MAC Cosmetics – Blue Storm Collection

Blue Storm
August 23rd, 2007 [US/Canada]
September 10th, 2007 [international]

Blue storm – Royal blue with blue and silver pearl (frost) (LE)
Cumulus – Cream grey with silver pearl (frost) (LE)
Cloudburst – Black with blue pearl (velvet) (LE)
Thunder – Rich blue with purple pearl (frost) (LE)
Stormwatch – Deep teal (matte) (LE)

Lightning – White silver with silver sparkle (frost) (LE)
Lull – Pink lilac (frost) (LE)
Atmospheric – Rich grape with red and gold pearl (LE)

Kohl Power
Feline – Black (LE)
Mystery – Black with green and teal pearl (LE)

Nail Lacquer
Whirlwind – Metallic royal blue with green blue and purple pearl (LE)
Rainy Day – Metallic gunmetal grey with lilac pearl (LE)

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