MAC” but would rather be spent somewhere else.

With that said, this website is HELPING MAC generate more business because they understand the power of networking. *AHEM* yes that means helping “CoCo” KEEP the MAC job that was boasted so much about! Oh yeah…stop making it sound like you’re working for the FBI or something and get off your high horse. LOL. Something that a party pooper could never understand.

Hi “Kharina” I’m not upset but very annoyed. I feel this website is sketchy and I actually feel bad for Christina…. she seems a little obsessed with MAC… she’s clearly not making any money from advertisers so why is she doing this? This might be her website, but she does not have a right to post confidential information about another company! Did you see the “swatches” she recently posted for cool heat?! NOT OFFICIAL MAC PHOTOS! They looked cheap and crappy… This bitch is crazy! and it seems like she received the information from someone in another country…. and the international release is not until July of this year… I will be reporting this to corporate… because I CAN. MAC is not a “job” to me, the money I make from working is party and play money and I get free makeup and brushes and I get to do cool stuff all day long… and I care about this company and only want to see it represented in the best way.

and it’s really sad you have to save up for makeup 😉

and you say it makes you MORE excited about the future releases when she posts her “sneak peaks”… you’re probably the ho that comes in and gets one two things from the entire collection. Stop making it seem like you rack up hundreds of dollars worth of shit from a collection you got to “sneak peak”

MAC IS A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY… this website is not helping MAC at all… sorry hun. And she is NOT helping me keep my job AHEM. TEMPTALIA IS NOT SAVING MAC.

Hey calm down there. Now you’re just being terribly rude. Isn’t it playground politics that if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all?

There’s no reason to refer to someone as a “ho” because they only buy one or two things from a launch. What really confuses me is that you’re the one calling Christine obsessed with MAC and then you suggest that you actually jeer at those who choose a few items they like out of a collection to purcahse? You’re just being rude and contradictory.

are you really serious CoCo….?

MAC is a billion dollar company….so i think they can spare a few publicity.

also CoCo when you put “it’s really sad you have to save up for makeup” i think you should really get your head out of your a**. that is totally uncalled for and rude.

it is just MAC, it is not like it is the CIA. and i am sure Temptalia does this for fun so why dont you just leave if you dont like it. and what is mac going to do, sue her? give me a break, IT IS JUST RETAIL

I’m serious and entertained by this Kimberly.

I felt I had to address the many issues after complaints of temptalia from fellow make-up artists and clients.

As long as people are rude to me I will bite back.

All of the shadows are so pretty, I can’t decide which to get. I wish MAC had solved my dilemma and put them together in a palette, maybe with a tropical motif or something. I will probably get Solar White for sure. As for the Slimshine, Tropic Glow is my favorite. 🙂

CoCo Dear,
I pity you…I really R-E-A-L-L-Y do. All that anger…WOW…maybe you should go back to playing with your “free make up and brushes and do your cool stuff all day long” and take your meds while you’re at it…(bi-polar maybe??)…and oh!…really do look into anger management classes as well…I think it would really do you good.

woah Christine! All the frenzy on here!
Personally im an AVID Mac fan & I love her website!
Who cares if pictures are being released early, it’s not like she’s selling it pre-release! Jeez! & as much as CoCo says she cares about the company she works for, we all care about it as well, sorry were not fortunate enough to play pretty pretty princess all day! I feel this actually does benefit the company because were able to see what it looks like pre-release and go out & buy it before it sell’s out to all the being who list it on Ebay days later. I guess you don’t undertand how a BILLION dollar business operates. & get off your high horse while your at it, because ALOT of us who LOVE Christine’s website, buy more than two measily items from the new collections, but i’ll be sure to never buy ANYTHING from a “CoCo” at any Mac store!

On another note! Christine, keep doing what your doing, your website rocks!
& I’m super excited for the new collection! I’m getting ALL the shadows!

It’s make-up people! No need to turn it into a brawl. It’s not some new technology test by NASA, and no one’s gonna spontaneously combust if we see the pictures early. It’s really just making a moutain out of a molehill…
I can’t wait for the release!
I really am drawn to these colors…
*can’t wait!*

I love these MAC colors and I am so excited to see them in stores!I wish people like CoCo would realize that this is a place for people who love a common thing to talk about it and get excited about it. No need to criticize and tear people down who do nothing but support this company. In fact, she kind of turned me off to the idea of shopping with mac, which is not good for her. Thanks Christine for having a wonderful website! 🙂

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