MAC 263 Small Angle Brush Photos & Review

Beauty Basics: MAC Eye Brushes

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Focus On: MAC 263 Small Angle Brush

MAC 263 Small Angle Brush ($20.00) is a small, angled brush that’s flat and fairly firm. It’s thinner and smaller than the 266, but it is larger than the 208. I only recently purchased this brush to round out my brushes collection, but I’ve found it to be a happy medium between the 208 and 266. It works well for both filling in brows, lining the eyes, or creating sharp shapes for more creative looks. If you find the 208 to be too small or the 266 to be too large, this is worth taking a look at to see if it can be your happy medium, too! For ultra thin lash lining, I do still recommend the 208, but for those who want a medium line in thickness, this will do it for you.

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