MAC Cosmetics – Blue Storm Collection Review

Overall, one of my favorites was Blue Storm eyeshadow, because it worked so well in the smoky eye I did last night. I also really like the way Atmospheric lipglass looks, and part of that is probably because it isn’t a shade we see often in the MAC line. The kohl powers are so soft and apply extremely smoothly, so those were fun to experiment with. I found their staying power to be adequate, even on my waterline (multiple hours). Feline is such a rich black, I really love the depth of it. Whirlwind nail polish is NOT to be missed!

Atmospheric: This is such a gorgeous deep shimmery purple gloss with enough opacity to wear alone or to change hues of a lipstick underneath.
Lightning: It’s a silvery gloss with just a touch of pink undertones and really shimmery. It kind of reminded me of a lighter Pas-de-deux lipglass.
Lull: A shimmery pastel pink gloss, which seems sort of light and airy for the collection, considering everything else is a bit darker.

Blue Storm: Despite the swatch, this shadow is absolutley gorgeous when layered on the outside edge for a slightly blue smokey eye. I love the texture, because it has such a nice blue coloring to it, but it’s very smooth and not too shimmery.
Cloudburst : It’s like Carbon and Black Tied had a baby, because it has the matte-look that Carbon gives with slight shimmer (Black Tied is way too shimmery for me most of the time).
Cumulus: A very shimmery silver-gray-blue, which comes out mostly light silver with a few undertones.
Stormwatch: I found this to be a bit chalky on me, and it came out darker than it looks in the pot; reminds me a bit of Plumage.
Thunder: I was sort of reminded of Club eye shadow, but this is more purple, with a touch of gray. I like the subtle shimemr in it, too, and it offers slight color variation in different lighting/angles.

Kohl Power
Feline: Incredibly super black kohl pencil with no real discernible shimmer, but safe on the waterline and quite long lasting.
Mystery: Black with a touch of aqua shimmer and color, real smooth texture and easy to apply.

Nail Polishes
Whirlwind: This is the most gorgeous polish out of the four launched today; it is delightfully a deep forest green with aqua shimmer over a navy base. In the sun, it looks like a gorgeous shimmery navy.
Rainy Day: It reminds me of what Mauvement pigment looked like in the jar, only with lots of shimmer and gray undertones. Really pretty, and it is a shade I don’t see often.

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